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Oh, That Wacky Joaquin Andujar

Maybe the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher had the right idea cooking after all.Ja

Apparently Joaquin Andujar (right) was not as wacky as people thought when in the early 1980's he said about baseball: "You can describe baseball in one word: you never know".

Pretty appropriate considering the result of the final game in the 35-year series between FIU and the canes.

Arriving in Coral Gables on Wednesday night was a struggling Golden Panthers team that hadn't done much right this season. Awaiting them were the mighty canes, their no. 1 ranking and fresh with the memory of a 13-2 trashing at FIU three weeks ago.

Raimy_2 Not a chance for FIU. No way. Tu estas loco?

A 13-29 team can't possibly beat a 33-4 team. . ."You never know".

By the way, great catch by Raimy Fuentes (left).

While I appreciate the kind words Miri and FIU Fanatic, the idea for the last post "You Stay Classy, FIU" came from Mr. Andujar and Ron Burgundy.

Like FIUandME pointed out, FIU is making a habit of closing out some traditional things the right way --Let's see:

Ob_2 Turning out the lights at the Orange Bowl....FIU 38, North Texas 19

Tt_2  Turning out the lights on the FIU/canes baseball series....FIU 6, canes 3

Turning out the lights on the FIU/canes hoops series in 2008-09....Priceless??

No pressure on SR and the FIU hoopsters when they play the final game of the Golden Panthers/canes hoops series next season in Coral Gables.

While the baseball series with the canes was entertaining throughout the years, don't bank on that continuing unless someone from the canes (new AD?) orders JM to continue the series. Don't see it happening.

When I asked JM at FIU three weeks ago about it, a frown came across his face and he began to mumble his responses....which he basically said -- no more games with FIU. Not to keep bringing Willie Nelson into the GPP, but you can read JM's answers in the April 4 GPP post. Last night, George Richards, who covered the game for me, says JM avoided the discussion of continuing the series. Sure Ttjm_2 it will be a shame for the local high school kids who won't play each other at the two schools, but continuing this series shouldn't really be a concern for FIU. Water off a Dd duck's back.

The Golden Panthers need to focus on winning the Sun Belt year in, year out and becoming a college baseball power -- something that should have happened a long time ago for a university with a Miami address, but that's another story. Now that the right head coach (TT) is in place that will happen at FIU.

Entering its series with Sun Belt leader Louisiana-Monroe on Friday night, FIU sits in 9th place in the conference. The top 8 teams make the SBC tourney. The Golden Panthers trail 7th place Louisiana-Lafayette and Middle Tennessee by one game and are just 4 games from fourth place Western Kentucky. FIU has 12 Sun Belt games left. Considering how poorly, the Golden Panthers have played this season, maybe Wednesday night was the spark they needed.

Hey, it's baseball: you never know.


MaXx: Checking the FIU media guides, this was the first time the Golden Panthers have beaten any No. 1 team at least in Division I. The Division II records are not clear.Pg_2

The FIU Fan: Glad to hear you are still hanging around the GPP. You shouldn't wait around for JM to come out and fully explain his reasons for not continuing to play FIU. Here's the most obvious one: JM could start losing annually to TT and that would not be good for his blood pressure.

hankgoldberg: Sorry to hear about the name change. You would think with DLB's one-year vacation coming up, you would still be able to use the name.

Yes, you are correct it was Turtle's decisions in the top of the 9th that led to FIU getting those two insurance runs. Great moves by TT with the squeeze bunt and then the hit-and-run. Way to keep putting pressure on the defense.

UltimateFIUFan & Clawing Cancer (formerly MB): We shall agree to disagree on the FIU coaching.

FIUandME: There will be more clutch games from FIU in the future like the OB closing and the canes series closing. With the risk of (those-who-do-not-understand-the-meaning-of) pounding their keyboards upon reading this, I say never forget the start of T.D.A.O.S. Many on the GPP know what I'm talking about.

Gold, CA Cane & AlexFAU06: Welcome all to the GPP.

We're trying to get Cindy Crawford in town and on time for the FIU spring football awards on the next GPP blog.


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