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Countdown to 7:01 a.m.

There's less than 38 hours to go before the National Signing Day faxes can start pouring into the FIU football offices.

At 7:01 a.m. on Wednesday, the Golden Panthers could begin to receive signed letters of intent from the recruits FIU has targeted.

While we all know the 21 verbal commitments FIU has received thus far, getting these final four players would cap off a solid recruiting class for FIU.

T.Y. Hilton - The two-sport star from Miami Springs played wide receiver, defensive back and returned Ty_2 kicks this season for the Golden Hawks. He scored 19 touchdowns and has 4.4 speed which is something you can never have enough of on your team.

T.Y. was real positive about his visit to FIU recently telling Miami Herald high school writer Andre Fernandez: "FIU's coaches really look like they know what they're doing over there. I really got to know them well and they seem to have a good vision of what they want to accomplish. I like them because I could see them doing big things in a couple of years."

Hilton is a pure athlete, who also played guard for his hoops team and could even help out the FIU hoops team -- and as we all know from this season, they could use all the help they can get. Where Hilton would play at FIU is still to be determined, but could you imagine that speed as a slot receiver, in the secondary or returning kicks. FIU didn't have too much speed last season, with maybe Lionell Singleton being the fastest Panther.

It's pretty much down to West Virginia, Florida (who joined the T.Y. recruiting party recently) and FIU. Hilton will make a decision on Wednesday.

Jjj As we've talked about before, getting defensive end Jonathan Jackson (48) from Booker T. would complete the Tornadoes trifecta (along with Kambriel Willis and Winston Fraser). Recently speaking to several people close to Booker T., it sounds like JJ is going to drive past Coral Gables and join his teammates at FIU. With his speed on the outside and KW and WF's speed at linebacker this could have the makings of a special D for years to come.

Norland and All Miami-Dade first team defensive back Emanuel Sourin would also be a tremendous signing for the FIU secondary. Sourin had four INTs this season, two returned for TDs and would make a strong 1-2 punch with Anthony Gaitor.

Now here's a shot in the dark, but again when you're dealing with teenagers, who could have trouble deciding between blue and red Gatorade -- you never know. Northwestern receiver Kendal Thompkins skipped past Coral Gables to visit Nebraska. Earlier, KT had a good visit at FIU, but was in Cornhusker land last Gatorade weekend. Who knows what's going through Thompkins' melon right now, but maybe he wants to stay home and not play in Coral Gables, that would leave, you guessed it -- the 6-year-old football program that is suddenly not afraid to recruit against the big boys. It will get interesting in the next 37+ hours.


CJ: Pretty much what you read about Main Street FIU in the stadium story is what's available right now. The plan is for retail stores, restaurants on the ground floor and dorms above that. I'll have more recruit, or rather, new FIU football players interviews after signing day.

FIUJM: Yes, I walked in the stadium on the first tour posted on this blog back in October 2007. And I walked the stadium last Saturday when they snapped the photos of MC and PG. The newest Stadium Tour blog will be on here later in the week or early next week. I am planning on touring the stadium some time this week and we'll have updated photos on here of all that is done and all that is being worked on, such as the west end zone and FIU fieldhouse.

GO FIU!: Welcome to the GPP.


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pete way to go w/ the signing day update! lol i thnk i asked the question like 2 or 3 hours ago and already answered my question. from reading rivals and other blogs. corner tyler roby (ithink) JC is high on IFU as well also a possible OLine guy. could be in the mix. never know whats goin to happen but it will make for an exciting day

You gotta love the recruiting information. I really hope these kids select FIU. Maybe KT will surprise us all. As for Hilton, we all know FIU basketball can use him!!!

Also, thanks for information on the stadium. I'm looking forward to the next update.


I got the popcorn!! time to sit back and watch the show... hopefully everything will go according to plan, im confident that the staff will do what they gotta do to get the job done!

Am I understanding this correctly? I thought the group of four or five individuals from Northwestern had all previously suggested they were impressed by Randy Shannon and the U. Now that recruiting season is almost over, how many are still sticking with their U plans, and how many are going to FIU or Nebraska? Just trying to gauge how much penetration and disruption we've caused with over friends across town.

Thanks for the info, Pete...It sure is exciting to see how recruits have, repeatedly, FIU along names like UM, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Illinois, Louisville, and others...Isn't it different from other years folks? Sometimes, it's not just about the stars by themselves...but who you recruit against as well...

Some, I think 4 of them, are already enrolled at um. The only one kind of "wavering" appears to be Thompkins, who has visited FIU and West Virginia....FIU is a long shot, but still in the game, amazingly, it seems. FIU has another WR looking at us and at West Virginia...Ty Hilton...Can we do it? We'll find out Wednesday....

