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The Freshmen

It's the final bye week of the 2007 season, so with idle football time on our hands -- don't worry passionate FIU baseball fans, who have been clamoring for Golden Panthers baseball news, the GPP has you covered -- more on that at the end of this post -- let's take a look at how the Golden Panthers freshmen are doing three-quarters of the way into their first college football season.

This is MC's first crop of players and very likely the type of players we can expect to see in future seasons of FIU football. Let's start out on offense.

Elling_2 With a new spread offense, MC and his coaching staff went out and stockpiled a plethora of receivers. Among those pass catchers to stand out thus far have been Greg Ellingson (left) and Jason Frierson (below, right). Elllingson'sFrier  size (6-3) and speed have given the passing game a boost. He made a nifty touchdown catch last week against Arkansas State. Frierson, at 5-8 is not as big, but has shown his playmaking ability like the 37-yard reception against Troy. James Rucker and Kendall Berry have also shown potential. Berry is learning a new position after playing quarterback in high school. Marquis Rolle, who got a late start to the season, is the real deal and is going to get more involved in the offense.

Along the offensive and defensive lines, only two freshmen have gotten ample playing time. Center Brad Serini and defensive lineman Cody Pellicer (left) are starters while plenty of other linemen are likely to redshirt. Serini has held his own at center which is the most demanding position on the O-line. Serini Pell never played much center in prep ball. The athletic Pellicer, a former wrestler playing at just 220 pounds, has done well with two sacks. As for the other linemen: "At the pit positions you're a little leery putting guys out there for the first time coming out of high school," MC said. "Their bodies go through a tremendous adjustment. They used to rush 230-pound offensive tackles in high school and now they're going up against 320-pound animals that will break you in half if they get their hands on you."

Some of the likely-to-redshirt linemen to keep your eyes on when spring ball rolls around are: Bryan Frye, Ricky Booker and James Wiggins. Watching Frye in practice, this freshman is a man. Each of these defenders has size (Frye and Wiggins are 6-4, Booker 6-3) and with a year in a college weight room all three should be making a bid to start next season.

If you didn't see linebacker Toronto Smith's play last week against Arkansas State, do yourself a favor and watch the replay of that game on Panther Pass on FIUsports.com. Finally, this season we got to see an FIU defender consistently cause a ruckus in the opponent's offensive backfield. Shades of the Killer B's from last season. Smith, who you can read more about in this Sunday's Miami Herald, reminds me of Keke Bouie, but with more speed. Toronto is not really a big guy, generously listed at 5-11, but "Little Canada_3 Canada" is a headache for QBs and RBs, eh!

In the secondary, Anthony Gaitor is proving to be a future All-Sun Belt and shutdown cover corner. The velcro-hand Gaitor (right) has picks against the Hurricanes and Arkansas this season. Freshman KregGaitor  Brown has made a nice tandem with sophomore Ash Parker at safety.

Freshman quarterback Colt Anderson has not gotten extended playing time, but has shown in practice there is plenty of promise with the former Nebraska prep standout. The other day horsing around after practice he connected on a 60-yard touchdown with Gaitor, who was playing receiver and being covered by Rucker. Darold Hughes, who will redshirt and has been running the scout team, at times has beaten the first team defense in drills. Hughes has a real strong arm and a genuine pocket presence.

Many of you have written in wondering about FIU's recruiting for next season. Keeping in contact with numerous coaches throughout Florida, I can tell you MC and staff are all over the state going after the Js_3 top recruits. Unlike past years, FIU is not shying away from going against Top 25 teams. Again, not going to waste time with a recruiting blog. Thank you Messod for understanding the Jessica (display gratuitous JS photo on left) and Marge analogy. For those into verbal commits, FIU got Coral Springs Charter defensive back Chris Charles (5-11, 180) to say yes Wednesday night.


Yes, there is a tremendous amount of interest in FIU baseball this upcoming season. The GPP applauds both fiugrad78 & fiufan751 for their enthusiasm. New coach Turtle Thomas has the program abuzz. The Tt_2 attendance for this fall's scrimmages was probably more than some regular season games last season. So therefore, the GPP is working on organizing a Question and Answer session between you FIU fans/GPP readers and TT. Just like we did with MC before football season, we'll do with TT. I'll let you folks know soon when to start sending in your questions for the new FIU baseball coach and we'll try to get to as many of them as possible.

UltimateFIUFan: There are some good early football commits for FIU from top programs like Booker T. Both MC and TT in baseball are not afraid to recruit against the Top 25 teams. But like I've said before until these "kids" sign on the dotted line it doesn't mean much. Still, it's encouraging to see FIU's Sign aggressive recruiting strategy. Will get back to you on the arena.

FIU Fanatic: Yes, 6-10 Freddy Asprilla is an oral commit to FIU hoops and if the kid can keep his grades up and signs on the dotted line with FIU it would be huge for next season to have Russell Hicks (7-foot), Badu Ndiaye (6-11) and Asprilla (6-10) in the frontcourt. I've heard Asprilla could be the best player ever to set foot at FIU.

FI-UM Fan: I'll wait until next week on an FIU/ULL prediction. MC and the team are positive and have their heads up after the tough loss to ASU. They are fully aware there will be lumps the first few seasons.

FIU0406: The field goal posts from the old stadium are the correct size for college football. If you want to take them down when FIU beats South Florida in the home opener next season, go right ahead.

Concerned Fan: If you would like to change your GPP name, just click on "comments" and go down to the bottom and change it in the Name Box. As far as Ryan Mollica, he seems to have a better bat than Corey Lozano. From speaking with TT, one plan might be to have Lozano split time between shortstop and 2nd base.

