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And That's the Last of It

Simp_2 The final punishment handed down by the NCAA on FIU was announced on Wednesday.

For the compliance infractions committed by FIU from the 2002 to 2006 seasons, the NCAA added one year of probation for FIU and took away 20.32 scholarships -- most of which FIU already absorbed in the past signing period for recruits. This is different from the APR news from Tuesday, which has to do with the academic progress of student-athletes.

Last fall, FIU self-imposed a three-year probation period for past compliance violations that included using ineligible players from 2002 to 2006, misapplied enrollment and financial aid rules, and transfer requirements. The NCAA added a fourth year of probation that puts FIU on probation beginning May 15, 2008 and ending May 19, 2012.

When FIU made the jump from Division I-AA to Division I, the university's compliance department was not adequately staffed or prepared to take that step. I know FIU likes to do everything on a fast track, but when it moved to Division I it was not ready for its compliance department to become Division I.

Since self-imposing its penalties, FIU has strengthened its compliance department with the necessary resources to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Taking some positives out of all of this: most FIU teams have their full allotment of scholarships for next year, with the exception of men's and women's soccer which still have to give up one scholie each. Also, there were no postseason bans handed down by the NCAA.


FI-UM Fan: We'll have a blog updating the new stadium soon.Be_4

UltimateFIUFan: Next time I run into Mike Lowell, I'll ask him about his new book. As far Brad Eldred (right), he's playing for the Chicago White Sox's Triple A team, Charlotte Knights. Eldred leads the Knights with 8 home runs and 29 RBI.

paradox: The 16 hours practice time the FIU baseball team is being restricted to next season has nothing to do with TT. The four hours the NCAA took away were for the baseball team's low APR for the past four years before TT. And that is something that CANNOT be pinned on former coach Danny Price either, because FIU did not have the proper resources (advisors, tutors, technical support) for the student-athletes.

MaXx: The GPP is talking FIU sports. Yes, all teams with the exception of the soccer teams and the one scholarship the men's basketball team has to surrender for the APR for 2008-09, every other FIU team is fully-loaded with scholies for next season.

jimmy: Welcome to the GPP. Yes, the APR is different from the NCAA probation. FIU football gave up 3 scholarships for APR, that's why MC can only sign 22 players this year, instead of 25. The probation scholies come off the maximum roster size this year. So instead of having the max roster size of 85 players this upcoming season, FIU football can only have 82 players.


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Thanks for the clarifications Pete. A lot of people are trying to blame the current people in charge but they aren't reading enough to realize that it was the responsibility of those employed during those years.

So just to clarify, other than Men's and Women's soccer next year, all scholarship amounts will return to normal from then on?

Those are good clarification points, Pete. I remember when this hit the news at the beginning of this school's year, and the self-imposed penalties. I remember some ridiculous claims by some people outside of FIU made. However, I'm glad the official NCAA handling of this case is over, and just mirroring the self imposed penalties FIU did.

"Also, there were no postseason bans handed down by the NCAA."

Thank god, because we all know what devastation that would have caused. I mean, TDAOS. So now, FIU is eligible to play in Omaha, in the Rose Bowl and in the NCAA bball tourney. Should we book our plane tickets now?

Now we can evaluate the hiting of Pete Garcia, and give it an A+, he came to do the right things, clean the programs and improve/create the system to make this a successful all around program.
I was reading the Manny Navarro article on high school recruiting for next year, and I am impress to see that FIU has offer scholies to two of those future seniors, that means that our coaching staff is very active and working hard to make this program successful, and I am confident that they will achieve that goal.

Nice to see that this is over. What penalties does the four year probation include besides the loss of scholarships? I once felt bad about how Mello was let go, but if that is the cluster **** that he left behind, he can rot in heck. As for PG, I still think he'll jump ship eventually, but he did a great job here. Did he know that something like this was going to happen or is he as blinded sided by all these infractions as much as the fan base is?

Pete, in your blog you state, "The NCAA added a fourth year of probation that puts FIU on probation beginning May 15, 2008 and ending May 19, 2012." However, you state later in the blog that Football will have its full allotment of scholarships starting next year and there was no ban on post season play. So my question is, how do thses sanctions lasting through 2012 effect the football team and baseball team? I am still unclear on that.

