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Win a GPP Blog II

Why wait until the 2008 FIU football season to write until your heart's content on the GPP? Here's your Jp chance to try and win another GPP blog.

With less than 68 hours until the first pitch against USC, here's what you can do to become GPP blogmaster for a day.

Just predict FIU's 56-game record for this baseball season and how far the Panthers will get. For example: win the Sun Belt tournament, lose in the Sun Belt tournament or win a Regional, Super Regional or advance to the College World Series.

Here are my thoughts as an example: FIU (34-22) and lose in the semifinals of the Sun Belt Tournament.

We'll use your FIU record to decide the winner and if there's a tie then we'll use how far you said FIU would get in the postseason as the tiebreaker.

The deadline to submit your entry will be before the first pitch on Friday at 7 p.m. Good luck.


FiuAL: There's nothing new regarding the unis.

The OC Panther: I agree with your FIU Panthers name. Sort of like UCLA, you really don't hear the media or fans refer to that school as the University of California, Los Angeles. So why not, FIU Panthers.

In fact, let's start it with this post in using FIU Panthers from now on. Of course, until the school makes it official you'll have to read in my Herald articles: Florida International and Golden Panthers.

TNPanther: Welcome to the GPP, again.

MaXx: I'll have an answer for your stadium question when I get answers for all the other ones and I'll have a post dedicated to the stadium questions. Yeah, I would imagine there will be something unique to FIU Stadium.

FIUgrag78: The only silver and black you'll find at FIU will be if you spot someone wearing an Oakland Oak_2 Raiders t-shirt. The FIU Panthers will remain blue and gold.


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Final Record: 39-17.

They make it to the finals of the Sun Belt tourney and lose.

The team gets into a regional and loses.

31-25; lose in second round of Conference tournament. Extra - they will go to the World Series in 2010. Freshman and sophomore classes are strong and a solid recruiting class is on the way!

Our Panthers (notice no "Golden") will go 37-19 and lose in the finals of the SB tourney. Get an invite to the UM regionals and lose there.


Thank you UFF for predicting that UM will host a regional. I am glad to see that you, as do I, think that UM baseball will have a tremendous year.

Thanks for the quick answers Pete. That black and silver thing had me worried. Maybe its because of the Raiders but that just seems to have thug-ish connotation to it.

i couldnt begin to predict records for baseball... i dont know the first thing... i say 35-21... just to throw a number

So now Canes Baseball is going to have a tremendous year? First Football, then Basketball, now Baseball? It obviously didn't turn out too well for their other sports but, since UM is supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread CrazyCane over there is predicting a CWS Ring.

FIU will go 36-20 and lose in the semi finals of the SBC Tournament. Based on the strenghth of schedule, FIU will make it to a Regional, where it will get eliminated...

(I hope I'm right in this one..)

My prediction:

Loose in the semi's of the Sun Belt tournament.

I'm going to stretch it a bit and be (may be a little too much) optimistic!

-Awesome Record-
40 - 16
Win Sunbelt Title, lose regionals

Lets get these games started!

33-23 is my prediction for this year. Play in the finals of Sun Belt tournament and lose. Hopefully, we'll be borderline to making regional but I doubt we make it(I hope I'm wrong).

Glad to hear no silver and black will be the Panthers colors next year. I'm cool with removing the Golden from our name...but don't want the colors changed.

Pete, any update or candidates for offensive coordinator position?? Thanks.

Hey "pikedanny," you must be an FIU student or alum b/c you obviously cannot read or comprehend. I was AGREEING with the FIU fan "UltimateFIUFan" because he stated in his post, whioch preceded mmine (that means it came before mine)which stated that UM was going to host a regional. In order to host a regional, you have to have a pretty decent year. So before you go spouting off at the mouth like YOu are the greatest thing since sliced bread, remember, many people on this blog had FIU football winning 5-6 games last year, they won one, they had FIU basketball winning the SBC, last time I checked they still sucked, and now they have baseball going 35+ wins. So, remind me again, who is Turtle Thomas? Who is mario cristobal? Who are the FIU "Golden" Panthers? Oh, that's right, they are the school who wants to celebrate the same athletic success UM does, but eventhough the campuses are seperated by a few miles, the athletic programs are seperated by light years.