FIUandME: Will get back to you on the Panther Club.

alt7787: I agree with you that the Beacon should change their name to include FIU or Panther in some form. But a bigger concern with the school newspaper are some of the egregious errors. The other day I read two different issues of the Beacon in the FIU media relations office. In one issue, there were spelling mistakes all over the place. In the other issue, they were referring to FIU football coming from Division II. The Golden Panthers were never in D-II. They began play in Division I-AA. No matter the level of newspaper, spelling should always be correct (The Herald has that issue at times as well), especially with everyone having access to spellcheck. And not getting the history of your own football team correct is also inexcusable. As far as sports are concerned, the quality of the paper may have started to decline when non-sports editors began editing sports stories.


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So, I have been reading about our last three opponants on-line for the past couple of days and I have looked into their schedules and evaluated how they have faired against "common opponants" GPPers, let me tell you, I truly believe we are going to win our last three games. Not only do I believe it, I think I am going to bet on it. My predictions are even more of a lock b/c all three games are at the OB, "home" if you will. Now I know it will be kind of a home game for FAU too - but I really think that of the three remianing games, FAU will be the easiest to win. That team is way too overconfident to beat us.

Turning my attention to our UM posters, where have you guiys gone. What, UM losses some games and you decide not to post. I mean, NY Josh hasn't posted a comment in so long, if it wasn't for him simply predicting FIU losses every week, I would have figured he decided to jump on the OSU or LSU bandwagon. As for Crazy and U24/7, I am convinced that those guys share the same brain (along with the rest of those retards that sit in the West Endzone at the Orange Bowl. I read somewhere that you all were being placed in an obscure corner of Dolphin Stadium next year, i will be sure to laugh at you up there next year whiole I am sitting ever so close to my guys at the Cage on Sat afternoons.

Pete, it is too bad we couldn;'t get thyat last home game of the year at our true home. But I understand if the building cannont get completed enough to pull it off. Wishful thinking I guess. Let me ask you this question, do you think that the powers that be will decide to put a retractible roof on the stadium. That would be great. I mean, it rains sometimes and nooone wants to sit in the rain and sometimes it is too hot and if we hads a roof that could be closed and the AC out on, that would be top notch. I think that this idea should be proposed to PG and the University. Also, maybe we could have a pack of live panthers lead us out of the tunnel ala Colorado and thier buffalo or Geargia and the bulldog. What do you think?

pete thanks for the update. even though i am no baseball fan im still looking forward to the Q & A w/ TT.... ALOT OF SHORT HAND THERE LOL one question that would be great to ask would be how he would try to bring non baseball fans to get the fever

FIU DAD i like the the wishful thinking your full of but thats all it is.. truth is the retractable roof will never happen. and i would rather the opposing teams that arnt use to the heat suffer. and the idea of the actual panthers leading us on the feild is good but the risk will not permit it... the buffalo / bulldog can hurt you less than a panthers bite.

Good information as usual, Pete, and thanks for confirming the possibility of having Asprilla join our men's team for next season. He would be, actually, the type of power forward player we haven't had since Almonte...only bigger than him, although I doubt he is as relentless as Almonte. Oh man, Hicks or Ndyie at Center, Asprilla at the 4...Galindo at the 3.....and then having Josue Soto (who I hear has been OUTSTANDING during practice and scrimmages so far), joining in the other remaining guards, plus other recruits...could be an exciting team for SR and FIU in the next couple of years....

Also, FIU fans, don't forget that our men's hoops season starts this coming Tuesday, against Florida Tech, while having the final scrimmage against Florida Memorial this coming Saturday....Let's support our team..!!


I think your retractable roof idea is wishful thinking, wouldn't we be the only Div 1A team that would have a retractable on-campus stadium? I would rather see that money spent in other areas of athletics. That roof would cost many millions, money that can be much better spent in modernizing Pharmed Arena.

However, I don't think the live animals part is wishful thinking. Perhaps Pete can provide some details as to what FIU has in store for next year's aesthetic changes. In addition to seeing leashed live panthers lead the pack out of the tunnel (awesome idea), I'd like to see other upgrades including re-done end zone paint schemes (that blue on white lettering looks awful), new logo/uniform work, and audio elements. Anything to make the new cage a place that overwhelms our opponents with intimidation and fear.

is the game monday or tuesday i thought monday

Maybe we could remove the teeth and claws of the panthers that lead us on to the field, thus eliminating the risk. As for the roof, I am thinking of the fan experience. The team will be good enough to win without the advantage of the heat, I say put a retractible roof on the Cage and watch the attendance be phenominal, every game.

the group panther idea would be a great site to see no doubt but i hate to use the pun but they might feel "caged" in and you dont want a pack of PANTHERS caged in

I just had another idea - maybe we should make our field blue, ala Boise St. How awesome would that be.

I have not been to as many practices as some of you, but how far off am I in a probable starting lineup for next season:
1, Arroyo SS
2. Molica 2b
3. Townsend 1b
4. Castillo DH
5. Petika LF
6. Fuentes or Karcher RF
7. Last yrs catcher C
8. Either Freshman 3b
9. Main or Mason CF

This leaves Lozano out and I don't know how you do that

i donno i guess i like the heat aspect... making the other team suffer

lol FIU w/ the smurf turf that would be something... but isnt everyone against all the blue on the Uni's why make the field blue... i like the idea of the two tone green grass. agreed maybe changing the endzone logo. (possibly the center field logo to a scratching claw.) although the center logo FIU isnt that bad

The LIGHT BLUE endzones NEED to GO !!! Looks horrible, if it is not going to be GREEN, then it needs to be NAVY with PANTHERS in GOLD.

