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The Monstrosity

Monster Wednesday on the GPP: El Monstruo terrorizes the New England Patriots. It could be a week of horrors for the FIU hoops team and a monster win for the FIU ladies last night.

Barnes Congratulations to "El Monstruo", Antwan Barnes for recording his first two NFL sacks on Monday Night Football and against the New England Patriots. Barnes, a former FIU defensive end/linebacker and current Ravens rookie, took down Tom Brady twice. Here is one of them on the left. On each of EM's sacks, MNF play-by-play man Mike Tirico happened to mention "Antwan Barnes from Florida International". Who does Barnes think he is Audric Adger?

The Golden Panthers hoops team returns to the hardwood tonight against the Buffalo Bulls at Pharmed Arena. Question: Is it a city law in Buffalo for every team to have some kind of bull or toro nickname? Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Bulls and Buffalo Bison (minor league baseball team).Bills Why don't they just call their next team the Buffalo Wings.

Anyhow, FIU fell apart last Sunday against Florida Gulf Coast. The Eagles have competed with the Golden Panthers in their past two meetings that FIU has won, but FIU should not be losing to FGC.

Buffalo already has knocked off South Florida this season. For those scoring at home in that game it was the Bulls beating the Bulls. We all saw what USF did to FIU earlier this year, so it could get monster ugly tonight. Then the green and orange from Coral Gables come to FIU on Saturday night. Los Hurracanes are unbeaten this season and if FIU continues its sloppy play of late then Saturday's game will be a 30+point victory by the visiting team. Like it's been written here before, early indications through five games are that the Golden Panthers hoopsters are soft both physically and mentally. Let's see if that changes tonight.

Iva The same cannot be said of the FIU lady hoopsters and I mean that as a compliment. FIU strolled into Coral Gables last night and rallied from a 10-point deficit to beat the lady Hurracanes 60-58. Today's game story . Pretty big win for FIU, since it had been on a five-game skid after losing their two best post players for the season in: Elisa Carey and Marquita Adley. Guards Iva Ciglar and LaQuetta Ferguson carried the Golden Panthers scoring 41 of the 60 points.

On a separate note and this has nothing to do with the GPP, but got a little rant before last night's women's game at BankUnited Center in Coral Gables. Apparently, the media cannot park near the arena and has to use the event parking garage behind right field of the Hurricanes baseball field. Now I don't mind walking, in fact I encourage it, but something is amiss here. When there is only one media outlet (Miami Herald) covering the game and there are only 50 fans in the building watching the game. I actually counted 82 people in last night's game and FIU fans made up 44 of those. Why the heck is parking about two blocks away when there are more than 100 parking spaces next to the arena? My apologies about bringing this to the GPP, but needed a little keyboard therapy here. Glad to be parking tonight in the friendly confines of Pharmed Arena. Pa_3


Still have not heard from our Win a GPP Blog (patent pending) winners: FIUrulez and CrazyCane. They must be writing up a storm. Take your time winners, we got plenty of space for you here.

Thank you: yippee, FI-UM Fan, Quijote, UltimateFIUFan and all the faithful GPPers for your readership this football season. Although football is the most popular sport among the readers, the GPP is not going into hibernation just because the season is over. We got hoops, baseball and football off-season to blog about all year round.

gpantera: Next time I see Audric Adger I will let him know about his fan club in Pembroke Pines. Maybe they can get your kid and AA in a TV commercial.

Messod: We won't call you Mr. Irrelevant for coming in last, because you're a loyal GPPer. But your parting gifts from the GPP for your last place finish include a Don Strock bobblehead and the former Strokc_2 head coach's locker stall from the old fieldhouse. In this photo on the left the claw is about to dig out the locker for you.

Baltimorepanther: The Dolphins got a shot against Buffalo, Baltimore and Cincinnati, but not if they play like last week against the Jets.

CJ: Little Gore from Columbus, that's running back Jakhari Gore has already FIU's attention, but also interest from a number of other schools. Let's see what happens.

New Comment Submitted: Welcome to the GPP. You got to give yourself a GPP name like the readers listed above. I will double check, but I believe Rouco has 4 years left on his contract.

FIUBlue82: The cowgirls belong to FSU. The witches have been adopted by FIU. If we can find some FIU cowgirls in the stands at the new stadium next year then we'll say goodbye to the witches. Or if someone knows how to replace the FSU in these lovely ladies outfits with FIU then we could go that route. Either way, here you go with an early Merry Christmas gift from the GPP....Fsu_2

NY Josh: Didn't know you were such a big El Monstruo fan. I'll bet you got a FIU No. 42 jersey in your closet somewhere.


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