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Oh, That Wacky Joaquin Andujar

Maybe the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher had the right idea cooking after all.Ja

Apparently Joaquin Andujar (right) was not as wacky as people thought when in the early 1980's he said about baseball: "You can describe baseball in one word: you never know".

Pretty appropriate considering the result of the final game in the 35-year series between FIU and the canes.

Arriving in Coral Gables on Wednesday night was a struggling Golden Panthers team that hadn't done much right this season. Awaiting them were the mighty canes, their no. 1 ranking and fresh with the memory of a 13-2 trashing at FIU three weeks ago.

Raimy_2 Not a chance for FIU. No way. Tu estas loco?

A 13-29 team can't possibly beat a 33-4 team. . ."You never know".

By the way, great catch by Raimy Fuentes (left).

While I appreciate the kind words Miri and FIU Fanatic, the idea for the last post "You Stay Classy, FIU" came from Mr. Andujar and Ron Burgundy.

Like FIUandME pointed out, FIU is making a habit of closing out some traditional things the right way --Let's see:

Ob_2 Turning out the lights at the Orange Bowl....FIU 38, North Texas 19

Tt_2  Turning out the lights on the FIU/canes baseball series....FIU 6, canes 3

Turning out the lights on the FIU/canes hoops series in 2008-09....Priceless??

No pressure on SR and the FIU hoopsters when they play the final game of the Golden Panthers/canes hoops series next season in Coral Gables.

While the baseball series with the canes was entertaining throughout the years, don't bank on that continuing unless someone from the canes (new AD?) orders JM to continue the series. Don't see it happening.

When I asked JM at FIU three weeks ago about it, a frown came across his face and he began to mumble his responses....which he basically said -- no more games with FIU. Not to keep bringing Willie Nelson into the GPP, but you can read JM's answers in the April 4 GPP post. Last night, George Richards, who covered the game for me, says JM avoided the discussion of continuing the series. Sure Ttjm_2 it will be a shame for the local high school kids who won't play each other at the two schools, but continuing this series shouldn't really be a concern for FIU. Water off a Dd duck's back.

The Golden Panthers need to focus on winning the Sun Belt year in, year out and becoming a college baseball power -- something that should have happened a long time ago for a university with a Miami address, but that's another story. Now that the right head coach (TT) is in place that will happen at FIU.

Entering its series with Sun Belt leader Louisiana-Monroe on Friday night, FIU sits in 9th place in the conference. The top 8 teams make the SBC tourney. The Golden Panthers trail 7th place Louisiana-Lafayette and Middle Tennessee by one game and are just 4 games from fourth place Western Kentucky. FIU has 12 Sun Belt games left. Considering how poorly, the Golden Panthers have played this season, maybe Wednesday night was the spark they needed.

Hey, it's baseball: you never know.


MaXx: Checking the FIU media guides, this was the first time the Golden Panthers have beaten any No. 1 team at least in Division I. The Division II records are not clear.Pg_2

The FIU Fan: Glad to hear you are still hanging around the GPP. You shouldn't wait around for JM to come out and fully explain his reasons for not continuing to play FIU. Here's the most obvious one: JM could start losing annually to TT and that would not be good for his blood pressure.

hankgoldberg: Sorry to hear about the name change. You would think with DLB's one-year vacation coming up, you would still be able to use the name.

Yes, you are correct it was Turtle's decisions in the top of the 9th that led to FIU getting those two insurance runs. Great moves by TT with the squeeze bunt and then the hit-and-run. Way to keep putting pressure on the defense.

UltimateFIUFan & Clawing Cancer (formerly MB): We shall agree to disagree on the FIU coaching.

FIUandME: There will be more clutch games from FIU in the future like the OB closing and the canes series closing. With the risk of (those-who-do-not-understand-the-meaning-of) pounding their keyboards upon reading this, I say never forget the start of T.D.A.O.S. Many on the GPP know what I'm talking about.

Gold, CA Cane & AlexFAU06: Welcome all to the GPP.

We're trying to get Cindy Crawford in town and on time for the FIU spring football awards on the next GPP blog.


