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Doing It the GPP Way

Thanks to FIU Fanatic for bringing to mind one of the most celebrated persons ever to get behind a microphone. Yes, FIU Fanatic, like Frank Sinatra and his dulcet sounds, the GPP is "Doing it My Way" Fs_2 when it comes to posting blogs.

Yes, the previous "guest" blog does not belong on the GPP, but as a blog of its word, the GPP still posted the drivel.

Since the GPP is doing it my way, here's what CrazyC meant to write in the previous Top 10:

Top 10 Reasons Why CrazyC is secretly an FIU Football Fan:

10 - FIU considers itself the Harvard of West Miami. Why not? Harvard has won 7 National Championships in football (The GPP did a little research to help CC). Harvard was college football's king in the following seasons: 1890, 1898, 1899, 1910, 1912, 1913, 1920. Not kidding, look it up. Also, Harvard still holds the NCAA record for most points scored in one season (765 points).

9 - It doesn't matter where pre-game meals are from, with hungry players and a hungry new coaching staff the program will rise.

8 - Try the bistec empanizado, con moros and maduros at La Carretta, good stuff. That's breaded steak with black beans and rice, plus fried plantains. The meal of champions.

7 - After CC had dinner at the FIU cafeteria, CC saw MC recruiting at Northwestern and Booker T. football games.

6 - God, CC loves Cuban coffee.

5 - They are building it (a football team and a new stadium), they will come.

4- Didn't know they gave IQ tests to football fans?

3 - Fans might see soccer, along with football, played at the new state-of-the-art stadium.

2 - The players on the current roster closed out the Orange Bowl the right way with a convincing win, unlike a school in Coral Gables, who finished their tenure at the OB with a convincing loss (48-0).

1 - I wish the FIU beat writer was my team's beat writer and pitched for my softball team.


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Win a GPP Blog 2nd winner: CrazyC's Guest Blog
We had two readers finish with perfect records of 12-0 in predicting FIU football games this season, so here is our second Win a GPP Blog winner's guest blog. Regardless of his collegiate affiliation (if there is one to begin with) the GPP delivered on letting the following reader write his blog. The following is CrazyC's unedited blog on FIU football....

Top 10 Reasons FIU Football WILL Never Succeed

10- They consider themselves the Harvard of West Miami

9- Pre-game meals are sponsored by Pollo Tropical

8- When recruits come to town, UM provides sirloin and lobster at Capital Grille. FIU serves picadillo y tres leches at La Carretta

7- MC recruits his players in the school cafeteria

6- Half the fan base is located in Cuba and hence, can't attend most games. The other half is still Cuban, so they dont show up until midway through the third quarter and by then, the game is long over.

5- With more than 100,000 alumni and over 50,000 students, less than 6,000 show up on gameday

4- The Football team has more wins in two years than there are currently intelligent fans

3- Fans show up for games expecting to see soccer

2- For reasons that are known to only those who need to know, the players on the current roster are either terrible or suspended

1- The FIU beat writer and biggest supporter (who thinks if certain plays went the other way, the team could be undefeated 2 years running) wears a UM hat and jersey while pitching for his softball team.

Way to go Pete!!!

CC is such a hater. He knows that we win over recruits taking them to La Carretta. On top of it, they get to see beautiful Cuban/hispanic women.

Go FIU!!!

man, CrazyCane, that was a big disappointment!! Dude, I thought you were going to bring it strong but, like the team you root for, it was a major letdown. Better luck next time.

The blog by CC was like the initials letter in his name ..very si-ssy...Pete...totally killed him....Good to see you do it your way, and not the way the three-way attorneys would like to dictate...Can you imagine any of them running a country?...Can you say Chavez or Castro?...LOL

That was SOOOOOO weak. What a waste of space in a national newspaper. This guy Crazy Cane is the biggest IDIOT that I've come across since the last time I tailgated at the OB. To think this pre-aborted fetus had an opportunity to really bring it strong against FIU and he resorted to a top 10??? What a David Letterman pathetic attempt at comedy.

Crazy Cane, I will forever feel sorry for you EVERY TIME I read a post of yours on this blog for it will remind me of the loser you must be in real life. EVERY TIME.

I have to admit Mr. CrazyCane's blog was very creative. Even though it was completely stupid, it was still creative. Even better was Pete's blog. Thanks for the laugh CrazyCane.

alt7787 - thank you for getting the joke. Yes, I could have come on the blog and made a real attempt at breaking down FIOU football, all of MC mistakes, the problems with the front office, the lack of support, etc etc etc - but why? What would that have accomplished - other than wasting everyones time. I thought a Top 10 would be a quick easy way to have some fun, post a blog which would generate a lot of responses and create a lil more buzz about the blog. However, in typical FIU fanbase manner, PP had to not let anyone read and respond to the CC blog, thus losing out on an opportunity to increase the readership. So, PP, when the blog drops in the Hearld rankings, you'll know it is b/c of you and the FIU brotherhood that this blog is failing. Again thank you alt7787, and anyother FIU fan who gets the joke.

You lucky guys who live in Miami and can go to La Carreta whenever you feel like it. I miss that good Cuban food.
my questions for TT:
How is your relationship with other coaches in FIU? and do you guys get together and help each other out sharing ideas of recruiting, athletes academics, and/or personal experience.
What are the qualities that you look for in recruits knowing that most of them might go pro?
What is the secret of your success as a recruiter?
How do you plan to recruit fans to come to the games? I am sure FIU can have a fan base larger than the Marlins. and speaking of the Marlins are you plan to play spring games against them or even better against the Yankees?

PP - why didnt you let CC's blog stay up as the primary blog for more then a hot second? What was the point of posting something right away? You ruined a perfect opportunity to generate some fun posts, and not to mention a lot of blog views to help aid in the rankings. Have you not noticed that your recenmt blogs have gotten like 8-10 posts since football ended. CC's blog was a perfect one to allow for hundreds of comments. PP, I like you and you know I love the GPP - but with CC's blog you missed a golden opportunity.

dont worry cc i got your joke. gotta say though much hatred towards the cubans lol im winning the blog contest next year its on!

I don't blame Pete for not leaving CC post long. Personally, I felt it was garbage and I wouldn't reply to it. Just my opinion, some of you might find humor to it...not me.

Anyways, CC congrats in winning the blog this year with FIURulez. And congrats in disappointing me with your blog. I really thought you were going to write something of quality!! I really hope you join us here many years, when FIU starts winning more games.


The self appointed 3-way attorney team tried to intimidate and dictate how things should be done...Can you imagine? Good thing that PP did it HIS WAY...

I thought it was creative for CC to write that but some of this arguments in the comments that he has left on here were I thought better then the ones that he put in his blog. but oh well.

I don't know if this should be asked to TT but... Rumors have been going around that TT has taken about I think around 5 scholarships away (I believe from pitchers) and some players are trying to transfer out because they are scared that this will happen to them also, why is this happening?

FWIW, I was in the Eiffel tower yesterday pimping my FIU gear and a UM fan (the real UM, as in University of Michigan, not scUM) recognized the sweater and cap and gave me props for closing out the orange bowl with a win, something Miami couldn't accomplish. He also said "at least you didn't get into another fight this year", to which I responded, "well, at least we didn't lose to a DivII team this year..."

Although if it was scheduled, I think we would've lost to Appa State as well lol.

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