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Where Are You Going To Be Wednesday?

A little bit less than three hours before the FIU tripleheader, of sorts, kicks off tonight.

Were_3 Waldo_3 It's a where are you going to be Wednesday? You got your choice of game to be at tonight: baseball at home vs. Maine or Sun Belt basketball 1st round games: FIU women home against Denver or FIU men at the Hooters in the Mouth of the Rat.

The GPP will be on the Florida Turnpike north to FAU Arena, but will be keeping tabs on the Golden Panthers baseball team and what's going on at Pharmed Arena. By the way the Sun Belt has got some goofy people making the basketball tourney schedules. The SBC could have easily scheduled the men's opening round on Thursday and the women's opening round tonight. If the FIU men win, they don't play again until Sunday night. Plenty of time between Thursday and Sunday, uh?

So once you know where you're at, how's it all going to turn out? Send in your predictions. Let me put on my Carnac hat here and see what's going to happen tonight: Jc

FAU 83, FIU 76: You've heard the old adage that it's tough to beat a team three times in a season. Yes, the Hooters did it last year to FIU, but two of those games, including the overtime Sun Belt tourney game were at FAU Arena. I would like FIU's chances better here if this game was in the friendly confines of FIU's Medical Supply Arena. FAU is going to press the heck out of FIU tonight and make the Golden Panthers beat them by breaking the press. Not sure FIU can handle an entire game of full court press. Hope I'm wrong.

FIU 12, Maine 11: Both teams will be throwing basically their entire pitching staffs, except for each team's top starters. So you guessed it, there should be plenty of offensive fireworks. Kyle Preshong (2.08 ERA), who has been one of FIU's better relievers this season, gets the starting nod. Maine has lost four straight games. FIU is 4-6.

FIU 45, Denver 42: Each team is backing into the conference tourney. FIU has lost four in a row and Denver has lost four of its last six games. No doubt missing LaQuetta Ferguson has hurt the FIU ladies. Defense and the home court should help FIU prevail here.

Be back tommorrow with part one of the interview with the Prez.


Nothing new with the offensive coordinator search. I know that MC has interviewed plenty of candidates, but no decision has been reached yet. Therefore, spring football practice will not begin this Saturday, instead at a later date to be announced. Teams can only have spring practice until April 19 so FIU would have to begin some time soon. Will post here when there is more information.

Fiual: The adidas contract is with FIU for a while.

UltimateFIUFan: You are correct MC took over a football program that was "empty and nuked", but TT didn't exactly inherit the World Champion Boston Red Sox from DP. After seeing the first 10 games of the season, I am of the opinion that FIU needs a ton of pitching, especially relievers. Don't care if your coaching the Red Sox, the 1927 Yankees or a Fantasy Baseball team, you are not going to win without quality pitching and TT will go out and get what DP never had.

Ab "El Monstruo" has always been friendly with FIU fans. Antwan is a good kid that has not forgotten where he came from. He was at several of FIU's football practices this past season and has been at several hoops games.

You can be assured that once the workout facilities are built at the new stadium, that former FIU players will be welcomed with open arms. One thing FIU wants to do at the new fieldhouse is have a state-of-the-art training center and rehabilitation facility where not just FIU athletes train year round, but NFL players and other professional athletes come to train at FIU.

From what I've been told, FIU's new weight room will be 5,000 more square feet and have double the equipment and weights than the one pro athletes currently use in Coral Gables.

alt7778: Nobody is yet referring to FIU's teams as FIU, because the university has yet to make it official. When it does, eventually all the video games will catch on.


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Thanks Pete! Lets hope for the trifecta tonight. Good Luck SR, CR & TT!


I think Sergio's job is on the line tonight.

It is true that Antwan hasn't forgotten his FIU Family. When we saw him, he approached US because he recognized us from the pictures we took of him at the Dolphins game when he played them. He's a very sweet person. I am glad that he sticks around to visit.

hey, does anyone know what time the bussing from FIU to FAU is goin to leave? are they bussing? im really considering goin and would like to know

Seems odd that MC has not found an OC. FIU adidas contract ends in 09

Very odd that no offensive coordinator has been hired. It's been like 3 weeks. Does anybody know if spring practice is open to the public??? Obviously when MC decides to schedule it.

Great to see Barnes being humble and remembering his roots. I really hope future FIU NFL players come back to FIU.

