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Down Goes the Fieldhouse; Here's What's Up

Southstdemo_2 They tore it down and now the third part of the new stadium is going up. There is also plenty going on this week with FIU sports.

On Monday morning the Golden Panthers old fieldhouse came down with excavators demolishing it rather quickly. MC (right) and PG took ceremonial knocks at the Mcdemo building. Now from the west parking lot you can see the entire stadium.

Our next tour of the stadium will be the first week of January when it should be halfway completed. Until then, here are some more updates the GPP got this morning from Odebrecht Senior Project Manager and unofficial new stadium tour guide Rudy Armenta. You guys remember Rudy (left) from our Rudy_3 tour last month. Here he is standing where the west end zone stands are going up in January.

As many of you have seen from being on campus, the east stands are going Demol up rather quickly along with the southeast corner ramp. Rudy expects to have the east side done by Christmas. Thanks to the fast work by Southern Bleachers installing all the backrests and chairbacks, by Dec. 25 the south and east of the stadium will be finished, with the exception of the club suites on the south.

The concourse walkway behind the south stands is already completed. This is the concourse that will wrap around the stadium when all the work is done. And the way the concourse will be set up, will allow you to not miss a play as you stand in line for another burger. Around the entire stadium, you will be able to see the field from the concourse.

The concrete for the club suites flooring gets laid down on Wednesday and by late January most of the club suites should be close to being finished.

Also in January, the construction of the new fieldhouse will begin. The new fieldhouse will contain FIU's locker room, meeting rooms, coaches offices and FIU athletics weight training gym. The west end zone stands will actually sit on top of the new fieldhouse and the tunnel which the Golden Panthers will come out of for the start of games will be in the southwest corner of the west end zone. The tunnel will be three times the size of the Orange Bowl tunnel. The FIU fieldhouse will open as a two-story building with expansion expected to go up to four-stories. The fieldhouse is expected to be completely done by next Christmas. FIU, however, will be able to use it when the stadium opens next September.

The opponents and officials fieldhouse, which will be behind the east end zone, is expected to be done by the time the opening game of the new stadium against USF rolls around Sept. 20, 2008.

USF is on the FIU men's hoops schedule this season (next Monday, Nov. 26 at FIU), but the Golden Panthers next game is against Kennesaw State at Pharmed Arena on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Speaking with coach Sergio Rouco at Saturday's football game he expects 6-11 F/C Badara Ndiaye (below, right) to play two Bada_3 days  from now. Bada had been out with a left shin stress reaction. SR is really excited about Bada's quickness on both offense and defense. 7-foot center Russell Hicks had a nice debut last week. Hicks was fluid around the hoop, unlike many 7-footers that tend to clog the paint, and was able to run with his teammates on the break.

Of course, the Golden Panthers host FAU in the Shula Bowl at the Orange Bowl on Saturday. Although one of the two ties to Shula is no longer around, the name of the game is still appropriate to honor the great Dolphins coach. We'll have more on this game throughout the week.

Iva FIU women's hoops hosts its Thanksgiving tournament beginning Friday. FIU plays Providence at 5:30 p.m. on Friday.


Win a GPP Blog Leaderboard Gpp

We're down to 9 contestants with two weeks to go. What kind of shake-up will FIU's first win bring to the standings? Should be interesting, in more ways than one, once the Golden Panthers notch their first win.

10-0: NY Josh 191; FIUrulez 198; Fomentor 206; Crazy Cane 244.

9-1: FIUPantherFan 193; FIU Fanatic 211; 24/7 233.

6-4: Messod 247.  5-5: CJ 248.             

GPP: 9-1, 204.

NYCFIUFan: With more discipline this season from the new coaching staff, FIU is actually down in penalties after 10 games. Here's the breakdown: After 10 games in 2006: FIU had 76 penalties for 648 yards. After 10 games in 2007: FIU has 58 penalties for 441 yards. Yes, the false starts on Saturday did come at the worst time -- when FIU was trying to tie the game in the 4th quarter -- but you can definitely say that the discipline of the Golden Panthers has improved greatly.

