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APR Bottom Line

The NCAA released its Academic Progress Report on Tuesday and while FIU took some hits this year, it Teach was not as bad as in years past.

Here's who lost what:

FIU football gave up 3 scholarships in this past February's signing class, but will have a full allotment of 25 scholarships next season.

Baseball won an NCAA appeal to regain a full allotment of scholarships for next season, but lost four hours of practice time per week in 2009. So TT is fully stocked with scholies, but next season FIU can only practice 16 hours per week instead of the regular 20 hours. A couple of reasons the baseball team got all their scholies back were they posted the highest GPA in program history last semester with a 3.04 and the baseball team's yearly APR rate jumped from 725 to 925.

Men's basketball will give up one scholarship in 2008-09 and have 12 scholies instead of the full 13, but get all 13 back the following season.

Swimming and Diving lost 0.49 of a scholie and Men's Outdoor Track and Field lost 1.26 scholies.

As far as the yearly APR rates for the rest of FIU's sports teams, each team saw their rate get better with the exception of men's hoops. Women's hoops (1000 to 982), women's golf (972 to 938), and swimming & diving (917 to 915) also had their APRs dip, but remained above 900.

Men's cross country and women's tennis scored a perfect 1000. Despite the dip, women's hoops still had the third highest score of FIU teams.

Among the FIU teams that saw dramatic improvements in their APRs were: football (822 to 881), men's soccer (844 to 972), Women's cross country (833 to 964), Softball (870 to 966), Women's soccer (864 to 924), Women's tennis (969 to the max 1000) and Women's Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field (846 to 935).

FIU is not out of the woods yet on the APR. FIU must continue showing improvement. Starting next year, chronic violators of the APR face a ban from postseason competition and possible scholarship restrictions.


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