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Can't Buy Much with 2 Cents

Whoa! Let's all get a cold one to drown the little baseball salsa that Coral Gables brought over to the lastT  post.

FIU fans, the Golden Panthers baseball team has much bigger issues to deal with than anything brought onto the GPP by the Coral Gables faithful. Congrats, Canes fans you got a great team, Your team is number one on the diamond and should do well in Omaha. Off the diamond is another story (see Willie Nelson post below). But I digress, since that's not the point of this post.

Instead, want to take this opportunity to focus on what's keeping most FIU football fans' minds busy: the starting quarterback.

Yes, Paul McCall should be the FIU starting quarterback when the season opens at Kansas on Aug. 30. PM may have had the best game ever by a QB in the 6-year history of the program when he led FIU to a win against North Texas last season. The junior has earned it after the last two games of 2007 and with his command of the new Golden Panthers offense this spring. PM is accurate and has the strongest arm of all FIU QBs. PM has shown he can move with the ball last season and this spring when the new offense calls for the QB to be more mobile and at times run the option.

Two So there's my 2 cents.

But of course, everyone knows what you can get with 2 cents nowadays. Let's see: you could use 2 cents in that "Leave a Penny, Take a Penny" tray at gas stations to round off a purchase. You could throw 2 cents in a fountain and hope you hit the lotto. Hell, you could even Penny collect 2 cents 50 times and buy yourself a lotto ticket.

Now is my writing that PM should be the starter going to have any impact? Well, this post does state my opinion that PM should be under center, but it's also in response to one reader that states I "have to play the game with MC". There's no game being played. I mentioned to MC before spring started that I thought PM looked like the starter. He said it will be a competition that will be decided in August. (You can read about that in previous GPP posts).

The reader continues saying he would like to see me "put an opine if I dare and call out MC".....What are we back in Pop Warner football here? If Johnny doesn't start, then the sportswriter won't bring any Juice juice boxes and cookies to the next game.

Does anyone really think that MC is going to care about what is written about who the FIU QB should be? Maybe if MC was related to Cam Cameron (below right), then MC may start reading and cutting out articles about FIU football.

(For those who don't remember, it was Cameron who came out after Week 7 of last Cc season and told the media to be please be more positive in their articles, because the Dolphins are having a tough season. Then of course, when Bill Parcells took over, one of the first things he mentioned after firing CC was that he didn't want a coach who was more worried about what was being written about him than what was going on in the football field.)

Myself and everyone else does not have the job title "head coach". But we all can be head coaches on-line, on sports talk radio and among other fans -- hey, that's the beautiful democratic aspect of sports and what makes sports so popular. (Did you know that each day at least 3 of the top 5 stories in the Miami Herald are sports stories? True.) Everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to sports. God bless the U.S.A.

But in the end, unless you are the one getting paid to make those sports decisions, it's all just 2 cents.


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A whole blog post dedicated to this? Really?

Any news on basketball signings?..or other sports' signings? Thanks in advance...

You're right Pete, doesn't matter. It's all up to MC & staff. PM should be the starter this year; but keep in mind who looked best in practice and spring game last year. WY was the right choice.

It's raining right now, will that affect the scrimmage today???


Please, those of you attending the scrimmage, give us a report on it, will ya?

Sorry FIUFanatic, couldn't make it today!!! Hopefully someone that made it could provide us some information.

I'll definitely be there on Friday night for Spring game. It'd be nice if there's more fans than last year.


"One of the best performances ever by an FIU quaterback"?

Please, the defensive line buried the UNT quarterback time and time again and the FIU defense gave the offense great field position all night until the offense 'got around' to scoring.

Keep practicing revisionist history or perhaps re-watch the game film.

Hey Pete,

I know we wont have a 4th round pick like Barnes this year but what's the scoop on our seniors NFL chances?

Glad your calling for McCall to start. I dont know if I'd rank it as the best FIU QB effort, Jaime Burke had some good one.

I think i might pick Tabor's win at Youngstown State #1 but McCall's breaking of that 2 year long losing streak is a very close 2nd,... to lead a demoralized group of young players to victory like that was a career-making feat and thats why he has to be the starter.

Baseball just lost another series and is off to its worst starts that I can remember...maybe ever...and now let’s go down the list...football was horrible, men's basketball not much better, women's basketball pretty bad, women's soccer not good, softball stinks, volleyball was good and not sure about cross county/track and swimming if that really matters...Men's soccer was the only team to represent FIU in a conference championship and they had a horrible year as well(go figure)..and it seems that women's tennis is pretty good again..

So what am I missing here? any similarities to the past 4 or 5 years... well anyway, FIU athletics savior Garcia is well into his second season at the helm and I don't see a single change...in fact, it actually seems worse now that baseball is on its way to last place in the league...so tell me, what the $%@# has Pete Garcia done so far? hmmmmm …plus he has been given more resources to succeed than any previous AD.... If you want FIU to be the Giant that everyone keeps referring to there has to be some level of accountability… and that falls on the AD's shoulders...I'm not saying he has to go because it’s still relatively early in his FIU career..(even though some DI schools have fired ADs after 1 season)…..but for %$% sake did anyone expect this? Basically every team sucks.. Bottom line!!...He fired all the coaches and the teams aren’t any better... so what the heck has changed?

My 2 cents says to start PM also,

That makes 4 cents. Lets see how much we can raise in PM's name!

lol FIUM fan lol i like the penny collecting... ill throw my two cents in the jar now we got 6 cents! did anyone make it to the scrimmage i was on my wan and turn around when i saw nasty clouds... good call not to mins. after i left the rain poured down

From the very little that I have seen at the practices, my analysis is the following.

This new modified spread with 4 WRs seems to count on short to intermediate routes. I have seen Rolle catch some deep balls, but most of the passes are in the 5 - 15 yd range. Out routes, slants and curls down the hashes...

If this is what we can expect from the passing game and the O-line and hold blocks for 3 seconds, it does not matter which QB is the best athlete. We need a guy that can deliver the ball on a rope to these WRs.

PM - Excellent arm, strong tight spirals

WY - Avg arm, loft under his throws

CA - Great size, inconsistent throws/ducks

DH - Needs more juice on throws, good upside

**Now what is unclear to me, is that the Spread FIU ran last year seemed to have designed running plays for the QB and hence Wayne ran often and often ran on busted plays with no blocking....Will this year's version of the spread call for the QB to make plays with his feet ??

Clearly from the passing aspect, Paul has the best ability throwing the ball. However, if the line becomes overmatched against the likes of Kansas, Iowa and USF - I expect to see MC and Legg play someone more mobile.

I say McCall....But we have not seen what Dannehower can do ?? Why did we sign him with 4 QBs already dueling it out ??? Does he have a shot at playing ??

Go to rivals.com and watch the film on this kid Troy, size, mobile and can throw...

blue and gold i think the reason that we went out and signed a QB is that MC wanted to recruit across the board, and he probably felt that although we have some decent to good QB's on the roster, there is always room for improvement if not a complete Upgrade. even if he doesnt start this year, he will come in and provide good competition for the guys already here. and competition can only make everyone better

I was at the practice on Saturday. The offense looks good even though some WRs had a tough time holding on to the ball. Being at practice I realized how much I love college football. Go FIU.

NYCFiuFan - the ONLY reason that the FIU offense looked good was because they were going up against the FIU defense.

Well, one day what is said about FIU football in the herald will matter. when that time comes anything that is written there will have an impact. Every coach in the nations reads the papers and the blogs online beleive it!

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