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11 Days Until Spring Football. . .What Do You Want to See?

Tt_2 The last time the Golden Panthers were on a football field, the good times were a rolling with an Orange Bowl-closing win over North Texas. Now we're 11 days from the start of spring football, a little later than most teams, but having an offensive coordinator in place was a must.

We'll have a spring football preview on here sometime next week, but for now wanted to get your thoughts on what you would like to see develop or emerge from the 15 days FIU has to practice this spring.

Of course, the $1 zillion dollar question will be who has the edge to start at quarterback, but the guess is we won't know until August. Finding the starter under center will be decided from the five-headed QB now known as Colt Darold Paul Troy Wayne -- of which the quarterback has no relation to John Wayne (right) orBbw_7 Bruce Wayne (left). Jw_2

So what else is on your spring football minds? Finding a number one running back, which players makeup the defensive front seven (got a feeling the BTW newcomers will have something to say about that?), is it the receivers or can the Golden Panthers find a consistent kicker?

Post your thoughts. Have to make a quick trip to Fort Myers to cover the Marlins/Twins on Monday, but I'll have Part 2 of the Prez's interview when I get back.


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What's there to really hope for from spring practice? Ever? All spring practice really does (and is meant to do) is keep the faithful on the football drug until training camp starts. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

The O has a new man in charge, and he surely won't be able to do much more than figure out what kind of players he's got from a skills point of view. I can't imagine they're going to do more than basic plays the entire time. Putting in a real playbook's going to take up most of the fall training camp.

As for the D... they're not going to get a real test because the O will be really far behind. They'll probably dominate it, but I doubt you'll be able to learn a lot about the guys from this spring's practices.

I guess the most interesting thing will be seeing the new faces... especially the BTW kids, who I suspect will be able to step in and shine if they can do so. Lord know the openings are there. But with the O in the state it's in, I don't think we'll have a good idea of what kind of team FIU really is until fall.

really we wont be able to see anything real new b/c the BTW kids are still in BTW till the Fall... the only one that gor a heads up is the DB from Military Prep school. or what ever it was in NY. what i want to watch is who has been bulking up, reading their play book. and again the QB comp. wondering what Hughes got. didnt see him last year so would be interesting to see what the kid has got.

From this pool of existing players the only real questions are

1. who will be our QB. A real BQB that can throw the ball. I really hope its paul McCall. The way I see it, Wayne had 6 AUDITIONS and failed (I'm subtracting the games we never hadd a chance in OOC). McCall had one audition and he WON the job.

2. Any suprise transfers.

Most of the impact players from freshmen class won't be there, I wouldn't think, so I'll be mostly interested in the redshirt freshmen or guys who saw limited time last year and their potential impact on the team next year. I'd like to know how Curtis Bryant, Ricky Booker, Devin Parrish, and Bryan Frye are coming along.

Second, how's the kicking game going to look this year? Is the new guy going to be the favorite going into Fall practice? Is Chris Cook continuing to improve and looking more consistent this year?

And lastly, how are returning players Jonas Murrell, Marshall McDuffie, and Jeremiah Weatherspoon looking after a long time off. Pete, any update on Kent Henderson and his status for next year?

Great write-up SouthPaw. You're definitely right about the development of Bryant, Booker, Parrish,and Frye. I have someone elses name to throw into the mix. I want to see how Marquis Rolle is developing. He can be our go-to player on offense; obviously if we have someone to throw it to him. As for who will throw it to him, it's still to be determined. It should be McCall's job to lose, but I wouldn't be surprised if Darold Hughes wins the QB job. He just has a great arm!!!

Another position that I think needs someone to step up is TE. Last year we didn't get enough production. Who will step up this year??? Hopefully Moses Hinton(with his monster size) is ready to do as well as Sam Smith did two years ago.

As for defense, I think our front seven will be fine next year; especially our LB play(Bryant will be in SBC first team). What I want to see is how the secondary is developing. Gaitor's play last year might have solidified him as starter in one of CB position. I wonder who will start alongside him.

