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In the last few months several loyal GPP readers have brought up stories they heard on the changes that lie ahead for FIU's name, colors, logo, mascot, etc.

You've heard the tales: Pittsburgh Steelers colors, Oakland Raiders colors, Thundercats logo, etc.

Well, here's what is really going to happen as the GPP learned after meeting with FIU President Mitch Maidique the other day. On the next post, I'll have the detailed interview with the Prez about this, the state of FIU sports and his own sporting life before becoming FIU's chief.

Fiuuuu_3 Some time in the next month or two, there will be an official announcement that Florida International University's athletic teams will from then on go by FIU Golden Panthers.

In newspaper articles and on TV and radio, Florida International will no longer be used to address the teams. It will be F-I-U. Yours truly will write FIU in stories and not Florida International anymore -- once the announcement becomes official.

This makes sense, because 5 words in the team's name is a mouthful. Sort of like UCLA. When do you ever hear announcers say on TV, "The University of California, Los Angeles Bruins today will take on the Florida International University Golden Panthers." Grab a glass of water after saying that. The letters FIU will become the actual first name of the Golden Panthers teams sort of like UCLA, LSU, USC and UNLV use to address their teams.

It was bandied about, BUT the final answer is the "Golden" will stay with the FIU Golden Panthers, BUT after the first reference in a written story or on TV or radio -- the use of just FIU "Panthers" is sufficient.Panth

As for the colors, the dark navy blue and gold are staying. Sorry, Steelers and Raiders fans.

The 35 logos FIU currently has or whatever number it is (you probably got a better chance winning the Lotto than trying to guess how many logos FIU has) will become ONE logo with the letters FIU prominently on display. Sort of like the new caps the FIU baseball team is wearing this season. If you haven't been to the diamond this season, here on the left Fiucap_2 is 2nd baseman Ryan Mollica fielding a ground ball and modeling the cap at the same time.

The new logo has not been designed yet, but it should be revealed sometime this summer. The shield logo will be gone, the similar Florida Panthers hockey logo that graces the outside of the baseball stadium will be gone, so will the other 33 logos and the Thundercats logo will never happen.

The Golden Panthers mascot will remain a Golden Panther, but the panther is going into the gym this summer and putting on some muscles, but NOT with Barry Bonds, if you know what I mean. Roary will have a new costume when the new Bb_2 football stadium opens.

Speaking of football, the FIU football helmets may get a new design, but it won't be that Thundercats logo that surfaced around the internet late last year. The design of the new football helmets has not yet been decided -- it could stay with the letters FIU on the side, might have a Panther, or both.....Stay tuned.

Once I go through the tape of the hour-long interview with the Prez, I will post it on here. Until then, it's  FIU Golden Panthers, it's Blue and Gold, the letters FIU will be everywhere and Roary will be at L.A. Dumb_2 Fitness for the next six months.


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thanxs for the info pete, for how much longer are we endorsed by adidas?

Good blog, Pete...Thanks for the information, as we all strive to know what is really happening...Again, thank you..

Good news that we will still be the Golden Panthers. I've already noticed the emphasis on the FIU letters at the baseball stadium in the outfield and the dugouts. Also, they recently gave out shirts during basketball games and both shirts emphasized the FIU. Looking forward to the interview with the prez.

I am glad we are keeping the panther, just in case I bought a Pittsburgh hat for $2 at walmart, the hat has the same colors and a panther similar to ours. I will stictch FIU on the side.
Mesod I think if we get the right coaches in the future we should be able to get blue chippers and McDonald All Stars. It is human to be ambitious and to look for improvements, I think in the past the mentality at FIU was to be just another medicre program who is just happy to participate in something, but looking at the overall progress of our Alma Mater. We deserve to have a winnning program and to win national championships in sports other than cheerleading.
The most important thing is to choose a sport to be excell as a program and use that to improve in the other sports, I think at this point maybe baseball is the one that has more potential to achieve. Let me give you an example, Memphis, Rhode Island, Duke, NC, Conneticut are well stablished basketball schools and their athletic program builds around that. Tennesee and Florida built on football their main sport and won champoinships on those, now their basketball programs have catch up to their football programs, well in Tennesee case their women basketball is the national powerhouse.
I agree with you SR is an upgrade comparing him to his predesesor, but he is not the guy who will turn the program around. He can only sell the messed up used car on the lot so many times before the bad reputation gets to potential buyers and they look at different car dealership.
Like the saying goes "if you build it they will come" The key si to build a solid program and I don't think SR is the right builder.