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lol pete i say let the pounding of the keyboard continue b/c TDAOS is more than a one year process it a building process. i think the right people understand that its kool great catch frase. now if only we can get the school to give out free shirts w/ that printed on them FIU FOOTBALL in the front TDAOS in the back start the shirt productions! lol i know my friends from the U are coming strong now!

Thanks again pete,

I saw Mario yesterday and you can just tell there is a sense of confidence when he speaks of this up coming season. Do I smell a surprising .500 season? I hope so!

Anyways, thanks again for the great read, keep up the great work.

Great victory -- To those that want results yesterday, any change in leadership creates a period of change and sometimes backslide. It happens in business all of the time. But once things are set for the new leadership and buy-in from the team (sports or not) happens, then good things follow. A reputation like Turtle's does not happen overnight, and neither does respect from some baseball's coaching greats. He has both for a reason...


OK, fair enough, Pete. Being negative all the time isn't a good thing, either. I'll just say that this coaching staff, especially TT, has the makeup to be great. You wouldn't be talking about Omaha if that wasn't the case. So let's see them be great already. Hopefully, that started on Wednesday.

And as for the "FIU beating a #1 team" question... I was wondering the same thing myself. I had a feeling that was a first. Thanks for the info, Pete.

I think letting UM-FIU die (in any of the sports) should be a concern. I don't think FIU should be on their hands and knees begging to play Miami, but there is definitely more than enough reasons for both schools to make room on their schedules for one another every season. And that's for all sports... even football, eventually, once FIU gets past being a Sun Belt doormat. Rivalries are part of what makes sports great, and cross-town rivalries are a rarity in college. Other than USC-UCLA and Rice-Houston, I can't think of any other at the D-I level.

This is a situation, in my mind, where it benefits both sides to play one another every season, petty squabbles be damned. It can bring more general attention to college sports in Miami, especially once FIU gets better. And a strong rivalry can help breed a sports culture that south Florida in general really lacks. If Morris or any of the other UM coaches don't have the stones to continue this series, both AD's should override him... hell, get the presidents involved if you must.

To not have UM and FIU play each other isn't the end of the world... they don't need to play every season... but they should. It just makes sense. I hope sanity prevails here.

UM can run, but they can't hide. They're turning their backs on us now because they're scared.

Meanwhile, the monster will keep growing...

When they turn their backs around to us once again at some point down the road, they're not going to like what they see. They may just have to look up.

Great, and I mean, great article on Marshall McDuffie and his turnaround after the UM fiasco. Great job of putting that story out, Pete, as I found it to be very uplifting for such a young man to mature like that....Thanks for the story.

Agree with Fanatic. That might've been one of your best stories, Pete. Save that one for the resume! ;)

Glad to see the FIU administration did the right thing with McDuffie. He earned his way back on the football field!!! The younger players can learn from his maturity and his experiences. Great story Pete, I wish this kid the best.


Was anyone drafted from FIU this weekend? I was out of the country and did not get to see the draft. I tried to find an online brkdown of the draft by colleges, and didnt see FIU on there. I did see that my Canes managed to make it 14 years in a row with a First rd. pick. I also saw the that the Ravens drafted T. Gooden, a UM LB, is he Ray lewis replacement when the Hall opf Famer retires - what happened to "The Monster"

lol 24/7 no no1 was drafted from FIU.. and "the monster" as you put it is just fine and dandy.. just like you said... replacement for Ray Lewis.. AB plays OLB if gooden was brought in to replace ray he will play ILB.. nice try at trying to discourage the GP faithful though. and congrats on the streak... btw who do you think will continue it next year? i really dont see anyone

I agree that next years draft may not have a UM first rounder - bu there are some talented players on the roster for this year, and if they have good seasons - you never know. Players like Javarris James at RB; Eric Moncur at D-End; Anthony Reddick at Safety; Daryl Sharpton at LB and Reggie Youngblood OL - may be first rounders, IF they all of tremendous seasons.

hmmmmmm....no comment on the baseball game?...or Marshall McDuffie? Figures.

Yeah Fanatic, it figures that 24/7 wouldnt make a comment on the baseball game or Marshall McDuffie....because, as far as the baseball game goes, it happens. This is baseball, on any given day, anyone can beat anyone. Miami then turned around and swept the #16 team in the nation after taking 2 of 3 from the #2 team a week earlier. Do you think we are still worried about one loss? Not so much. It was a great win for you guys, i dont want to take anything away from that, but it was a lot more important to you than to us. I mean, we have more important things to worry about, like the ACC tournament and regionals and super-regionals and OMAHA. (In case you forgot Fanatic, those are the goals for real teams, opposed to celebrating one victory and being on the bubble for the FHSAA regionals, i mean sunbelt tourney.)

