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FIU in NFC South

Three former Golden Panthers are headed to the NFL's NFC South Division.

Falcons Defensive back Nick Turnbull (left) and receiver Chandler Williams (right) signed Cwact_2 with the Atlanta Falcons yesterday and defensive back Lionell Singleton (below) has been invited to the New Orleans Saints mini-camp May 8-10.

Ntact_2   Good to see these guys getting their shots in the NFL. NT and CW were waived by the Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins, respectively, during the last week.

NT finished his FIU career as the program's all-time interceptions leader. CW is the Golden Panthers all-time receptions leader.

LS, who holds FIU's all-time kickoff return yardage and touchdowns records, will try to make the Saints in front of someSaints_2 of his family members who resideLsact_3 in New Orleans.


FIU Fanatic: The new on-campus stadium will definitely be a big part of it.

SouthPaw: Don't know if FIUDad is the same person as any of the Coral Gables crowd that regularly visits the GPP. No one that has posted before on the GPP uses the same e-mail address for two different screen names.

Miri: Bull Durham is definitely worth the $4.50 at the video store. If you think of the movie as highly as I do, then you can get it for $9.99.

UltimateFIUFan: We'll keep you in mind for future writings.


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This must be as exciting and as financially rewarding as getting drafted in the first round!!!!

Maybe MC can use this as his recruiting pitch...We are FIU, you should come here, we get people invited to mini-camps after they've already been waived by other teams and/or not been drafted.

MIA/NY - you are forgetting that they have an On Campus stadium to help recruiting now. You know, thats what really get the recruits. Just use UM as an example. Wait, what? UM has never had an on campus stadium? So how the hell have they gotten all those top flight recruits and number 1 draft picks for 14 years straight? Oh - because they hire people that know what the hell is going on. Got ya. So i guess an on campus stadium is not what makes a college program big time - that would be winning! Sorry FIU.

very nice. MIA/NY josh please remind me how long UM has had a football team in comparison to FIU.. maybe you could look up home many players you guys had in your first 6 years go to the pros? hell even invited to mini camp? im serious i would like to know. 24/7 have fun paying rent to WH. i can picture it now come play at dolphin stadium... were renting it out but it sure is pretty lol

home=how** my bad


Must I remind you that UM was not even on the college football elite map pre 1980's. The wins will come simply because we are in recruiting hotbed South Florida and in addition, the Florida big 3 (UM, FSU, UF) can only take an average of about 25 athletes each. There is plenty of talent to go around and FIU just so happens to be in a position to pick up those athletes who are not "fortunate" to go to the big 3 or fly under the radar. It will only be time.

In addition, I went to the spring game and noticed how much bigger, stronger and faster our team looks from just one year ago. I am still optimistic that was have a .500 season. GO PANTHERS!

Do I have to remind you again....Shalala wants to get rid of FOOTBALL at UCG, it's all part of her master plan to try and turn UCG into an academic institution ?? LMAO !!

How do I know this to be true....My insiders who work in Univ. Advancement (that's fundraising for all the MDCC Canes Fans that are on this board...) tell me that sports will not be a priority for Donna. The stadium deal will bleed UCG unless they get back to a marquee BCS bowl game payday and average crowds over 60K over the next few years...

Good thing we are only 8 feet above sea level, because this sinking ship of a football program won't have far to go to reach bottom.

Congrats to our former players. If I'm not mistaken, Turnbull suited up for the Bears in their Super Bowl matchup a couple seasons back. Not bad for being a 6-year old program.

Wanted to answer Fomenter's last post.

I'm no lawyer, but your argument does seem to have validity. I get your point that MM was the first to get physical and thus he's more liable than Reddick. I agree that MM deserved more punishment than Reddick. Hell, I'm probably one of the few FIU fans who thinks Miami took too much flack nationally for the fight and FIU too little.

I do have one question, though. Couldn't all the trash-talking being done on the field that day be considered the real start of that brawl? No one knows what was said other than the players that day, so this line of arguing is probably pointless since we'll never know for sure who said what. But I do know that there's been times where judges have ruled that someone saying something could legally be considered the start of a physical fight.

Anyway, congrats to NT and CW. The Falcons need all the help they can get these days.

Oh, and there's no way in hell Shalala's getting rid of football at UM. She may be a crazy lib, but even those people know what pays their grants and their tenures and their salaries... and it ain't just the students, that's for damn sure. I don't know who your insiders are, BlueandGold, but that seems like a delusional fantasy. At best.

I agree with clawing cancer, I do not see UM dropping the football program - that would be stupid.

