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Die Hard 3

So it all comes down to the final three games of the season and FIU has to make like John McClaneDh2_4 in all three games to have a chance.

While the Golden Panthers do not control their own destiny, there are still several ways FIU books a ticket to the Sun Belt tournament in Lafayette, La. Was going to have the FIU witches explain the scenarios, but Baseball Fan gave us the math in the previous post. Still, the ladies are here for moral support.

Fiuw These are the current Sun Belt standings concerning the teams FIU has a shot of catching:

6. South Alabama 14-13

7. Louisiana-Lafayette 13-14

8. Middle Tennessee 12-14

9. FIU 11-16

* FIU won the season series against South Alabama and Louisiana-Lafayette and lost the season series to Middle Tennessee. All of which would come into play as the tiebreaker if necessary.

To catch MT, FIU needs a sweep and 2 losses by MT to Western Kentucky OR FIU wins 2 of 3 from FAU and MT gets swept.

To catch ULL, FIU needs a sweep and 2 losses by ULL to New Orleans OR FIU wins 2 of 3 and ULL gets swept.

To catch SA, FIU needs a sweep and have SA swept by Troy.Eh_4

FIU's top 3 starters take the hill against the Owls. Corey Polizzano on Thursday. Chris Allen on Friday and Eric Horstmann on Saturday.

The trio will be facing a team that leads the Sun Belt with 88 home runs. FAU could very well turn out to be "the fly in the ointment", "the monkey in the wrench". If you saw Die Hard, then you know what I mean.....yippee-ki-yay!


Quijote: DLB still has a job with the Miami Herald, even though he's going on a year's vacation. So I'm still here.

ridgepanther: Glad you asked about the fieldhouse since I'll be taking another tour of the stadium soon. The latest word I have gotten is the fieldhouse is expected to be completed by Jan. 2009 and not May 2009. There has been a 3-month delay on the fieldhouse, because FIU was waiting word from the Florida Legislature on the 5.5 million for the project which includes the fieldhouse and the student meeting rooms/classrooms. We'll have more updates on the fieldhouse and the rest of the stadium on the GPP in the future.


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Since there is a delay on the field house, what will that end zone look like for this season?

When I toured the stadium a few weeks ago, I was told that the bleachers will be up in time for the USF game. Fieldhouse is built underneath and to the rear, so it won't impact seating...However, it could be a great tool to "close the sale" on potential impact recruits in January just before NSD.
It will be equipped with world class technology and amenities for all athletes and medical staff. I was also told it might be OPEN to select professional athletes to come back and train at during the off-season.

Seems like were gonna need some magic from them withces to make the SB tournament.

Yippe Ki Yay!!!!!

NY Josh - didn't you say once on this blog that you went to Columbia for undergrad? Well, I just read that the Columbia Lions will be playing in a NCAA regional this season. Congrats. Maybe they will play FIU. Oh wait a minute - FIU is hanging on by a thread to make the SunBelt tourny and, in my opinion, have NO chance at making a NCAA regional. So maybe Columbia wont play FIU - but hey, at least they are in a NCAA regional like the University of Miami.

Clawing Cancer, instead of repeating your EXACT sentiments from the last post, which I agree with entirely, I'll just say DITTO!

Very disappointing, however being an optimist and giving TT the benefit of the doubt about recruiting and time, I do expect MAJOR improvements next year or then the TT hiring decision truly becomes suspect. If next year at this time we are STILL struggling to make the SBC tourney and losing to several Div II schools, etc. I think the Golden Panther nation has every right to come down on the coaching and their player selection.

I hope I'm wrong and next year all this FIU baseball negative talk among the FIU fans is a distant memory.


I hate to call people out but FIUBLueandgold.........DO NOT CHOKE ON ALL THAT FIU KOOL-AID!!!!

Hey Ridgepanther,

Don't worry, I never choke on anything !!!

You should stick to complaining about FIUs uniform colors and why the Offensive Coordinator position was listed all over the internet. I know a very disgruntled ex FIU footballer, really hope that's not you.

At least I'm not on the sidelines, watching and criticizing like you. If you want FIU to succeed then get invloved. However, with an attitude like yours, you sound like a ME first brat, with nothing to contribute unless there is immediate reciprocity ??

From where I sit though, "The KOOL AID" tastes just fine. Thanks for your concern.

Yes, Crazy, I did go to Columbia...and yes, they are going to the post-season for the first time in forever.

I could jump onto my soapbox and scream about how Columbia is better than FIU but I will take this opportunity to say something different. Columbia making the postseason should give hope to all the terrible teams in the NCAA, it should give hope to those teams that give up a million runs and have ERA's in the teens. It should give hope to those teams that have no hitters and no arms. That was Columbia in years past - they turned it around. So what I am getting at, is, FIU - you too can turn it around.

But for now, how does it feel that Columbia is in the post-season? I mean, it makes sense. They are in a baseball recruiting hotbed, they have sub-par academic standards so they can get good players into school, they have a ton of scholorships to offer, they have first class facilities....OH WAIT, thats FIU , who will be sitting at HOME come post-season time.

Truth be told, Columbia has a coach who only had minimal success at Pepperdine, a woman AD they plucked from U. of Unimportant, they cant give ANY scholarships, they have to recruit players who are smart, can read AND speak english, have no baseball talent around campus (its in Harlem), they have to take buses for 45 min to get to practice at a crappy field...

YET, they are still in the post-season. How's that make ya feel??

The Ivy League sucks in baseball. Always have. They're not much better than the friggin' MEAC these days. They certainly do not compare to the Sun Belt. Drop the Ace Ventura bit, Josh. If FIU played in the Ivy League, they'd make the tourney every year, too.

I'm with you on your comments, UFF. Next year better end with at least a regional berth... reduced scholarships or not. Especially with all the talk about TT recruiting a demon of a class. If Price did what he did with "bad" coaching and "poor" recruiting, then that's not asking a lot out of TT.


Oh well, there goes the season.

Congratulations to UM for winning the ACC. They are playing "lights out".

ya UM clobbered UNC last night. to bad FIU got hammered as well

The FIU facilities have always been open to world class athletes, Mike Lowell, Sammy Sosa, Raul Ibanez, Livan and Orlando Hernandez and countless others. The Strenght staff has always had those connections. that is nothing new in the world of FIU. And that was with the old weight room.

Funny, we win and UCG loses and no one makes any posts. Are you guys really that pathetic. Cant you just give us credit for a big win.

are you guys retarded???...you guys are talking about must having regional berths and all this mess. did you guys look at the team this year, it would be amazing if they got a regional berth. Half of you on here must not even watch the games and just come on here for entertainment. thats like saying the dolphins must now win the super bowl bc they had the #1 draft pick this year. if not, it will be a big disappointment. The only thing TT needs to show is improvement in the team next year. As long as they keep improving, he is doing his job..... some of you are complete idiots.

does anybody know score of game today????

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