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Ooohs and Aaahs

Pretty lively crowd at the Blue & Gold Spring Game on Friday night and from the reactions of the more than 3,000 spring game-record crowd your Golden Panthers didn't disappoint. As MC said "it's good to see when there are ooohs and aaahs and there's all kinds of cheers."

BTW, for the second consecutive year, the FIU athletic department and marketing dept. did a bang-up Fiuers job with the spring game atmosphere. Plenty of ooohs and aaahs there. From the free caja china pork sandwiches, t-shirts, to the games and music. Once again the spring game Gd_2 was not just a game, but a well-organized event. Also, it was great to see some former FIU football players in attendance: safety John Haritan, DB Greg Moss, DB Lionell Singleton and LB James Knapp (a.k.a. the Mayor of FIU) were among the former Golden Panthers I ran into. I think it means a lot to the program when those FIU pioneers come back to campus.

The Golden Panthers offense got the ooohing and aaahing going early on. On the third play of the game, FIU showed the quick strike offense many FIU fans would like to see more often in 2008. Quarterback Paul McCall (right) delivered a laser through the middle of the defense that receiver Jeremy Dickens (left) snared andPm  sprinted past the secondary for a 63-yard touchdown. When PM released the deep pass you got the ooohs from the crowd, when JD caught it and scored you heard the Jd_3 aaahs. PM finished 13 of 22 for 170 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs.

On the second series, Julian Reams ripped off a 37-yard run and PM connected with John Ellis and Travis Felder for 12 and 13-yard passes, respectively. Safety Jeremiah Weatherspoon ended the offensive party on the drive with a deep interception.

Don't be surprised if Ellis and Felder become integral parts of the offense this season. JE has been working at h-back in the spring. With his pass-catching abilities and muscle he added in the off-season he could be a chore for opponents to bring down. TF also had a good spring. The former basketball player has excellent athletic ability and good hands.

The third series pretty much showed all the offense was going to do for the rest of the game. Quarterback Colt Anderson (left), who has improved this spring, led the offense to the second touchdown with a 32-yard touchdown up the sideline to Marquis Rolle. CA finished 5 of 6 for 60 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. In the last two scrimmages, CA combined to go 15 of 18 for 197 yards.

Ca With a few exceptions, the rest of the game belonged to the FIU defense as they would win 29-18. It was encouraging to see the defense -- which has had trouble with the new FIU spread offense -- makes adjustments after the first quarter.

Linebacker Jarvis Wilson forced a fumble that led to a touchdown. Jonathan Betancourt was a menace in the offensive backfield tackling Daunte Owens for a 3-yard loss on one play and two plays later sacking Darold Hughes. In between, Devin Parrish broke up a pass intended for Rolle.

Marcelus Manear, who joined the team last season from Milford Academy in New York, picked off CA.

The only other time the offense moved the ball was when Hughes led a 4th quarter drive that ended in a missed field goal. On the drive DH connected with Jason Frierson for 23 yards after the pass went through two defenders hands. DH also hit James Rucker for 14 yards.

The final drive provided the last ooohs and aaahs of the night.

Quentin Newman got his second sack and JW sealed the game with his second interception. But the loudest crowd reaction came on PM's block of Marshall McDuffie. The FIU QB stuffed MM so well that the high school players standing on the sideline were left in awe as they yelled: "Was that the quarterback with the hit? Was that the quarterback with the hit? Wooo! Man! The quarterback made that hit."

PM said afterward he felt bad about the block, talked with MM and the two shook hands.


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Pete, Good stuff!!! I was at scrimmage and definitely was encouraged by the amount of fans that showed up to the game.

It was great to see the defense makes some plays. JW should be starting next year at safety!!! We could have used him last year.

As for QB play, in my opinion, nobody had a great performance. McCall should probably be the starter but CA should get some playing time. I think if he keeps developing he might have a shot at starting next year. I won't rule out Wayne Younger, there were games last year where he showed potential. Just my two cents!!!

As for WR, I'm just gladed we're loaded at that position, it should be interesting to see the battle for playing time.


Great Read Pete,

I too was at the game and noticed a lot of recruits and high school coaches. Can you dig out any news on that? Were these recruits encouraged by what they saw? I also heard a HUGE rumor that UM’s Charlie Jones and 4* recruit from UCF Alfonso Bryant were going to join the team very soon and were waiting on some sort of clearance. How true is this? Anyways, keep up the great work and keep feeding us proud alumni the good word on our panthers!


Getting away from football just for a moment, did anyone happen to see over the weekend how USC baseball (19-19) was swept by unranked UC Santa Barbara. Yeah FIU faithful, USC is a real powerhouse.

Back to football, I saw on the last blog that an FIUer was willing to bet that FIU would have more wins than UM next year. This is why FIU is a laughing stock. It is not b/c your teams are bad year in and year out; it is because of fans like that who make claims which are so outrageous, it makes them look downright uneducated. Now, itis absolutely possibvle for FIU to have more wins, I mean, look at the difference in schedule toughness; however, it is assinine for a fan of a team who has won 1 game in two seasons, let me say that again, won 1 game in two seasons, to suddenly claim they are going to win X amount of games more than a team that is established and is known for winning.

