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Live Hoops Blog from Pharmed Arena

About five minutes from tip-off and the arena is filling up quite nicely. Let's see what the Golden Panthers bring to the court tonight. . .


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Is the upper section opened?

both upper sections are open and there is a little bit too much green and orange

That was my next question....more than FIU fans?...

the coral gables team is in black and orange....new unis this season.

Jack McClinton hit a 3....3-0 HC

6-0 HC

sure sounds like a coral gables home game right now...8-0

biggest difference between the 2 teams right now is it looks like HCs hit the weight room, some of these guys could have played on the football team.....12-0 HCs

somebody call the FIU football team to bring some muscle to this hoops court....12-0 with 15:47 left in 1st half

Looking very ugly....Yes, they look so much bigger than our guys.....

Galindo 3 finally gets FIU on the board 12-3...Hicks with a block

Hicks w/ 2 baskets....12-7, 13 min. left

Well...good to see at least a reaction...

11:55 left.....16-9 HCs....FIU showing some life, but don't know if they have enough to come back

Galindo and 1....18-13

FIU has to do a better job guarding the 3...23-14 HCs

oooph, sounds like last year. trailing early.

Hicks starting to score insid, but FIU needs better D if they want to make it a game. 28-18...6:46 left

on a side note while we have a timeout.....good to see 4 FIU assistant football coaches at the Orange Bowl last night recruiting Northwestern and Deerfield Beach.

on a side note while we have a timeout.....good to see 4 FIU assistant football coaches at the Orange Bowl last night recruiting Northwestern and Deerfield Beach.

pete how's the crowd? also, is sebastian and roary at peace?

game a little physical, refs have called 4 charges on FIU already....30-19...4:57 left

the arena is pretty much filled with the last few rows of the upper deck still empty....no sight of the white bird....Like the FIU hoops team, Roary needs to hit the weights.

I also heard there were 3 FIU coaches at the Booker T. Washington game as well....

If the canes keep making 3's while holding the size advantage and rebounding...we have no chance.

32-19 um. FIU needs to get bigger if they plan on taking the next step in hoops...too many times the Golden Panthers have been pushed around the basket tonight.

Galindo hits a 3, but no interior D by FIU is killing them....34-22 um

Seems like the U has a good basketball team this year.

Hey at least one sports team in all of miami is good this year!

FIU just gave up 4 points on a missed free throw...um player missed and got rebound and scored again....FIU settling for jumpers and that is going to kill them. Golden Panthers need to take a football mentality and drive in the paint...um has 13 second chance points, FIU has 0.

Halftime um 38, FIU 22....this is getting out of hand....Raja Bell jersey retirement ceremony is on deck....But Raja and the Suns are playing in Minnesota tonight.

What did PG had to say right at the beginning of the ceremony?

Nice ceremony for Bell's jersey retirement...RB taped a message from Minnesota thanking FIU for the honor....Bell's No. 13 now hangs on the wall. FIU forward Cedric Essola who wears No. 13 has to get another number....6 minutes until the 2nd half.

PG said Raja represents what FIU is building as an athletic program. Now FIU hoops has to get more players of Raja's caliber.

This is getting out of hand....um scores 5 points to open the 2nd half and have a 21-point lead...43-22

45-24 with 15:59 left in the game....Where's fiugrad78? Now would be a good time for that baseball blog.

Hicks passes the ball into press row with no FIU player nowhere in the vicinity....kind of sums up the game....50-29 with 11:48 left.

if there is still anyone out there...55-35....5:50 left...just met UltimateFIUFan who came over to press row to introduce himself.

60-42, 3:28 left....best part of the game is on the court right now....The Golden Dazzlers.

Still here...suffering...as usual...


but ROAR BABY!!!

67-53 final...we'll go back to football blogging on the next GPP blog.

Fire Sergio Rouco, lets get a real basketball coach.

I think its so lame that FIU and Raja couldn't come to terms on a compatible schedule for an in-person retirement ceremony. It looks bad on Raja's part as it makes him to uninterested in his school, and it looks bad on FIU behalf because we look a bit insulted I think. I wasn't there, but I saw the pics and having a projector with his video I think comes off as a bit soft.

Did Raja have a NBA game to attend to? If so, FIU should've tried to schedule the game with scUM at a later date to try to accomodate Rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Beeeeeeeeeeell.

Baseball is right around the corner!


I cannot wait!

We were overmatch by stronger UM team last night. Hopefully the baseball team can get us a W against UM.


Hey Pete, great to meet you @ the UM game. Any chance that FIU will post the Raja Bell video, including his speech on the FIU Sports page for those people who were unable to attend?

Beside the game, my other disappointment was the lack of FIU students in attendance. The excellent crowd was made up of a large UM contingent of students. There should of been a section where either ALL the Greeks or Panther Rage, etc. sat (usually behind the UM bench). The FIU fans that attended seem to be just either alumni and their families, such as myself or other community residents here to see the game. While all these people are most DEFINITELY welcomed and I hope they return, there should of been more student action. Your thoughts.


Great idea to blog live from the game.

UFF i agree more students should attend the game... but i cant point i had to attend the company xmas party.... wouldnt look good if the future of the bus. didnt show up

I know some of you like recruiting news like I do. FIU got commitment from Kenneth White, DT/OL from Norland. I'm sure Cristobal and his staff are working hard.

Read below:

"I committed to FIU a few days ago," said White. "The coaches were really excited when I told them. Coach Cristobal said he can't wait for me to get there and he is ready to coach me right now."

What made you decide to commit to FIU?

"It's a great program, they are on the rise. I watched their workout video and I was impressed."

White chose FIU over Central Michigan who had also offered.


That makes it 7 "known" commitments, from what I've seen public....

I think there are more commitments but kids change their minds all the time. Kambriel Willis is a commitment that I'm worried about. He's the OLB at BTW. He's been playing like a stud that now USF and Ohio University are making a push at him. I really hope he sticks to FIU. This kid can play right away next year.

Sorry Pete, I know you don't like recruiting talk...but we're getting closer to February.


Thats gReat news to hear, i love hearing recruiting talk b/c it shows the coaches are active out there

o BTW new Stadium Pics up on FIUSPORTS.COM they made the turn of the stadium... its really starting to come together. i cant wait to get in that stadium

Stadium is looking nice. The seat even look comfortable. That stadium better be rocking against USF!!!

just a question where did you hear about the new recruit? i havent seen anything about it

I got it from rivals. They usually stink with updates...but as signing period nears i think information starts getting update regularly.

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