I have been reading this blog for a long time and I have to say, most days I find it interesting and entertaining, and yes, sometimes i even find the UM fans a bit funny. However, lately, their posts have just been stupid. I do not understand why NY josh is ripping our guys being invited to mini camp and then ripping the FIU fans for being excited for him. I mean, weren't the UM fans excited when guys like Kyle Wright got invited to mini camps. I think he signed with Vikings, but I am not sure. Why is this concept so hard for Canes fans to accept?

Then there is TheU24/7 and CC - both of whom are on levels of stupidity, with CC on a much higher level. TheU usually says some insightful and funny things, CC however just tries to annoy us and worst of all, we let him. Does anyone else think CC is a 25 year old UM grad working a 9-5 sitting in his office with UM stuff all around wishing that he was still in school. Listen up CC - you are a loser, you probably come from a whole family of losers.

Ok - now that I have said that, I must turn my attention to our FIU fan posters. People, wake up!!!!!!! Now this pains me to say, but we are not in UM's class in any sport. Who cares. We do not need to defend ourselves on this blog, it is ouor blog for christ sake, who gives a crap what the UM fans say. Everytime we respond to them, their insults, their challanges, we look stupid and yes, a little delusional. UM has the tradition, the talent, the Nat'l Championships - we don't - but we will. Then, it will be our turn to laugh, smile and talk crap. but seriously FIU faithful - we need to stop talking about the "sleeping giant" and "TDAOS" until either FIU wakes up or those days are actually over. I for one hope it is soon, but it certainly is not yet.

Hey Panther Stud (maybe one of the gayest names ever used on this blog)you think you are so smart and high and mighty - dude, you are that guy that breaks up a fight and tries to tell everyone to get along. Dude, go away. Continue to read the blog - but do not post. You talk about how I and the other UM fans are stupid, then you basically agree with what we say. Who is the stupid one now? Panther Stud, your post was long, and meaningless; we are all now a little bit dumber for having read it and I hope you never post here again and wast our time.

CJ - A little history lesson for you - free of charge. UM started football in 1926, yes, they went undefeated. The NFL draft, as we know it, did not start until 1936. However - in 1938, UM had its first NFL draft selection, Bob Masterson in Rd. 4 to the Chicago Bears. Furthermore, considering that there were a lot less teams in 1938 - a 4th rd pick was probably a late first rd pick by todays standards. History lesson over - more to come.

Pete, long time reader, first time poster.

I was wondering if you could go through next years football schedule and give us an idea of what we can expect.

I looked at it myself and I think we will lose to Kansas but closer than most think (I am definitly betting FIU since we will probably be a 15-20pt underdog)I dont like us on the road at Iowa so that would put us at 0-2. We can beat South Florida because it is our first home game and we will be JACKED up, plus they lost one of their best players. (1-2). There is no reason to believe we couldnt run off the next 7 in a row against Toldeo, N Texas, Middle Tenn, Troy, ULL, Ark St, and ULM. But assume we only win 6 of them. That puts us at 7-3. A loss against FAU and a win over W Kentucky puts us at 8-4.

I would love to go 9-3 but 8-4 would be awesome, even 7-5 if we lose to Iowa.

Can we get your thoughts Pete?


Now I have seen it all. OOTC88 is the most delusional GPer ever posting on this blog and Pete, if you even take the time to respond to this crap - you will lose all credibility. Look at what this jokster just posted. 9-3 or 8-4, are you serious? When did FIU become a Nat'l Powerhouse - it is still 2008 right? Because if it is, we are talking about a team that has won one game in two seasons now going 9-3 or 8-4. I want what this guy is smoking. I don't care how JACKED up FIU gets - I am willing to bet they are going to lose against USF and lose big. Also, waht in the hell makes you think you'll beat Troy or Toledo, or any of those other schools you have on your magical 7 game win streak. Sir, you need to remain a long time reader and drop the posting. You are what gives FIU false hope and a brutul reputation. Go back in the Cage.

Crazy, I am not even going to react to his record prediction...doesnt even warrant a response.

But what I did find interesting was his projected line on the Kansas game. He said he will bet FIU because they will be getting 15-20 pts???????SERIOUSLY????

I will book that bet all day long because the real line will probably be closer to FIU +40

24/7 appriciate the " lesson" i seriously wanted to know. OOTC. im goin to sadly agree w/ CC that your prediction is very Optimistic (i would love to see it happening but i dont htink so) Iowa, kansas, toledo, troy, and FAU are more than likely losses. WKU is better than you would think so there is a chance we lose there.

