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Doing It the GPP Way

Thanks to FIU Fanatic for bringing to mind one of the most celebrated persons ever to get behind a microphone. Yes, FIU Fanatic, like Frank Sinatra and his dulcet sounds, the GPP is "Doing it My Way" Fs_2 when it comes to posting blogs.

Yes, the previous "guest" blog does not belong on the GPP, but as a blog of its word, the GPP still posted the drivel.

Since the GPP is doing it my way, here's what CrazyC meant to write in the previous Top 10:

Top 10 Reasons Why CrazyC is secretly an FIU Football Fan:

10 - FIU considers itself the Harvard of West Miami. Why not? Harvard has won 7 National Championships in football (The GPP did a little research to help CC). Harvard was college football's king in the following seasons: 1890, 1898, 1899, 1910, 1912, 1913, 1920. Not kidding, look it up. Also, Harvard still holds the NCAA record for most points scored in one season (765 points).

9 - It doesn't matter where pre-game meals are from, with hungry players and a hungry new coaching staff the program will rise.

8 - Try the bistec empanizado, con moros and maduros at La Carretta, good stuff. That's breaded steak with black beans and rice, plus fried plantains. The meal of champions.

7 - After CC had dinner at the FIU cafeteria, CC saw MC recruiting at Northwestern and Booker T. football games.

6 - God, CC loves Cuban coffee.

5 - They are building it (a football team and a new stadium), they will come.

4- Didn't know they gave IQ tests to football fans?

3 - Fans might see soccer, along with football, played at the new state-of-the-art stadium.

2 - The players on the current roster closed out the Orange Bowl the right way with a convincing win, unlike a school in Coral Gables, who finished their tenure at the OB with a convincing loss (48-0).

1 - I wish the FIU beat writer was my team's beat writer and pitched for my softball team.


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