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Back to the Diamond

Let's put the NCAA mumbo-jumbo aside and get back to the diamond.

Raimy_2 With 6 games left in the season, FIU has its back to the wall when it comes to the team's baseball postseason hopes.

The Golden Panthers, currently 9th in the Sun Belt, trail Middle Tennessee by 1 for 8th place and Louisiana-Lafayette and Western Kentucky by 3 for 6th. The top 8 teams make the conference tournament.

Oddly enough, FIU's best chance to reach the postseason is by catching the Ragin' Cajuns, who sit in 6th, because ULL could slip against two tough teams in the final 6 games and FIU owns the season series (tiebreaker) with ULL. MT and WK both won their season series with FIU. ULL finishes with 3 against WK and 3 against New Orleans, who with a .340 team batting average leads the Sun Belt in hitting.

Not that the final 6 games will be cake for FIU, hardly anything has this season. The Golden Panthers Cake last two opponents: South Alabama and Florida Atlantic -- 2 of the best power hitting teams in the conference -- come to town starting with the Jaguars tonight for a 3-game series.

The thought here is FIU must win at least 5 of its final 6 games to book a plane ticket to Lafayette for the Sun Belt tourney. So a sweep is needed against either SA or FAU.

We could summon Joaquin Andujar here, but don't know if it will help because FIU is in a tough spot.


Noticed the blog comments have turned a little bit into a Springer show. Let's try to keep the racial comments, slurs, etc. out or the Golden Paw will come out. You want to insult each other's school and who has the better cafeteria food or hotter girls go right ahead, but let's clean up the act.

FIUrulez: The penalties are the loss of scholarships. The probation is just the NCAA's wayMicro_2  of saying we're watching you closely for the next 4 years to make sure you don't do all of this again. There was the possibility the NCAA was going to ban FIU from all postseason eligibility, but that did NOT happen. As far as PG, he knew before he took the FIU AD job what he was getting into with the NCAA mess.

UltimateFIUFan: The ineligible players occurred on all 12 FIU teams that were cited by the NCAA. In the document the NCAA sent me, the names of the players are blacked out. The NCAA told me that is because of student-athlete privacy rights.

FI-UM Fan: No, the GPP has not hit all 50 states yet with readers. At last count, these are the 12 states Usa the GPP is read in: Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Colorado, California, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Tennessee, Vermont, Pennsylvannia and North Carolina. Plus, outside the U.S. we hit Puerto Rico and Spain.

TNGoldenPanther: Spoke with MC the other day and asked him about doing another Q & A with the fans like last year. MC said he would take the fans' questions on the GPP later this summer. I'll work on getting some Q & A with players on here. I'll post on the GPP when you guys can start sending in questions for MC.

Ww LoveFIU-butiwonder: Welcome to the GPP. One reason the soccer programs were hit the hardest was that they overawarded scholarships from 2004-06 and to answer your question....PG was not working at FIU during this period.

U24/7: The sanctions for the football and baseball teams were the loss of scholarships for both (3 for football and 1.5 for baseball) and the four-hour reduction in practice time for baseball starting in 2009. The probation lasts until 2012, but the scholarship losses were already taken by FIU football and baseball in this past signing period.


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