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Q & A with Turtle Part 2

We've rounded first and are headed to second as we continue your questions and TT's answers. As has become customary since the subject of FIU baseball was brought up on the GPP awhile back, here is your official countdown to Opening Day against USC: 39 days.Tt_2

When I first started speaking to TT about this Q & A, he said "Heck, I'll do these every month if you want me to." Whoa, first let's get to part two and then we'll take it from there.

Baseball Fan: How can you win with a team that does not have a single player that will steal 10 bases or hit 10 home runs?

TT: The thing that determines whether you win a game or not more than anything else is dominant pitching. The second most important thing is hitting throughout the lineup. We probably don't have Atl that big power guy. Tyler Townsend has got a chance to do that. I think [Anthony] Boza can hit some home runs. I think Javi Sujo can hit some home runs. I think Jorge Castillo can hit some home runs. If you can get nine hitters throughout the lineup that can produce some pretty good offensive statistics that's better than having one or two great ones. Just trying to hit throughout the lineup. The team speed is a hair below average.

FIUJM: Who do you think are going to be the leaders on this year's baseball team?

TT: Guys like Corey Lozano is a great young man. He got a 4.0 GPA in the fall. He does exactly what you want him to do all the time, never causes any problems whatsoever. He should be a leader. I think even though Junior Arrojo is a young guy. He certainly is somewhat of a leader. Tyler Townsend is quiet, but one of those quiet type of leaders. I think John Petika is definitely a vocal leader. Kevin Mirabal behind the plate is also kind of that quiet unsung leader. I think Steven Stewart leads. I think Evan Ellison is somewhat of a leader. Those guys are the leaders of the ballclub.Town_3

24/7-11: If coach Jim Morris decided that this was going to be his last year with the Hurricanes and the job was offered to you, would you take it?

TT: No. I'm glad to have a job at FIU.

Yandro: With the modification in the schedule by the NCAA, how will you handle the catching situation? Will you have two "regular" catchers sharing the load or will you go with one primary catcher who will handle the majority of the games?

TT: No doubt about it. We definitely are going to use two catchers and even a third guy might get some work along the way as well. The spot is definitely open for two guys to catch a lot. There's two times during the season that we have six games a week so one guy would die on the vine and be very tired by the time in April if we were just catching one guy.

fiufan751: Is this a station to station team or do you have guys that can run?

TT: We plan on stealing some bases. We plan on doing some hitting and running, plan on doing some delayed steals. We do not want to be a base to base team. A base to base team is fine if you can hit a ton of home runs, but we feel like we have some doubles and home run power, but not an unbelievably tremendous amount of that. We feel like we have to attack the opposing team in anyway that we can from the bunting game to the running game to getting some RBIs, doubles, a few home runs.

GPP: What's going on as far as turning the academic issues of the baseball team around? You inherited a team that lost nearly two scholarships due to poor grades. Are your guys doing any better?

Ein TT: Our guys set an all-time FIU baseball GPA in the history of the program. It was a 3.03 GPA for the fall 2007 semester. It was the best among the FIU men's sports teams. There were six FIU female teams better than us.


UltimateFIUFan: The good people of the FIU media relations department are working on the website to make a section for FIU game archives. They should have it out soon.

Baseball Fan: This season there will be 25 or more FIU baseball game webcasts on Panther Pass.

paradox: We'll get to your pitching questions soon.

FIUPantherFan: Next time I speak with SR, I'll have his take on the difficulty of breaking the press. My two cents on it is that they don't have a true point guard on the team that can do it. Well, actually they do have a true point guard on the team, but he's in civilian clothing and not eligible until next season. That would be FSU transfer Josue Soto.

J: Welcome to the GPP. Knew Julio Moraga was enrolled at FIU last season, but did not want to come out for football. Guess he had a change of heart, which is great because FIU could use all the kicking help it can get. For those not familiar with Moraga, he was the Miami Herald's All-Dade kicker out of Homestead High in 2006.


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Thanks for the web cast info, this will help alot for the games that everyone cannot make. This will also bring our program in line with the other top programs in the country. It does not sound like much, but having games web cast will help with recruiting in the future.


I want to answer your question from the last blog. When you graduate you can go whenever you want and don't lose a year of eligibility ( which you might know already). It's not a rumor, Xaiver Shannon he is leaving once he graduates. If you ask him, he'll tell you.


Amazing blogs Pete. I dont think I tell you that enough.

Very good blog...I like the questions and straight answers TT gave to them.

Pete what are the web casts and Panther Pass you are talking about, are those on the herald or FIU's website?

As always keep up the good work!