Today is a sad day for FIU. This is direct from the NCAA webpage,

The NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions has penalized Florida International University for major NCAA rules violations in its athletics program. The violations include ineligible participation, misapplied financial aid rules and a lack of institutional control.

Now I understand that many of these violations preceed our current regime - bu the university as a whole is larger than our current AD and head coaches. "lack of institutional control - that is something we expect to hear from cross town - not at FIU. This falls on the Pres. of the school as well as the athletic dept. I repeat this is a sad day for FIU sports and it sets us back 4 years, maybe longer. No big time recruits are going to want to come to a school with all these problems. I feel bad for PG and MC, because it seemed like they were headed in the right direction, and now the only place they are headed in down.

I am still an FIU fan, but these violations have upset me as it should all of the FIU fans on this blog.

FIURulez and FIUDad, you guys are missing one vital point of all this, the university ALREADY knew about these infractions and had self imposed these penalties on itself. All the NCAA did was confirm those penalties and added a year to them. Check this link and read the second article and you will see that the administration has already imposed these penalties themselves.


To answer your question 24/7, the scholarships that are taken away by these sanctions are off of the total number of 85. So the way I understand it is the team may only have 82 scholarship players until 2012. However, Coach Cristobal is able to award 25 scholarships per recruiting class starting next season. At least that is the way I understand it.

"lack of institutional control - that is something we expect to hear from cross town - not at FIU.

You have to be kidding, you expect that at another place yet your school is being slapped for the problems, classic.

GO Canes!

Just to add, Pete's new article on the FIU page of the Herald clarifies the situation further. He mentions that FIU already knew and imposed these sanctions. The report simply became official by the NCAA. The university knew about this already and had already imposed the consequences on itself.

Anyway, baseball takes on South Alabama at home this weekend. We need at least a series win to stay in the hunt for a tournament birth. Good luck to the baseball players.

Does the fact that the University knew about the sanctions and imposed penalties on itself make this any better? I do not think so. The fact remains, FIU broke NCAA rules and it seems like the FIU fan base does not care. It does not seem like the fan base is mad at the program as a whole. You all should be up in arms about this. At least when UM was breaking rules in the mid 90's there were winning going on before the violations - what was the point of cheating for FIU - it didnt result in any winning - if anything the program lost more. FIU should be embarrassed not only by the fact that they were caught cheating, but by the fact that the administration, designated FIU media and the fans are not more upset and rather, are okay with the situation because they imposed sanctions on themselves. If someone shoplifts and then feels bad abouot it and tells themselves that for the next year, they will not buy anything as a self imposed sanction - you know what that makes them - a criminal.

Pete, these "ineligible players", what sports were they in? Is there a breakdown of so many played this sport or that sport, etc.?


Good job MaXx on explaining the situation. I know it can be a bit difficult to grasp, but this has been going on since PG took over and conducted the evaluation. The analysis found out those infractions, and then FIU went on to notify the NCAA and self-imposed the majority of the penalties, which were then "validated" yesterday by the NCAA, for the most part.

As far as "probation"...I'm not sure, but it seems to me it only means that the program is under the scrutiny until that date, not necessarily meaning the sanctions will be in effect until that day. If anything else happens during the "probationary period" (until 2012), I would think penalties would be more severe than if the program was not on probation...

24/7, it's not that FIU fans aren't upset. Keep in mind that FIU announced these infractions about a year ago. Therefore, FIU fans were ALREADY upset about a year ago, what is the point of being upset about them again now? It's like getting mad for the same thing twice.

We all know this is not good news, but because so much time has passed since it was announced most of us already knew about them and made our peace with it. Also, it is not the end of the world and we are very happy that the administration is taking the proper steps to make sure it does not happen again.

Stop trying to explain it to 24/7, he is not smart enough to comprehend the situation probably because of his UM background. Though, you would think he would understand the word "probation" as I am sure he is on it as well.

I know we were going to ignore the UCGers but this was an obvious point I had to make.