Go FIU!!!

I am really excited to see the progress of the 2007 signing class this spring. If I remember correctly several guys got a late start last fall and fell behind learning the playbooks..Other's were hit by the injury bug.

Marquis Rolle has the potential to be the best WR we have ever had. Ricky Booker has NFL size to play MLB or DE, he sat all year learning and toning up. Yes we need to see what Parrish, Wiggins, Frye,Chris Cawthon, and C. Bryant can do...I am also curious if Javon Hill can get on the field, he was highly rated as OL coming out of HS.

Not sure if MC played all those Frosh last year because they were better or just bought into his "vision" and wanted his guys that gave 100% to be on the field.

**If you watch game tape of Purdue last year and tape of the incoming frosh Troy Dannehower...Hmmm, that kid looks like he could play in the new system right away. I think Paul (smarts) and (Wayne) athleticism are spring co-starters with 1st team reps. Colt had trouble throwing a tight spiral in practices last year ?? Darold had a live arm and could move around. We have capable QBs, who has gotten faster, stronger and learned this off - season ? That's what I will be looking for......Hope FIU has practices open to the public.

Good Luck to our FIU Golden Panthers !!!

i think spring ball will help shed some light on what the QB situation is goin to be. thats what everyone is expecting really thats what everone really wants to know... but i want to go a diff. route... last year spring game younger tore the D-fense a new one... i want to see them stop him a bit more. make him beat them with his arm not his legs

I was keeping a close eye on our baseball boys this weekend, and I saw great effort Friday and Saturday, and thought this team is good, just underacheiving. I thought to myself, wow, this team is either really good, or the team FIU was playing was really bad. Then came today. FIU looked like a bunch of little leaguers and their pitchers looked like a slow pitch softball hurler getting lit up like a christmas tree. This FIU baseball team should be embarassed by the performance today and the coaching staff should be embarrassed as well. They need to take responsibility for the abomonation i saw today as much as the players do.

FIUDad... change your name to Chicken Little. I'm only half-kidding. You seriously need to relax.

Yeah, they got beat silly against UALR today, but FIU did win the series. The Sun Belt isn't a scrub baseball conference, though UALR is generally one of the poorer sisters. Point is, it's MARCH. Start freaking out once May rolls around, OK? For now, chilly-willy. Have a cold one. Have several cold ones, actually.

I think it's fairly obvious that most of us overestimated this team, especially the pitching. I sure did. But as long as they keep improving, I think we'll be fine. We might have one of the best offenses in FIU history, and with hitting that good, you always have a chance to win tournaments. I can still see this team getting to a regional, but they've GOT to get this pitching issue solved. And some big wins over Miami would help. :)

Speaking of UCG... congrats on the at-large bid, Canesters. Enjoy that 1st round loss to the Gaels! That was the 1st game I put down on my bracket, other than WKU beating Drake and UNC winning it all.

I was at today's baseball game and it was definitely rough to see how we lost. It all comes down to pitching. As MB said, at least we won the series. Don't get me wrong, it would have been nice to have swept UALR!!! As long as they keep winning 2 out of 3, I'm good with it. The more I see TT coach, I realize he's the right man for the job. Once he recruits his pitchers, FIU will start seeing the W's. Funniest and probably most embarrassing moment of the season: At one point, FIU was playing without a Right Fielder. I couldn't believe it; you would think the CF would notice that he didn't have anyone to warm up with.

I was glad to see 2 Sun Belt Conference team in the tournament. Let's be rooting for WKU and South Alabama. I have a feeling they will represent the SBC and shock some teams.