38 - 18 and we will loose in the Sunbelt championship
We will make a Regional and get bounced in the first round...
That's my Ms. Cleo moment.... call me now!

OK, here's my (hopeful) prediction.

Record: 41-15 (I don't think the schedule is that tough... it'll get tougher next year.)

Get to the semi's in the SBC tourney, lose.

At-large bid to a regional... win it.

Lose in a super-regional.

If TT's as good as I think he is, that should be doable. I know the team's changed considerably, but it's not like Price had a team full of no-talent bums. He always had hitting. It was pitching where DP's teams tanked. If Turtle gets that fixed, they can make the post-season this year. The offense is there. That's for sure.

Hey Crazy don't worry about pikedanny's comprehension, you have much to worry about your spelling!

FIU leading FAU by 5 at the half @ FAU. Good luck Panthers bring one home.


Actually CrazyCane, my response to you had nothing to do with what UFF said. I was just pointing out that before any season starts, Canes fans run out and start saying they're going to have a fantastic year. UM fans said Football was going to do well. They said basketball was going to be a force in the ACC... and now they're running off at the mouth about how baseball is going to be a national contender.

Don't get me wrong, I know just how talented the Hurricanes are this year. But what irks me is that you all are always predicting greatness just because you're the University of Miami.

Face it, your teams suck too. You're 3-6 in your conference (about to be 3-7) in basketball, you were UNDER .500 in football (which is supposed to be your school's best sport), and you're probably going to underachieve in baseball too. You're not that dope dude. Get off your high horse.

Oh yeah... and I'm damn proud to be an FIU Golden Panther (soon to be an FIU Panther). Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Because when I'm in my late 40s or 50s I'm going to be able to take my kids to the same stadium I used to go to every single Saturday since it was built. I'll be able to teach them tradition that I have experienced myself! Unlike most of the losers that cheer for UM when they've never even stepped foot on it's campus. I'll be able to say, 'I was there when people thought we'd never amount to anything.' So keep your stadium in Broward county and keep your 27k tuition... matter of fact... shove it up your...

You can't spell SCUM without UM!!

56-0, the perfect season.
Win Sun Belt title.
Win regional.
Win it all.


Nice prediction gpantera...i hope you win!!!lol

FIU basketball playing tough against FAU. SR seems to be doing something right. Hopefully we can pull it out!!!



30 - 26 season record and lose in the sun belt semis.

Here's hoping that it is far better though.

So will the GPP become the new and improved PP?


Congrats to the FIU basketball team. First win on the road this year; makes it sweet being against FAU. Keep it going gentlemen!!!

FIU 72
FAU 66

I should have taken the +5 pt bet!!!


...and it wasn't even that close...They scored a bunch of points in garbage time....Way to go FIU!!!! Congrats to SR and his staff and team!!! Way to beat those ugly little birdies with big egos...LOL!

35-21, lose in finals of Sun Belt tourney

35-21, lose in finals of Sun Belt tourney

The Pike in Garnett and Gold lambastes CC for his prediction and then does the same thing by eluding to the whole "I was there when they thought we'd be nothing"..... newsflash, until you prove otherwise you're still nothing and just being a hypocrite my friend (A little Lee Corso for you).

Solid work there, especially with your 3-7 prediction since UM just beat Duke and the evil coach K. Maybe you can borrow some of that 27k a year tuition to pay someone to get your foot out of your mouth. My team beats the Tar heels and the Canes beat Duke, hopefully they get into the tourney since we can't.

My prediction is 38W 18L loosing in the semifinals of SBC and loosing in the regional.
We'll see if we can improve in pitching and defense. I think I am more concern on the later one.
Congrats to the Basketball team, at least we can say that we own FAU in basketball.