I think that some of the FIU fans who are on this blog and are always butting heads with the UM fans need to keep a check on their FIU buddies to make sure they do not say rediculous things and provide fuel to the fire. Just my 2 cents.

It was a very entertaining and family-fun event at the Soccer field. I also saw a ton of recruits and high school coaches as well, many of them very interested in what was going on, and after the game intent on chatting with some coaches. Overall, a very successful event, IMHO.

The state-of-the-art ON CAMPUS stadium is just coming along so NICE!!!

24/7 fool,

the only assinine remarks come from you and the other scUM on this BLOG - I did mention the difference in conference play.....

Can you find more than 2 WINS on MIAMI's schedule next season ? Didn't think so...

I do think we can get 3 - 4 wins next season, probably all in conference play, but wins nonetheless and progress.

See you at UCG Wed. night, hopefully the pitching holds up til the late innings and we can get the bats going on !!

OK - where are all of the FIU hypocrites who are upset when there is name calling. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't BlueandGold just call someone a "fool." That's a no-no on this blog buddy. Just ask your FIU buddies.

Actually BlueandGold I see 9 games on the schedule that UM could win. In addiiton to Charleston and Duke (which i am assuming are the two games you are referring to) UM beat FSU and TX A&M last year and they lost to NC, GT, and NC State in very close games. Also, I see no reason why they shouldnt beat UCF, who just lost there best two players, and Wake Forest.

I am not saying FIU wont win a few more games this year, but to claim that FIU IS going to win more games than UM and be willing to bet on it, shows your ignorance.


You got it all wrong...HELP us all understand how UCG can win a possible 9 games playing in the ACC with who at QB ??

I don't think Harris, Marve, Smith and company got hold the J-strap of that kid out at OU (Bradford)...notwithstanding, they wouldn't even start for USF or FAU.

I love how the MIAMI faithful call us or me delusional, uneducated, ignorant etc...yet after a 2007 that showed a complete lack of talent and motivation you continue to think that MIAMI is a marquee program and it clearly is not. RS and staff selling the program to recruits as a chance to return the team to glory is hysterical. These kids grew up watching Vanilla Ice and 2 Live Crew pimping the Canes in RAP videos...Is that the Glory you fans want back ?? All comes down to $$$.

Do you really think that with an unproven Frosh stock of QBs, the canes can win more than 2 or 3 games ?? Yes, you guys had an amazing 2008 signing class...But this is not Michigan basketball with the fab 5, UM needs the FAB 22 to compete in the ACC.

So when "ignorance" is discussed usually it is associated with a lack of knowledge or something ??

I know FIU will be better because I am closely connected to the program and have seen the improvements. Based on that and the comfort level in my business - I am willing to BET we improve and win 3 - 4 games.

Nice to see a solid crowd at the Blue-Gold game, I hope that FIU can turn the corner this year. Oh, the U24/7, some FIU fans do make claims that are outrageous, just like the UM fans that claimed that UM would beat Oklahoma last year, now that was a stretch. What was the score again? Do I think FIU will win more games then UM, no I do not, but I will root for FIU and hope UM goes 0-12 this year.

Again, calling hypocrites to FIU fans in OUR blog, and then calling for redemption is just outrageous of someone's part. As usual, they are attorneys among themselves, no matter how wrong or ridiculous their positions are. Amazing!!

Nobody should go into other teams' blogs attacking nor hurling insults without any type of provocation, as some of you have done here. While calling names is wrong on both parts, it is obvious to any reasonable person that in your house you should not tolerate an outsider to hurl insults and call people names. I know I don't, and you should learn your lesson today once and for all.

Back to the topic at hand, great stuff on Friday. I went on a tour of our ON CAMPUS state-of-the-art stadium and it will be just awesome. The Club Seats, and its luxurious Stadium Club (6,500 square feet) will be just incredible. I would advise anyone to purchase some of those seats...at $500.00 per seat (which is actually a very, very competitive price for it) to enjoy all the benefits from it. Just great!!


When will you and all of FIU fans learn your lesson...

Last year, for MONTHS, all we heard was TDAOS...over and over and over again...and what happened? Oh yeah, those days were still there. Last year you all said, oh we are much better this year, we may win the Sunbelt. You all came out and said, I have seen the improvements, MC has changed everything because TDAOS. You all said the same thing last year with the same "insight" into the team. Where did that get you? Please remind me..

You said, "I know FIU will be better because I am closely connected to the program and have seen the improvements. Based on that and the comfort level in my business - I am willing to BET we improve and win 3 - 4 games."........How connected are you? As connected as FIU Mom was? As connected as FIU Dad? All that means is your connections make you blind to reality...and you are a real tough guy willing to BET that you will win 3 games. That is what makes me sick, you will be screaming from the rooftops for everyone to hear over 3 wins. Not a national title, not a sunbelt title, not a .500 record, not a marquee victory...but 3 wins. We are talking about 3 wins, who cares, 3 wins? (See Iverson reference here).