Yandro: Your welcome for the baseball blog.

Hugh: Yes, the ultimate gauge for a team is wins and losses, but if you happen to watch this team all season, like many of the readers on this blog have, it would not be wrong to say there have been improvements across the board. The offense is finding its rhythm topping season-high for points and total yardage in 3 of the last 4 weeks. The defense struggled against the run, but the play of the linebackers and some of the defensive backs promises a bright future. Plus, FIU has given itself a chance to win games late in the 4th quarter in 3 of the last 4 games. Don't know if you have or have not seen each FIU game this season, but those who have not are quick to judge based on the final score alone. And as is the case for this team, which was left in tatters by the former head coach, seeing week by week improvement is a positive. No one was expecting this year's team to win 6 or 7 games and challenge for the Sun Belt. The 2006 Golden Panthers were supposed to do that after winning 3 of their last 4 to close the 2005 season.


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As usual, thanks for the blog, Pete. I love the way the new ON CAMPUS state of the art stadium is going. It's very exciting to see/hear the progress as it seems they are going at it quickly.

Also, I expect to be Wednesday at the Pharmed Arena for the men's hoops game against Kennesaw St. Good luck to SR and his team!!

I still can't get over the fact Turtle Thomas has actually inked 16 players so far for next season...Pretty amazing, and interesting...

Great story on the "OLD" Fieldhouse (Less than 7 years old) being torn down on Channel 7. Progress is always good!


Cristobal needs help picking his socks.

The Stadium news is very exciting.

Go Panthers!

glad to hear that the construction is goin as planned very exciting news pete

Is FIU sports so slow that we need an entire blogs dedicated to the building of a new stadium? I mean, why can't the blog be about why this football team is 0 for tyhe season AGAIN? Why can't we discuss what has gone wrong week in and week out and discuss whether or not MC should be on the hot seat? Maybe if we discussed more issues about the team, and not the place in which they are going to play, this blog would be #1 in readership.

So, in order to help out my friend PP, let me propose this question to the GPP bloggers, if Mr. LLoyd Car came calling to saee if the FIU job was open, do you think PG shopuld answer the phone? How about if someone like Callahan from Nebraska (assuming he is gone after this year), or even someone like Coker expressed interest in the job - should PG consider a change? In my opinion, any team that goes 0 for the season needs a coaching change. So yes, if the unthinkable happens and the Fins go )- for the season, I am all about getting rid of Cameron. I am sure one day MC will be a good head coach, but he needs more experience before he can get there. I do not think FIU wants to be the place where MC gets his head coaching experience and then leaves for a better program.

I think the reason why PP keeps updating us on the stadium is because the FIU blog community has repeatedly asked for information. Believe it or not, but the stadium you play in is a big deal. That is why when UM moved to Joe Robbie, it was a big deal. It is also the same reason why people are literally crying over the OB.
As for MC being on the hot seat, I do not think that is a fair assessment. The team was horrible last year and is horrible this year. This year all we have is freshmen and sophomores. I don't think any coach can succeed under these conditions. Even though I was against his hiring, he needs at the very least three years.
In regards to Lloyd Carr, if he wants to coach at FIU, I say give him whatever he wants.
If MC does so well that a big school takes him away, that'll be fine. I think that would be the case with any coach we sign. That is until we start pulling in the big bucks.

FIUrulez - though I hate to disagree with a memeber of the GP family, I have to say, there is not another coach in the entire country I would rather have than MC. You could offer me Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer, or even freaking Bill Parcels, and I would have to deny the offer and keep MC. This guy is so innovative, so energetic, I beleive his players are going to follow his lead and win a National Title inside of the next three years with him at the helm. MC can relate to recruits from anywhere in the country, and we know he HAS the credentials to be this teams head coach. I think PG knew what he was doing when he chose MC, I mean, I remember reading things about how former D1 head coaches were all interested in the FIU job, but MC stood out amogst all of them. I bet you WH would rather have MC right now then freakin Cam Cameron. Talk about someone who deserves to be run out of town. He is winless with the Dolphins for crying out loud.


