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In the last few months several loyal GPP readers have brought up stories they heard on the changes that lie ahead for FIU's name, colors, logo, mascot, etc.

You've heard the tales: Pittsburgh Steelers colors, Oakland Raiders colors, Thundercats logo, etc.

Well, here's what is really going to happen as the GPP learned after meeting with FIU President Mitch Maidique the other day. On the next post, I'll have the detailed interview with the Prez about this, the state of FIU sports and his own sporting life before becoming FIU's chief.

Fiuuuu_3 Some time in the next month or two, there will be an official announcement that Florida International University's athletic teams will from then on go by FIU Golden Panthers.

In newspaper articles and on TV and radio, Florida International will no longer be used to address the teams. It will be F-I-U. Yours truly will write FIU in stories and not Florida International anymore -- once the announcement becomes official.

This makes sense, because 5 words in the team's name is a mouthful. Sort of like UCLA. When do you ever hear announcers say on TV, "The University of California, Los Angeles Bruins today will take on the Florida International University Golden Panthers." Grab a glass of water after saying that. The letters FIU will become the actual first name of the Golden Panthers teams sort of like UCLA, LSU, USC and UNLV use to address their teams.

It was bandied about, BUT the final answer is the "Golden" will stay with the FIU Golden Panthers, BUT after the first reference in a written story or on TV or radio -- the use of just FIU "Panthers" is sufficient.Panth

As for the colors, the dark navy blue and gold are staying. Sorry, Steelers and Raiders fans.

The 35 logos FIU currently has or whatever number it is (you probably got a better chance winning the Lotto than trying to guess how many logos FIU has) will become ONE logo with the letters FIU prominently on display. Sort of like the new caps the FIU baseball team is wearing this season. If you haven't been to the diamond this season, here on the left Fiucap_2 is 2nd baseman Ryan Mollica fielding a ground ball and modeling the cap at the same time.

The new logo has not been designed yet, but it should be revealed sometime this summer. The shield logo will be gone, the similar Florida Panthers hockey logo that graces the outside of the baseball stadium will be gone, so will the other 33 logos and the Thundercats logo will never happen.

The Golden Panthers mascot will remain a Golden Panther, but the panther is going into the gym this summer and putting on some muscles, but NOT with Barry Bonds, if you know what I mean. Roary will have a new costume when the new Bb_2 football stadium opens.

Speaking of football, the FIU football helmets may get a new design, but it won't be that Thundercats logo that surfaced around the internet late last year. The design of the new football helmets has not yet been decided -- it could stay with the letters FIU on the side, might have a Panther, or both.....Stay tuned.

Once I go through the tape of the hour-long interview with the Prez, I will post it on here. Until then, it's  FIU Golden Panthers, it's Blue and Gold, the letters FIU will be everywhere and Roary will be at L.A. Dumb_2 Fitness for the next six months.


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