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A FIUsolutions

We've turned the page on a new year and with it comes the old and tired resolutions for many people of which many will not be kept. What's the old saying "resolutions are meant to be broken"?

So having never been a fan of resolutions, because figure if you do the right things day in, day out then there's no need for resolutions, right? Show a little discipline. Where have I heard that before, hmm?

Here at the GPP, we're not going to make any resolutions for your Golden Panthers. Instead in the Frank_2 innovative way of one Frank Costanza and his "Festivus" holiday, we've created A FIUsolutions.

At first glance, you may read this new New Year's idea as A F-I-U solutions, but instead read it as (a few-solutions). In other words, a few solutions to see FIU sports improve or in some cases keep up what's going right already. You might be reading this and saying this guy had too much to drink last night or something like that, but follow along and see where this goes. The following are things that need to happen with FIU sports in 2008.

Like Festivus, you good readers of the GPP can conduct your "Airing of Grievances" all year through on this blog. But unlike Festivus, there will be no performing of the "Feats of Strength" and we don't have an aluminum Pole.

After reading these, please feel free to chime in with some of your FIUsolutions.

-- Get a medic, some chemistry and Cuban coffee to revive or better said give life to the FIU Cc_2 men's hoops team. Forget about recent opponents Purdue and Kentucky for a second, if there is no kind of turnaround when Sun Belt play resumes at home against FAU on Saturday night, then might as well start looking towards next season. By the way, FIU baseball opening day is 52 days away.

-- Speaking of which, the Golden Panthers baseball team get back to the NCAA tournament. It's been five years and counting since FIU was in a regional. Obviously, not TT's fault, he is inheriting this mess, a la Bill Parcells.

-- I know it's out of TT and PG's hands, but the FIU/Hurricanes baseball series needs to continue past this season. The two teams have a history (they've played each other 114 times) and it's a good rivalry that has to keep going. You reading this Jim Morris? Yeah, I know. Now you have to actually work in recruiting, because you have a baseball coach at FIU that knows what he's doing. But don't go all rotten apples over it. So what if TT doesn't give you free reign over all the top local high school players, like his predecessor did. Cowboy Up. Play ball!

-- We're in full-mode football recruiting season now and sure would like to see that workhorse every-Amod_3 down running back carrying the ball for FIU next season. Heard MC is targeting a few, let's see them carry the ball in the new stadium in 8 and 1/2 months. Or let's put 15 pounds on A'mod Ned for his senior season so that he can take the hits and be that running back.

-- Get more space in the Herald for FIU coverage.

-- Well aware it will take more wins, especially here in the capital of bandwagon U.S.A., but these FIU teams need more support from the students and alumni. The bandwagon fans will arrive with the wins. Yes, the opening of the new stadium on Sept. 20 against South Florida will be sold out, but the new stadium has to get those crowds on a regular basis. Maybe TT can get those crowds going with the baseball team. Did I mention they open in 52 days against USC?

-- Here's to the health of the FIU pitchers with the new format of the NCAA baseball schedule where because the northern teams can't open at home until a later date, because of the weather, the season has been truncated, but with the same amount of games. So college baseball will now be a like a major league schedule where teams play 5 or 6 games a week, instead of the old 3, maybe 4 games.

-- Get Paul McCall more starts. Don't know if a two-quarterback system is needed like LSU or if Wayne Younger plays another position, but PM deserves a long look under center. WY has to be on the field too, because he's a heck of an athlete, maybe receiver??

-- Why not another All-American year from FIU outside hitter Yarimar Rosa. Only a sophomore, Rosa Rosa is FIU's only two-time All American as she repeated the honor this past season.   

-- How about some more T.D.A.O.S. moments like the Orange Bowl finale win over North Texas. And not just in football, they can happen in all other FIU sports. Maybe taking the opening baseball series over USC. A win over USF to christen the new stadium, sounds like a good one too. And you thought we got rid of our acronym.