Keep the updates coming. The work on stadium is getting done quickly, i'm impressed.

FIUDad, I like the enthusiasm. You're definitely correct about MC's energetic approach and ability to relate to players. One thing, though he's still not at the level of Urban Meyers or Bob Stoops. Again, I admire your enthusiasm and optimism...I'm glad FIU has fans like you.


It's a good thing that FIUDad does not talk for the entire GP community or you would think there is not one intelligent fan out there. Are you kidding me? So this MC guy (who has yet to prove anything other than finding ways to lose games) is not only going to start having winning seasons, but within the course of three years will bring a team with the current longest losing record in the NCAA to the NC game?!

Let's suppose hypothetically that you do go undefeated in three years, you do realize that due to the conference you're in, you will NOT get into the NC game?!

Add to that you're complete homerism about MC. So you would reject Stoops, Carr, etc. (all proven HC's) and stick with some guy who has yet to prove anything?! Wow. Moronic post of the year goes to ::drumroll:: FIUDad

Head scratcher, since you are new to our blog, i will let your comment slide, this time, but be warned, if you post an attack on this bl;og again, you shall read my wrath. I stand by everything I posted. MC will lead this team to a NC in the next three years. And I do believe that if FIU were to go undefeated with their out of conference schedule, they will be in the NC game regtadless of them being in the Sun Belt. Besides, within three years, who knows, maybe FIU will be in the Big East beating teams like Rutgers, West Virginia, Connecticut and So. Fla. Fiu is too good for the Sun Belt any way - and I know what you are about to say, but they have lost all the Sun belt teams, that is because they are playing down to the opponant, and I beleive that their is a conspiracy against FIU, lead by the University of Miami, to keep FIU down and that the officials are in on the conspiracy.

How can anyone read FIUDad's post and not laugh. Optimists would shake their heads. It's not feasible guy. Boise had a stronger OOC last year, and that didn't get them in. FIU would have to trade up to a BCS conference, and that will take years of playing high caliber football. Sorry, but even if you start winning big tomorrow, it will still take a good 6 - 10 years before you even sniff an NC game. Saying anything else is just delusional.

Sorry, I've stayed off this board because I think it's littered with garbage and people who exemplify the typical Miami mentality (not a slight on everybody in Miami for all the PC people out there, just a good number of them).

A NC in the next 3 years FIUDad? I'd be willing to make a wager with you on that. Name the wager, but make it steep since you are so sure. Come on, some things are just ridiculous. "Read my wrath?" Who writes like that, not shocked you're an "FIU Dad" and not a "(Name an ivy league school) Dad." You can't take yourself seriously, your posts have to be in jest or tongue in cheek. Heck, we'd be hard pressed to find anybody at FIU, much less on this blog, that would be willing to agree with you on that.


happy pavo day.

you're right, there's not a single ivy league grad that's pompous and makes overstated comments that are baseless (see Georage Bush I "no new taxes" or GB II "there ARE weapons of mass destruction") All ivy leaguers are rational, reasonable folk void of falt. Got it.

Arrogance? What does that mean?

Fomenter, you're a self-proclaimed genius. Can you quantify how much you love yourself? Is there a metric to measure your love of The Mighhty Fomenter? Do you measure your love as a raw percentage or an index against your love of other ivy leaguers. Educate us, please.

This should be good...gpantera


don't choke on a turkey bone while you're admiring yourself in the mirror.

Fomentor I agree with you comment on FIUDad. Several of his posts have been somewhat delusional. However, your comment on the FIU fans or the alumni that post on the GPP was pretty weak. Blanket statements on any school just show ignorance on your part.