See 24/7, thats how you call someone a dope without actually coming out and saying you are a DOPE.

MIA/NY Josh,

"Dope" ? very clever...

I care about your comments as much as I care about the "white paper" on a tube in my bathroom next to the toilet...

Calling me out for wanting 3 wins...At least I am realistic and know the condition of our program. UCG is going backwards and will continue to do so. If anyone needs a Marquee win it's MIAMI. That return to glory will be hold for awhile

I don't have a child on the team, just a vested interest in future success. The only person that will be screaming from the "Rooftop" for 3 wins will be you, CC, 24/7, and co. after MIAMI goes 0 - 12.

Josh quit living in the past and keep hitting that water-b-ong, probably the only thing you do well....


BlueandGold, how can you say in one post that Miami had an "amazing 2008 signing class" and then post something that says,"UCG is going backwards and will continue to do so" Arent those two statement a little conflicting. Wow - you are a dope. Sorry NYJosh, I couldn't think of a clever way to call him a freakin' moron.

BlueandGold - you have a "vested interest" in the team and its future success? Are you an agent who has signed some of the players on the current squad and are hoping they do well so that you make more money at you business. OR, are you one of those special "friends of the program" who pays the players when they play good so you can get a kick back from the program at a later time. Either way, does MC or PG know about your "vested interest?" You would think someone who allegedly cares so much about the program would not jeapordize it the way you have by paying the current players opr by signing on to be their agents in the hopes of making you rich.

TheU24/7 was wrong, you are not a freakin' moron, you are a liar and cheat who appears to be hell bent on bringing down FIU football. Good luck.

CC - You are a BONAFIDE looser & epitomize the typical scUMBaggs that give the Univeristy of Coral Gables a bad name !!!

So are Hurricane Club members paying MIAMI players as well ?? Bull Gators, etc....Since you are such a die hard CANE fan, you must at least have club level seats at DS right ? In addition to the $900 seats, there is mandatory donation to get club seats at UCG...if that kind of money is not investing in a team and expecting exceptional service and success...then I don't know what is ??

BTW - my company gave more than it's share to MIAMI in the past. TDAOS !!

We'll leaving the paying players to Luther Campbell....


Put an end to this madness !!

FIU is a team under construction and should have better years soon. UM is a team that has achieved success and is looking to become competitive once again.

I hope that in the future both are on an even playing field and play each other again soon.

I am quite sure that if both teams improve and especially if FIU gets better fast, that a future game would be a great draw and hopefully filled with more positive fanfare.

I follow both programs and wish them success in 2008 and beyond.

University of Virginia 48
University of Miami 0

Those Days Aren't Over, Son!

Hey Pete, why is it that FIU soccer competes in Conference USA? Doesn't the SBC have soccer? Let me know.

Unfortunately missed the Spring Game; however I have heard from the GPP fans and others that attended that it was a rousing success. Congrats to MC and staff!

In all my years supporting FIU sports (since we went Div I in '86), I always felt there was a chance against THEM in baseball. This year I just hope we don't embarrass ourselves AGAIN. Good luck TT and team!



FIU competes in C-USA for soccer, because the Sun Belt does not have enough teams to make a soccer conference.

Almost all of the schools in the Sun Belt are not interested in soccer.

The Sun Belt is a baseball/football conference.

Pete, thanks for the quick turnaround!


I'd like to comment on the Spring Game. I feel that it was a success. I look forward to more big events like this for our future spring games. I really liked the interaction that Mario and the players had with the fans. Let's make this a tradition. We know that we need more.

I can't believe FIU compares to UM ! Don't forget there is sunbelt and new orleans bowl champ only 45 min north. FAU has played FIU seven times and FAU has won 6 times. ah ! and don't get to cocky because you beat UM in baseball, we beat them too 2 weeks ago.
We'll see you there amber kitties.


It's nothing short of ridiculous when a sports blog deteriorates into a spitball fight. It's sad to see how a lack of articulate, meaningful dialog has displaced a spirited exchange of ideas. People, grow up for the love of God!

Reality check: Miami will win what Miami will win. I hope they go 12-1 (Noles, class of '78). Since they don't play FIU I'll cheer for them in all but the one game, just as I do for the Gators, Bulls, Owls, and Golden Knights. I personally feel that no team from outside the state of Florida should have any business beating any team from this state.

FIU will win what FIU will win. I hope they go 13-0. Of course they're not ready for a feat of that magnitude and the whole notion of rebuilding dictates that an incremental progression is to be expected. I enjoy the renewed enthusiasm surrounding he Panther program, but let's temper it with a reality-based respect for the task ahead.

While UM has been off its game lately, we need to remember what the benchmark is for that program. If UM and FIU both won 7 games this season it would be viewed as a success for the Panthers but another lackluster season for the Canes.

Why not just wish the other program the same success we long to see in your own. Team spirit is a wonderful thing. Envy, jealousy and immaturity lessen the value of all your future postings. If you want to outclass the other school, then start by showing some class.


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