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You Stay Classy, FIU

It's no secret the FIU baseball season has not gone as many on this blog envisioned and everyone's got their own ideas why and you're more than welcome to vent those thoughts on the GPP. . .Hey that's what blogs are for, right?

Since we've been dallying in the whole two cents theme of late on the GPP, my two pennies Castillo_2 regarding FIU baseball revolve around poor pitching and poor defense. If you don't have either at any level of baseball, you're not going to win too many games. Just imagine where this team would be without the hitting of Jorge Castillo (left) and Ryan Mollica this season?

FIU does not have enough quality pitchers that can consistently locate more than two pitches for strikes. And on defense, many of the fielders don't have the necessary speed or range to get to balls that they should be getting to. The most striking examples of that were in the USC series and against Middle Tennessee as well.

So while TT does his best to fix those two areas, we'll get to the purpose of this post and that would be the final game of the 35-year baseball series between FIU and the canes. Tonight in Coral Gables, the Golden Panthers and the canes meet for the final time.

No need to re-hash the somewhat comical, unclassy events of the first meeting of 2008. If you do need a refresher, then look for Willie Nelson on the post entitled "You Are Always On My Mind". That GPP post was written April 4.

Not sure if Vegas lays odds for college baseball, but if they did FIU would be a huge underdog in Bilson_3tonight's game. But here's the thing and it's another beauty of baseball (might as well get a beauty photo on here since tonight's game could get ugly).

One of the many beauties of baseball is if one player, just one, pitches the game of his life, or one guy gets a timely hit or if the ball bounces a different way at a critical juncture of the game, then you never know who may win the game. You baseball purists, who read the GPP, know what I'm talking about.

I know there are a lot of ifs and buts here and if ifs and buts were candies and nuts we'd all have a party.

Former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joaquin "the dog" Andujar (left) said it best about baseball when he Ja was asked to describe the game, JA said: "You can describe baseball in one word: you never know".

Of course, JA threw a better curveball than he solved a math problem, but that's besides the point.

So if one Golden Panther pitches the game of his life, or another FIUer gets a clutch hit or makes a game-saving play then this crosstown series could end with a win by the visiting team.

Now I know all the cynics and amateur psychiatrists will want me to take a session on the couch for writing this post after FIU has stumbled to a 13-29 record. Having seen FIU play for most of this season, I'm not counting on an FIU win -- so there, I'm clinically sane. I'm just offering here one scenario, stranger things have happened.

Although I won't be able to be in Coral Gables tonight to cover the game (Herald hockey writer and half French-Canadian, Gui Reeshards or as he's known in the U.S. - George Richards will fill-in and will have a live game blog going on his Herald On Frozen Pond blog) here are some things I would count on if for some hell-freezes-over-reason FIU wins: 1) There would NOT be any chants that include a word that rhymes with "puck" followed by the opposing coach's name coming from the FIU dugout. 2) TT will shake JM's hand (like TT did in the first game) and not give the alligator handshake that JM gave. 3) The Golden Panthers would NOT trash the visiting dugout. To quote the esteemed and "I'm kind of a big deal" anchorman Ron Burgundy: "You stay classy, FIU". Ron


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Pete, I love this blog entry. I completely agree with you 100%. I am going to be at the game tonight. I am going to support our guys with the support they very well need and deserve. I hope that they do not stoop to a certain-school-which-shall-not-be-named's level and act like adults. But, I have faith that they will.


They trashed our dugout? What a classy team they have over there.

Great blog, however I disagree with you on giving TT a free pass and no accountability for this season. However, I agree that we MUST be ABOVE them in CLASS (which is easy to do!) and the scoreboard (with this FIU team is VERY difficult to do!). We can always dream for a victory.


we (FIU) won.
Now what UM?
I'm just sayin...go G-Panthers!!!

Amazing! Somethign you study in coprporate manegment so much:

the power of an organizations culture...

The Canes can't shake that classless, ignan't sense of entitlement, it reaches to all levels.