FIU recruits,

This decision is about your future.

FIU offers a unique opportunity to be a building block for a program that will be a source of pride for the community.

When this thing erupts in a good way, and it will, your will forever be admired for your pioneering spirit and bravery.

opportunities like this are not common. the entire GPC (golden panther community) is investing every resource we have into FIU. The excitement is underway. Join us. Lead us.

Faith, Family and FIU!

Is there anything going on at campus for NSD??????

Pete I dont know who to give the props to, but I will give them to you not only for getting FIU a huge chunk of sports page 1, but on the main page of The Herald.

Next time you see Pete Garcia please tell him to shave the Wanstaach, he looks like Saddam Hussain.


Wanstaach!! LMAO!!!!

This is from the Palm Beach Post UM blog...

"………UM baseball coach Jim Morris reacted strongly on Monday when I told him FIU coach Turtle Thomas, the Hurricanes former assistant, wants to play Miami four times a season. “Turtle who?,” Morris said without waiting for a response. “Next question.” Thomas was forced out at UM following the school’s 1999 national championship under circumstances that remain murky. UM is scheduled to play FIU twice this season, but no games are in place after this year. Asked if he might reconsider and play the Golden Panthers in the future, Morris said, “I’m still thinking about it.”"

Pete what happened between these two guys in 99?

That would be a great gossip read on this blog!

That's so childish on him...One thing is for sure...those two games this year are gonna carry lot of emotion, it seems...

Jim Morris will soon find out who Turtle is when they start kicking their buts on the field and in the recruiting wars. In his first year of recruiting, Coach Thomas has already made quite an impact by signing some very talented pitchers. Wait until FIU starts winning and he has a chance to settle in. Morris had a free pass for too many years with the incompetent Price who couldn't convince his own mother to join him for dinner. If you ever saw him you know he didn't miss many dinners. Welcome to the new FIU Mr. Morris. I hope you are up to the challenge.

Don't know how seriously they pursued it, but I heard that after the two games last season the folks over at UCG were interestedin getting Evan Ellison to transfer across town. Let's hope they forgot about that and are just as surprised when they see him this season. I suspect that TT has a few other surprises for them, and the other '08 opponents, too. T-minus 10 days and counting.

Sorry - I really can do math, I just can't type. 16 as of today. Maybe it was just wishful thinking since BOTH basketball seasons have been so disappointing.

No news on signings coming yet? Thompkins signed with um after all...

ya ... its ok though ... when do we plan to recieve the LOI? or get updated from it? anyone know

No kidding KT signed with UM. FIU can't go against UM in recruiting, now or 4 years from now. J. Jackson isn't going to FIU because that was his #1 option either, especially after all the articles on rivals saying how he kept telling UM if they would offer him he would switch, and then when they finally do offer him they don't even bother calling him or actively recruiting him. That was more of a good faith gesture to Coach Harris and the other BTW commits. I'm still surprised they stole C.J. from the Noles, he's going to be a darn good player.

UM has the best class this year, but I'm sure everyone here will keep harping on "they are on their way down and we are on our way to being a powerhouse." Talk about delusional, that's why I love reading these blogs, it's a complete and total escape from reality.


fomenter going up against the big boys isnt just for the higher teer players, now i know we lost out on tompkins but we wernt expected to land him... the fact that the U did ignor jaskson might have helped land him but still we were up against them. and UM isnt the only fish out there, Illi, WV, Loui. etc. you win some and lose some

Pete, you're slackin' on us!! Navarro is all over the UM signings! We're dying for any kind of news, good or bad!


I have seen it before....We all have, All those prize recruits from days gone by - Wright, Freeman,Leggett,Jones,T.Moss,Gooden etc...

Congrats, but the kids from MNW, They still have to make plays and the coaches need to coach. Good luck to UCG.

anyone know if ty hilton has picked?

UM is the only worthwhile school to offer Jackson according to rivals. The thing that hurt UM with high rated recruits in the past was the fact that 1) They didn't lock down the South Florida area and 2) They took high rated recruits who played against poor competition, i.e. Lance Legget playing in private school in Texas. Now that UM is doing what they used to do they are scaring me, they are on their way back and any fellow Nole who sees what they are doing knows they are going to have a standout group of players for the next 5-6 years.

Just reading this board thinking that they can actually go up against UM is laughable, that's all. Just because you offer a recruit, that doesn't mean jack. FIU hasn't registered on anybody's radar and won't for a long time if ever.

whatever..congrats...wow...small life..it it smells like a cat, meows like a cat, and acts like a cat....