As for basketball, I wasn't feeling confident about FIU beating FAU three times this year. I don't know how I feel about the job SR did this year. It was an up and down year, but overall a very underachieving team. I'm very disappointed.

Hey, the bright thing tonight is FIU baseball is winning 13-6!!! Hopefully the bullpen holds the lead.


Pete, any way you can ask Pete Garcia about SR's job security after this disappointing season??? This team definitely had more talent than all his previous teams at FIU. It just pains me to lose to the Hooters. Thanks.


This FAU blog is rubbing it in: upsports.blogspot.com

At least the baseball team had a better showing than the Men's basketball team. It did begin to look like a slugfest (as Pete had predicted) but after the fifth inning or so, things got a bit more quiet. Final score, your FIU Golden Panthers 13, Maine 6. Townsend had another homer for FIU (his fifth already). Jorge Castillo also homered. Castillo and Mirabal both went 3-4.

Let's hope our pitching staff shows up this weekend vs Troy because we know they can swing those bats!

I am curious - when you all talk about FIU athletics as being a "Sleeping Giant" does that include the basketball team? Because if it does, someone fogot to wake them up and remind them that they had a game last night. As for baseball, hopefully that win against Maine will help them get some more wins against sub par teams. Finally, anyone want to talk crap aboput UM basketball and/or baseball for that matter? Wasn't it a week or two ago when someone on this blog said Miami was going to lose to Duke and what, they not only beat duke, but went on to ensure a .500 or better record in the ACC (I know it isn't the powerhouse SunBelt inn basketball, but it is close)and last time I checked, baseball is around 6-1. Hmmm? You all are right, FIU is definetly catching up to UM quickly in all athletics.

wow CC knows how to hold a grudge. dude everyone knew goin into last nights game that we were either goin to go one and out or strait out in basketball so cool your gets. seriously i normally try to keep a good head about every team and i am damn happy the U won last night so they get better chance to go in the turney but lets not forget. you guys are still no basketball power yet.

I like CrazyCane =)

He makes the blog alot of fun. Why do we have to hate? Cant we all be SOUTH FLORIDA fans and love all the teams here? I went to FIU and I will always root for them when going against UM or anybody else, but I'am always happy when UM wins in anything. They're a great school (except for Business).

hey i normally dont have a problem when some1 goes after him and he responds... but seriously holding a grudge for a week or so about a game taht although most people in s. fla thought they could win no1 else in the nation thought they could. and bring it up ... kinda showing the lack of sportsman ship he got his chance to rub in that person face and he did.. its over move on

Any truth to the rumor that Jorge De Cespedes will be in charge of Basketball Operations?

How much longer do we need to make excuses for this basketball team and its coach? How much longer do we need to endure subpar, underachieving seasons? Pete Garcia, its time to make the move. SR is not getting the job done. I'm tired of losing to that community college in Boca! Come on man!!! Lets start winning some damn games!!

TNPanther, I completely agree with you. It's embarrassing that our coach makes comments like this "FAU came out and beat the heck out of us tonight". I'm just disappointed...

On a positive note, pretty much the whole team is coming back next year. Hopefully whoever coaches adds some more talented players.


I hate to admit this, but Crazy Cane is right. Our basketball team is a shame...actually its not the time rather those around it. The PROGRAM is a shame, the coaches aren't up to it, and the dedication to the program simply isn't there. PG has revamped football, baseball, and now basketball should be next. The entire program needs an overhaul, from the coaching staff to facilities. While our on campus football facilities will shortly put scUM's to shame, our basketball dedication is in ruins compared to UM's. I know we aren't ACC, but the football program isn't either.

FIRE SERGIO!!! I won't stop saying that until he is gone. I know most people think he is a good recruiter, but the man can't coach. I agree with you FIUJM, what kind of coach will make those type of comments. We need a new basketball coach who can bring a winning system and be able to recruite the right talent for the system. Sergio can recruit some talent but he doesnt have a system. The other coaches have systems in place but they are now recruiting the right type of players for that system. I hope the girls can go farther in the SB tournament.

hey you all heard of theres a chance that a 4 star from last year is transfering over... or possibly transfering over form UCF.. A. Bryant....

By the way, re a past post, Roary is not working out at LA Fitness - he's in the FIU Rec Center gym getting pumped up! It's got better stuff.

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