Normally, you're above the fray of CC or U24/7, however those comments put you at their level.


I second the comments by UltimateFIUFan, particularly about the comments against FIU alumni you seem to have made. I would have expected for you to clean up your act.

The sensitivity on this board and lack of reading comprehension is just an indictment upon your own statements. I don't need to admire myself in the mirror, everyone measures success against their own criteria so what some might consider success, others might consider average. My success and apparent self admiration isn't necessarily a topic for discussion on this board, unless some wish to bring it up because of a self-perceived inferiority complex. Psychologically and theoretically, it's the only logical answer. I'm pretty sure if FIUDad can handle his own discussions, but nobody backs up his arguments. Proves my point huh (Cue those who will come on in and agree with him now just for irony)? Back to the matter at hand though, I didn't make a "blanket statement" about FIU.

Obviously the comprehension aspect is overlooked when you refuse to acknowledge that my statement isn't a blanket statement against FIU in general, heck, it's not even derogatory. If it was intended to be I would have been as frank as possible. It's pretty common knowledge (and we've all seen the dribble spewed on here about academics), FIU is a good school, but not great. Just isn't in a nutshell. My comment is more an indictment of the delusions of grandeur many in your native city seem to have, and FIUDad, either as the proud father of a current student/alum or himself being a current student/alum, exemplifies that mentality that so aptly describes people in said city. This applies to all other universities in that area as well, not just FIU, but as many of you have pointed out repeatedly FIU caters to a higher percentage of "Miami" people. Do with that what you will.

As far as "cleaning up my act" thanks, Dr. Phil, but I judge my acts, like I said, by a different standard. No need to worry too much about what others think of me.

FIUer, strong work, just don't waste too many brain cells next time you overuse your quota of wit for the month.

And finally, last but not least, gpantera. What can I say when someone responds to a post by insulting the person without a single strong argument that is actually on topic? Care to make another futile attempt at formulating a coherent argument and attempting to follow in the lead of the two posters after you, or has your education not reached that point yet? Again, we were discussing FIUDads completely insane and mindless dribble that managed to escape from a man that seems headed for a straight jacket. Anytime you desire, you are welcome to come to the big boy table and bring up an argument.


I'd love to see us in a NC game as well, but MC has a steep hill to climb. I understand USF has done a remarkable job, but we must first get out of the SunBelt. The BCS will disregard us, because even if we were to win our out of conference games (!), our strength of schedule would hurt us. This is what has limited Hawaii and Boise State's ability to play in a NC game. They both have shared winning records, but because they play in weak conferences, they'll never get the respect an SEC or Big 12 team gets, even with a few losses. ACC was competitive, until scUM started dropping bombs.

Fomentor, I see your "sensitivity" has been tweaked and your "comprehension" is off. I directly stated in my first rebuttal with you on how I "AGREED" with your assessment on FIUDad. In your "Advanced" reading techniques, you must have missed that sentence. FIUDad’s latest post almost seem intended to be outrageous and provoke these rebuttals about his post. I personally try to ignore them.

You bring up the issue of "Miami people" and "average" universities in the city; let me guess you're comparing us with the Northeast region of this country? Please respond. I think having perspective here in tantamount to having a "clue"! If your comparing the local universities to say Harvard or the Ivy League schools, then you are correct, none of universities here in S. Florida is EVEN CLOSE. However, NO ONE ELSE in any other geographical area except for Stanford is close to Ivy League. You see Fomentor there is a distinct advantage to being a university that 371 years old (Harvard). You have a pretty long time to get really good academically and Harvard certainly has. Additionally when you’re 371 AND there no other school to choose from, you will attract the greatest minds this young country had then to attend the university. Stanford is a fantastic example of getting really good really quick. Stanford is only 116 years old. So if you’re going to arrogantly infer about the "good but average" level of FIU and the other local schools, it is not a fair comparison. Comparing FIU @ 35 years of age to say Harvard @ 371 or any other top university is “Apples” & “Oranges”. However, I'll end with this, who would WIN that comparison, if you compared Harvard @ 35 and FIU @ 35? FIU would blow the doors off Harvard! For the first 70 years Harvard was a Field House University with a limited curriculum. You may respond AND I WOULD AGREE that the second comparison is not fair either. Time, technologies and access to information is different, etc. So if its not equitable to compare a current large urban university with one in the 1700’s why would anyone then compare an extremely young university with one or several universities that are at minimum, a couple of hundred years old. In conclusion, "Apples" and "Oranges" when comparing the young schools in this VERY young city to historically entrenched universities in areas much, much older and established.