Anyways, Norland HS DB Emmanuel Sourin picked FIU over MTSU and Eastern Michigan to join teammate OL Kenneth White.....Those are two I've seen, plus someone posted that RB Darriet Perry and Donnel Wilson have already sent faxes....

so apperantly sourin is coming to FIU

this is great news FIU fanatic thanks for keeping us informed

Thanks for the information about Souarin. Great to see we're loading up on defense.


We got Hilton!

o formenter, just a thought you go for the noles / canes... not quite sure.. well canes just lost out on harper, noles just lost out on Julio jones and they both just lost out on TJ bryant... i dont gloat cuasd i do go for the canes but i just thought id put this out there

Noles are going to continue to go down until we get rid of Bobby obviously. UM I respect, even though I hate losing to them I have nothing but respect for them. They get a bad rep because the media is sensationalist, but it is what it is. The Canes have 4 backs in front of Harper and are getting the two best RBs next year in Bryce Brown and Lamar Miller? from killian. If FSU could get rid of Bobby and find a way to steal one or both, I'd be ecstatic.

The Noles had no shot at Julio Jones and TJ Bryant was an obvious loss since he didn't commit to FSU and is from the Tally area. He didn't want to catch flack, so I didn't expect to get any of them.

I just find it funny how so much on this blog revolves around FIU's inferiority complex with UM and they truly think they are within striking distance. I find this blog hilarious.

Ok, Fomenter, we get it..we're losers who have lofty dreams of becoming a power in the NCAA D-1 landscape. Maybe we will, maybe we won't, who the hell knows? But we're having fun following our team and isn't that the fun of being a fan of a team?

Go back to your self-loathing regarding your school and leave us alone. We understand your school sucks right now and your future looks bleak, while ours looks good.


Florida International represents the city of Miami much better that UM. It's a bigger, better school, and much more affordable for students in Florida. FIU does things with class and integrity. FIU will be the new football power in South Florida in the not too distant future. These 'Canes "fans" just can't deal with that reality.

The only reason there is talk about um on this board in this thread is because you (formentor) brought it here. It's typical, asking why we talk about um so much when in fact the entire thread is being deviated by you from its intended purpose, FIU NSD News (we don't want to hear about um recruiting news, theres another blog for that, go use it). Pete, what's up with the updates?

...the cat...is showing his desdain and true colors....I guess West Virginia now has to "fix" their radars to include FIU..hahahahahahah LOL!!'cause FIU beat them to get Hilton...

not only that but now there is a line in the sand begining to be drawn in s. florida itself... UM seems to be locking it down but... FIU is taking its share... nw'ern boys choose UM and BTW seems to be in the mood to try something new! way to recruit the "unnoticed" undefeated team in MIami dade MC keep it going

Corrent me if I am wrong CJ, but didn't FIU's best player, Harris, sign on to go to Miami today?

lol 24/7... as the canes found out today you cant get them all but.. the majority of the BTW kids (which is the accrynm that i htink you ment) signed w/ FIU.. remember FIU is still new so some no doubt will go ot bigger programs. but you cant deny the emphisizm of BTW kids goin to FIU.

You are correct, I did mean BTW best player. But I do take exception to your idea that the caanes found out today that they "can't get them all" b/c last i checked all of the Northwestern players UM recruited came to UM

lol no foul ment.. i was refering to harper and tj bryant.. and if you read the entire original post i did state that NW'ern boys are goin to the U while BTW boys are trying something new..

it doesn't matter who UM gets because their coaching staff sucks.

pete what happened? manny is all over this and we're desperate for coverage too.

Whers the update Pete? Are there some last minute add-ons?


pete was busy writing stories no worries today or tom. he will come out w/ more info and the new look at the stadium great day yesterday w/ all those signings

I'm a Crimson Tide graduate working at FIU (North Campus). Very impressed with coach Cristobal and staff. Hear some rumors that coach Coley might end up in 'Loosa with coach Saban.

Formenter, your U got problems. With the exception of Brendan Harris and Tommy Streeter we didn't want any of your recruits, and we cleaned house yesterday, we came #1 with the other top 4 combined not making a splash on us. 30% of your class won't make it in school, 10 of those kids are having issues with academics already. Go to rivals.com and the rest of the publications outside of Miami. Most of your recruits are just HYPE, (ie. Brandon Marti 5'7" kicked out of a couple of schools, but his brother is a high school reporter for the Herald and constantly praises him). UM will never survive a real conference like the SEC.

Florida 38 UM 14. Tebow will outscore them.

Way to bring it strong BamaGoldenBoy. Actually I think Fomentor roots for FSU. He just finds a need to come on an FIU blog and talk crap about FIU.

As for FIU it would be a shame to lose Coach Coley. Hopefully he stay in Miami.

