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FIU Quantum Leap

Sure it's been a rough week around FIU sports, but there are sunny skies ahead. I know you're tempted to push that panic button, or you might be on that ledge, but hold your finger and come down from the top of that building.

In honor of this leap year, which I guess we celebrate tommorrow with it being Feb. 29, let's all take an FIU Quantum Leap into the future and see what YOU would do to make FIU's teams better.Ql_2

You good people remember that TV show Quantum Leap where the protagonist would always finish his opening line with: "Anyway here I am, bouncing around in time, putting things right that once went wrong, a sort of Lr_2 time traveling Lone Ranger."

Well that's two TV shows, but who's counting. Now is your chance to tell us what you would do to put things right with FIU sports that once went wrong. You be the time traveling Lone Ranger. I'll start you guys off....

Baseball: It's no secret TT is a great recruiter, but the man had only 6 months since he was hired last June to bring in new players. Give TT a whole year to recruit and see what he does. I'm sure TT has already beat us in this time traveling thing and rounded up a bunch of pitchers for next season. One thing that was neglected in past FIU baseball recruiting classes was a focus on pitching. And as we've all seen in the first five games, pitching is FIU's most glaring weakness. Don't care how many runs you score, if you can't get anybody out you don't have a chance whether it's college baseball, Rbi slo-pitch softball, Nintendo RBI Baseball or wiffle ball.

Also, we need to go in the future and get some team speed for the Panthers. Speed can help you win games offensively and defensively. The hitting is there for FIU, but hitting can slump and as the old adage goes, speed never goes into a slump.

Football: MC addressed in his second recruiting class some of what was missing from last year's team: playmakers with speed, especially on D with half of the Class 4A State Champion Booker T. Washington defense. The Tornadoes are guys that can pressure the passer like El Monstruo, Alexander Bostic and Keke Bouie used to do.

The hope is FIU found its workhorse, every down running back in Darriet Perry. If not, we'll go into 2009 and bring that stud runner back for MC. Outside of possibly Rashod Smith, FIU's all-time leading rusher, the Panthers have never had that rusher with breakaway speed. If Smith would have had more size you might have seen him playing on Sundays.

If new kicker and former All-Dade standout Julio Moraga is as good as advertised then we won't have to Moraga_2 travel to a European soccer field or Australia to find MC a kicker.

Basketball: Let's find a way to break the full court pressure. Teams have done it all season to FIU and with a few exceptions the Panthers have struggled to solve the press.

Was going to visit Steve Nash, Magic Johnson or Jason Kidd to see if any of their sons want to play guard at FIU, but SR has some pretty good guard talent joining him next season in point guard Josue Soto and wide receiver/shooting guard T.Y. Hilton.

Add to it possibly, forwards Freddy Asprilla and J.C. Otero and next season could be SR's most talented team. We could leap into 2009 to see if it is, but what fun would it be if we didn't watch the season unfurl.


Would like to point out that the Golden Dazzlers were missed at last night's basketball game. Just not the same without the ladies there.

Even with a loss last night, heard the FIU women's hoops team clinched a 1st Round Sun Belt Tournament home game next Wednesday. Congrats to the Lady Panthers.

FIU baseball looks to rebound this weekend with a four-game home series against Wagner. It's been a tough start to the 2008 season, but here's something on the lighter side: FIU will be looking for its Numbertwo_2 Number 2 win of the season against Wagner. . .Hopefully, you get the pun.

FI-UM Fan: The new sound system at the baseball stadium sounded pretty good to me. Among the other improvements, the stadium got a fresh coat of paint on the inside, there are some suites available now for rent and there is talk of building field-level suites behind home plate. The talent on the team will eventually improve as well. TT knows what he's doing.

WhosHouse: From what I'm hearing FIU commit and pitcher Mason McVay has a sore elbow, but should be fine by the time he puts on an FIU uniform next February.

dan le batard, FGCU, maniac'82 & shocked: Welcome all to the GPP.

shocked: Unfortunately TT has to clean up the previous coaching staff's mess. In one of the last comments on the previous post "A What We Learned Weekend", dan le batard hit it on the screws with his comment. Forget for a moment about the baseball team's past academic woes, because that can be traced to FIU as a university not being prepared with enough tutors, computers, etc. to help a Division I athletic program. You can't pin that solely on the past baseball staff.

But the neglect of past baseball recruiting, the questionable game-decisions and the poor overall conditioning and preparation of the team -- all of this is what TT is cleaning up and building.


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Still very early in the season to push the panic button for baseball. However, never to soon to push it for basketball.

El Monstrou!!!!

El Monstrou!!!!

pete, couldn't help but notice stewart isn't one of the projected starters for the 4-game series against wagner.......is he being saved for BC on Monday or is he having arm problems?

pete, couldn't help but notice stewart's name is missing from the projected starters for 4-game wagner series......are they holding him for BC on monday or is his arm bothering him?

