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Hoping to Get a Legg Up

That's what the FIU offense hopes to do with the possible hire of offensive coordinator Bill Legg, who was the Purdue Boilermakers co-offensive coordinator last season.

Blegg Spoke to a source, who covers Purdue for an Indiana newspaper, and word is Legg is headed to FIU as the Golden Panthers new offensive chief. Reached MC for confirmation late Friday night and the FIU head coach had no comment on the situation.

Legg has plenty of experience having coached at Virginia Military Institute, Eastern Illinois, West Virginia, Marshall and Purdue. Here is a link to his bio on the Purdue athletic website Bill Legg .

In 2006, Purdue led the Big Ten in passing offense and total offense. Purdue was fifth in scoring offense and second in passing offense in the Big Ten last season. Legg, who was the co-offensive coordinator last season, was re-assigned within the football program after Purdue head coach Joe Tiller brought in his head coaching successor Danny Hope at the end of the 2007 season. Hope will coach the offensive line until Tiller retires after the 2008 season. According to the source, Legg was the odd man out and was being rumored for the O-coordinator position at West Virginia for new WVU head coach Bill Stewart.

MC said when former FIU O-coordinator James Coley left for Florida State that he would re-evaluate the Golden Panthers offensive personnel before deciding whether to stay with the spread offense. Legg has coached the spread offense at West Virginia, Marshall and Purdue.

As soon as Legg's hire becomes official, this post will be updated.


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Great scoop Pete!

Legg sounds like an ideal hire: someone that already has held that position. We have enough learning curve already baked in.

Good track record and still a young guy.

Hope it happens! That extra athletic fee FIU is passing right now is a good investment. We need $$$ to hire people of this caliber.

We can't be half-way on investments of this magnitude (our football program)

Thanks for the info Pete!! Hope to hear more from him soon...

Also, do you have anything on the rumor that former All state 4-star WR/DB from Homestead High (class of 2007)Alphonso Bryant might enroll at FIU this summer?

As usual, thanks.

This would give us 3 offensive line coaches on the staff, right? Who will coach QB's???

Seems like a solid hire! I hope this is confirmed soon so that we can start our spring ball!

Pete, like always...Great stuff!!! I'm ready for some spring football.

This is definitely a solid hire. You can never have enough coaches that know how to coach up O-Linemen. Another thing, seems like he might also be a good recruiter. I'm sure during the position search,that MC consider someone with experience running the spread offense. Our QB's shouldn't regress with this hire.

Continuing on the positives today, great win by FIU baseball. Now they just need to win tomorrow to get to .500 and win the series against a solid Troy team.


sounds good to me

I think Bill Legg will be a great hire, and can improve our team. I hope we can make it official soon so spring practice can start.
Can someone educate me and explain to me what is the job of the director of basketball operations? I am not sure if we ever had that position at FIU. just curious

At 6-8 are any of you FIU dreamers ready to reevaluate your baseball season record predictions to be a little more realistic?

no... not really 24/7... then again i did give fair warning im no baseball guy so i might be wrong lol

Why do these UCG guys care about predictions for our baseball team? The season is still early, many things can happen.

Hey pikedanny - with the way UM finished the season in basketball(going .500 in the ACC and having a tremendous regular season overall record, and most analyst picking them to make the touny)and the way baseball season has gotten out to a fast start for the Miami Hurricanes, you comments way back when in the "Win a Blog II" comments sure makes you look pretty stupid now. So, since TheU24/7 gave the FIU community a chance to reeavaluate their lofty and unrealistic baseball predictions, I figure I would give you an opportunity to apologize and bow at the greatness that is The U.

Why do these UCG guys care about predictions for our baseball team? The season is still early, many things can happen.

MaXx - why are FIU fans delusional?

Why are these UCG fans coming here with their not so bright comments and diatribes? Wow.....

These UCG fans need to go feel high and mighty on their own blog. Seriously, do you guys need to feed off of other people to feel better about yourselves? Nobody owes anybody anything.

I'm sure after your huge win against FSU the other day that you guys are well on your way to a fantastic run in the tourny. Oh wait... you lost to FSU. And the entire country knows your win against Duke was a fluke. But hey, at least your basketball team MIGHT make it to the tourny. You'll be eliminated rather quickly if that does happen.

How did that powerhouse football program of yours do last season? I forget...

I wonder how many wins for your football team you picked last season. I'm sure it was more than 5, does that make you delusional? What's the difference between optimism and delusion then? For being so high and mighty fans of UCG sure spend a lot of time on little old FIU's blog. I think they feel a bit threatened.

Stick to your own blog scUM.

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