I also hear that an indoor practice facility is possible in the near future. This would provide safety against lightning and rain in the summers and some privavcy for the team and staff. Obviously a nice feature to show during recruitment.

HELLO ----- G.P.P. and beloved FIU NATION !

Sorry for being away so long. I’ve been watching from afar all along and will never abandon you. I am not ON but, A part of the Golden Panther Bandwagon.

We’re one game into our finale four (4) game MINI-SEASON. This past week proofed our young team is maturing and improving with each game, to become a winner.



CJ, you are right...The first basketbal game is on Monday November 12....

Good to see you posting again, FIU-GO-PAWZz...and hope to see you at any of the remaining football games, and some basketball games in between.

I also think that, while a great idea, the thought of having a retractable roof is a bit out of the reality and needs of our program and athletics as a whole. Retractable is more important for baseball, I think, given our weather in South Florida.

Now, let's all go to the 3 remaining football games at the OB...and let's support our men's hoops team in its beginning home stand. Let's Go FIU!!

an indoor practice facility would definately upgrade our athletics department. im excited for next week to come.

Okay CF, I might disagree with your outfield lineup based on what I saw this fall and a conversation with the Coach. Here's my line-up, not necessarily in batting order but by position number; TT can change it if he wants, but he hasn't asked me:
2 - Mirabal, 3 - Castillo or Townsend (the other is the DH), 4 - Mollica, 5 - Sujo (if he is healthy), 6 - Arrojo, 7 - Petika (sorry, but I want him at the plate with runners in scoring position so he needs to play somewhere), 8- Karcher (again, assuming he is healthy otherwise I'll take Lozano or Main) 9 - Fuentes.
This leaves out some guys; Boza might alternate with Sujo at third; the DH will depend on whether the opposing pitcher is lefty or righty.
I'll put Allen, Polizzano, and Stewart on the mound to start , Fri, Sat, Sun, and I expect Ellison as the closer. We could place a wager on who's lineup is closest to what we actually get come February. Whaddaya say?

And those football frosh: Ellingson, Frierson, Serini, and Smith, plus Anderson and Hughes (plus whoever else I missed). Lots to be optomistic about for the next few years

Alright FIUDad, your moronic ideas have provoked me enough to respond. Sir, you cannot be that stupid. You really think they would put a retractible roof on the FIU stadium? While they are at it, maybe they will build the thing out of freakin gold. To even suggest it shows your level of delusion. Next, you post about the team being lead onto the field by Panthers and then, upon recogniziong some safety concerns, you suggest removing their teeth and claws. Good call their Mike Vick, why dont we just chop of their legs too so they can't run around and attack people, and lets also poke out their eyes so they can't see the people and get aggressive. Yeah, I am sure the animal rights people will love your idea of removing their teeth and claws just so they can lead you sorry ass team on to a field they don't deserve. Then, finally, you suggest blue turf. Why can't you all come up with your own trademarks? You want to run through smoke, and stetch pre-game to Phil Collins? FIUDad, you are like every other sorry ass FIU fan, delusional, uneducated, an too new to the world of college football to realize that FIU doesn't deserve any of the attention it gets and the only reason anyone knows FIU even has a football team is because they got their asses kicked in a fight with MIAMI last year and they own the country's longest losing streak. Maybe they'll put a sign up in your stadium, but instead of it marking a 58 home game win streak, it will denote the active losing streak.


The hoops season opener is on Monday night at 7 p.m. against Florida Tech.

The final exhibition game is Saturday night against Florida Memorial.

The Women open up their season tonight against Lynn University.

Should be a fun weekend at the Pharmed Arena

Would be nice to see some people come out to support the ladies tonight, even if it IS against D2 Lynn. I am most interested to see the freshmen (freshwomen?)?
This is great competition and talented athletes, folks. I know the game is not the same as the men, below the rim and all, but the excitement is just as high, as is the talent. They have some good teams coming in this season. I hope they can get a nice crowd most nights and not just the early-birds for the men's games.
HA! Like there are EVER any early folks in Miami...except up at Century Village

Paradox, It looks like we have pretty much the same lineup, again leaving Lozano out and I don't think you can do that. Petika is probably the better 1st basemen of the three, but he is more athletic for the outfield and will fit into left very nicely. Boza & Sojo were the two freshman I was trying to think of, one will play 3rd I guess, is the other in the caliber of Townsend or Castillo offensively. We will redefine it a little later.

If I were a new coach - which I am not but if I WERE - and I had a choice of a senior (who will be gone after this year) and an equally capable underclassman, I would pick the latter every time. That way, all the time and effort I spend getting him or her to buy into my strategy and philosophy would not have to be repeated next year and will work into two or three years of a great player for me.

Works for any sport, but for baseball, where you lose them after their junior year if they are any good, it is even more pertinent. Perhaps for football I would look to the older, more physically developed player at first, since football requires a certain level of size and strength to be competitive that comes with age and experience; at least for many positions.

So while some might criticize TT for playing favorites to "his recruits" I would not fault him - or any other coach - for giving a nod to a younger player. As long as he sees that some of his sophomores and former regime-recruited freshman have talent. Seems he has acknowledged that. Time will tell.

you guys make great points - i would think the future is bright considering sujo, boza, main, desimone and a couple of other freshman are in the mix for significant playing time.