im glad we arnt droppin the golden from the name. puts us one more unique thing above the rest

Hey InBred (a.k.a Verobred), tell me who the next basketball coach should be? Please be specific as to gender, ethnicity, age, etc. because to someone as CLUELESS as you this seems to matter.

For all GPPers, I'm so far quite disappointed in FIU baseball. I never expected anything grand when football started because I knew out EMPTY & NUKED this program was left. However, baseball was different. This group had definitely underperformed, however empty on TALENT they were not! Losing to FGCU & ONE game to WAGNER is embarrassing. Still early so I continue to have hope.


Smart. You cant expect to build traditions if you change everything around every 3-5 years.

FIU needs to work on keeping their image consistent. Pick a winning brand and paste it all over the community.

Just like UCG's 'U', FIU needs something recognizable.

Pete, thanks again on your good work.

I'm super happy that the "GOLDEN" is staying, which makes our PANTHERS unique (great move).

I love the formalizing of the FIU GOLDEN PANTHER name.

We need more "GOLD" color in our uniforms/ helmets/ hats, our stadiums, our clothes, (every where) etc...

Our brightening up (colors) helps our over-all modes.


Let's go support our BASKETBALL TEAM at FAU on 3/5/08 this Wednesday (buses are going).


lol FIU Paws... your one of those people that enjoyed the bizentine era... all gold lol
i agree thought a bit more of the gold should be shown on our GOLDEN panthers

Pete the FAU game Wed, is it on Panther Pass? If not, will WRGP do the game on radio? Let us know.


Another freakin' logo change? Aaaaaaaargh. When will this insanity stop? THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT THAT A FREAKIN' LOGO!!!

Our sports programs need money... the school in general needs lots of improvements... yet every 5 years or so, someone get a wild hair up you-know-where and says "we need a new school logo!" As if that will solve ANYTHING. I was hoping the school had learned something from the last 33 times, but apparently not.

I'm all for making sure FIU's logo is consistent and unique... and I do like going with FIU instead of the FLA INT'L I see so often... but there isn't a thing wrong with the current logo. Not one. The panther is fine. The FIU is fine. Leave it alone. How the hell does anyone at FIU expect to establish a brand name when you change the logo every 5 years? I'm no marketing major, but even I know that much!

Anyway... balt-man, this school isn't getting the "right" coach anytime soon. Not by your standards. You can't recruit blue-chippers consistently to FIU. This isn't Duke. This isn't UCLA. Programs matter as much as coaches in college basketball, and FIU would have a hard time getting premium talent even if we hired Coach K tomorrow. Hell, Haith can't even do it at UM, and their history is better than FIU's.

Be realistic, brother. I'm all for being ambitious, but you gotta crawl before you can walk. SR's getting the pieces here. They gotta get coached up. If he can't do that, get him help, but you HAVE to do that first before thinking of letting him go. It isn't easy to attract quality guys to FIU basketball now. And guys like Galindo and Hicks could contribute for most basketball teams.

For the record, FIU is using football as the program to lauch the school to elite status. Baseball isn't it. Sorry. The market is just too niche. No one cares about college baseball until the post-season, and some would argue not until the CWS.


What are the chances of Rouco and Russo both getting fired? Have you heard any rumors flying around?

Well, another upsetting loss. We definately had a chance to pull out a win vs Boston College but the bullpen blew it again, allowing four runs after two were out in the 8th. Kudos to our starter, Stewart for getting out of alot of jams.

Our offense was silenced as we only were able to muster three hits, one being a big blast by Townsend. Critical play in the 7th, with two guys on base and no outs, Ty Main could not get a bunt down to advance both runners to scoring position and struck out.

We get a breather with Maine, but back to work against a tough Troy team this weekend.