I will agree with you that UM will get spanked by UF.


Umm, where the devil is Pete?? I was expecting blog updates from 7:01 am.

I was forced to read Manny's blog...euww

Yes I root for FSU, how about that Tide rolling out of J-ville with egg on their face? As far as UM goes, they took Robert Marve from you and all of their players have qualified with the exception of the FSU recruit they stole C.J. Holton. I'm pretty sure Bama wanted Marcus Forston, Arthur Brown, and A.J. just like every other school in the nation did. The rest are qualifying unfortunately for me, and if you look at UM's records in the years they won championships, they played tougher schedules than the SEC champs as well as beat SEC champs/powerhouses in non years. Go look at the record books, same way the record books show FSU beating Bama with a bad team!

Rivals has UM ranked #4 and ESPN #1, they have a good class. By the way, Julio Jones is extremely slow and overrated, I wonder how long until you all realize Saban is a piss poor coach.

Also, the recruit is Brandon Harris, how are we supposed to take someone seriously when they can't even spell a person's name correctly?

Forment, who are you kidding?. There is no such thing as an FSUer who likes the Hurricanes. Be serious. Brandon, Brendan who cares?. You seem to be very educated about Miami's history. You're sure you're not a UM fan?. Nothing wrong with that. Show your true colors. By the way Alabama's record against Miami is 14-3. Miami vs SEC is 65 Wins and 82 Losses (44%). Your 5 National championships pale in comparison to Alabama's 11. Have you ever won the "Weak ACC" crown?. NOPE.

The last time I checked,our coach has won a National Champioship and has been named 3 times Coach Of The Year. On the other side the highly "revered" Randon Shannon (I'm sorry, I didn't spelled his name correctly) has a losing record.

Like most UM fans, all you do is bully schools like FIU, but when UM gets spanked (ie. Virginia 48 UM 0) is a conspiracy of the NCAA and the universe.

Uhhh yea there is such thing as an FSU fan that respects the UM program. See the thing is I believe in being educated, so if you face someone you know as much about them as you can, same way I know a lot about your disgraceful team, the Gators, the Clemson tigers, etc. You don't bring a knife a to a gun fight, so don't bring your myopic views of college football to a discussion when you are clearly biased. This is my question, why do you compare UM's class to Bama's? Maybe you do realize that their class has people who are more proven on the highschool level than you do?

Do yourself a favor, go to those records you pulled up and see how much of it occurred prior to the beginning of what is termed "modern college football." Hey, Larry Coker won a championship, that doesn't mean jack squat. Oh yea, Saban was named coach of the year once, look it up bud. The only other award he won was the Paul Bear Bryant, which ... .Larry Coker won as well (and so did Gene Stallings, how did that work out for you again?), you make yourself look foolish when you make up facts.

Considering Bama has won 1 championship in the past 28 years and won more than 60% of their heralded championships before the end of the Vietnam war, it doesn't hold much water argument wise. You guys really matter in college football, about as much as Notre Dame crrently does....

Finally, my name is "Fomenter" not Fo"R"ment or any variation of it. I know being inbred from the backwoods of bama makes accomplishing the basics in life pretty challenging, but if you get a chance to step out of the overalls and put some chiclets in the gaps in between your teeth, please, I implore you, revisit your elementary education. Your use of grammar is a glaring reflection of the downfall of American education and even more so on anybody who wastes their time hiring you to perform a job that is slightly above custodial engineer. On that note, I catch my plane and continue my travels. Aloha!

I hope that this Fermented human being doesn't have access to this blog while traveling. He wants us to believe he is going on vacation to Hawaii, I believe he is being set up and is going to be the main course at a luau. Maybe they'll even put him in a Caja China.

I think he lost his "radar" that FIU appeared on West Virginia coaching staff...boring life he has...

For Pete's sake, Pete!!! Where the hell are you?!?! Are you in Hawaii with Fomenter? I really hope you're writing a RIDICULOUSLY long blog on the recruits because, we're starting to worry about you. Navarro (who is an FIU alum, btw) has written several pieces already. Bring it, Pete!

lol i must say fomenter did brint it strong at the end to bamasgolden boy. lol chiclets.... he is right in the sense that you have to be well educated especially when it comes to knowing your enemy. but he needs to lighten up ... realize its sports talk and just let it go...

CJ stop being a suck-up to them. When they spew all this noise, you may occasionally see ONE cogent point, otherwise its ALWAYS noise!

Congrats to MC on signing what may be a special signing class for FIU. We wish our new Golden Panthers the best. Welcome to the family!!


Nice recruiting clas by Mario, now he needs to coach them up and help them stay on track.

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