Think about it - some of this years sophomores with another year experience being taught by Coach Thomas to refine their raw talents; the freshmen who will only know his philosophy (regardless of who recruited them) and whatever recruits are brought in for 2009. 2009 might be an awesome beginning for what could be a S. Florida dynasty on the diamond without the colors orange and green (what an OBNOXIOUS combination).
Did not someone on this very forum say it would be easier to build baseball more quickly? Now if we could just get the community to see what we will have.

Finally some baseball talk. I am glad someone is paying attention to the happenings on the field. The only thing I disagree with is Townsend playing first. While he is a great hitter he can't catch a cold at first. He will definitely be the DH. There are some weeks that have as many as 5 games. A lot of players will have a chance. Except catcher, there are at least two good players at every position without too much fall-off.

Must agree. Tyler is not the best fielder - maybe his off-season surgery will help. But if it were up to me I would put a bat in his hand and have him at the plate at every opportunity, regardless of the pitcher being righty or lefty. He has such a sweet swing.
The team does look to have good back-up at most positions, except maybe shortsotp but Junior is going to be solid there if his summer performance is anything to go by. Back-up catcher will be an issue. TT has recruited several for next year, but he DOES like Mirabal. Despite the knock that he has a weak arm (and we all know you steal on the pitcher, not the catcher), he will block more pitches than Bautista did and his hitting is equal, perhaps with less balls going over the wall but a hit is a hit.

ON a different note - the ladies looked a bit ragged last night. Understanding that Coach Russo had people playing who are not likely to see much time during the conference season, they should have won by a larger margin. Ciglar did a good job - as expected, and freshmen Fanni Hutlassa and Tabitha Drake showed some great potential. Adley was tough in the paint, as usual. But I hope we see some improvement on positioning under the boards.

I think we are pretty much in agreement with a few minor changes as to the lineup if the season started tomorrow. I have modified mine a little and based upon me being the only Lozano fan, I will leave him out for arguement purposes.
1, Arroyo SS
2. Molica 2b
3. Townsend DH/1B
4. Castillo DH/1B
5. Petika LF
6. Fuentes RF
7. Mirabal C
8. Boza or Sujo 3b
9. Main or Karcher CF

Weekend Pitchers:
Allen, Polizzano, and Stewart as the starters. Ramos in the middle and Ellison closing.

Key Subs: Lozano (couldn't resist), Boza or Sujo and Mason

This is a very solid lineup from top to bottom with some very good pitching. The only negative to this team is the foot speed, this might be the slowest team in Divsion 1 baseball and without much power. This team will win at least 35 games and hopefully a little more.

We are on base as to the potential spring line up. Not that I do not like Lozano - great kid - but better gloves available and equal bats for those positions. MIght have to add DeSimone to the potential starting pitching staff with Francis; 5 games a weeks after all. Time will tell. Ramos will need to impress more than he has in the past. Like Santana as middle relief - he did well last summer up in the Valley. Will be intrigued to see how the additional of a REAL pitching coach helps Ellison's game - we did not see him this fall. He does tend to give up some long balls but I doubt the new coaching staff wil try to get 4+ innings out of him. Maybe this team will support him with some bats for a change. Heard he is expcted to increase the heat and provide a couple new pitches - not that a closer needs many more. Always amusing that opposing teams underestimate him based on his stature and lefty closers being rare. UCG will probably not make that mistake again - not that it will help much.

Don't think our fotball Golden Panthers can't get better. If Illinois can beat Ohio State (going for it on 4th and 1 on their own 30 with 7 minutes to go and ran the clock)after being 1-11 a few years ago, the Panthers can become successful in a few years, too!

Exactly what I was thinking, paradox. I remember being in a bar two seasons ago, watching a hapless Illinois team being absolutely demoslihed and embarrased on national tv. Well, those guys are now Juniors and Seniors...and reaping the rewards from those days....TDAOS!! It will happen, folks..it will...

Wow...What a great sendoff...48-0? Talk about embarrasing...

OK, boys... lots of stuff being thrown out here... let me clear up some misconceptions.

The blue turf thing ain't happening. That's illegal. The NCAA has banned all turf on the playing surface being any color other than green (except for the end zones). The ONLY exception to that is Boise State, and they were grandfathered in by the NCAA once the rule was made. FYI, it was because of their Smurf Turf that the rule was proposed in the first place... apparently, there was a fear that other schools could start doing similar things.

As for the end zone color scheme... not likely to change. Actually, it'd be pretty difficult to change anything on the FIU field right now. I guess some of you don't know, but FIU's field isn't natural grass. It's Astro Play. The blades of grass are actually colored plastic. The color you see now is what you see all year long. It's actually part of the field. That applies to everything... the lines, the midfield logo, the end zones, even the actual "green" parts. You can't just wash that off. You'd have to actually take out the plastic blades and put in different colored plastic. Hella expensive, I would imagine. That is a nearly million-dollar field, after all.

I suppose you could just paint over the current end zones, but it'd probably look like crap. The only paint on that field is where FIU puts the Sun Belt logo... that's about the only thing on the field that ISN'T permanent. Anyway, the field looks great. It's about the only thing at the FIU football stadium that has looked good ever since 2002.

FIUDad, I admire the fire, but dude... seriously... you need to get off the Xanax.

Panthers with no teeth and claws? How are they gonna eat? That's retarted. And probably a future PETA lawsuit to boot. CrazyCane's right on this one. I do like the panther pack leading the team onto the field, though... unfortunately, panthers are NOT easy to tame. Buffaloes and bulldogs handle domestication way better than panthers do... and if I remember correctly, panthers don't run in packs. They're pretty individualistic. Just having them in packs could lead to serious problems. If that's not enough... I remember talking to someone in Athletics a while back on this... apparently, the idea's been discussed before and rejected.