NT last year was just as young as us and have got a pretty good O coming back so we better be able to match or have our D tear it up. possible.. Mid Tenn, ASU, ULL, ULM are all winnable games however, you gotta play in the trenches it will be tough. USF will be tough they got great athletes and a QB that will get hiesman hype. the only equalizer like you said is the stadium. i say if we get 5-6 it will be mas improvment

Don't the UCG fans have their own blog? Get lost, we don't even play you guys anymore in any sport, go pollute another blog with your nonsense please!

NYCFIUFan - instead of crying about the UM fans on the blog - why dont you post something that invokes some thought. By the way, I see you wrote "WE don;t even play you guys...." Are you on one of the many FIU teams? I know I do not play for the U, so i find it funny that you write "WE" don't play...., loser. Furthermore, this is NOT your blog, it is Pete's, and if I remember correctly he encourages our participation, so shut the hell up! If the UM fans didn't post on this blog you'd have 5 posts per blog all saying TDAOS and we are sleeping giant. Now that sounds like a fun blog Pete wants to be running. I think you, NYCFIUFan, need to stop whinning and joing the conversations or just go away.

I am holding out hope CJ for my earlier predictions but I will be happy for now at .500

And to you crazy cane, TDAOS and dont wake the sleeping giant because WE may just break outofthecage.

When I think of UM football, I think of the one game that best represents that University: the last ever game that UM played in the Orange Bowl. In front of all their adoring fans and former players, they went out not with a bang, but a whimper. Now that's going out in style UM.

When I think of FIU football, I think of the very next game played in the Orange Bowl, which just happens to be the last ever game played there.

Those two games represent the changing of the guard in Miami, the passing on of the baton. And it all took place in the last two games at the historic Orange Bowl.

SouthPaw, that was a great post. UM ended their legacy at the OB with a loss, and a bad one at that. Oh, CrazyCane, when I say "we" I mean the people who actually went to FIU. Did you go to UM? What year? Or are you a bandwagoner, like most UM fans? See I would join the conversation with the UM fans who have a brain, but I just can't find one yet.

Wow, the inferiority complex that FIU has in regards to UM is obsessive. It even translates to your only journalist. Maybe FIU should worry about its own identity, not incorporate UM into any of their blogs, and worry about actually fielding competitive teams.

The UM bandwagoners on this blog are cute. Talk about being obsessed with another University--this is an FIU blog.

But we all know that once FIU starts winning and becomes the top program in South Florida, all of these guys will be big time FIU fans. Isn't that right, FIU24/7, CrazyPanther, and FIUmenter?


Hi Pete,

Check out the link above. It reports on Booker T's football coach accepting a job at UCG.

Booker T. was supposed to be FIU's answer to UCG's pipeline of NWerstern recruits.

It this a strategic coup for for UCG? What is the impact to FIU Football in future recruiting at Booker T?

Thanks in advance...gpantera

1926 does not matter, but since u24/7 enjoys history, he are some facts:

- Miami played its first game, a 7-0 win over Rollins in front of 304 spectators. The season included two wins over the University of Havana

- The first varsity competition came in 1927 when coach Howard Buck guided the Miami Warriors to a 3-6-1 record with a 39-3 win over Rollins in the first game. But a 4-4-1 record the next year and lopsided losses prompted a group of local businessmen to offer financial backing to bring in a well-known coach

humble beginnings mighty ibis...if you only had half the humility now your existence may be somewhat tolerable.

Historical Fact:

- UCG's winning percentage from 1943 to 1978 was .419

That's a whole buncha suckin' - darn near 4 decades worth.

Back off UCG and just give FIU some time - after all, the UCG gave you this community decades of horrible play before it turned the corner...FIU is only in its 7th year and has UCG hate to contend with.

Hey Pete,

Why would Harris take an admin. asst role at UCG and not a coaching gig ?

This looks really PHISHY to me....

The guy took his team to a National Ranking of #4 and a Florida state title...

According to NCAA rules, only COACHING STAFF can actively recruit prospective student athletes. This is a slick move by Shannon if you ask me. However, if he is in an administrative capacity, this limits his ability to assist with recruiting. Although he knows the crop of incoming Sophs, Jrs and Seniors at BTWHS.

**Anyone know what ever happened to Roland Smith ?? Did he surface anywhere locally or high tail it out of town ?

Nice move by Randy Shannon.

With all these proactive moves to strengthen the program - doesn't look like UM footbal is going anywhere - no matter what evil rumors about Shalala are being spread on this blog. By the way, great job by FIU baseball this weekend - that was a real powerhouse they lost to.

Who is being hired for the Men's Basketball coach???

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