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Orange Bowl Finale and Coincidences

Down to the season finale for the Golden Panthers and of course, the Orange Bowl finale.

Ob4 What a great football stadium during the great Don Shula Dolphins years. Ds_2

Before we get into the FIU/North Texas game, I'm not much into superstition, but anybody notice the eerie similarities between the Golden Panthers and Dolphins games this weekend?

The two Miami teams have identical records and are at home.

Both Miami teams are playing teams with poor records who both wear green and white colors, have predominantly white helmets with green highlights and both Nt Jets opponents (North Texas and New York Jets) -- regardless of how bad they are -- have a history of giving FIU and the Dolphins problems. Not to mention last season's FIU/NT game went 7 overtimes and the highest scoring game in Dolphins history was a Jets' 51-45 overtime win over the Dolphins in 1986. Somebody cue Rod Serling. Rod_2

On to the FIU game. Despite the 2-9 record, North Texas has been rolling on offense and FIU has not been on defense. The Mean Green have scored 28, 62, 27, and 27 points in their last four games. The 62 came in a loss to Navy.

FIU's run defense has given up 249, 177, 287 and 228 yards on the ground in the last four. NT has a mini-Tim Tebow in Giovanni Vizza, who can run as effectively as he throws.

Paul McCall makes his first start for FIU at quarterback. The sophomore showed encouraging signs in putting up 20 fourth quarter points last week. The Golden Panthers will need to score plenty on Saturday to stay with the Mean Green, because I haven't any seen evidence from the FIU defense the last few weeks that convinces me they can stop the run.

The GPP went against the logical choice last week thinking FIU would be pumped up enough for the Shula Bowl to overcome Florida Atlantic's better talent. The Owls proved me wrong.

Once again will not adhere to logical thinking and will count on the emotional edge of the final game of the season and the OB. Plus, the Dolphins gotta beat the Jets on Sunday too, right?

The GPP thinks: FIU 30, North Texas 28.


What a horrible performance by the FIU hoops team last night. You can't take away from Robert Morris and his 4 bros. shooting prowess. They hit an astronomical 70 percent of their 3's, but FIU was not mentally or physically in Pharmed Arena last night. The offense was stagnant. No Golden Panther would dare attack the basket, instead settling for jumpers. And when FIU got in the paint whether it was a Nelson shot or a rebound, a much more physical Colonials team just took FIU's lunch. Golden Panthers would come down with rebounds and have the ball stripped or would go up for shots in the paint and have the ball stripped. Right now, the Golden Panthers hoopsters seem like a very soft bunch. Like Carvel's vanilla ice cream. It got so bad, I had the game story written 5 minutes into the second half after RM drained 5 consecutive 3's to start the second half. If this keeps up, Florida Gulf Coast, Buffalo and the Hurricanes are going to smoke FIU in the next 3 games.

Yandro: Yes, Stosh was part of the Canadian team that FIU clobbered last month. But Stosh did not pitch in that game.

alt7787: No, writers do not write headlines at the Miami Herald. McCall is a sophomore on the football field, but a senior in the classroom. McCall said the other day that he will graduate this summer with a degree in electrical engineering.


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Both the men AND the women looked bad last night. They all should have watched the power forward (Jenna Smith) from the Illinois women's team at the Thanksgiving tourney last weekend. Everyone could have learned something from her; especially her 13-13 from the line performance on Sunday. Double-doubles each day, too, and on both offensive AND defensive boards. Nothing warms my heart like a big offensive rebound and a put back.
But I can be placated by the guys finishing the football season with a W. Would do a world of good to be able to start next season in our new stadium on a winning streak.

Is there a hard midnight deadline for predictions for the last game? I think there has to be

Thanks for keeping baseball on the blog. PP you talk about coincidences, I don't believe in coincidences but the Canadian guy didn't pitch for that crappy team. We have high school teams in South Florida better than that team. Whether the prospects play or not at FIU the important thing is that Coach Thomas is changing the perception among the talent and the parents regarding FIU. Give the man a couple more years and it will be one of the top programs in the nations. Why do you think that UCG is so worried? It is basic economics, many more can afford the tuition at FIU than the overpriced UCG.

For once I'm not stuck flying across the continental U.S. on a Friday night. Obviously I'm picking North Texas to win because not only does FIU have some of the worst talent out there (not meant as an insult people, it is what it is, same way UM and FSU are shells of their former selves and should be embarrassed), but they have a green coaching staff, QB, and a team with no confidence. Pete's right, North Texas has been doing well offensively and their game against Navy a few weeks back showed some surprising consistency.

North Texas 31
FIU 13

P.S. I would apologize to those who complain about my late entries, but I'm getting no competitive advantage really, do a little research and it's no big deal, plus they are in before game time. Good luck all, enjoy the impending doom that is the holiday season, I sure as hell will try to.

