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The Legg Talks Part 1

Taking a little break from FIU baseball to hear the Legg talk. That would be new FIU offensive coordinator Bill Legg, who came over from Purdue after being the OC over there. With the Boilermakers, BL had the Big Ten's top passing offense in 2006 and the top offense and scoring offense last season.Bl

BL is originally from West Virginia, but has been a regular visitor to Florida over the years: his brother-in-law lives in the Keys and BL's in-laws live near Fort Myers.

In the first of our two-part Q & A, the FIU OC talks about one difference in his version of the spread offense and assesses the FIU quarterbacks....

So what intrigued you about the FIU football program when the OC position opened up?

BL: I think FIU has unlimited potential. Anytime I've ever made a move I've always looked for a couple of things. No. 1 was the type of people that were there. No. 2 is the commitment to be successful and I was convinced after coming down here for my interview and I remain convinced from the President on down that this place is committed to putting out a big-time college football program. They are doing the things that are necessary. Now we got a lot of things to do from a structural standpoint, a recruiting standpoint and a performance standpoint. The building blocks are in place and are moving forward constantly so that commitment convinced me that it can be done, especially with the location FIU is in. Let's face it, there may not be any place in this country that has better football than Florida as a whole, Fla_2 but definitely South Florida.

What did you see in the FIU offense last year?

BL: A young football team that was trying to find itself. Whether I would have come to FIU or not, the bottom line is this team is going to be a better football team this year with or without Bill Legg. This football team is going to grow in leaps and bounds over this next period of time just like all young individual players. There's an uncertainty in that first year, overwhelming at times, but then the players get to know campus and they find their way around it so the stress level drops. They get to understand the offense and they know how to play faster so the stress level drops. I think that's what we saw in spring. This team has a better understanding of itself. It is improving on a daily basis, because they are playing faster and faster and they are getting the benefits of a good off-season program.


Watching former FIU OC James Coley's offense last season and watching your version of the spread offense this spring, it seems that you have the quarterback being more mobile in your offense?Qb_2


BL: You can't be a statue and play football. If you're a statue back there as a quarterback then you better have 10 great players around you. Right now, we're a young football team and we're growing and we're getting better on a daily basis, but we don't have 10 great players out there around that quarterback yet. So consequently, the quarterback has to be able to make plays with his mind first, his arm second and his feet third and that's the approach we're taking. Does it mean the quarterback has to be a 4.4, 4.5 (40-yard dash) guy, no it does not, but it means he better have quick feet. He better have an understanding of how to sit within the pocket and he better have an understanding that in our run game he's going to be making reads no different than in the pass game as to whether he's going to give the ball here, there or throw it out there. The quarterback has to be able to function as the coach on the field. I think our quarterbacks are getting a good grasp of having that ability to be that coach on the field.Wy


What do you think of each quarterback?


BL: Wayne Younger (left) I got to see film on him and he's slowly, but surely coming back. Obviously, he's a very talented young man. He's very bright football smart, but he hasn't gotten to do much Pm this spring and we've already talked. He knows what he needs to do. He needs to manufacture some repetitions by staying in the playbook all summer. By coming in on his own and watching the cut-ups from spring football and by gathering some kids up out here every chance he possibly gets and throwing, because he lost a lot of reps during the course of spring.

   Paul McCall (right) has really come strong. He picked things up quickly. He's got good feet. He's got a good release. He's an accurate passer and again, intelligence, the ability to throw, the ability to move your feet and he has all those attributes. Those two guys both have experience, both have their strengths and it will be an interesting battle come fall.

   The 2 young guys (Colt Anderson and Darold Hughes) were on a little bit of a roller coaster ride. They Rc just learned the new language of college football and then somebody came in and changed that language on them. They struggled early to grasp, but they both have the raw ability to be good quarterbacks. They don't have the experience the other two have so it's going to take them more time, but they're not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. They probably are going to have to really hump it this summer to put themselves in position to have a legitimate shot at competing this fall. Now the last week of spring ball, things started clicking for both of them. It will be interesting. It will be wide-open during 2-a-days. Everybody will be given a fair shake. Everybody will be given an opportunity to compete for the job, but when we get through 2-a-days we're going to have to settle on who it is is our quarterback.


We'll have the last part of the Q &A with BL on here soon.




On the next GPP post before Thursday's 3-game series begins with Florida Atlantic, we'll check in with the FIU witches to see how FIU baseball can get into the Sun Belt Fw_2 Tournament. The girls have hinted that it won't take any kind of hocus pocus for the Golden Panthers to book a plane ticket to Lafayette.


outofthecage88 & DCpanther: Got both of you down as our 13th and 14th states on the GPP, also including our nation's capital. Thanks.


