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Turnbull a Bengal; FIU Hoops a Bungle

Nt Former FIU safety Nick Turnbull signed a free agent deal with the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday and joins Antwan "El Monstruo" Barnes in the same AFC North Division. Last spoke with NT at the Don Shula Bowl last month and he said he had healed from an abdominal injury and was receiving interest from the Dolphins and Carolina Panthers. I guess the Bengals also had interest.

Oh boy, from good news to the bad. The Golden Panthers hoops team dropped another Sun Belt game last night against Middle Tennessee. Just don't see any kind of chemistry or consistency from FIU hoops. In the question I posed two blogs ago:

With a current 3-6 (now 6 was 4) record, the GPP would like to know: How do you think FIU hoops will finish this season and what are your expectations for the Golden Panthers at the end of the season. Which of the 4 is your choice:

1) NCAA tourney, 2) Sun Belt contenders, 3) FIU baseball can not get here soon enough or 4) When does spring football practice start??

Alex, I'll take option 3 for $100 dollars: The answer is: mid-January.Wfsc Jeo_2

GPP buzzes in: What is when FIU baseball begins "spring training" for the 2008 season?


MRA: FIU hoops next home game is Friday against George Mason at 7 p.m. Could get ugly, these hoops Patriots will seem like the NFL Patriots to the Golden Panthers.

Yandro: Way to keep the FIU baseball countdown going. I used to do that for MLB Opening Day, but with the changes made to FIU baseball, the countdown is on for that.

China Baltimorepanther: Maybe you can get FedEx or UPS to deliver you a caja China and a lechon for the 24th. I will have FIU football recruiting stories coming out soon. The Herald has a countdown to signing day series of stories planned. From what I'm hearing FIU has 16 to 17 oral commits, with probably some surprises on signing day. Sure would be nice to land Booker T's defensive studs: Jonathan Jackson, Kambriel Willis and Tarvis Pullins. All have received interest from FIU with Willis committing. But I think what FIU also needs is a workhorse, every down running back with speed.

UltimateFIUFan: Tremayne Russell has looked OK, but none of the Golden Panthers have yet to stand out. Center Bada N'Diaye has gotten off to a slow start, because he had a left shin stress reaction to begin the season.

Messod: For someone living in the heart of college basketball country in North Carolina, you've kept pretty good tabs on FIU hoops. See above for your answer to N'Diaye.

Puma: With plenty of time left on SR's contract, I don't know if FIU can buy him out and bring someone else in. That's a decision that might be addressed sooner rather than later if this season keeps up the way it has.

alt7787: Thanks for the props on El Monstruo's story. He had plenty of good things to say about FIU in the interview that will be posted on here soon. EM also talks up FIU to his Ravens teammates. EM will get in the Herald's NFL "local report" soon.

CJ: We will have a comprehensive update and another tour of the new FIU Stadium in January and post Dd_2 it right here on the GPP. How in the world can Jessica Simpson be a jinx? Look at that jinx on the right. Tony Romo needs to man up.

FIUJM: On the channel 7 sports show the other day, MC was pumped up about recruiting and pumped up the stadium when Ch. 7 anchor Steve Shapiro asked him where FIU was playing next season. When SS brought up Paul McCall's play and who FIU's QB will be next season, MC responded that it will be like monster.com:  go out and get yourself a job.

FI-UM Fan: Thanks for the kind words, but I prefer Peter Gammons when it comes to reporting.

gpantera: Idaho's finest meant potatoes (sacks). Audric Adger and his four sacks. I knew writing that bit was a stretch. My bad.

Roman: With your unending enthusiasm behind the microphone at FIU games, we'll honor you with the Apolo Apollo Award....Not named after Creed from Rocky, but instead for the God of the Bou_2 Sun, because regardless of the game's situation, Roman always kept a sunny disposition on the PA. Unlike Ueck's Harry Doyle..................

NY/OC Panther: You might be right about FIU hoops. PG already made some good moves in hiring MC and TT for football and baseball.

24/7: Glad to hear you've become an Antwan Barnes fan. We'll let you know next time he visits FIU football practice.


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