Here's a thought that crossed my mind while covering the FIU women's hoops team this past weekend in their tourney against Georgia, Hofstra and FSU. The thought: where were the FSU cowgirls? I was searching high and low all over the basketball arena and they were nowhere to be found. Guess they don't travel. Oh, well. Happy New Year!Fsu_2............................................

NY/OC Panther & FIU Fanatic: I'll try to get more of those interviews with former FIU sports and non-sports folks on here in the future. Yes, it would be some interesting and different perspectives.

Here's what we got on tap on the GPP for the new month of January 2008. Another new stadium tour with Odebrecht's official tour guide Rudy and more photos updating the new stadium, the Q & A with Turtle, recruiting updates (even though still think taking the word of a 17-18 yr. old is Russian roulette) and who knows what other blogs may pop up.


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Wishing you a happy new year and may the new year bring us more space on the Herald.


Great blog Pete, i'm looking forward to the tour of the new stadium. Happy New Year to you and the GPP community.

Happy New Year Pete.

How's your suggestion on the FIU cowgirls going? Are you getting a lot of candidates submitting resumes?

Pete, you hit it right on! Those of us on the GPP are THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE FIU DIE-HARD FANS! The legions of "DIE-HARDS" will only grow with victories. It's the nature of this city. Just look @ UM, Heat, etc. In Miami, the numbers of "fans" swell when there are victories and games become an event or a place to be seen.

It's up to MC and SR (highest profile sports) and to a certain level TT. If they don't win, FIU will continue to be perceived as irrelevant locally and nationally.



After watching the basketball game against Kentucky, it's hard to think SR is the right answer as coach. Very bad performance by FIU. We actually embarrassed the Sun Belt by losing by such a large margin to an average Kentucky team.

Happy to hear any news on recruiting Pete. Football is the answer to driving a better product on the hardwood, so FIU's focus has to be on getting football to where it should be--a growing MONSTER. There is no other school in the country with the upside that FIU has to be a lasting player on the national stage. It's only a matter of time.

PP, Is this the worst showing ever by an FIU basketball team?. This Kentucky team has 6 losses already and 2 of those losses are against "powerhouses" Gardner Webb and San Diego State AT KENTUCKY. However these Wildcats and his coach who's a "great" SR's friend gave our "Not so Golden" Panthers the whooping of a lifetime. You're right SouthPaw, we embarrassed not only the Sun Belt, but everything associated with this team. It seems that the word International is very important to these coaches. We have 3 players from Africa, but only one from Dade County. We have players from Serbia, Puerto Rico, Canada and other states however NOTHING from Florida. PP how can we expect the Cuban Coffee to revive this team if the staff doesn't know where the Cuban "Cafeterias" are. They're too busy recruiting outside Dade County

Great stuff Pete - what do you say you start the new year out with a positive, like with the interview with TT?

Good comments by BBPanther. The reason SR and his "assistants" are busy recruiting outside of Dade County is that the Dade County High School Coaches want nothing to do with him. He is neither liked or respected by the high school coaches in our community. Another bad hire (and bad contract extension) by former AD Rick Melon.

I also wanted to comment on your FIU resolutions for 2008. How about more space for you in the Herald? Why is it that you do not cover road games? Also, FIU needs to take a look at their radio coverage. The football broadcasters are HORRIBLE. At least, we don't have to listen to them for basketball and baseball. Thank God I can listen in Spanish. Those guys are really good. Can you find out if the Spanish guys speak English? Let us know if the Spanish broadcasters are going to do any basketball or baseball. I've heard them on those sports before, and they are excellent there as well. Thanks for the blog and keep plugging along. Happy New Year to all!

