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Win a GPP Blog II

Why wait until the 2008 FIU football season to write until your heart's content on the GPP? Here's your Jp chance to try and win another GPP blog.

With less than 68 hours until the first pitch against USC, here's what you can do to become GPP blogmaster for a day.

Just predict FIU's 56-game record for this baseball season and how far the Panthers will get. For example: win the Sun Belt tournament, lose in the Sun Belt tournament or win a Regional, Super Regional or advance to the College World Series.

Here are my thoughts as an example: FIU (34-22) and lose in the semifinals of the Sun Belt Tournament.

We'll use your FIU record to decide the winner and if there's a tie then we'll use how far you said FIU would get in the postseason as the tiebreaker.

The deadline to submit your entry will be before the first pitch on Friday at 7 p.m. Good luck.


FiuAL: There's nothing new regarding the unis.

The OC Panther: I agree with your FIU Panthers name. Sort of like UCLA, you really don't hear the media or fans refer to that school as the University of California, Los Angeles. So why not, FIU Panthers.

In fact, let's start it with this post in using FIU Panthers from now on. Of course, until the school makes it official you'll have to read in my Herald articles: Florida International and Golden Panthers.

TNPanther: Welcome to the GPP, again.

MaXx: I'll have an answer for your stadium question when I get answers for all the other ones and I'll have a post dedicated to the stadium questions. Yeah, I would imagine there will be something unique to FIU Stadium.

FIUgrag78: The only silver and black you'll find at FIU will be if you spot someone wearing an Oakland Oak_2 Raiders t-shirt. The FIU Panthers will remain blue and gold.


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