UltimateFIUFan: Yes, the infrastructure is in place at FIU to avoid any further NCAA issues.


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I will try and help on the baseball scenarios and it does not look very encouraging, but we are still alive.
FIU must sweep and have the following happen:
South Alabama loses all 3 to Troy or
Middle Tenn loses all 3 to West Kentucky or Louisiana Laf loses 2 out 3 to New Orleans
FIU can get in by winning 2 out of 3, but Louisiana Laf would have to lose all 3.
Basically, if S Ala or Midd Tenn win 1 game this weekend, FIU can not catch either one. The most realistic chance to make the playoffs is to win all 3 and have Louis lose 2 out of three, if we win 2 out of 3 it is possible for New Orleans to sweep Louis Laf, but not likely. New Orleans has won 9 stright conference games. I hope I have not confused everyone, the good news is we still have a chance with a very good weekend.

Thanks for that post, very interesting to see what our new pimp has to say about our quarterbacks. Clearly, it seems its Paul McCall's ball to lose.

Pete, I know the Herald will be calling you up to replace Dan LeBastard during his sabbatical. Don't forget about us!!! :)

I'm sure that New Orleans wants to win the regular season Conference crown but I'm also guessing that it's in the back of their mind that they would rather face Middle Tennessee or S. Alabama than FIU in that first round tournament game. FIU has been playing better of late than most conference teams winning two out of the last three conference series, beating Miami, and playing New Orleans tough in three games and winning one. All said and done, I think FIU gets in if and only if they sweep FAU.

fiufan751 - not to mention a loss to Fl Gulf Coast.

its a great interview w/ the Legg pete. as for baseball, and again i dont know much about baseball, but like in any sport you can only control what you take part in.. so hopefully the boys go out and take care of business against fau

Or in UM's case, a loss to FAU AND FIU.

Great job Pete. Even if we only win 2 more games this year, this is the most confident I have felt in our offense ever at FIU.

This is just what we needed, someone experienced who isn't learning on the job.

Great, great hire.

Good interview Pete. Listening to Coach Legg gives me a sense of an individual who will try to get the most of the talent he's evaluated on the field. Football savy is exactly what a young team and its young players need.


TNGoldenPanther - are you serious. Miami is the number 1 team in the counrty. Almost assured of hosting a regional (not begging to make their conference tournament by sweeping a more talented team) and you have the nerve to talk crap about the UM baseball team. Just another example of why FIU fans a sub standard fans with no knowledge or understanding of the circumstances surrounding them. Dude - here is a hint, when your team sucks as bad as FIU has this season, you do not talk crap about the number 1 team in the country. That's a free lesson for you son, next time I will charge you.

Everyone here knows I hate UCG and especially crazycane - but - i have to agree with crazycane on this one. TNGoldenPanther, our baseball team has not given us the right to talk crap to anyone, especially UCG. I know we beat them once this season, but really, they are in an entire other class from us right now. We need to focus on FIU and trying to make the SB tourny.

Where I do not agree with crazycane is in his assessment of FIU fans as substandard. FIU fans are just as smart and well versed in sports as UCG fans - if not more. crazycane, here is a lesson for you, when on another teams blog, don't expect to get a warm reception, especially when you are bad mouthing the other team. Who is the dumb one now?

Crazy Cane,

That is all fine and dandy. But that makes it even sweeter considering in such a down year FIU beat the cr** out of Miami in recruiting this year.

I believe perfectgame has us listed at 15 but with only 10 commits or something. I've heard we have about 20 something commits and are probably top 10.


Side note: Miami had to go 11 innings to barely scrape by Florida Gulf Coast

WOW john Brown - you are really not so bright. Don't you realize that going the distance with a team and winning is better than losing to a team? Maybe they didn't teach you that at FIU (or maybe you were to stupid to even get into FIU)

And as far as recruiting goes - TT can have the best recruiting class in the country - but when all the guys sign minor league deals and none play at FIU, then what? I'll tell you, 2008 all over again. Have fun with that.

Good post Pete!

It seems like it's going to be a 2 QB comepetition when fall practices begin.

I like his approach on knowing who your
QB is by the end of 2-a-days istead of the week of the first game!

Crazy, my comment was not to diminish what the Canes have accomplished but to shed light on the fact that "every dog has its day". The fact that your lovely Canes lost to the lowly Golden Panthers and Owls just means that the worst team got you that game. Meaning, everytime you mention us losing to Gulf Coast you should also look at your own team and see when they've lost to subpar teams (i.e. FIU).