And regards to thinking 24/7 should have made a comment about McDuffie??????? What for? Did I miss something? Did he get drafted in the first round like Kenny Phillips? How bout in the second round like Calais? Third round like TGood? Drafted at all?........ Maybe he didnt comment because he didnt want to offend all of you and say what he really thought about a great story that was well written by PP....WHO CARES.

(but yes, I do believe it was a good story and it is great for him)

It is so funny, FIU Fanatic and other FIU fans cry like little girls when UM fans post on this blog and say we should stick to our own blog, but when a UM fan does not comment on something like a meaningless win by a piss poor baseball team, or a punk who got reinstated (until he does sopmething moronic again and gets kicked off) the FIU fans are looking for the UM fan thoughts. I do not understand.

As for TheU24/7 not commenting on the baseball win - it was probably because he was too busy watching UM sweep the number 16 team in the country and another UM player get drafted in the first round of the NFL draft while our crosstown "rivals" were winning 2 of 3 from another national nobody in the sunbelt and not having anyone drafted in the NFL draft, in any round.

Yeah, looks like FIU is still that sleeping monster, does anyone here truly beleive that it is ever going to wake up? I don't. If anything, I think the NCAA, the FIU athletic dept and the fans should "pull the plug" and either go to D-II or NAIA where they can compete against other schools that are substandard in every sport. Jst think, than you can claim to have the best ON CAMPUS stadium in DII as opposed to your current claim of having an ON CAMPUS statdium and being the worst team in the NCAA D-1.

I hate to admit it, but I agree with CC. I think it would be best for FIU to move to either D-II or NAIA at this point and gain national recognition there and then, when we are ready, jump to D-1. I am not a fan of losing in every sport and celebrating a meaningless win against North Texas or 2-3 against the SunBelt front runner. I want to win championships and I do not care if they are D-II or NAIA championships, it is better than being a laughing stock.

Pete, has their been any talk of moving FIOU athletics down a division? Do you think if I got a petition started and circulated it, PG and company would pay attention?

Who is with me?

I would like to start a petition for FIU to play highschool teams...what do you think FIUDAD? 5A, 6A?

Then maybe my prediction of a .500+ record MIGHT come true (as long as they dont have to play Gulliver, American Heritage, Palmetto, Killian, Southridge, HML, Gables, Coral Park, Flannigan, American, Columbus, Pace, St Thomas Aquinas, Belen, Westminister CHristian, Florida Christian, Westminister Academy, Miami Christian, Brito, Chaminade Madonna...)

MIA-NY josh - that is a GREAT idea. However, why don't we let FIU play those teams, but first, lets take the BEST players off of them (because they are going to end up drafted, at UM, or another baseball powerhouse) That way not only will FIOU have a chance at winning, they will also get to evaluate the second and third tier talent pool they can recruit from.

Furthermore, as for FIUDads petition, I think it is a GREAT idea, and I for one would be first in line to sign. Pete, wouldn't you rather cover a team that is winning games and championships than losing ALL the time. Wouldn't you rather sit in the skybox of the new stadium watching FIU MAYBE beat teams like Framingham State (D-III), rather than watch them get waxed week in and week out by other garbage SunBelt teams? I think you should sign the petition right after me.

CrazyCane (aka FIUDad), Bellveue has openings in their mental ward. You need to take care of that multiple personality disorder. Your name is quite fitting, by-the-way.

TNGP - thanks for the wondeful contribution to the blog. I am sure that we all appreciate your mental analysis of me, but I did not see that you rejected the move of FIU from D! to DII or NAIA. SO, can I put your name on the list behind FIUDad, CrazyCane, Pete, and NY Josh. Thanks for the support. I hope more of the FIU fans follow your lead and sign the petition to place FIU in the proper division.

Crazy Cane, why care so much? Does FIU intimidate your Canes? I mean why else would you care that FIU is playing D-1 sports? Hell, we're not playing you guys in football or baseball anymore!