As for the retractable roof... oh, brother... I probably shouldn't dignify this with a response. But I will. I'm bored. That won't happen; it's not in the plans. It's a dumb idea, anyway. There's SO many other things worth having instead. Renovating GPA or the soccer field are two things right off the bat in my head. I'm sure there's plenty more. People in Miami don't care about retractable roofs for football. Fall weather in Miami's pretty nice, mostly. Now, if it was summer (when baseball is played), that'd be another story.

Nice to see all the baseball talk. This will definitely be an interesting year. And there's no reason this team can't compete for Omaha this year, I think. Danny Price didn't exactly leave the cupboard bare, y'know. There's plenty of talent at FIU baseball; always has been, even with some of the bad seasons in the recent past.

Congratulations to UM for playing its final home game at the Orange Bowl on Saturday night. How fitting is it that they lose 48-0 to Virginia? Virginia hadn't beaten anybody by more than 2 points in its last 4 wins. So this win was the equivalent of 24 wins in one game by UVA. And all of those former Hurricanes got to see it.

The Orange Bowl and the UM football program have a lot in common--old, dilapidated, worn out, best days behind it, and ready for demolition.

I told Canester and U/24 that it would be the same result as last weekend!! I won't comment much because I did enough speaking last week about my dislike for Thug-U.

As for our GP, Marquis Rolle is going to be a stud for many years. Pete, you're definitely right...we are loaded at WR position.

As for recruiting, I'm hearing FIU already has 15-16 commits. Wow!!! Talk about getting some work done on this staff. I know some of you don't like to talk recruiting, but it would be nice to get a list of those verbal commits.


I am truly looking forward these last three home games at the OB. Hopefully we'll fare better than UM's last game. I am not a UM fan, however I was hoping they would be a little more competitive than 48-0. I guess RS has MUCH more work to do than I or even the UM supporters on this blog thought.

Congrats SR on your last tune up exhibition game victory. We'll be there Monday for the season opener!


Randy Shannon is a good man, and a good coach. He should come over to Mario's staff next year at FIU like he should have done in the first place.

UM fans are going to start wishing they had Mario Cristobal as head coach, but he's too smart for that. Pete Garcia and Mario are very smart men who could see the future much sooner than others. There's a changing of the guard happening in Miami, and the school that best represents the city of Miami, FIU, is emerging as THE University in Miami in both athletics and academics. There still time for recruits like Jacory Harris to de-commit from UM and come the school with upside (and get a better education while he's at it). And if you don't belive that, you truly are Crazy!!

There's a gentle breeze blowing over in Coral Gables, and it feels very nice.

south paw i like the energy you bring but i dont think jacob harris will decommit. he's been firm on his commitment this entire time. it wouldnt hurt to try but i dont think it iwll happen. better spent time on some of the defensive players that are a bit under the radar that are willing to work... that is the UM formula of old that worked. i was at the UM game last it was sad to see them go out that way i wish it were differnet and they went out w/ a win.

Let me re-state, I am NOT a UM fan; however I like Randy Shannon and I think he is a good coach and seems like a descent man. I believe, GIVEN TIME he will be successful with his program, even though I could care less if he is or isn't successful. That's not my alma mater. My time, money and energy go toward my alma mater, F I U!!



Sorry buy RS stinks. He may be a recruiting powerhouse, but so far has been quite impressive with Coker's boys. I don't like his personality one bit, he NEVER gets excited on the sideline, he always wear the same, tired, lethargic face. His body language stinks.

Mario, on the other hand, was running the sidelines even in the 4th quarter at Penn State, Kansas, scUM, etc. He has a dynamic energy that every coach needs in order to inspire his young student athletes. Whenever a player goes down, he reaches the student before the medical staff does. Its this kind of energy that athletes need to draw from, and if your team leader can't demonstrate this, then how will your student athletes lead by example?

Roar BABY, points well taken. Will you agree that BOTH coaches deserve more time to "work their plan" before all the mindless fanatics start calling for their jobs DURING the coaches first season?


Thanks for the feedback Pete. I agree 100% about the spelling errors and most of all the bad editing. I always find stupid errors in the beacon sports section. the worst one this year was probably when earlier this semester the beacon stated that ANTOINE Barnes was drafted by the ravens in the 5th round (obviously wrong on sooo many accounts) or when 1 month ago the beacon stated that Wayne Younger was our best QB and was showing talent (this was after that 5 INT. game against Ark.). Both times the subject should have been researched as I dont think anyone would say a QB showed talent after a game the likes of Ark. Just a thought. Anyhoo, again thanks for the feedback.

Well, I'll agree that MC should be given more time because he clearly inherited a mediocre team. The guys play with lots of effort (sans MTSU), but their abilities just aren't there yet. However, Randy Shannon is working with Loker's core squad as well. And to put things into perspective, Coker's final year was downright spectacular compared to the funk Randy Shannon is displaying. The team doesn't seem unified at all, and the post game player comments overwhelmingly revealed confusion, disorganization, and lack of effort. These are all coaching qualities. I'm glad South Florida is finally realizing Shannon's "free out of jail pass" isn't merited one bit.

Coker must be having the last laugh. Didn't scUM buy him out?