Crazy, I forgot to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for giving me a "lesson" of your renowned wisdom. For I am much more enlightened and will surely never talk bad about UM. ALL PRAISE THE MASTER SPORTSMAN, CRAZYCANE!! BTW, there is NO sarcasm in this posting, at all! HA!

Great Interview Pete!!!

Glad to hear it will be an open competition for QB position. The development of Colt Anderson could make it interesting. Another thing, they still haven't seen what Troy Dannehower can do on the football field.
Regardless what happens at QB position, it will be better than last year.

I must agree with FIUFan751, baseball team needs to sweep FAU to get into tournament. It won't be easy but let's see what happens.


I know this is a sports blog, however competition is competition. Congrats to Xi Sigma chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi for defeating the likes of Penn State, UF, Seton Hall, etc. in the Johnson and Johnson’s annual Business Case Study Competition held in the company's headquarters in New Brunswick.

FIU was the youngest university in the competition by SEVERAL decades!!!


That's great....Go FIU!!!

I am really excited to see what the football team can do with some experience under their belts this season. Thanks for the great interview Pete.

A couple of observations....
First Bill Legg seems to be the real deal. plenty of expierience, and I think it shows in how well the offense did this spring. That being said I saw that he said that they want to name the starter at qb by the end of 2 a days. Which I think is great but he is not the HC. If i know MC like I do he will hold that to his chest until way after that. but I have already addressed that about a dollar ago.

a question, Fieldhouse will not be done by MAY 09 at earliest.... what is the spin on that from the Ath. Dept? I already know what it means for home games at the new stadium, not quite the "Disneyworld of Football" as was once said by a rep of the FIU ath. Dept.

The "Disney World of Football," where did that crap come from? It will lucky if it is even the "Malibu Grand Prix" of Football. Those of you who grew up in Miami know what I am talking about.

On a side note - I just want to say good luck to FIU baseball this weekend - I would love to see a sweep, but I don;t think FAU will let it happen. If FIU does not make the SB tourny this year, can we all agree that this year was a HUGE disappointment, whether or not it is TT's fault is a different argument.

Malibu Grand Prix!!! LOL!! That was funny! I don't usually compliment you on your comments but, that was a good one. I spent many a good weekends at MGP when little.

Regarding FIU baseball, I don't think its a HUGE disappointment but, a disappointment nonetheless. Fact is, TT has one year under his belt. Lets see what happens next year.

I was told, during a tour of the stadium last week, that the field house will not be 100% for the opening of the stadium but may get finished by the end of the football season. There will be seats above it, but the actual building will not be complete. As you can see if you drive by campus, it is one thing to get the foundation ready and do the exterior/interiors (like the suite level, panther club, bathrooms) but actually finishing all plumbing, electrical, and hvac work along with finishes (paint, hardware, etc.) work takes some time.

We can play at the OB until the cage is ready since we're the only team that can win there, oh wait, they knocked it down

No OOTC88 - you can still play at the OB. It will be perfect for you - since most of the people that live around the OB went to FIU, or are related to FIU students. Furthermore, the OB site now fits better for FIU anyway since the rubble and garbage which is now the OB is symbolic of the FIU program.

Malibu Gran Prix!!! Good one.

It's absolutely a disappointment if we don't make the SBC tourney... and it's absolutely a huge disappointment. That's something that should never happen at FIU, and I don't really care who the coach is. Making the SBC tourney, frankly, ought to be a given. I remember well what many FIU'ers said during those season predictions, and the only tournament I heard many of them say we may not make was the NCAA's, not the SBC. If any of you say now that it's not a huge disappointment if we don't make the SBC tourney, then you're not being honest.

As to whether or not it's TT's fault... I wouldn't say it's entirely his fault. I still think this team majorly underachieved, and the current coaches bear some responsiblity for that. But I also think it's not fair to say it's his fault when he doesn't have the players he recruited. It's hard to judge anyone fairly under these circumstances.

And let's be fair and say the players have to do their part, too. The coaches aren't the ones on the field.

Clawing Cancer, instead of repeating your EXACT sentiments, which I agree with entirely, I'll just say DITTO!

Very disappointing, however being an optimist and giving TT the benefit of the doubt about recruiting and time, I do expect MAJOR improvements next year or then the TT hiring decision truly becomes suspect. If next year at this time we are STILL struggling to make the SBC tourney and losing to several Div II schools, etc. I think the Golden Panther nation has every right to come down on the coaching and their player selection.

I hope I'm wrong and next year all this FIU baseball negative talk among the FIU fans is a distant memory.


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