Dont worry, in 4 years, sans probation, you can expect TDAOS to ring true and we will be outofthecage

OOTC88 - I must demand that you go back inot the cage. As I have stated several times on this blog - I AM AN FIU GRAD! So basically, you are calling me stupid b/c I went to FIU - way to support the cause. Yes, my heart is with UM fan, but my brain has been formed by FIU - so please keep the name calling and the stupid accusations to the people you know went to UM. See FIU fans, OOTC88 (an FIU fan) is no better than any UM fan, we accept it, it is time you all need to and get off the moral high horse. FIU fans are just as bad, if not worse, than UM fans because at least UM fans having a winning tradition to fall back on.

Man, I come back after a couple of days to read all this hate? Sheesh. Weirdly enough, though, I think all this hating (on both sides) proves my point about FIU-UM needing to continue as a series in all sports. There's no other rivalry FIU has that can compare. And other than FSU and UF, the same can be said for Miami, too. This is the stuff rivalries are made of. It's too good to let it die.

And to my fellow GP'ers here who hate that UM'ers are hitting the board hard... there's only one thing worse than hate, and that's indifference. If they're here, it's because they care. And, also, because you let them needle you. Stop worrying about the haters, folks. Think of their posts as yet another reason why the Miami Herald is giving more coverage to FIU these days. If nothing else, it's keeping PP employed. :)

Besides, if FIU is going to get big time, all the fans better start getting callouses on their skin. The vitriol only gets worse when your team's doing well.

Anyway... no shocker about the rules violations, or the penalties. I don't know if I'd give PG an A+, but he's certainly done a good job putting FIU in the best position it could be in scholly-wise and probably department-wise too.

I wouldn't blame Mello so much for what's happened, either... he never had the kind of control PG had. It's the top level that screwed this pooch big time, and fairly or not, Maidique has to take a lot of the blame for it. But it's mostly been fixed now. Hopefully, the school now knows what it means to have an Athletic Director that, y'know, actually IS an AD instead of being a figure head. Also, I hope FIU's learned from that disastrous decision to jump to D-I in football. They did it way too fast, and everyone at FIU has and will continue to pay a heavy price for not only poor planning but for poor execution, too. I won't even go into the on-field crap, but if there is a silver lining here, at least football didn't get hammered too bad on the schollies. That would've been a real hurdle to overcome.

If you say so Pete. But you sure that 16 hour practice restriction has nothing to do with the 6 hour+, 7-day a week practices that went on last fall and this spring before games began? Of course, those hours could not have been "official".

As an FIU fan and financial supporter of the athletic program I am very disappointed to read that we had penalties placed upon us for noncompliance. It seems as if the school was unequipped to deal with the transition from Division II to Division I. With that being said, I hope that the athletic department gets their stuff together because enough is enough.

As an alum and avid supporter of FIU, I'm deeply saddened by another ding in our reputation. Just the fact that I have to go and read another article about probation and the added comments by others about how inept and unorganized we are, just makes me red in the face. I hope Pete Garcia really is turning this ship around because I cannot stand reading another bad article of my beloved school! Enough IS enough!


Maxx, I was not clear. I meant when he was hired. Did he know that there were violations and that he would have to go through this? I am aware that the violations were self reported.

"As an alum and avid supporter of FIU, I'm deeply saddened by another ding in our reputation"

Very good TNPanther, can you tell us what this "reputation" entails?

MIA/NY Josh, I can answer that question on TNPanther's behalf, it is a reputation of thugs, probabtion resulting in a large amount of reduced scholarships in football and suspension of post season play, murder on campus, oh wait, that is UM's reputation. Sorry.

Josh, the reputation of a solid academic institution and not necessarily its sports program. Although any somewhat intelligent person could distinguish the two, many people lump these recent bad headlines with our academics and trash our school. Its obviously not a fair assessment of FIU.

The U24/7 has clearly articulated their culture when he wrote:

"At least when UM was breaking rules in the mid 90's there were winning going on before the violations - what was the point of cheating for FIU - it didnt result in any winning"

Moral of the story - cheat to win. if you cheat and win, then the ends justify the means and cheating is A OK.

Please don't engage this clown (u24/7) any further. This is the guy/gal who doesn't appreciate FIU adding new leadership, being honest about where FIU was and taking proactive steps to fix it.

In short, u24/7 is a waste of time and space.

