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Spring Football Update

Ned The first part of our spring football preview will be up on the GPP either later tonight or some time Friday, but here's some info regarding FIU's 15 spring practices schedule.

Spoke with MC this morning and he said all practices the first week will be open to the public. The first practice is this Tuesday, March 25 at 3:30 p.m. at the FIU rec fields behind the parking garage that faces southwest 8 street.

The Golden Panthers will also practice Thursday, March 27 and Friday, March 28 -- both practices are at 3:30 p.m. FIU will have the first of its four spring scrimmages on Saturday, March 29 at 10:30 a.m.

MC has yet to decide how many of the other 10 practices will be open. When I know, you will know.

The FIU Blue/Gold Spring Game is Friday, April 18 at 7 p.m. at the FIU Soccer Field behind left field of University Park Baseball Stadium and of course, the spring game is open to the public.


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Sweet, i'll be in town for the spring game.

Thanks for the info Pete, i'll definitely try to check out some practices and the Spring game!

that will be good in b/w classes i can walk over and watch a bit

Messod Bendayan - your incredible streak of picking winners continues as Miami beats St. Mary's to adevance in the tourny. Thre goes your undefeated bracket. How far did FIU go in the tourny this year. Oh wait, they didnt make it. How far did they go in the NIT, oh wait, they arent playing in that either. Well they must have done well in they powerful Sunbelt tourny - what, they lost in the first round by getting blown out. To bad so sad, look at it this way GP fans, you have your baseball team to look forward to. Oh, whats that you say, they are sub .500 and losing to teams that couldn't beat a Sunday morning softball team. Well GP fans, there is always football right around the corner. maybe they'll win two games this year and we can erect a statue to MC and compare him to Bowden.

My goodness...someone needs a life!

Yeah FIU Fanatic - YOU!!!!!!

Its so funny how UM fans say we're irrelevant but, where's the first place Crazy goes to post?!?! Yeah, FIU's blog. Maybe Crazy does find us to be relevant and a potential threat to his dear school. You'd swear WE were playing UM in the first round of the tourney by looking at his post!

Seems like I struck a nerve in someone.

Congrats on the W, CC. But you gotta admit that you probably don't win that game if McClinton doesn't go insane in the 2nd half. I told you SMC was gonna give you problems, and they did. You needed McClinton to have the game of his life to win it. You got it, and all credit to the Canes. That's what the Madness is all about. Now let's see UM do it against one of my Final Four teams in Texas.

On a more positive note... I did pick WKU over Drake, and I'll be damned if they didn't do everything in their power to blow that game. The Toppers got really lucky to win that one after being up 16. It was a great game to watch, though. As was Davidson over Gonzaga... and I have Davidson in my Sweet 16, so I was sweating that one out big time.

LOL...wow...took a shot of hormones, CC? lol

That was great that Western Kentucky represented the SBC with a first round win. I actually have them making the Sweet 16!!!

Please CC, get a life!!! I knew you were going to come posting as soon as UM won. Like MB said, McClinton went crazy. I wonder if you would have shown up to the blog if the Canes had lost. Regardless, UM dreams end on Sunday.


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