Well, the only way I can win is for FIU to win, so here's the prediction FIU 37 - UNT 35.

FIU 27 NT 24

Let's go out with a win.

I can finally make it to an FIU game!!!!

It will be a big day as I say goodbye to my favorite stadium and goodbye to the longest losing streak!

go FIU!!!

I am CRAZY...FIU wins 1 - 0

As it is quickly approaching midnight ( the deadline), I feel any picks after mine should be DQ'd as they would have the unfair advantage of seeing my correct prediction. (And I thank you Fomentor for getting your pick in early)

As much as I want to pick FIU, I am going to have to pick North Texas.

North Texas wins 38-21

MIA/NY is absolutely wrong. The deadline for submissions is not midnight....it is a minute before midnight. I have inserted below the official rules of the blog contest as per Pete Pelegrin in week 1.
But it's not out on the GPP's thoughts for Saturday. Thanks to all who have chimed in with their scores. We'll make Fridays at 11:59 PM EST the deadline to submit predictions.

Since I'm a guest blogger here all the time, my score won't count towards the "Win a GPP Blog" contest, but here are thoughts on the season opener."

I know this might sound kind of weird but I would have liked to read Crazy's blog if he won. :)

I hope Paul and the team have an amazing game and I hope we win. Make sure yall come to the game!!! Bring some food to give to charity and make sure to steal your OB seat on the way out!!!


FIU 30 UNT 27

FIU 38 UNT 34 I guess we all are crazy by now.....

This is it!!! Good luck Paul McCall. Hopefully the defense plays well tonight.

FIU 28
North Texas 21

While we're at it...

Miami Dolphins 20
NY Jets 13

Go FIU!!!

I'm late, I'm late... and I don't give a crap.

FIU 25, NT 22... in 7 OT's

Hey, it could happen! :)

Fiu's playing well, KR for a TD, Mccall just now to a wide open reams, Here we go!!!

Let’s recap:

FAU wins Sun Belt

UCF wins C-USA Title

USF ranked as high as #2 in the country this year

FSU has a winning record and is going to a bowl

UF won a NC title last year and has a Heisman trophy candidate, who is only a sophomore

And we are still looking for our first win in 2 years. How did it go so wrong for us so fast!

I am looking at the stats so far and Paul McCall has thrown 3 TDs. Why the HELL hasn't this kid been starting the entire year? Does the "talent evaluators" in this program need to be evaluated themselves??

Go FIU, PLEASE WIN. I am holding my breath.

Imaging if McCall would have started every game for FIU, maybe we would've won 2 or 3 more games.

Holy crap. They might win. Go FIU.

WE WON!!!!!




That's right scUM fans, we are letting the Orange Bowl leave in style, with a WIN! She deserves it, and WE deserve it! OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

WOOOHOOOO, and wow what a showing by Paul look at that stat line. Did Mario stink it up by not having McCall start throughout the season? Your thoughts Pete?


Finally, a win.

It was a disappointing season, but MC gets a free pass this year from me, note this year, but again, why wasn't McCall starting?

Story to be continued nrxt season. Great to see the OB go out with a WIN.

GO FIU!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete, is McCall coming back next year, or is graduating and moving on? I hope he comes back and becomes the starter, he deservs that.
MC now the gorilla is off your back coach, lets get some players, and keep the w's coming.
Also congrat to FAU, and keep showing us the way.

First of all, Congrats to FAU!!! I don't like them but they did a heck of a job this year.

I'm glad FIU ended that ugly losing streak. This is a positive to build on. I'll admit, I thought McCall was going to struggle but the kid handled himself well today. He looked confident and found the receivers. As for next season, let the QB's fight for starting QB spot. If McCall is the best choice then they should play him. I guess we'll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Another thing, Marquis Rolle scoring is going to happen often during his FIU career. That kid is a stud!!!

Congrats FIU Football team!!! Now Coach Cristobal, load up that talent.


Congrats to FIUrulez. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

I have been a little busy lately, but I wanted to stop by this blog to give my congrats to all the fine, loyal FIU fans I have spoken with on this blog. Great job with the victory!

I am of course in heaven right now with the FAU victory, and what better time for FIU to break the losing streak then when we claim our first bowl bid! Hows that for a coincidence Pete!

What a fun game!!!!! I finally made it to my first FIU game ever and it was great. The record might suck but MC and staff have those guys flying around and playing hard. And the small crowd was fun and loud. GO FIU!!!!!

Now lets see if the Phins can break their streak tomorrow.