RoarBaby - did you really just say that a coach needs to run up and down the field, jump up and down like a freakin Mexican Jumping bean and scream all game long so that he is so hoarse at his press conference that he souds like he's had a **** in his mouth for the past three hours? If I remember correctly, there have A LOT of coaches who have won without your brand of coaching ideals. I don't remeber Coker running around in 2001. Need more, does anyone remeber seeing Tony Dungy run around like a crazy man, ala MC, in last years Super Bowl. Oh no, that's right, BB up in New England is known for all of his emotion on the side lines and running up and down the field yelling at his players, that must be why they are so successful. Dude, if you are going to post at this site, at least post a little more responsibly.

Now, before you all say it, and actually, I already read a lot of the previous post about Saturdays UM game, yes, my boys got there ass handed to them. Yes, it was the last REAL game at the OB. Unless you count the HS all-star game being played there after tyhe last FIU regular season game (both of those HS teams will be better than FIU anyway) I'm I upset with the Canes with the way they played, of course, I am a fan. But at least these last few losses were preceeded by wins over FSU, Texas AM, Marshall, Duke, and hmmm, FIU. All of FIU's lossess were preceeded by wins over, ummm, oh this is embarassing, I cannot remember who FIU has beaten in almost 2 years. Let me get back to on that by the end of the post. Does Randy Shannon need more time, no, he needs better players, and yes, look at the recruiting class, they are a commin. Does MC have that kind of talent oin next years roster, not that I have heard or read about. So while UM fans have this amazing recruiting class comming in, some returning talent in key areas, mainly running back and line backer, FIU has basically the same team returning next year along with some second rate recruits and I am sure some guys from the cafeteria MC is going to invite to camp. Oh and by the way, I looked it up to be sure, FIU has beaten ZERO teams in almost 2 years, keep talking crap FIU fans, I mean, why not speak it, you certainly have no problem cheering for it.

Thank God I saw the last post was posted by U24/7, because I almost started to read it! I am sure all the noise he wrote took shots @ FIU and spoke about the future successes for UM, blah, blah, blah... Since FIU has not won this year and currently is mired in this horrific slump, we FIU fans must endure this criticism until we win. We'll do it and see an FIU turn around. However, if U24/7 and other UMers have any illusions of more NC next year the may want to hibernate for a couple. Quarterback U has completed 10 passes in 2 weeks!!! Wayne Younger at his absolute worst, with nowhere near the pedigree of UM's QB will AT LEAST complete more than ONE pass a game. UM people, your problems may be a little worse than what ALL (pro UM & anti UM) of us thought. I would say chill and relax because you guys are DEFINITELY re-building!


Pete, I know tradition can't just be had with a snap of a finger but, I went to the Arkasas vs. Tennesee game in Knoxville this weekend and they have a neat tradition that would be great if FIU woul impliment. About 2 hrs before the game, the whole Vols team walks from their athletic facility, decked out in suits, to the stadium, all-the-while, fans lineup along the whole route and cheer the team on. It was a very cool thing to see and would love for FIU to do something similar. Also, we need to have a live panther as a mascot.


Looked up that we have not won a game in 2 years. Are you serious ? That's impressive. Thing is, no one cares about FIU right now. What are you trying to prove ? Instead of debating with teams at your level, you engage in endless criticism and downright hatred for all things FIU. Oh, yeah - that's right...there are NO teams at your level, because MIAMI stinks. The ACC must be laughing, the ONCE mighty "u" about 2 recruiting cycles back was KING of the HILL. Not anymore. You know it, The world knows it, so get used to cheering for a LOSER. When the losing streak ends for FIU, no one will care, and that's fine. Everyone that supports our GUYS, knows this is a long road to become competitive. However, your program at the UCG will be forever remembered for getting their A$$ kicked at HOME in the last UCG game ever at OB. I feel bad for Kyle, saw him Sunday morning eating breakfast at a popular latin cafeteria...Ohhh, the SHOCK was still evident on his face and I am sure he wished he could have all his years back. But what goes around comes around. He called FIU out before the brawl last year and after the mess still had more choice comments for us. THE PROGRAM IS DEAD...EVERYONE KNOWS IT. START TOSSING THE DIRT ON THAT PINE BOX.

i think we've been over the live mascot thing lol i dont know about you but i would perfer having peta off our backs lol especially since our mascot is endangered... we need to start thinking of things to start a tradition.... however the best traditions are formed by pure coincidence.

im seeing way too much hatred between two programs. FIU and UM are completely different i dont understand why we all like to compare. be it FIU fans or UM fans. 24/7 your right we lost 21 strait... big whoop. we are down and out like you guys.. instead of being so viel to e/o why not moral support e/o. after every game FIU has lost every team has kind words... except UM.

visa versa. GPC let us not worry about what other schools have on their plate... we have enough on ours to worry about... UM fans... that goes for you all too.

CJ, You stated the problem in your post and the reason why we all can't get a long, you wrote, we are down and out, just like you guys. Absolutely incorrect. We may be down right now, but down and out like you guys, NOWAY. We have wins this season, we are a game away from bowl eligibility, we have a potentially top 5 recruiting class comming in next year - down and out like FIU, I don;t think so. Get a clue man. You guys aren't down and out, b/c you were never up and in. You are lucky to even have heard about the party, much less have been invited. And Blue and Gold says there are no teams at UM's level, b/c UM stinks. Really? Then who is at FIU's level? DIII teams, good High Scool teams? You tell me. The reason that I have so much hatred towards FIU is not the school, the teams, or even the lack of tradition, it is you idiot fans who think you know stuff, when all you know is how to find excuses for losing.

