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Win a GPP Blog winner: FIUrulez's Guest Blog

Mcgadade_3 Here is the first of our two GPP readers winning blogs for correctly guessing the outcome of each FIU football game this season.

The following is FIUrulez's guest blog. . . .

The season, the streak and the Orange Bowl have all come to an end.

Our team was left in shambles in 2006 but Saturday proved this team has the potential for greatness. The thorough lambasting that our Golden Panthers dealt out was awe-inspiring.  Now we look towards the future, where baths will be common place like in the above picture.

Every day our stadium continues to grow just like our football team. Right now our coaches are combing the gridiron desperately trying to fill the ranks with the best talent.  With the great talent that will come and fans like us, FIU’s new stadium will be rocking for years to come.

Will Paul McCall be leading this team next year? Only time will tell. If we were to base our decision on Saturday, we might as well start building his statue outside of the stadium. I was not only impressed with the way he played on Saturday, but also with his patience. Shelved all season, he came out and won the first game he started. Some will wonder what would have occurred had McCall started earlier in the season. I will not. It is inconsequential. Our program was 1-11 but that one was so sweet, gratifying, wonderful and any other synonym for kick ass!

I want to thank, and congratulate the entire coaching staff for putting forth all their effort and ending that streak. Right now, being an FIU coach is tough. I also want to thank all the players, especially the seniors. They gave their all every game no matter what. Lastly, we FIU fans have to pat each other on the back. We are patient folk and take nothing for granted. All we wanted this year was a win and we got it. Most of all, thanks Pete. What would Golden Panther Nation be without our fearless leader?!Logo_2


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Good stuff FIURulez!! Congrats again. I'm looking forward to all of us loyal FIU fans following ALL FIU Sports in 2008.


Nice debut in your writing career!!! LOL. Good recap of this year, and things all fans are looking forward to.....

Go FIU!!!

Congrats FIURulez! There was a time I thought I was the only GP fan in town. We still don't have critical mass, however given time plus some victories and NCAA runs (hoops), bowl victories (football) and even a couple of CWS visits (baseball) our day will come. It is always inspiring to hear other fellow GPers showing or better yet glowing in their FIU pride!


As Borat would say...very nice!

Ultimate FIU Fan,

You are not alone.
I'd guess that FIU Football has about 3 -5K core die hard fans. Another 5-10K with a psssing interest. The two together are enough to nearly fill our new on campus stadium.
With 38K current students and 110K+ alumni mostly residing in South Florida, there's only upside.
The point - you're not alone. The GPC (Golden Panther Community) is alive and growing everyday.

ROAR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping for a little more controversy and drama though with your blog.

Ok Pete, now put Crazy Cane's blog on and make it active for 20 minutes. hehe

FIUrulez.. congrats very well written blog. next year will bring more winning for our young team.. lol now to brace for crazycane's blog...

just a question for pete, any news from the recruiting trail?

FIURulez is by far the most hardcore FIU fan ive come accross, so this blog was a well deserved win!!!! PROPS SYD!!!

Very well written article and i look foward to checkin out next seasons games !

well hard core im sure he is but insane hard core has to be to the fans that went 1-11 in the contest... lol

Good Stuff! Its always difficult to get a new program up and running. The idea of "Baby Steps" definitely applies here and I think that within time we'll start seeing more wins. FIU's last game is showing us that they are on the right track to success. Fans have been patient and realistic, and that's the true mindset they should be having... And yes, FIURulez is Hardcore! CJ is just hating cuz he didn't win. CONGRATS!

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