FIU's athletic website has a feature where you can "purchase" the games and other stuff that FIU (and lately, even other Sun Belt schools) athletics 'broadcasts' over the internet. There were a couple of tiers you can purchase from...The most comprehensive was $59.95 for the whole academic/athletic year, including every home football game, many home volleyball games, nearly (if not all) all men's and women's basketball games, and now at least a good portion of the home baseball games.

This is good for every Golden Panther fan, but especially for those of us who live far away, and watching these games brings us closer to what is happening. I think it is just great!

Great question 24/7-11!!!! I've always had this gut feeling that given a chance to go back to their roots the former UM coaches / administrators would go back in a heart beat. Only time will tell.



Thanks for having my question answered. Like always, great work.

I'm pumped up about the FIU baseball team. TT is completely correct about pitching. I can't wait for the series against USC.



Not sure if you did the second stadium tour already, but I was hoping you could ask the project manager a question on behalf of the GPP Nation. Are there going to be phone lines installed at concessions for credit cards? This was a huge upgrade that was done at Dolphin Stadium not too long ago. The AAA now accepts credit cards and so does the Bank Atlantic Center. It seems like something so easy to install but a lot of older venues don't have it. Hopefully, someone on the FIU Stadium team thought this one up already. Thanks Pete!


Danny Denis that's a great point. I go to Panthers hockey games and Bank Atlantic(unless they started this year) does not accept CC.

is Office Depot the Bank Atlantic? I know Office Depot accepts credit cards.

Gotta ask - Turtle talks about dominant pitching - how does the current rotation stack up (apologize if you have this in parts 3 and 4). Also, TT is offering a monthly installment which makes me think that he's excited??? did you get that read from the interview and will the Panthers surprise and finish better than the 9th place conference prediction?

Baseball blogs are like three-run homers.

Bank Atlantic was Office Depot before. I went to concert Dec. 15th(took little cousin) and went to Panthers games against Montreal in December and they still didn't accept CC. Strange!!! Maybe it got implemented in 2008. Regardless, it would be convenient for The Cage.

Yes, fiufan751...Pete is bringing it strong for baseball season.

I may have said this before, but for my money I would get Tyler Townsend to the plate just as often as possible. Keep that kid in the line up every day. That sweet lefty swing is just not something to overlook. He works hard at his hitting. Glad TT thinks he can develop into what we all hope he can be.
Less than 39 days if we get to count the alumni game as an appetizer on Feb 8.

I may have confused the Bank Atlantic Center with some other venue. I could've sworn I was able to pay with CC there. I was there for the Orange Bowl basketball classic. But, I had downed a few beers that day so the memory is a little blurry.

They accept credit cards. I work concessions there to fundraise money. I know for a fact that they do.

but who cares

i want CC at the new cage!
and Tyler Townsend is a stud

Can you ask TT is former baseball alumni have to pay to watch games at the park?

just a side note. according to Scout.com James Jones DE at Lake Gibson has Committed to FIU. like pete says its only oral and nothing binding till the dotted line is signed. but scouts does rate james the in the top 100 DE in the country. hopefully fiu can land this recruit to help with the pass rush

Good info CJ. I think he was originally committed to South Florida.

Here's a very nice article on the student-athletes' improvement in the classroom. Way to raise those GPAs!


Thanks for sharing that Yandro.

I'm not sure if any of you read this yesterday in Miami Herald. Interesting.


FIUJM good find on the article thats very interesting i think that if MLS wants to bring a team down its fine but last time we had a team it wasnt exactly real madrid like w/ the fans. i say let them play at fiu and earn a new stadium. for as much as i dont like the marlins (baseball in gen.) they've at least earned a stadium. in DT.

Why would the city find the need to spend $100 million dollars to build facility for soccer when FIU is offering stadium?

B/C of the kick back to the city as appose to a kick back to the state. thats why they are fighting to get the MLS. just a quick question does anyone have a list of recruits coming in for visits in the next couple of weeks? or know where to find them

pete sorry for me keep on asking bout it but whens the recruiting stories the hearld is goin to do come out? the week before signing day?

Sorry to see Xavier leave. He was always solid and dependable in all O-Line positions. Hopefully with all the fr & so that got extensive playing time last season, one or two will step into the leadership role that Xavier seemed to have.

Good luck Xavier and the best to you!


Pete, can you give us an update on two QB's signed last year by FIU--Bryan Mann and Taylor Beasley. Will either be eligible to play for FIU next season?

Southpaw thats a good question. i wonder what is going on w/ them

well moraga wasnt only an all dade player last year he also was represented the east in the us army all american game

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