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A FIUsolutions

We've turned the page on a new year and with it comes the old and tired resolutions for many people of which many will not be kept. What's the old saying "resolutions are meant to be broken"?

So having never been a fan of resolutions, because figure if you do the right things day in, day out then there's no need for resolutions, right? Show a little discipline. Where have I heard that before, hmm?

Here at the GPP, we're not going to make any resolutions for your Golden Panthers. Instead in the Frank_2 innovative way of one Frank Costanza and his "Festivus" holiday, we've created A FIUsolutions.

At first glance, you may read this new New Year's idea as A F-I-U solutions, but instead read it as (a few-solutions). In other words, a few solutions to see FIU sports improve or in some cases keep up what's going right already. You might be reading this and saying this guy had too much to drink last night or something like that, but follow along and see where this goes. The following are things that need to happen with FIU sports in 2008.

Like Festivus, you good readers of the GPP can conduct your "Airing of Grievances" all year through on this blog. But unlike Festivus, there will be no performing of the "Feats of Strength" and we don't have an aluminum Pole.

After reading these, please feel free to chime in with some of your FIUsolutions.

-- Get a medic, some chemistry and Cuban coffee to revive or better said give life to the FIU Cc_2 men's hoops team. Forget about recent opponents Purdue and Kentucky for a second, if there is no kind of turnaround when Sun Belt play resumes at home against FAU on Saturday night, then might as well start looking towards next season. By the way, FIU baseball opening day is 52 days away.

-- Speaking of which, the Golden Panthers baseball team get back to the NCAA tournament. It's been five years and counting since FIU was in a regional. Obviously, not TT's fault, he is inheriting this mess, a la Bill Parcells.

-- I know it's out of TT and PG's hands, but the FIU/Hurricanes baseball series needs to continue past this season. The two teams have a history (they've played each other 114 times) and it's a good rivalry that has to keep going. You reading this Jim Morris? Yeah, I know. Now you have to actually work in recruiting, because you have a baseball coach at FIU that knows what he's doing. But don't go all rotten apples over it. So what if TT doesn't give you free reign over all the top local high school players, like his predecessor did. Cowboy Up. Play ball!

-- We're in full-mode football recruiting season now and sure would like to see that workhorse every-Amod_3 down running back carrying the ball for FIU next season. Heard MC is targeting a few, let's see them carry the ball in the new stadium in 8 and 1/2 months. Or let's put 15 pounds on A'mod Ned for his senior season so that he can take the hits and be that running back.

-- Get more space in the Herald for FIU coverage.

-- Well aware it will take more wins, especially here in the capital of bandwagon U.S.A., but these FIU teams need more support from the students and alumni. The bandwagon fans will arrive with the wins. Yes, the opening of the new stadium on Sept. 20 against South Florida will be sold out, but the new stadium has to get those crowds on a regular basis. Maybe TT can get those crowds going with the baseball team. Did I mention they open in 52 days against USC?

-- Here's to the health of the FIU pitchers with the new format of the NCAA baseball schedule where because the northern teams can't open at home until a later date, because of the weather, the season has been truncated, but with the same amount of games. So college baseball will now be a like a major league schedule where teams play 5 or 6 games a week, instead of the old 3, maybe 4 games.

-- Get Paul McCall more starts. Don't know if a two-quarterback system is needed like LSU or if Wayne Younger plays another position, but PM deserves a long look under center. WY has to be on the field too, because he's a heck of an athlete, maybe receiver??

-- Why not another All-American year from FIU outside hitter Yarimar Rosa. Only a sophomore, Rosa Rosa is FIU's only two-time All American as she repeated the honor this past season.   

-- How about some more T.D.A.O.S. moments like the Orange Bowl finale win over North Texas. And not just in football, they can happen in all other FIU sports. Maybe taking the opening baseball series over USC. A win over USF to christen the new stadium, sounds like a good one too. And you thought we got rid of our acronym.


Here's a thought that crossed my mind while covering the FIU women's hoops team this past weekend in their tourney against Georgia, Hofstra and FSU. The thought: where were the FSU cowgirls? I was searching high and low all over the basketball arena and they were nowhere to be found. Guess they don't travel. Oh, well. Happy New Year!Fsu_2............................................

NY/OC Panther & FIU Fanatic: I'll try to get more of those interviews with former FIU sports and non-sports folks on here in the future. Yes, it would be some interesting and different perspectives.

Here's what we got on tap on the GPP for the new month of January 2008. Another new stadium tour with Odebrecht's official tour guide Rudy and more photos updating the new stadium, the Q & A with Turtle, recruiting updates (even though still think taking the word of a 17-18 yr. old is Russian roulette) and who knows what other blogs may pop up.


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