I didn't mean to offen fomentor...but wow...are you having a bad month or something?..wow..talk about sensitive... Ultimate...that was a nice, fact-based and coherent explanation. I hope reading comprehension takes precedence over self adulation...

I have an idea - why dont Fomentor and UFF exchange phone numbers and fight oout this crap in private, who cares. Nobody wants to know the history of Harvard - that entire rant was far dumber than anything FIUDad has ever written on this blog. Second, Fomentor, when dumb people try to use big words and complex idiologies, it makes them look even dumber. Case in point, your last post. I mean, keep it simple, see the posts by FIUer - short and to the point. It is apparent that he is either an FIU alumnist of FIU student, so he knows his limitations and abides by them. If tried to actually post a valued comment, he knows he would look stupid and get ripped to shreds, so he "goes with what he knows." I think FIUer may even be MC, the posting habits fit in perfectly with his coaching style.

Fomentor (McLovin),

Great job in the movie SUPERBAD !!

Guys now you know why I ignore CC's post. In glazing over ANOTHER worthless point let me just reiterate; CC purchase, no sorry INVEST in "Hooked on Phonics" or "Ingles sin Barrera"! Sadly AMAZING!



You'd never no it by the coverage in the Herald's on-line version. It's probably buried deep somewhere in the hard-copy.

Thanks again U of Miami Herald.

Oh jeesh, I've twisted a few feathers. Let's get a couple things clear and for the sake of brevity I'll keep it short. I'm not trying to compare the two school's educational history, nor their growth and ability to grow. I'm comparing the makeup of the two schools, as in their student body and who they cater to (and henceforth, the overall intellectual abilities of the aforementioned students). It's not apples and oranges, both have their share of smart, gifted students, as well as their dumb, how did they get in here students, but the bottom line is we all know just which type of schools caters to a higher percentage, and thus, FIUDad's posting history exemplifies that.

Ultimate, obviously my comment about the "argument" wasn't intended towards you, since I referred to you indirectly later in my post (see, this is reading comprehension). I thought this would be obvious since I addressed the mirror comment, then went to the topic at hand, the blanket statement. Maybe I do have advanced reading techniques, or maybe some people require for me to figuratively hold their hands and take them step by step as to the roles indirect references play in paragraph structure. I would love to see how you try to spin this your way, but it's not possible.

For what it's worth, I'm having a great month, I'm actually chuckling to myself here enjoying several unique aspects of this blog.

Do I have to continue disproving arguments or are people going to concede and cut their losses yet?

damn lets all be happy man lol tom. is turkey bowl thrusday. imma lay someone out just cause i can lol i think it is a bit unfair to put a coach on the hot seat after his first season. ive never thought a coach deservse that. if we have the longest losing streak mid-way next year... thats when the seat heats up

In anticipation of not being around a computer the next few days, or just not wanting to post anything, I want to place my predictions:

FAU 35
FIU 17

Good call CC - let me put my predictions in now too, just in case I cant get to a computer before Saturday.

FAU 24
FIU 10

Here's my predictions for this weekend:

FIU 24 FAU 16

Boston College 56 UM 6

I know it's a stretch, but yes, I do believe the 'Canes will score against BC --two field goals, though, not a touchdown.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Golden Panther Nation!!!