TNGoldenPanther : I remember you from your past visit at the FAU blog. You said pretty bad things about FAU being a bad school. What do you have to say now ? There is a rumor going around saying something about FIU being removed from the Shula's Bowl trophy in 2005 ( yes, the only time FIU beat FAU ). ah ! next time you have to say something about FAU, please back it up with real facts.

Isn't FIU 4th tier as a school? So the real question is what's worse, their academics or their athletics?

Formenter, FIU is presently a 4th tier university because of its age or lack there of. FIU's 4th tier ranking has little to do with academic success or lack of success.

Older institutions with established fundraising histories and good research proposal writers who bring in "the bucks" for their respective institutions tend to their universities move up the tiers quickly. Obviously academic excellence plays a role, however the ability to bring in major research dollars is a big piece of the formula. Just an fyi.

Go FIU!!!

FYI, I know all about the ranking systems. And FYI, my name isn't formenter. Take a closer look please, every FIU blogger makes the same mistake but then again, it should be expected.

FSU became a co-ed school in 1947 and FIU was established in 1965, so is that roughly 20 year disparity what makes a distinction between a crappy education and an average education? FIU is 4th tier for more than just their lack of funds and research, it's because they cater to... well read my previous posts.

FERMENTOR (yes Fermentor) - the reason FSU is ranked as a so called "average" school is because of their football program and the fundraising that program brings in that positively impacts various departments. School affinity (i.e. athletics) = dollars..an up-and-running med school doesn't hurt either. In 20 years FIU will be light years ahead of where FSU is now.

I heard Charleston Southern is planning to put a whooping on UM!!

Pete, have you hit bloggers yet from all fifty states? I remember you had a checklist awhile ago.

OK - let's do some math.

Football has how many players?
Baseball has how many players?

Both have many more than soccer.

But Men's and Women's Soccer loses most of the scholarships.

This does not make sense - at all!!

Pete Garcia is out to bring down soccer, it's in his eyes - money wasted that could go to his precious football program.

That is SAD!!!!! Soccer is the "ONLY SPORT" at FIU that has brought consistent Championships.

Tell us about this Pete P. What is the breakdown of infractions. Why was this not mentioned. Were the soccer coaches told - accept it or your out?

Things that make you go hummm???

Hey, AlexFAU06, didn't FAU also lose 3 schollies for football? Before you come crowing in here about FIU, look at your own backyard first. Have you guys hired a basketball coach and a baseball coach yet? They all seem to be running out of there like a bat out of hell.

Anyway, back to your post, you write that there are "rumors" about FIU being removed from the Shula trophy, and then you write that I should back up statements with real "facts". Doesn't that contradict what you just wrote? Wow, I learned that basic stuff in elementary. Guess that FAU education is really paying off.

Fomenter, I went to FSU and the quality of education there is a joke, there is only one thing I can say about FSU, that is a party school and there are more females than males. When I was there I was always partyng and never studied, and I pass all my classes with B's and A's. That school was fun, but the quality of education wasn't there, in class all you hear were professors talking about how good they are and how many books they ahve published, and then they had Grad Student actually lecturing, writing and grading test, and the admmission process was every easy too, I guess taht is the perfect school for lazy people.

Also, to put things in proper perspective, not accomodating it as he usually does, FIU opened up for classes in 1972....also, since he brings up 1947 when it became "co-ed" (and not the year it became established, which was in 1851!!)), then we can bring up 1982, when FIU started admitting freshmen for the first time, as it was not allowed to admit freshmen, and limited graduate offerings, due to (in great part) pressures from MDCC and UM to limit the potential of FIU.

Charleston Southern is the home-opener for MIAMI ?????

What !! Prarie View wasn't available ?

That is a Private Christian College.....Are you serious ?? Ohhh well, let's hope they can pull off an Appalachian State type WIN.

You are absolutely right - UM is opening up with Charleston Southern. The reason is we needed to replace FIU on our schedule with better compitition.

But while we are on strength of schedule - lets look at the perennial powerhouoses FIU is taken on this yr.
1. University of Florida at UF
2. Texas A&M at A&M
3. Florida State
4. Virginai Tech
5. Virginia
6. Geaorgia Tech at Tech
7. Virginia at VA

Wow, FIU is really stepping up and playing some schools that are tough. Looks like MC and PG are really taking the Bull by the horns and playingsome tough teams. I really do congratulate them for taking on the big boys and not being scared little girls.

