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Got a Stadium, You Wanna Play for Free?

Taking a quick break from the TT Q & A for some tidbits regarding FIU athletics of late. Don't worry FIU baseball fans the Q & A will resume on the next blog.

You may have already read in the Herald earlier this week that at the Miami Sports Commission meeting on Tuesday, PG offered free rent of the new FIU Stadium to a possible MLS soccer Miami expansion team when the league decides to add another franchise. This would be opposing the $120 million soccer stadium the City of Miami is planning on building next to the new Marlins stadium on the Orange Bowl site. Here is the story: FIU OB soccer. The story could have used a better headline, but don't get me started on that.

Mono_3 Soc Speaking to a friend, who is also a friend of one of the politicians at that meeting, apparently the majority of the politicians in attendance thought PG presented a great idea and a way to save taxpayer money. It was also a pretty shrewd move that would eventually benefit FIU down the road. Sort of like a soccer monopoly.

Here's how: all those soccer matches the OB hosts year-round between countries that pack the OB would come to FIU, plus the Gold Cup and quite possibly even the MLS Combine all of which would bring some $$ to FIU and worldwide exposure to the state-of-the-art stadium currently under construction. And of course, it would save you and me some money as well if we don't have to shell out $120 million clams for a soccer stadium in a city which has had several pro soccer teams that have eventually folded anyway. Unfortunately, the only kind of soccer South Florida is interested in is when country X plays country Y. Down here, pro soccer teams have never had any kind of support. But you put two countries going at it on the pitch and people come out to see that. Ole!, Ole!, Ole!

Enough on the futbol, let's go over to the football and X's Last FIU Stand.Hot_3

If you saw the Herald today, then you know Xavier Shannon is off to Coral Gables to play for his old man. XS already got his undergrad degree in sports management and will apply to the NCAA for a waiver to play for the canes. Here's the link to the story: XS's Last FIU Stand .

Like I've said a zillion times before....It doesn't mean anything until they sign on the dotted line, BUT been hearing from the central Florida high school folks that MC and co. may have landed a pretty good pair in Line recruiting the last few days. Need to make a few more calls to verify, but apparently the Volusia County Defensive Player of the Year Kasey Smith and Troy Dannehower, one of the top quarterbacks in the central Florida area have orally committed to FIU. Couple that with defensive lineman James Jones withdrawing his commit from USF and choosing FIU and it sounds like a good week for FIU football. When there's more info I will post it on here.

We wouldn't let this blog end without some FIU baseball right? LSU AD and 5-time national champion college baseball coach Skip Bertman will speak at the FIU Baseball Dinner on Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. at the Graham Center. I believe you can get tickets by calling 305-348-1919. And there might be a Mike Lowell Day at FIU during the opening series against USC pending the World Series MVP's availability because Red Sox spring training begins at about the same time in Fort Myers.Low_3


FI-UM Fan: You can get the Panther Pass webcasts at fiusports.com.

fiufan751: TT is excited about the upcoming season and in turning FIU into a baseball power. Yeah, I think FIU can finish better than 9th in the Sun Belt. With better pitching this team can be in the Sun Belt's top 5. Just in the coaching staff change alone, FIU probably picked up an additional 4 to 5 wins this season.

SouthPaw: You can forget about Taylor Beasley, he was not offered a scholarship when FIU went from DS to MC. Bryan Mann is at Hinds CC in Mississippi and unless he made a drastic change in his academics he may never play Division I football except maybe on Madden. Mann is not expected at FIU.

paradox: TT will handle pitching changes and as they prepare for the season opener, TT is thinking of using two guys to close: lefty Evan Ellison and righty Akeem Francis.

CJ: The FIU football recruiting story runs in the Herald on Wednesday, Jan. 30 and then I'll have a signing day story on Feb. 6.

FIUPantherFan: Will get your press break question answered after Saturday's hoops home game against ULM.

Danny Denis: Welcome to the GPP. I sent e-mails and left phone messages to Odebrecht about your question concerning phone lines for credit card use at the concessions of the new stadium. Will post on here when I get an answer.

yippee: Thanks.

Part 3 of TT's Q & A continues on the next blog.


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