I gave my baseball prediction already, however I'm rooting for GPANTERA's prediction! GPANTERA I truly hope you're 100% correct.

Congrats SR and men's hoops for third victory in a row! Lets build a full head of steam ALL the way through the SBC tourney!


BTW for those that follow FIU men's hoops, imagine this current line-up minus Fuller who is a senior plus Soto at point and Asprilla at the P. Forward position! Looks impressive!


UFF, I was thinking the same thing. Pretty much the whole roster is coming back next year and key additions could only help. I was bashing SR at the beginning of the year, but if he keeps this going...he should definitely be back next year.

I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of season we are going to have. The team will pitch better barring injury, I do not see where it will be better defensively, the outfield could be a little shakey, the best outfield offensively, not defensively. Junior will have a good year, Mollica will be OK, not sure about 3rd and 1st is up in the air with Petika in the outfield. I still do not know how to replace the offense from last season (McOwen, Dunn, Pullin, Bautista) with our current line up. The offense this year lacks power and speed, an unusual combination. The team will be more disciplined than last year and the coach will win a few games, hopefully they can gain some momentum and carry it through the season. I do not see any teams being better prepared or conditioned than our boys, go to one practice and you will see what I mean. I see 11 games that we will have trouble winning and 17 games that we will have trouble losing, based upon .500 with the rest the record should be 31-25, but since it has been picked, I will root for gpantera to win the blog. I know the boys have worked their tales off preparing for tomorrow night and I think everyone will see some results. Good Luck
PS I forgot to lobby for Lozano, there is no way to keep him out of the line-up.

FIUJM look up the Asprilla video on rivals and then just imagine that 6'9 260+ monster PF with a 7'0 offense oriented center like Hicks. Add to that a 6'7 perimeter player that can rebound like Galindo, a former Mr. Florida Basketball point guard (Soto) in the Sun Belt! That looks promising.

Games remaining: @ Troy, W. Kentucky & S. Alabama @ home. We have much to prove! Specially with the last two games!


Hey pikedanny - nice prediction on UM basketball last night. Wrong AGAIN. and by the way, track back and look at how FIU fans were predicting football, and basketball this year. They thought FIOU was going to challange for the SB championship in football and a NCAA bid in basketball. Dude, if you are going to put down UM fans, make sure FIU fans are doing the same crap first, it makes you look stupid. But then again, you go to FIU, you already look stupid.

You're right, Asprilla added to the lineup will look promising next year. I saw the video at rivals and he's very athletic for his size.

Good luck to FIU baseball team this weekend. I'll be there to support you tomorrow and throughout the season.


PIKEDANNY, C. Cane (a.k.a. Noise, a.k.a. Can't Spell, etc.) is like a fungus or weed, that when you take away their sustenance (Hey, NOISE that means "food" for you) it withers and goes away. What is the sustenance (Remember NOISE that mean "food") for this fungus or weed? Attention. You take away ATTENTION and it goes away. Just ignore the NOISE!


hey UltimateFIUFan, if you ignore a weed it doesnt go away, it continues to grow. So go ahead, ignore me. But let me remind you, I didnt startthis current riff, it was my buddy pike. I just agreed with that Um was going to have a good baseball season.

However, I do feel that FIU is going to have a good season and I am going to say 36-20, winning the SunBelt and getting to a regional - but losing in the regional.

I am "back, back, back...."

How many times do you think FIU pitching will hear that this year? Let's guess that number...

Anyways, I do think FIU baseball will succeed...and by succeed, I mean 38-18 and lose in a regional. Maybe next year they get out of the regional.

Sun Belt Conference final loss
Regional Final (loss)

lol thanks for saying we are goin to win the Belt CC. and seriously guys there is enough talent down here baseball wise that both programs can excel... o and btw it is a fans job to boast his team up, so neither cc nor pike are at fault. just grow up everyone cause this is what sports are about

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