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Help Wanted

Jc Offensive coordinator James Coley has accepted the tight ends/recruiting coordinator job at Florida State. A pretty big loss for the Golden Panthers with spring practice just 24 days away on March 8.

No word yet on who will replace Coley, but his innovative play calling will be missed.

Speaking with MC a little while ago, he says he will interview candidates for the offensive coordinator position from among the current Golden Panthers assistants and also coaches from other programs.

The FIU offense improved from 2006 to 2007 - Coley's first season as O-coordinator. The Golden Panthers scored more points (181 to 115) and had more first downs (165 to 150). FIU more than doubled its rushing output under Coley going from 682 yards in 2006 to 1,429 yards last season.

FIU also averaged more yards in total offense in 2007 compiling 269.7 yards to 233.1 in 2006.


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Yep, i saw this one comming... sad. I just hope who ever replaces him knows what he is doing.

I personally wasn't overly impressed with the offense last year--all though the play call was more imaginative. 181 points is only 15.1 points per game, and that's with the O-line having another year of experience under its belt. In 2006, Padrick had ZERO time to do anything with the ball.

Most of those rushing yards came from our QB, and when your QB leads the team in rushing, you know you've had a long season.

I think Coach Coley's recruiting skills will be missed more than anything. The best grade I'd give him for his brief work at FIU is an "incomplete".

Well...good luck to coach Coley at FSU. I would also say he seemed to be involved with many players in the recruiting game part of FIU.....Oh well...

I agree with south paw, i wasn't very overly impressed with the offensive play-calling... but the recruiting accpect will definetly be missed. Hopefully MC will fill the sport with someone equaly as good or better. Good luck to Coley and his family!

Good luck to him but I also was not that impressed.

If you subtract the offensive performance by McCall in the season finale, the stats whee flat or worse than the year before.

Coach Coley was the best thing going for FIU. Considering it was his first year with that offense and a majority of which were rookies. FIU best linemen were injured and had a hurt quarterback playing through the 3 quarters of a season and ended up showing better stats than the experienced team of last year. God knows how good they would have been in 2008 if James Coley stayed. As a recruiter, he got all his recruits that he went after, I feel for those kids and worst for MC but keep your eye on Coley he will shine wherever he goes his offensive thinking is creative and adaptive to any environment.

So, any leading candidates to take over the Offensive Coordinator job?

If the men's hoops team continue to play defense like last night, continue to beat the press plus cut down on turnovers, they will a tough opponent in the SBC tourney.

Pete, I know SR as Soto (former Mr. Florida Basketball) for next year, however I hear that he signed a big atletic player that many bigger programs wanted. I may mispronounce this name, however I think its Asprilla??? Any info on this or the player?


i think what will be missed most is the recruiting that he brought to FIU. but lets see if FIU can bring some1 on board to continue with what coley started

Good luck to Coach Coley. I can see him as OC at FSU once Jimbo Fisher takes the Head coaching position. I think what FIU will miss is his recruiting. I just hope the process of hiring OC is quick and the right candidate is selected.


Coley was my detention teacher in high school.


Where is part II of the new stadium tour ? I am JONESing bad for more info and drawings of the finished product...

Thanks !!

Pete, was Coach Coley aware of FSU's upcoming probation? Boy, what a way to start a new job!


ya that is pretty hard to step into a program that has issues... although does sound very familiar

I guess not everyone is on board with the whole sleeping giant rally cry. Why else would an OC leave this allegedly upcoming program for a demoted position, (yes boys and girls, tight ends/recruiting coordinator is a step down from offensive Coordinator)at a school on probation. I guess he didnt beleive in the greatness that is Cristobal huh? Or maybe, just maybe, he felt like being a little part of something is better than being a big part of nothing.

crazy he simply did what was best for his career at this present time... and i agree he did take a lesser possition at a more prestigous school... but lets anylze this before you start saying the sleeping giant aint waking... Jimbo fisher is the OC now and the FUTURE head coach. he personally helped bring on Coley to the Noles, it seem a bit obvious that when Jimbo takes over the noles coley will take jimbo's spot

so when this turns out everyone will realize that he in sence did make a latteral move to a more prestige program. just not directly. i will agree w/ you he did seem to step into the hornets nest by getting into a program on probation.


You are like a bad case of "halotosis" no matter what you...Your breathe still stinks.

I'll find great joy in watching the UCG trainwreck that will be 2008. Vegas over/under sports books have the line at 4 wins for UCG.

The only nothing in this blog is CC...

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