TNGolden, why are you like the rest of the FIU idiots, find you OWN traditions, stop trying to be other schools. I mean what do you want, your team to walk down calle ocho wearing, Cubavera shirts, while 2 El Caminos, a 1967 pick up truck, and 17 mo-peds line the streets with the arepa carts blasting DJ-Laz and Pit-Bull? That is what you want your tradition to be?

guys, serioulsy, ignore the UM guys. Who cares what they think? Are they going to become FIU fans?!?! Probably not, so, its all an exercise in futility. They are just bitter their teams stinks, as does ours. So, they have to be the neighborhood bully and pick on the little kid down the street. You know what happens when that little kid grows up, right? They end up beating the crap out of the bully later on.

lol!!! Dude, that sounds like the UM tradition!!! You forgot to mention the the 40's in brown paper bags! Yep, you nailed the UM tradition to the T!

btw LazyCane, just to respond to your "find your own tradition" blurb, Tennesse is not the only one in the country that does the Walk Of Champions, several teams, even in the same SEC, do this.




crazy cane the only thing that appears removed is your thought process. seriously guy. you wanna talk disgrace look at all your fans ripping the seats out of the ob on sat. im a UM fan but i have more respect for that stadium than to strip the stadium. show some class man. i will say i do like the walk in guyavera's lol and to tru UM fans this season is just as bad as 0-9

o and just a reminder... didnt coker have top five recruiting classes? we saw where that got him. o and btw the way UM played sat that was D-III level. virginia's formula to win... PA wheel route to the TE... gain 20 yrds... and repeat

and seriously you must be the most egocentric UM person i have ever heard...(read). not all latin cultures drive el caminos w/ 17 mo-peds etc. im suprised you havent gotten smacked for talking like that. but its ok your just angry cause the confederacy died.

CJ & co., when you read a post from someone like CC of course his ignorance is apparent. That's why you should disregard the noise. Remember, this comes from a guy who thinks its creative, cultural and "cool" to connect your thumbs and form a "U", sway back-n-forth to the sounds of the "Imperial March" (Darth Vader's Song for UM fans who don't know the name of the song!) song from Star Wars. When legit UM fans post and have constructive things to say, by all means post, however when low-life’s bring noise to the GPP just skip the post, and read something posted that is worth the time.


UFF i hear what your saying but here is why i cant ignore it... when one of them takes a shot at me when im just trying to be a good sport i have to let him know whats up. that and it kills me to see such classless fans from a team ive grown up watching and supporting.

Hey CJ, I grew up with them in the 70's when they stunk! Guys like Pat Walker, Mike Rodrigue, OJ Anderson, Lou Saban was coaching then Howard came in and finished the creation of the program. They were the only college choice in town. They lost me when "they were on a mission!" and lost to an inferior PSU team in '85. For the first time that year, that game I started rooting against them. I've never looked back. I watched them win with class in '83 with Kosar, however they certainly kept winning but w/o the class part. I am sure that is when the likes of CC, U24/7 oozed out of the ground and became fans!


i think 2001 was with class... the players were classy and had a swagger to them ... thats what FIU needs to develop. they got to have an attitude that when you play us you in for the toughest football game of your life. i know you prob. think swagger = no class but i think swagger is the best thing a team can have. w/ a couple of wins fiu can start developing it

CJ you got me all wrong. I don't equate swagger with low-class. Case in point USC, they won two NC and were a one play against Texas from winning the trifecta. They had swagger, however were not considered in College Football as low class. The negative reputation is earned and kept somewhat unfairly by SOME player’s actions on and off the field. In retrospect I agree with you, the 2001 UM team was very good and behaved decently, however I wrongly grouped them with those talented teams in the 80's and 90's. My bad! You see how hard it is to shed a bad rep, however how easy it is to earn one.


UFF, do you believe that FIU has a solid rep around college football? Better question, do you think anyone cares about the rep of FIU football. Answer, no. Is it your position that MC would rather go 0-10 or 1-9 and have a good reputation amongst the college football big wigs, rather than have a bunch of ballers who go out and win week in and week out and then tell you about it before during and after the game? I think that he would prefer the latter. Remember also, those UM teams you seem to be so quick to brand thugs and show-off, produced NFL all-pros, NFL Hall of Famers and not to mention, your own beloved head coach. You are such a hypocrite UFF, CJ, Blue and Gold and everyone else who refers to the past UM teams as thugs.

By the way UFF, you keep pledging for the readers of this blog to skip my post, due to their uneducated views, poor language, alternative views; however, remind me, were we not all left subject to the nonsense UFF Jr. posted? If anything should have been ignored, it was that crap.

Alright, lets everyone calm down. Now, I know UM got killed in the last game at the OB, so what. I know FIU has three more games there and the media totally glossed over that fact when reporting on this past weekends game, so what.

Lets get back to what is truly important - the building of OUR program. Starting with new uniforms and the stadium.

I was thinking, for the new uniforms, maybe we could get them in like 5 different colors, that way, the opposing team will never know whats comming at them. I propose a dark blue uni, a gold uni, a black uni, a white uni and then a powder blue uni like SD wears. That gives like actually 10 different uniform combos. That would be awesome, imagine all the marketing too. I also think that maybe FIU should try and hand big photos around the outside of the stadium - like have big portraits of past FIU football greats. That would link the old with the new at our new stadium. Also, i was thinking maybe calling the new home the "Blue Bowl" or the "Gold Bowl." My son thinks it should be called the "Miami (Blue or Orange) Bowl"

What do you all think of those ideas?

Sorry meant (blue or gold) Bowl.

First FIUDad, WHAT? Lets focus on establishing a program that wins. Uniforms? Not that important.