Wait, that's UM's schedule. Well who does FIU play?

1. North texas
2. Middle Tenn State
3. Lous Lafeyette
5. Ark State
6. Lous at Monroe
7. Western Kentucky
8. Toledo

Wow - are you sure they are not playing St. mary's girls school for the blind too? With a schedule like that, FIU is sure to be bowl eligible, hell they will probably be this years Hawaii or Boise. What, they played almost this exact same schedule the past two years and have only 1 win. Wow - this team sucks. Good luck MC and PG - looks like yall are going to need it.

Candy Cane,

You are an absolute . MIAMI replaced the North texas game with CSU. We were not on the schedule with UCG in 2008. However, I do know that we had an option out of the game vs. Kansas and Shannon wanted FIU on the schedule but Donna wanted to avoid the embarrassment of possibly losing to lowly FIU.

You convienently leave out, Kansas, Iowa and USF from our our schedule this year...While these games will probably not be wins in our favor. I am quite certain they would STOMP UCG !!!

MIAMI wins 3 games at BEST this year....

thanks scumsanitizer for your prediction

I hope UM losses every game next year. GO UF, Texas A&M, and whoever else UM plays!

I had to censor myself on the last post... But I have changed my mind !!!

CandyCane, the only thing that SUCKS around here is YOU. So go take your WET diapers somewhere else and keep sucking that THUMB.



There is no need for me to have multiple screennames like you guys....

scUMsanitizer is a regular somewhere else.

But I am happy that he made an appearance.

I prefer scUMbuckets...

I already figured you out, you posted the SAME story as both names. You are a loser, just like your teams

Figured me out huh ?? Hey Sherlock, I only post here as FIUBlueandGold.

I'm a loser ? Look Josh - I'm not the one obsessing about another school's BLOG. That's really sad. We can play these games all day long. How are you affiliated with the University of Miami ?? Undergraduate, grad staudent, alum, wanna-be, high school reject ??? Huh, only you know the sad truth and you have to live with it.

At least the FIU faithful blog on our own site. You should be embarrassed to spend so much time here ??? You make no sense. How can any UM Alumnus or proud supporter come on here and devote so much time to hatred...

You give NEW meaning to word "loser."

FIU BlueandGold, amen brother.

What the pubescent school doesn't understand is that, just like the way they try to justify their 4th tier status... it's sad, by the way, the a school like FSU which is known as a party school and doesn't offer much else, is considered heads and shoulders above FIU. And it's not just a perception, it's just the way it is. FIU caters to crap, it is crap and the only way to get above it is to strive to move forward (and not employ those who are the equivalent of inbreds to do so). Not the way Modesto is doing it, as you can see on the new rivals article about him where he sounds like a raving idiot (If you can afford a rivals subscription, if not ask nicely and I'll copy and paste it for the peons here).

Regardless, FIU may hope that UM loses every game and they won't, but FIU is and always will be the red-headed step child until they change their infrastructure, their poor poor poorly educated administration, and the make up of their administration. FIU is basically Haiti thinking they are New Orleans. As much as you want to think you're acceptable, nobody really thinks you are and everyone believes the same thing, even the FIU grads.

So, returning to the football topic, Kansas is a good team... for one year. Congrats. USF is a good team, for two years, but they aren't a great team, they still aren't a top 10er and they play in a soft conference. Iowa? Truly? I'm sorry but you know nothing about football if you think of them as a perennially good team. Iowa, kansas, and USF don't mount up to Georgia Tech, Wake, and V-tech in the ACC, and that's saying something because the only times they are decent is when everyone else at the top takes a step down. It's not like I don't have better things to do with my time, but I'm a firm believer in keeping those who don't belong at the top at the bottom.

Man, there are some pesky knats in this blog.

Anyway, Pete, is there any way you can interview FIU football players about their spring practice and possibly taking some questions from our bloggers? It'd be great to hear how things are progressing.


You clearly belong with Josh.

LMAO, you guys are TOOLS !!!