BBPanther that was a great post. recruiting starts at home and if it were up to me it would stop their too.. go out of the county for great players only but like in football we are in a recruiting hotzone... y not use it... cant wait for that stadium update and the recruiting update... i know its not your cup of tea pete but we would appriciate it

BBPanther, way to bring it strong!!! I can't believe how bad the basketball team is performing. In years past, they've played better with less talent. SR should be feeling the heat from PG. Seems they are not even trying to improve.

TT will get FIU winning.

Pete, please let us know what you know about recruiting news. I'm sure if there is somebody that can get information out of the staff it is you.

Happy New Year to the FIU faithful fans!!!


BBPanther, way to bring it strong!!! I can't believe how bad the basketball team is performing. In years past, they've played better with less talent. SR should be feeling the heat from PG. Seems they are not even trying to improve.

TT will get FIU winning.

Pete, please let us know what you know about recruiting news. I'm sure if there is somebody that can get information out of the staff it is you.

Happy New Year to the FIU faithful fans!!!


just on a side note Loved the michigan game over UF... anyone caught the strategy to beat them...BLITZ TEBOW, knock him on his ass and slam him every chance you get.. balance offense can work... just thinkin ahead heres to a happy new years and a prosperous one for FIU and its fans

Yeah it was a great game. Too bad the Gators lost. Next year they'll be better.

sorry man i was pulling against them...

Great gameplan against the Gators. Seems like Gators defense is too young and they were taken advantage of.

I usually don't pull for the Gators and the only game I decide to bet in favor of Gators I lose!!! lol


Tebow did good, the problem was the dumbed penalties of the line and the poor playing of the defense. Also Percy Harvy did a great job.

Imagine PM as QB and WY as RB. or WR. I think that could give us a great chance to create plays with WY running, catching and passing, and PM passing, running and blocking.

Pete the last time I heard Festivus is when it was popular in Baltimore the year they won the super bowl. ans since we have AB in Bmore, maybe you talking about festivus will bring a championship our way in the near future, 2010 maybe? well FAU did it, but wait, they have a real coach since day one, we had Dan Marino's backup, well maybe 2011 then.

ithink WY should over the off season should still work on his throwing motion but also go back and do some route running. like most of you i think he NEEDS to be on the feild... just not always at qb.. he runs the option read good but would love to see him on an end around throwing a td.. ala randle el

PM proved that he can play and definitely is the leader of this team. WY might be a better athlete however is hands down when it comes to be a QB. The same way these players, (The whole team), were learning throughout the season so was the coaching staff. MC had never been a HC, both coordinators had merely been assistants before they took this job and some of the other coaches were in High School competition last year. I hope the staff realized that PM is the guy.

BBP they will realize dont worry... after that game how can they not at least give him more of a look... what i hope they dont do is just give anderson the rock from day one.. the guy needs a redshirt year to learn the offense... huhges. i think got red-shirted this year. i would love to see what he can do spring game. i think goin in to spring game PM is the starter wy at wr.

hey, how about more FIU recruiting updates, there is so little info out there it sounds as if theyre not recruiting

Trust me they are recruiting and getting some stud sleepers....

Visit www.panthersblitz.com there is some limited info on commits, but they are slower than what is reported by local media covering that specific recruit. You can see what kids MC and staff are targeting..

Again, this is not the most accurate list.

Looks like we have 4 guys rated 3 stars by rivals...The ratings are misleading, some guys might not be rated highly because of high school size, academics etc...

blue and gold how do you check out the targeted players
i only see the commitments

PM has to be the QB next year, I like Mario but that was a big mistake and an even bigger mistake to stick with Younger even after he showed nothing as a true QB (Wayne played his heart out though)

B-Ball is a huge letdown, Mello and his extensions for mild progress, what a moron. Was he the worst AD in the country or what! wow thanks for the mess Neuman!

FIUBlueandGold thanks for the guiding me to the site... after being able to figure out the site lol i found this article from up north on xmas... http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/122307/hig_228361267.shtml A.J. bryant LB/S has commited to FIU... if this holds its good news for FIU.

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