Congrats to MC, the entire football program, the administration and the patient students, alumni and fans of FIU! It's been a long time coming, THE STREAK IS OVER! I hope MC, staff and players absorb everything that happened to them this season and learn from it. If they remember one thing, it is that WINNING FEELS GREAT! Guys don't forget or lose that feeling. This was one trying season for all GPPers!

Finally, congrats to FAU, UCF and USF for their Bowl seasons! Good luck to ALL the Florida teams. I'll be rooting for you!


Go FIU. I knew FIu had 2 win one game this year with Cristobal. They broke the longest streek in the NCAA. Congrats FIU. Well if FIU won and broke the streek the Dolphins can break the srteek 2.

Great that the streak is over. Something to build on for next year. McCall's had pretty impressive performances over the last game and a half. Makes me wonder if MC wasn't a bit obstinate in not playing him more. He's more of a true passer. Makes me also wonder if they wouldn't have won at least one or two more games with him as a starter.

I hope next year they consider a two quarterback scheme. There's been rumors that McCall was thinking of transferring. What's the deal?

Also, why was Rouco hyping up the basketball team? First, they get blown out by Robert Morriss. Now they lose to Florida Gulf Coast. Jeez. Looks like more of the same 'ol, same 'ol.

It looks like we need head coaching changes in basketball too. whether is recruiting or coaching our teams are not improving anything in the last 7 years, our programs look promising in the 90's but we are not going anywhere right now. I think SR and CR need to do something quick or PG needs to find a way to improve our situation. I am sure there are tons of up and coming coaches that can make a difference in our programs.

What would make Paul think that he would be playing next year? Yes, he had an amazing game but even some of our loyals think that Wayne would have done the same job if he was in there. They screwed Paul over by not giving him a real chance in the games that were blow outs and non conference. He didn't get a chance to really play until Wayne got hurt and then Colt looked like he couldn't handle it at the FAU game.
MC is probably going to sign some more QB's until he finds the one that he truly wants to play. Maybe Wayne played cause MC thought that he was the best but I feel that when things messed up with anything on the team he didn't want to change anything because he didn't want to admit that he was wrong. Personally I don't feel that a QB should be your leading rusher on the team. Yes Wayne can scramble but paul handled himself very well on the field the other night.

It just sucks that he had to finally figure things out at the last game. It actually looked right... The whole year could have been different if he just tried all of the players to see their true potential.

With football being over basketball and BASEBALL season will finally be here and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!


CONGRATS TO ALL THE PLAYERS COACHES AND LOYAL FANS! i was there w/ being sick and everything... and in my sweater and dosed up on asprin (in the rain) cheering my lungs out for the team... great game mccall showed me something i was always quick to defend younger but damn once mccall learned the system he lit it up!

o and congrats to FAU for winning the belt. rival and all but they did their thing

Based on the rules of the Win a Blog - I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ny Josh and fometor both picked North TX and FIU picked late, thus DQing him - so I WIN!!!!

Now, if this win-a-blog goes to FIU, then the entire contest has been BS and rules apparently mean nothing. I hope that PG and the GPP has more integrity then that and sticks to the orginal rules of the win-a-blog contest. Rules are set in place for a reason. That being said, when should my guest blog be submitted to you. How do I do it? Need the info.

CrazyCane....please follow UCG to their bowl game and leave us winners alone.

Next stop for the Golden Panthers...A Brand new Stadium.

CC, nice try trying to win blog contest. You very well know that FIUrulez won the blog. First of all, he had a beter record the whole year than anybody participating. Secondly, you don't tell PP what to do with his blog. You're just trying to find a loophole to writing blog. Finally, I would prefer to read what he has to say instead of you...no offense. Congrats FIUrulez!!


Congrats to FIUrulez!!! Our new guest blogger!!!

actually if you guys look at the time... CC did win... Fiurulez submitted late... lol our blog is goin to be over run by CRAZY CANE lol i must say congrats and everyone hold on cause thats goin to be one hell of a blog lol

Thank you CJ for respecting the rules. I am sorry that your FIU buddies cannot understand that when rules are made regarding a compitition, they need to be followed. Like I said before, if the GPP decides to allow FIU to write the blog over me as the winner, then the GPP is tainted and much like FIU's athletic academic problems, furhter investigation is necessary.

Copngratulations CrazyCane on winning the blog. Though I wish FIUr would have won, the rules are the rules and he clearly broke them. I hate you CC, but you won fair and square. Why did you pick FIU in the last game anyway? Just dumb luck I guess. I do not want to be like the other FIU fans here and say you did not win solely b/c you are a Hurricane fan, you clearly won this win a blog contest.

FIU Fan,you are giving us all a bad name with your comment, remember, regretfully, we are not going to a bowl game either.

