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Win a GPP Blog 2nd winner: CrazyC's Guest Blog

We had two readers finish with perfect records of 12-0 in predicting FIU football games this season, so here is our second Win a GPP Blog winner's guest blog. Regardless of his collegiate affiliation (if there is one to begin with) the GPP delivered on letting the following reader write his blog. The following is CrazyC's unedited blog on FIU football....

Top 10 Reasons FIU Football WILL Never Succeed

10- They consider themselves the Harvard of West Miami

9- Pre-game meals are sponsored by Pollo Tropical

8- When recruits come to town, UM provides sirloin and lobster at Capital Grille. FIU serves picadillo y tres leches at La Carretta

7- MC recruits his players in the school cafeteria

6- Half the fan base is located in Cuba and hence, can't attend most games. The other half is still Cuban, so they dont show up until midway through the third quarter and by then, the game is long over.

5- With more than 100,000 alumni and over 50,000 students, less than 6,000 show up on gameday

4- The Football team has more wins in two years than there are currently intelligent fans

3- Fans show up for games expecting to see soccer

2- For reasons that are known to only those who need to know, the players on the current roster are either terrible or suspended

1- The FIU beat writer and biggest supporter (who thinks if certain plays went the other way, the team could be undefeated 2 years running) wears a UM hat and jersey while pitching for his softball team.


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LOL. This douche has lost all credibility he creapily attemped to gain over the past season. The most ignorant poster in all of the GPP, F it, the internet as a whole. So ironic for a scUM fan to talk about Harvard in a collegiate blog when his allegiance is with SUN TAN U. I repeat SUN mofo TAN U. LOL.

lol crazy this was a funny blog... its completely ethnocentric on your behalf but hey still funny... i give you cred. for winning.. def didnt expect that 1-0 win predict. on the N. Texas game from ya but you pulled it out nice blog now sit back and watch all your reasons go down the tube


Tell me you are kidding...That is the BLOG he submitted to you ??

He sounds like one of my best friends, an FIU grad that rooted for CANES since he was a kid and cannot bear to let go of his allegiance to scUM. Thinks it would be disloyal to scUM to say anything positive about anyone else much less FIU.

I realize that the LATIN theme is something that FIU will have a hard time shaking off. But as a hispanic-american born in Miami to an Irish father, I find the constant references to CUBANs and FIU insulting. It's tired and old.

CC: You sound ironically similar to those many retards who enrolled at NOTRE DADE back in the day and never finished...So you cheer for a team that has seen it's best days gone by.

CC: you are tragic, and remember the suicide hotlines are 24 hrs. !!! Things just wouldn't be the same without you.

Reasons #9,8,6,&3 hysterical!

Cubans are always late,

Blue and Gold your part Irish and part hispanic? and your tired of hearing references? Cmon man, get over it, you have 2 of the funniest cultures in your blood! You should be used to it by now.

Great post CrazyC!

FI-UM Fan,

What I meant was....I am not CUBAN. All the attempts to diminish FIU and connect it as Little Havana U is insulting.

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