All you seem to be is an agitator and you end up looking really dumb and ignorant. So, don't worry about FIU and whether we should be D-I, D-II, or whatever you think we should be. Our football program is a work-in-progress that has seen horrible management since its inception. We're hoping MC changes that and we think things are starting to look better especially after having a good set of recruits.

Meanwhile, go back to celebrating the U and its 5 championships, all which were deserved but, remember that UM was also pretty crappy for a long time before Schellenberger brought back the school from extinction.

Don't forget also how crappy they were after the NCAA brought down the hammer in the mid-90's. Talk about playing like a D-II team during those times!

These mutual attorneys with afinity for name calling and insult hurling are almost identical in their erratic behavior...I mean, how can they write so much, without saying anything of substance? Unbelievable hate...NOW they come in and attack, while being very, very silent the last week...LOL

BTW, this is blog to discuss FIU, and the blog WAS about the baseball game. It seems these aspiring attorneys at their own little mutually defending lawyers don't seem to understand this, and want to change what is being discussed here to try and make some type of obscure point.

Ohhh...loco cc....BTW...That state-of-the-art ON CAMPUS stadium FIU is building is getting to be fantastic....yes...ON CAMPUS. LOL.

i think we should start a petition of our own. i say we petition PETE to force FIU DAD to change his name to something more fitting... i vote for FIUturncoat or turncoatDAD because since the first day he started posting he has done nothing more than turn on FIU the moment the going gets tough. the man is no true fan.

CJ, I think its pretty obvious FIUDad is really CrazyCane. The guy posts 4 minutes after CrazyCane did and the dude hasn't been on this blog for weeks. And, what a coincidence, he agrees with everything CrazyCane writes! Actually, I think all these UM posters are the same guy since they always show up at the same time.

Where's FIUMom? Talk about turncoat...she just gave up completely.

Wow FIUDad... you really are a retard. Since day one you've come on here and made all sorts of ridiculous statements. Everything from talking trash about Garcia and Cristobal to saying we should move down to Division II. Do you really want your son to play at a Division II school? Are those the dreams you had for the son you care so much about?

If you hate FIU so much. Take your kid out of there and run like hell. No one on this blog likes you here anyone. Your insight is skewed and ignorant at best. And you might be a slightly retarded.

If you hate FIU so much... take your kid out of there and run like hell. No one on this blog likes you here anyway. Your insight is skewed and ingnorant at best... and you might be slightly retarded.

Sorry for the typos.

dont worry about the typo's pikedanny when your typing angry it happens.

Fantastic drama on this blog. FIUMOM is no longer FIUMOM, since her son couldn't cut it at FIU and had to transfer to some po-dunk school in Jacksonville. As far as the Mcduffie story goes, it's a great story. Truly, but this kind of puts some egg on the face of all the people who complained about Reddick being reinstated. A little pot calling the kettle....

lol fomenter i will agree w/ you if you can show me a video where mcduffie swings a helmet. a real question though when did reddick get reinstated as aposed to mcduffie

To quote Wyclef "no fightin! Shakira, Shakira..."


Cane fans are scared that people at the fleamarket will stop buying their bootleg U of M t-shirts and since 90% of them never went to any college, they'll have to get jobs sweeping up our stadium.

Amazing...he won't answer you, CJ...and he says he's no cane fan...if he walks like a cat, chases mouses, runs from dogs, and meows...he must be a cat....one game versus 1 and a half years, a bachelor's degree, and amazing contribution to his community and other country's poor kids. What a comparison!! Truly delusional to compare the two in order to minimize the obvious difference.

It's obvious FIUDad is CC. I've never seen FIUDad with one positive post about FIU. When he types it's a bunch of crap complaining about FIU moving to DII or DIII. This guy is a joke!!!

CJ brought up a good point about Reddick. I would love to hear what UCG supporters think about that. While you explain Reddick, refresh my memory on Brandon Merriweather; wasn't he the player stomping an FIU player when he was on the ground? How many games did he get suspended? I think it was one game.

Talking baseball, it's ridiculous how after they got beat last Wednesday by FIU there wasn't any post from CC(FIUDad), I know we've had a rough year in baseball but it was great to see us beat your classless Canes.


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