Yes, lets get interviews...maybe youll stop talking when your own players say, "why practice? we're going to lose every game to every team anyway...every team every team, ebry game ebry game"

It is getting old - the UM fans on this blog just say the same garbage over and over again. Yes, we get it, your teams are better, you have more tradition, etc etc etc. But when it comes right down to it, our student body will whoop yours in a campus fight any day. Not only do we have more students, we are tough hispanics - you all are a bunch of rich white kids - if it wan't for your football team, I would think that UM was a school for whites only. FIU is more diverse, our girls are much finer, and our faculty is just as distinguished. Oh and our tuition is a fraction of yours. So yes, you have the better athletic program, yes you have more tradition, but FIU has something you all will never have strength in numbers, diversity and hot ass chicas.


You really are a LOSER JOSH !! I had no idea your illness was so severe.

For those of you who dont know, blueandgold has said time and time again how his business success is superb and his workers are UM grads. However, he has confused the term "workers" with "customers". It is true, most of his customers are UM grads/supporters and I for one will miss him this football season now that we are not playing in the OB. I will miss parking in his "driveway" and having to ask him for "no blockee" for an extra $10, I will miss tailgating by his stoop, and I will miss buying the arepas from his wife on the corner.

Best of luck blueandgold with your future endeavours since your "parking lot" attendant days have been stolen from you by the city of Miami.

Ok, I'd willingly fly down to watch a fight between FIU students and UM students. The last fight FIU started they lost. The difference between the hispanics and whites in a fight is whites pay people to fight for them. Check the draft. Check Latin American History. FIU is basically a Cuban/Venezuelan/Colombian school. Quick quiz: How have those countries performed? Strong armies. There's a reason why Latin American governments can't field a consistent army.

I'd insult FIUBlueandGold but he went to FIU, that's bad enough unless he really wants me to start trying.

Holy %*@! BlueandGold, that was you all these years? I love you man. I especially want to thank you for all those times that I was only carrying $100 bills and your were charging $30 and didn't have change so you let me park there as long as I brought back 4 hot dogs for your fat wife. I love her, but man, you gotta get her fat ass off the couch and away from that 15 inch black and white rabbit ears 1950's television set. Man, I am going to miss you guys.

wow, this blog has quickly gone down hill. Now we're having race wars. Totally unwarranted on both sides. Seriously guys, I know that sometimes both sides will post some childish stuff but, this is taking the cake.

TN - go cry in a corner somewhere. I am sick of the FIU fans getting into these types of threads and then complaining about it. So TN - either go sit in the corner and eat some cake or join the convo, grow a pair and try and defend yourself and blueandgold's fat wife who may or may not be FIUMom.

blueandgold, make yourself useful and give us a count on a percentage basis how much UM fans have posted....what is that you say? cant count that high?

Yeah, where would this blog be without us

Sorry dude, I'm not going down to that level. You want to write about how crappy we are and what the makeup of our student body is, then go right ahead, you're free to do so. I'm going to stick to FIU sports. Thanks for the offer though.

MIA/NY Josh, you are a despicable human being and your comments are uncalled for.


Overcourse, soooo predictable - inject race and ethnicity into the conversation...

Fomentor, Josh and CC: clearly you were abortions that went awry...

Fomentor - Fly down, we'd be delighted to have your presence at one of the American Top Team gyms. I 'll arrange it with the management.

BTW - Fomentor do you even realize that most of the powerplayers on the UM BOT are latin or hispanic ?? You are dumber than I thought.

Wetting your pants does not count as tapping out either.

hahah yeah, all FIU fans graduate from college only to sell churros professionally and eat lunch at pollo tropical everyday...and all UM fans are 130 pound rich white kids who may or may not spend their parents monthly allowance paying someone 10 dollars to pour their milk at the cereal bowl everyday. Stereotypes are pretty funny. You know something else that's funny? UM fans making excuses for their #1 ranked team losing to FIU. Hope it tasted good UM.

On a side note, can you really blame UM fans for hanging out on these boards? I'm pretty sure Pete mentioned before that this is one of the most popular blogs on the Herald. Lets face it, the only people that don't want to see this rivalry continue is the UM admin. And let's not act like UM is above playing FIU because of their "inferior talent". Both programs have competed for years with no complaints. Now that FIU is pushing its athletic department, UM is getting their panties in a bundle.

TNGoldenPanther: I am just repeating what I read. I am trying to get my facts right, so in the future I can really tell you where FAU and FIU stand.
later !

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