And we can't shake our expectations of losing and inferiority,
it reaches to all levels.

Meanwhile the realities have changed drastically. From on outsiders perspective the schools are now equals

A sign the world is coming to an end:

a sub-500 FIU baseball teams beats the #1 ranked Canes on their field in the last game of their over 3 decade old series.

The sweet taste of victory gets to linger in the mouth of the panther in perpetuity.

The only thing left for the world to finally come to an end is to have a cane fan come on this blog and actually congratulate the FIU faithful in an act of sportsmanship.

The world is safe.

Wow Pete....Did you see the future? LOL..Great blog, almost, almost calling the FIU win over the canes....I see the mutual attorney clan going Crazy.....Way to go out on the series with a win...I hope we didn't trash their dugout either....

Lurker (usually) here--

Agree, very disappointing that the series is not continuing--it's a longstanding (for South Florida) and natural (and already entertaining) rivalry that'll only get better in coming years. Let's all put on our big boy underoos, take a valium and hold your noses if need be, and shake on it; do the right thing for the city's college baseball fans.

As to tonight, very good game, GPs, looking forward to a lot more of that in the not-too-distant future.

And yeah, I'll say it: go Canes! (Surely you can admit that it's nice to finally have the Heat and Dolphin and Panther seasons in the rear-view and have a local team not sucking hugely? Lord knows I'd be rooting for FIU if they were Omaha-bound).

All riiiiiiiiight, FIU! Nice to see that TT & Company can win a game against someone that's worth a damn. This might be the best thing to come out of FIU sports all year long. (And Lord, does that statement show what a crappy year it's been for FIU sports.)

With that said, I'm still not going to let the baseball coaches off the hook for what has been an absolutely unacceptable and awful season. I think UFF and I have beat that horse to death. :) But this W does shows that there's a reason to hope for the future. Good enough for now, I guess... but if hope was dollar bills, FIU would probably be Bill Gates. Or at least Ross Perot. We're just awash in that these days.

I wonder if this FIU win will lead to the series being resumed next season? I can't imagine that UM would like it to end like this, even though they do dominate the overall series by more than a little bit.

I'm still holding hope that they play again next season. It'd be a shame, a REAL shame, to let this series die because of bad blood. People should be more professional than that. It doesn't always happen, granted, but we can hope. Great college baseball is a great thing, and more often than not, UM-FIU is a series worth watching.

So we end the FIU-UM series with a win and end the Orange Bowl with a win, seems like we're becoming pretty clutch!! Now we just need more clutch games, LOTS more, those are the only ones we can win...for now at least.

Great job tonight FIU! Man that game was nerve wrecking. Great win and now they can taste that one for a few years while they refuse to play us. I know they are an outstanding team which is what makes this victory so sweet. Has FIU ever beaten a # 1 ranked team in any major sport? Pete, maybe you can shed some light on that.

Jim Morris tried to get by that handshake again, almost playing it off like he didn't see Turtle's hand there, but he reluctantly shook it.

Once again, congrats Panthers, a very nice win that you should be proud of. How about we take this series from ULM and keep the momentum going!

I must say, REALLY disappointing to see Danny Price's son dressed in UCG gear. I know Danny didn't leave FIU on the best terms, but he gave a large part of his life to the school. Hope Danny wouldn't do the same thing as his son did.

Pete! You were right! During the game, I pointed at that scoreboard and told Max, "Pete was right. In baseball, you'll just never know." Even though, at that time the game hadn't ended yet, but the fact that the score was 4-3 FIU at that point was amazing. Then, we won!

I think this win made our season. I am a VERY proud Golden Panther. I am excited for our boys! :)

Great post, CA Cane...

I agree Fanatic, CA Cane seems like one of the good ones.

Our boys made me proud...but then again they always do; win or lose. Scheduling that game in the middle of final exams was cruel, but that seemed to work much in our favor. Great job guys.
ANd I'd lke ot than the Maniac for coming over and shaking hands with some of the FIU fans. I guess the mascot is about the classiest thing I have seen come out of the private school across town.