MB- It doesn't surprise me that you [picked UM to lose in the first round. After all your predictions are pretty on point so far in sports in relation to this blog. I mean you correctly picked FIU to win 1 football game all year, you were right when you thought FIU basketball was going to make some noise in the SUn Belt, which they did, they made a big thump when they got their butts kicked and you again made an on point prediction with the baseball team you is sub .500 and have losses to some horrible teams. So, again, your track record of making predictions, being as on point as it has been, i think you are going to do tremendous in the NCAA basketball tourny. Why don't you save the people in your bracket some time and just give them your money now.

lol CC ill tell ya im glad the Canes got into the Tourney and ill even venture out to say that they will be St. Mary's... and tehy will put up a fight against texas...i know when i fill out my bracket i will have them in the second round but i dont think i can put them past texas

Wow - the imposter who posts as me is back. Guy/Girl - you are so cool, let me tell you. You seem to think I hate FIU, I do not, I hate the FIU fans and the bs that they talk. I hate the FIU plan of action, which is to try and be a thorn in UM's side rather than be a better program in general. I hate FIU for thinking that they are even a blip on UM's radar.


You hate FIU for trying to be a BLIP on UMs radar ? Are you serious ? Sorry that there is another relevant university in the Miami/Metro area.

Must be difficult for you to live a positive and upright life...Why do you care what FIU folks think and say ? Especially here. I can guarantee you, that the few on this blog do not speak for the university as a whole. Moreover, the few UCGers that are chronic posters here or on Manny's BLOG do not speak for UM. I have friends that teach at UCG and they graduated BA and MA from FIU.....They are proud to be part of the UM family, but there is no place for the type of hateful comments you deliver here.

Have some class or get lost !!!!

If you hate the BS that FIU fans talk.... PERHAPS YOU SHOULDN'T READ AN FIU FAN BLOG!!!

Its only natural for you to root for your team and expect the best! UM Fans have been claiming that they will win the national championship EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 1983. It's not going to happen, but you want your team to win regardless!

Yeah, that record of mine definitely sucks. But I never said anyone ought to believe my predictions, CC. Especially when FIU's involved. I suffer from homer-itis and I've always expected the best from my boys. I make no apologies for that. I will make apologies for my tendency to make predictions, though. It's a weakness of mine that I do love to indulge in... even though I clearly suck at it.

Since you mentioned it... I seem to do well with tourney predictions, though. When I was at WQAM last year, I finished 3rd in a pool of 60 people, I think... practically everyone there was in it (including the hosts). If SIU had won one more game, I'd have been the winner. I'm still bitter about that.

Anyway... me picking the Gaels to win doesn't have to do with Miami. SMC's going to be a tough out. I've seen them play a couple of times this year and they impress me. I give a lot of credit to Haith... and I do like Miami as a team... but I think SMC is not a good match-up for you guys. UM's had a great year and they deserve to be in the tourney, but I can't see them beating SMC or Texas.

I don't doubt many Canesters will think that Miami should win, and maybe they should, but this is March Madness. A 10 seed over a 7 isn't exactly a shocking development. And it HAS been a long time since UM's been in a tourney. It's also the first with Haith. You gotta factor that in, too.

I'm excited as anyone over spring ball but I do worry about one point. We have documented issues at QB but no dedicated coach. I know that our new OC has coached the spread, but can he coach techniques and reads to QBs? We may have a very sound Oline with all the coaching pedigrees in that department but we need our QBs to hear it from somebody that has played it or coached it at this level. All of the top programs in d1 have someone to do this,whether he is the OC or not.

hey pete who you got in your tourney bracket goin to the final 4... see if the Prez. does fill out those brackets and if so who does he got?

*sniff sniff* I smell football...

I'll keep an eye out for spring practices but I'm with the rest of you all, eager to find out who's going to be under center.

As far as the B-Ball bracket busting, I think I speak for Miami & FTL when I say... meh

You know our market is dead last in ratings for the College Basketball Tourney?

But the "homer" in me (as much as I know I'll never hear the end of it) wants UM to go far in the tourney.

After the abortion that has been sports in this town for the past year, we could use some positive vibes.

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