Thanks for the update yandro. I hope this bullpen can get some confidence and turn things around quick. I am still confident taht we will finish above 500 and with a good SBC record.

UltimateFIUFan: Wednesday's game is not on Panther Pass and WRGP is not broadcasting, BUT FIU is providing free bus transportation and admission to the FAU game. Call 305-FIU-GAME to reserve your seat on the bus.

The FIU women's game is also free admission at Pharmed Arena on Wednesday.

Messod: Maybe I didn't make it clear on the last post. FIU is settling on one logo and it's not necessarily going to be a new logo, but rather one standard logo for all FIU teams.

When I put up Pres. Maidique's interview, hopefully his words can clear up any confusion.

FIUPantherFan: Both SR and CR are expected back next season as FIU's hoops coaches.

Finally, some sanity has been restored. Thanks for clearing the air of the rumors. I'm in total support of everything that Mr. Maidique is planning as far as branding FIU goes. Very happy that we're keeping the 'Golden' name, and I agree that we need to get rid of the shield as part of the logo. I like the current FIU logo, we just need to keep it simple and consistent, and like most are suggesting on this board, not change it every 5 years. Simple, clean and classic never goes out of style.

Now let's get some gold helmets and be done with this thing!

I will not be able to attend the FAU game. I find it embarrassing that no Panther Pass or EVEN student radio will be available for a Conference Tournament game!

FAU has a radio package, so I will have to hear the game via Internet with an Owl slant. So be it. For those students, alumni and fans attending, please be VERY LOUD!!


Pete: Do you mean that, instead of using the "FIU" script, the panther face or the shield logos, they may pick one of those and use that one for ALL uniforms and ALL teams?

Well... if that's the case, then OK, that makes more sense. Personally, I never was a big fan of the shield (way too busy), but I never minded it, either. The Panther face and FIU script are solid... and I've always loved that paw tearing through the grass logo. Any of those three would be more than OK by me. They look nothing like anything else that's out there, and Lord knows that's not easy to do with a panther. A million schools have that mascot.

UFF: It's probably not FIU's fault that this game isn't being aired on Panther Pass or WRGP.

During the regular season, whoever's the host school is in charge of determining who broadcasts games. But during conference tournaments, it's the conference that determines it. Tournament games often involve a fee that the conference charges... and if you don't pay it, you don't broadcast the game. You also need to make a bid for it well in advance... weeks in advance, if I remember correctly. Also, the conference can deny a broadcast for, well, any reason they want.

Without naming names... I'll just say that there's been times where the SBC won't let WRGP broadcast a game. Especially for the basketball tournament. I don't know if that's the case this time, but it's happened before.

As for Panther Pass... they probably have the same problems that WRGP has in terms of broadcasting the games, PLUS they have a lot more equipment to worry about. And I don't think they've even done a road game this year... have they?

SouthPaw: You're just not going to let the gold helmet go, huh?

On NCAA Football 2008 they refer to us as Florida International. That's just them though...

Messod, most if not all road games have been on Panther Pass. That is the entire reason I got it. I attend 90% of home games. Usually I don't need it for home games. Now, the road games may be a feed from the opposing school's version of Panther Pass or their TV feed. I say that because the opposing team’s broadcast crew announces the road games. Either way FIU needs a greater outreach to this growing fan base.

BTW how's the weather in your parts?


GPPers forgot to tell you a quick story from Sat's men's hoops game. Took my kids and their basketball team to the game against S. Alabama. As we walk in to see the 2nd half of the women's game, Mr. Antwan "El Monstro" Barnes was there to support FIU hoops. He took pictures with the kids and other fans, spoke with everyone. He told me he is currently working out @ UM, however is waiting for the new facilities @ FIU to open up so that he can workout at his alma mater. Later during the men's game Xavier Shannon joined “El Monstro”. I truly hope MC creates that atmosphere where the former players who reach the pros are allowed to workout on campus to enrich their ties with FIU and help in creating traditions that build a stronger program.

Pete, any idea how MC will treat the former Panthers who make it to the pros, whether they played for him or not? Let us know.


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