Mental Midget (a.k.a. CC), UFF Jr's post as a 3rd grader sounded every bit as legit as your (enter educational level here...) ___ level (my assumption to your level, remedial 4th grader!). Back to your standard worthless post; I never mentioned FIU's level of recognition. At 35 years old, FIU is still in it's early years. FIU as yet accomplish any NC in a MAJOR college sport, thus FIU isn't known nationally. We can all agree on that. UM @ 35 years was known as SUN TAN - U PLUS had no NC in a MAJOR college sport. Go back to my post and see my example of USC. They have swagger, multiple NC (recently and historically!) and yet no thug rep. I would say USC has their share of NFL stars. Wouldn't you agree? So try again brain-less wonder! Stick to what you best, DO NOTHING!


UFF - are you new to this blog? If you are welcome. The uniforms have been discussed many many times on this blog. I am certainly not the first to make some suggestions. If you are not knew, which it does not seem that you are b/c of your disdain for CC, then maybe it is you sir who should be reading a little closer because as I said before, the uniform talk has been going on for some time.

And what the heck does USC have to do with anything FIU or UM? Did I miss something - does FIU have a game against USC comming up? UFF, I think your USC analogy is way off point and that you are totally missing the point that CC is making. Now I dislike CC as much as anyone, but I atleast take the time to read his post and respond accordingly. You UFF are just posting noise. At least CC is respond to you.

Well FIUDad I am not new. In the past I've welcomed YOU back when you had not posted for a while! My USC reference dealt with a post dialogue I had with CJ and discussing the difference between swagger vs. low-class behavior. CJ thought that I equated SWAGGER with being LOW-CLASS. I pointed out that I DID NOT and used the recent USC teams that have won two NC and were ONE play away from a third as HAVING a swagger yet not identified has thuggish. It was the post right before CC's response and your TEN COLOR follow-up post. Look back and check it out.

About your uniform issue, yes I've read the prior posts but usually was not interested in the topic because it does NOTHING to better our FIU team. You must agree, FIU Football needs to address numerous issues to turn this football program around and uniforms are NOT one of these. Additionally, when you brought up this TEN COLOR thing, I thought I would respond.


Anybody really reads those two ucg's rants? Don't lose your time...glance over them, as I do now...I've never read anyone that writes so many words without saying anything worth reading....Amazing..

Congrats to SR on a season opener win. Hopefully will continue THIS streak of WINNING!

Went to the game last night. Florida Tech has a Freshman Center who did not play, however is 7'7 300 lbs!!


UFF i see your point w/ the USC senario. crazy you truly are. calling me a hypocrite...do you actually read or insult the last 2 posters pro fiu? i never once called UM thugs and have never called them that. ive even DEFENDED them against FIU "noise" like i defend FIU from UM "noise" get your shoot strait.

and FIU dad although i do agree w/ you that fiu should have an Alt. UNI for special games/ occassions i do not think it is remotely relevant to winning. i guess maybe in the pychie of it all, but thats streching it

As the asst. Sports Editor of the Beacon, I'd like to address some of the issues brought up by both Pete and Alt in the past few blogs.

Yes, we have spelling errors. We're working on it and there's simply no excuse. I will say I try to catch any and all errors in the Sports section, but it's often difficult since on days of production, I am often doing both editing and design. We have 2 levels of editting plus spell check, and if something falls through, there is no excuse.

I have some problems with our content as well, but I would love to know when we called Barnes "Antoine" and said he was drafted in the 5th round, as I didn't believe it and just did a search on our website for the words "Antoine" as well as "5th" and found nothing. I don't care if you have problems with our content, but don't make things up about us.

As for you're problem with saying Younger is the best QB on the team, it was most likely in a commentary piece, which is simply a writer's opinion. In the October 4 article, I wrote a commentary entitled "Football team looked unprepared against Blue Raiders" where I said that the coaching staff should at least consider benching Younger. I have since changed my tune as I don't see either McCall or Anderson doing well with the current offensive line, but there is a diversity of opinion on the staff in regards to the team.

In terms of saying the team was Division II, I have to admit I am embaressed by that, and I apologize sincerely. There truely is no excuse for that.

On the whole, I think we do a good job with the staff we have, but there comes a point where you are only as good as your limitations, and this is where we are hurt. We are understaffed, to say the least. I should be taking a more active role in the quality control, and I do realize and accept my mistakes in that regard. However, if you have a desire to see a better product put out, by all means, come to GC 210 and fill out an application. We'll be glad to have you.

I'm not sure how things were in your day Pete, but we do struggle with copy editing now, and it is something we are working on with the hiring of a new Copy Cheif. If you don't mind, what are some specific suggestions you can give us to improve? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

As for the freshmen, I think we've gotten extremely solid play out of numerous players, and I really like what we've seen out of Gaitor. In fact, I think Lionel might actually be one of the weakspots in the secondary, as he seems to be burnt a bit more than you'd like from your number 1 corner.

The freshmen wide recievers will be good in the upcoming years, and from the little I've seen Rolle is probably the best of the bunch. Younger, being a redshirt freshman should be noted as well. His passing is improving ever slowly, but he's a real threat when he puts the ball down. I don't mind him as the QB in a spread offense, and as far as size goes, he's not too much smaller than Colt from what I've seen by hanging around them. I don't like McCall at all in a spread offense, unfortunately.

I'm really liking Ashlyn Parker's play of late, what do you think of his future as a safety? Shades of Roy Williams, if you ask me, which isn't necesarily a great thing, as he gets beat up top alot, but you'd better not cross in front of him, because he's going to hit you, and he's going to hit you hard. He's taken out 2 or 3 players this year just with how hard he can hit.

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