By the way, our guys kept everything classy as usual. Like Max stated above, Turtle acted like the adult he is and extended his hand to Jim. Jim tried to act as if he didn't notice, but had no choice but to shake Turtle's hand anyway. :)

However, just want to give credit where credit is due. I saw no nasty stuff from their fans or players like at our place last time. Tonight, most fans seemed well behaved and their players didn't seem to do any of those classless things they did last time.

Paradox, I believe we sat behind you. It was definitely good times.

It really is a shame that this series will not continue. It always seems to be an exciting game when we play them even if they get the best of us most of the time.

Great WIN FIU!!, I hope we get more of those next year, lets wait for the recruits that will play for us next year.
I also think that CA Cane should change his/her name to Classy Cane, there is a realy fan not a fanatic. Well I am sure if the series is over for a while, I hope we can play them again at regionals or maybe even Omaha some day in the future.

to quote Mickey Arison "Stay White".

First of all, very classy on your part CA.

Great win last night!!! It's just a shame that they won't play next year. Hopefully alligator arms Jim Morris decides to change his mind. Playing each other is good for both programs and for the city. To limit UM to 3 runs is an impressive pitching performance by the kids.


FIU = UM, but with class

you guys that was a great win, im a very superstitious (<--not sure on spelling) guy and i was listening on the radio bottom of the 8th, 1 out runners on first and second game at 4-3... i had to switch off. thankfully i did i check online and we won lol but lets be classy as pete said sothpaw FIU doesnt = UM with class FIU and UM are totally different and the only way that everyone sees that is if we stop comparing

CJ, I am very superstitious too. I didn't want to say much so as not to jinx the game for us. I was trying very hard not to bite my nails while sitting there watching the game. lol

Thirty five years of playing your cross-town university will end because Jim Morris can't learn how to play nice? Maybe we can ask his close friends Jorge de Cespedes and Pete Garcia to talk to him specifically about continuing this tradition instead of just beating around the bush with him and doing the little soft shoe dance. If he (Morris) doesn't want to play FIU any more, then he should be called out on the carpet and should be man enough to fully explain his reasons. Grow up, Jim Morris. You are not bigger than this community.

Congrats TT and FIU baseball!!!! Loved hearing Joe Zagacki (btw an FIU alumnus; yea I know, disgusting!) call the final out and say, "the FIU Golden Panthers (his alma mater) have defeated the Hurricanes...". However, was disturbed to hear that DP's son was wearing UCG stuff! I know DP was treated HORRIBLY on his exit, however knowing DP for 20+ years, HE WOULD NEVER WEAR THOSE COLORS. It doesn't matter how hurt he feel about his exit, does colors don't go with DP!


Formerly Dan le Batard (but they dont let me use that name anymore):

This is just a sign of the future boys. i have been saying it from the start that this season was going to be a long tough season because although we, fiu, have some ball players, there are just too many holes in the team. The word on the streets is that TT is doing some serious work recruiting and is getting some quality players, which is even more impressive because i hear that he has a shadow these days by the name of Gino Dimare going after every player he does. And for all you cane fans that want to come on here and support gino, there were UM players during the game last night that were bashing Dimare.

I would like to say that TT coached a great game last night. Everybody is talking solely about the victory, which is great dont get me wrong, but that squeeze bunt in the 9th was out of hand. that was a great f-ing call. And then he followed it with a perfectly executed hit and run. Definitely tip the hat to TT for last nights victory.

FIU Fan: yeah, i cant believe ur boy Jorge De Cespedes is that cool with Morris. ive seen them giving hugs and stuff to each other. Morris is a straight up dirt bag and a $h!tty person. there has been multiple classless acts from that guy this year. Let me tell you guys what his train of thought is about the FIU-UM matchup....He is staying quiet because he feels that over time, people will just start to forget about it and move on and that he will get by unscathed. I cant stand that guy, never could.

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