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Spreads at the Blue/Gold Game

There should be plenty of spreads at the FIU Blue/Gold Game on Friday at the FIU Soccer Field. Who could forget the caja China pork from last year? And who knows what other Food Network quality faresIh_3  they'll be cooking up on Friday.

But right now, I know there's only spread on the minds of FIU fans and that's your Golden Panthers revamped spread offense.

As you know football is what drives FIU fans and the GPP -- just check the number of comments whenever there's a football post.

Just two spring practices left before the Blue/Gold Game. Here is what's cooking on offense this spring. We'll have the FIU defensive menu on the next post and you can look for our GPP Spring Football Awards Show on the blog next week.

As it's been talked about a lot on here and in your comments, Paul McCall has looked like a 10-year veteran running the revamped spread offense FIU is employing under new O-coordinator Bill Legg.

If you haven't been to any of the spring practices, check out the new offense, which asks the quarterback to be more mobile, including rollouts and the option. It seems to be a very quarterback-Jm_2 friendly O and takes some pressure off the O-line with a moving pocket and quick, short passes. Although it's not the same scheme, the offensive "style" has somewhat of a look of the West Coast offense the San Francisco 49ers ran with Joe Montana (left). Again, before I'm accused of hanging out with Ricky Williams-- I am NOT comparing FIU to the 49ers.

Also with the QBs, check out sophomore Colt Anderson (below right). There have been times this spring where he's looked like a top-notch QB, especially with his play-action rollouts and at times with his throwing.

FIU did not scrimmage last Saturday, but practiced game situations in a driving rain. During some of those situations, CA had some strong passes connecting with Jeremy Dickens on a 25-yarder through Ca_2 the rain.

A'mod Ned and Julian Reams have had solid springs, but let's see Daunte Owens take that next step. DO ran for 110 yards in the first scrimmage, but was limited to 18 yards in scrimmage No. 2. DO is the fastest FIU RB and using his speed can definitely help this season.

Among the receivers, Marquis Rolle, Dickens, Greg Ellingson and Kendall Berry have stood out in the first 12 practices. If he continues to develop, Rolle can be the top receiver on this team for the next 3 years. Dickens (left) just seems to find the ball and run the right routes every time. GE and KB have shown Dickens some secure hands.

It doesn't look like Moses Hinton will get that extra year of eligibility from the Sun Belt. New tight ends Travis Felder and James Wiggins have shown flashes this spring. Both are big bodies. TF has made some acrobatic catches this month. JW is making the transition from the D-line to TE.

The O-line appears to have gotten better judging by the success the running backs had in both scrimmages this spring. But one concern that has occurred for most of the spring has been the snapping.

Granted, it's only April, but there have been several fumbled exchanges between the centers and QBs. Also, some shotgun snaps have sailed over the QBs heads or have had the QBs acting like shortstops reaching for or at times diving for the ball from the center. I'm sure they'll be working on that until they get it right before Kansas on Aug. 30.


FIU Fanatic: College hoops signing day is this Wednesday. FIU is going to sign 6-10, 255-pound power forward Freddy Asprilla and 6-7 small forward J.C. Otero. There might be two or three more signings from what I'm hearing.

The OC Panther: Of the FIU seniors from last season, Lionell Singleton may have the best chance to catch on in the NFL. Of all the NFL Draft previews I've encountered, none have LS being drafted, but you never know if he catches on as a free agent. Spoke to Chandler Williams at last Saturday's practiceCw_4  and CW said he feels like he may have a shot with the Dolphins this season. CW right now is one of a handful of Dolphins receivers that is looking to make an impression on the new coaching staff. The Tuna (I know Tony Sparano is the coach, but the Tuna is calling the shots) has been known to be an equal opportunity football guy. Remember, he gave Wayne Chrebet a chance and he ended up having a pretty good career.

FIUBlueandGold: Yes, this version of the spread will count on the QB to make plays with his feet. We've seen the option unveiled this spring and I've seen several bootlegs as well. As far as Troy Dannehower, yes he was in high school last season, but he may have the most experience of all the FIU QBs running this spread offense. He ran it his entire high school career and yes I know high school football is much different from college. Don't be surprised if he's NOT redshirted.

FF II UU FIU: Thanks to the magic of the internet, where space is endless, we can dedicate as much or as little space or write on any topic on any particular post and not have it wasted.


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