I am glad to read that Allen settled down yesterday and kept Wagner under control. I think we might sweep Wagner this weekend. I think our team will find a grove and I am sure that TT can adjust the way the team will play according to the personel that he has. Also remember that baseball is different from football and you some of players can play several positions. I think the future is bright and it is true that we might have to wait till 2010 to see it, but it will be.
Now in basketball, people here keep saying that SR is a great recruiter and all of that, I think he night be a good recruiter for division 2. He is not bringing any blue chipers, or McDonald's all starers. In order for him get those type of players he needs to COACH them and WIN games. I think Shaky was able to get some of those guys because of what he did at Miami High, but I don't think SR is the man to turn this team around. MC has the drive and upside, TT has a proven record and respect in the baseball world, but SR has not been able to do anything positive with the basketball program. I think PG needs to hire a young hungry assistant from a good stablished program just like he did for football. That is what UF did 11 years ago, in a school where no one care about basketball, they hired Billy Donovan, Providence and Kentuky's assistant, and the rest is history

Stewart is fine, saving him for Boston College on Monday. I was worried as well when I didn't see him listed, pitching him against Wagner would be overkill.

McDonald's All-Americans? Blue-chippers? To FIU? Dude, what are you smoking? If any coach could do that with the current sorry state that is FIU basketball, we should hire them for life.

Face reality, holmes. FIU basketball is a mediocre team in a so-so conference playing in a rapidly aging arena with little to no consistent fan support. The only way this school draws blue-chippers under those circumstance is if we hire Bob Knight. And even that's a big maybe.

SR knows talent. Take it from someone who saw the crap-fest that was Donnie Marsh's time at FIU. The ONLY reason his teams weren't worse was because SR managed to snag him a decent player or two every season. And Donnie's final year, where they won ONLY 5 games and struggled to win against D-II teams, was sans SR on the sidelines. SR's the best recruiter FIU's had since Shakey.

This team's problem isn't talent. Especially if Soto really is the answer at PG next season. It's game-coaching, and maybe the conditioning and other stuff. But for that, you can find good assistants. The one thing SR can do - recruiting - is the hardest that there is. You don't throw that away lightly. Especially with a man who has a proven track record of getting good players wearing blue and gold.

Wow, what a wonderful season you folks just capped off in basketball.
Who is the next great Cubano coach that is going to be hired by Mr. Saddam Hussein lookalike Pete Garcia?
Frank Martin?

Baseball....losing to Wagner in a slugfest?
Bwahahaa....by the way, it looks like Turtle's former employer will be under the NCAA microscope soon. Have you noticed that every program he has left ends up being investigated?
I mean, he gets dismissed from the UM for breaking rules, then he goes to L$U and that school gets nabbed, and now you have Arizona State. I hope Pedro Garcia is keeping good watch on LaTortuga.
Otherwise, you're program will be under LaTortura.

loser hater bigot...dumb too. SR was hired before PG...wow talk about loser mentality...

SR was indeed hired before PG, but both were hired by the head-Caudillo Maideque.
The papaya never falls far from the papaya tree.

BTW, what's with calling out folks bigots when they are simply telling it like it is.

LaTortuga is bad news. He has cheated at several schools and acted like a baby when he was dismissed from the UM.

Perhaps Mr. Pelegrin can regal this blog with what LaTortuga did after he went to L$U; how he leaked UM proprietary information to F$U and other schools.

Mr. Pelegrin hinted at Jim Morris being a crybaby when he refused to continue the series with FIU; however, he conveniently overlooked how LaTortuga wasn't even man enough to shake hands with the UM team after his L$U team got donkey stomped by the Canes in the College World Series.
He turned his back and ran to the dugout!
Don Pedro Pelegrin, tell us about it!!!!

When you talk without facts, your credibility suffers. So, you were wrong with PG hiring SR, and now you make up this Maidique hiring SR in your mind to somehow justify your factless posts. Of course, you use your boundless energy to call names the president of FIU....therefore, your posts, without facts or based on true facts (as proven by your wrong assumption on SR and PG) lack any credibility at all...you are what you are...

Although it was nice to see FIU kill Wagner in game one of yesterday's double header, I would say it was horrible to watch them blow a five run lead in the 9th inning. I must admit, I was getting nervous in today's game when Wagner had two guys in scoring position in the 9th, even with a five run lead.

I think if Raimy Fuentes would have had a much better game today, he probably would have been the Sunbelt Offensive player of the week. The first three games vs Wagner he went 8 for 9 with 6 runs scored and 6 RBIs.

Let's hope we have a good showing vs Boston College. Maine shouldn't be too difficult, and then we begin Sunbelt play vs. Troy next weekend. Let's go FIU!!!

ASU investigation has nothing to do with LA Tortuga, he was there for one year. LSU had nothing to do with Tortuga it was previous. Miami had violations post-Tortuga.

Good luck in life Verobred.

Verobred is probably a Morris-lover!!! He seems a little intimidated on how TT will turn FIU baseball into a powerhouse one day.

We definitely should have swept Wagner this weekend. That loss on Saturday night really hurt. It'd be nice to get to .500 with a win tomorrow against BC.


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