Also, I hope FIU wins but I hate to admit it but it looks like we have to wait until 2008 for our first win.

Also, another note, I hate the fact that we are winless this year BUT I can understand it this year as opposed to last year when we actually had seniors and NFL caliber talent on our team.

In addition, for all of your UM lovers out there, bottom line, hopefully, UM is going to be in the same place as FIU at the end of the season.....watching bowl games as opposed to playing in a bowl game.

Finally I hope that FIU can give the OB a respectable ending as opposed to the pathetic performance of UM.

GO FIU and Go BC!

NYCFIUFan - I beleive that you are worse than any of the UM posters here. We may not root for FIU to win, but we certainly do not cheer on the the opposing team. Why do you cheer for BC? I mean, you dont see me posting up and down go FAU or go North Texas. You sir are the worst kind of fan.

Dumbest flame war ever. Can you guys grow up, please?

Why do we want BC to win? Two words:

Hail Flutie

The U24/7 "We may not root for FIU to win, but we certainly do not cheer on the opposing team." From that I can only deduce that since you don't cheer for FIU you are rooting against us. I root against UM b/c you guys are in desperate need of some humility. Also I am a fan....of FIU, why do I need to cheer for UM, I am not a fan of the program. Go FIU and yes....Go BC.

FIUDad's obvious trolling attempts or blind fandom aside...

FIU has a long way to go before we start thinking about jumping ship to the Big East or even having a "#" next to our name.

As a realist I will say that FIU under MC has shown much improvement. The offense has been able to put numbers on the scoreboard and there is some growth as far as interest on Campus. For a school desperately trying to shake the stigma of being a "commuter" school these are good signs.

Unfortunately the defense has suffered from a massive brain drain and is falling short of keeping FIU in the game in the 2nd Half.

I'd love to sit around and begin talking about the jump to the Big East etc. But the truth is we have an uphill battle and I believe for the most part MC is the guy to take us up the hill. Not because he can turn water into wine as FIUDad would like to believe but because he and his staff are growing with the team. Lloyd Carr and Larry Coker are big names and big names always seem to carry big promise on paper but Larry Coker is the same person that inherited a Dynasty and left the place in decline. FIU needs a recruiter and a disciplinarian. These are two things that Larry Coker has proven he is not the best at.

A stronger recruiter would put us closer to an even keel when sitting at the recruitment table next to FSU, UM, UF and USF.

FIU's order of battle doesn't include a move to the Big East within the next 3 years or grabbing a big name coach. Obviously winning a game is first. Sadly this looks like a tall order this season as FAU comes into the OB strong, though maybe a bit beat up after playing UF and North Texas is executing well on offense and may serve up trouble for our sub-par defense.

I've been to all the home games this season and I will attest that there seems to be a fire on the field that was not there last year. A'mod Ned and Wayne Younger can make plays and they WANT to win that is evident in their actions as the game goes on. Unfortunately they are not able to keep that intensity going the full 4 quarters.

I'll be there Saturday night with my FIU shirt on like I was last week, hungry for a W to show up on the scorecard.

Good..very good first post, cobracommandr....Thanks for your input...Go FIU!!!!


You DID NOT bring out the ole "seat at the big boy table" insult. Surely, your superior education can muster up something better than that. Oh wait, i get it. You're dumbing down your insults for us Miami types to understand you.

Tell me something, do you print your postings and reread them to impress yourself with your strong command of the language?

Out of curiosity, i wanted to see what a jerk like you looks like and i found your photo...there it was next to the word "pompous" on dictionary.com.

You epitomize the word.

At this point, i like to read your posting out of sheer entertainment and humor.

You're a clown. You may be ivy league educated, but there's not a single thing you can do to over come that fact that you're a pompous clown who uses this community board to make yourself appear smart. Que pena. What a dork.

Happy holidays!

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