Finally, to PP, please do not disgrace the blog, or the FIU name by not following your own rules to the contest. You clearly stated that picks had to be in by midnight the game before, and the FIU pick clearly wasn't while CrazyCanes's pick clearly was. If you disregard your own rules, I feel that maybe the NCAA has to look into the situation. I mean if our blog cannot abide by rules, what makes you think our athletic program can. I mean you think if some of our players have a midnight curfew the day before a game, and they stroll into the hotel at 2:45 am, MC is just gonna let it go - I hope not. You think if Player X is supposed to be at practice at 3 pm, and he shows up 5 pm, MC is going to be cool with that - I hope not. PP, I beg you, please do not tarnish FIU, or this blog by not abiding to your own rules.

I can't agree with FIUDad or CJ.

FIURulez went 12-0...CC went 11-1. Simple as that!!! For all you know, FIUrulez submitted to PP via email and decided to post it on blog afterward. At the end of the day, PP decides. Maybe he should let both of them write blog.

One final thing, I saw that Sean Taylor eulogy at FIU and it was very sad. May he rest in peace.


FIUJM - Is it really as simple as that? what the hell are you talking about? I went 12-0. What game did I pick incorrectly? Why don't you use some of that FIU education and try reading.

FIURulez did not follow the rules of the win a blog and he should be DQ'd - it IS as easy as that.

I think that since the rules were made they should be followed. if not why were the rules made in the first place? I don't even know what you would write about CC. Maybe you should come to a basketball game and get some stuff to write about.

I can't wait to see the outcome and see who the winner is. :) haha.

Pete - thanks for the amazing blogs during the football season.Keep those basketball blogs coming. I can't wait to read more about TT and the upcoming baseall season too.


My bad. I was so used to seeing you pick against FIU that I thought you posted NT 1 FIU 0...again, my bad.

I just want to point something out that won't convince anybody of anything, but here goes. On August 27, 2007, the *official* rules were posted. Here is the link:
And here are the rules:
Here's how you can play: Each week before FIU's game send in your game prediction with a score. Example: FIU 24, Penn State 23. Whoever has the most correction predictions on FIU's 12-game schedule will win a guest blog. There will probably be several people with the same number of correct games so the tiebreaker will be the overall closest to the exact score of each game. Continuing with the example above: if the actual score of the game is PSU 30, FIU 10, then I'm 0-1 and I missed the exact score by 21 points (PSU 30-23=7, FIU 24-10=14) Therefore I'm minus 21 on the season. We'll add up each week's games to the point total. In the tiebreaker, the person with the lowest points total at the end of the season will win the showcase and the guest blog.

Standings and point totals will be posted each week on the GPP and you MUST predict ALL 12 games in order to be eligible. All persons in the U.S. and the world are eligible to enter, but you must be over 18 or have your parent sign a permission slip. Thanks and enjoy!

Unless I missed something, the *official* rules which I went by all season did not have a single mention of time other than “before FIU’s game.” I had no advantage as all my entries were well before the game. Of course, I do not expect anyone to agree with me but take that into account,
Also, 1-0 is not a valid score. Should they be disqualified? I don’t know, that is up to Pete.

The following blog, written by Mr. PP, and refernced above by yours truly, does point out that Mr. PP stated that all picks needed to be submitted by 11:59 pm the day before gameday. So you lose.

And it says nothing about predicting the actual score or a "valid score" b/c if that were the case, when I picked Penn State to win 100 - 0, was that valid? Noone said anything then. Nice try FIURulez but except it - you lost, you waited too long to put in your score, you broke the rules, and unless this blog and its host have no integrity, you will be DQ'd and I will be declared the winner.

Actually, CrazyCanes prediction WAS a valid score. According to the football rules, a forfeited game is deemed a 1-0 victory in favor of the non forfeitting team. Therefore, if North Texas has forfeited (such as they were so scared of FIU they decided not to get on the plane and play FIU at the OB) FIU would have been declared the victory by a score of 1-0. Therefore, CrazyCane won the win a blog fair and square and you FIURulez lost b/c you couldnt follow the rules set by PP. Better luck next year. Way to go CrazyCane, cannot wait to read your guest blog.

Holy crap, you are right, pursuant to "Wiki Answers,"

Answer Forfeited Games

NCAA rules: ARTICLE 2. The score of a forfeited game, or a suspended game that later results in a forfeiture, shall be: Offended Team-1, Opponent-0. If the
offended team is ahead at the time of forfeit, the score stands (Rules 3-3-3-
a and b, and Rules 9-2-3-a and b).

Though I hate to admit it, congrats CrazyCane. you got outplayed FIURulez. PP, CrazyCane won this contest - he should be the one to right the blog. Please do bring the integrity of the GPP into question, that would be like opening a Pandora's Box to the UCGers.

Wow..all of them are lawyers of each other...

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