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The Next 70-Something Days

Ku We're 99 days away from the season opener at Kansas on Aug. 30, but in the next 70-something days we'll have plenty of time to get to your requests.

That 70-something days period is how much time before FIU begins fall football practice, around the second week of August.

Before we get to what's on tap on the GPP this summer, wanted to share with you an observation from some of my summer duties at the MH.

This summer the MH started a high school/college sports recruiting section in the Herald's on-line sports section. Basically, several writers, yours truly included, go around Dade, Broward and Palm Beach checking up on some of the top college football prospects during spring practice.

I've been assigned Broward, but been keeping tabs on Dade and Palm Beach, I've noticed FIU has been around a bunch of high schools and here are some of the players that already have offers or interest from FIU for the 2009 season:

Everglades High linebackers Roderic Blunt (6-2, 210) and Devon Butler (5-11, 210). Miramar S/WR Quinton Byrd (6-0, 178). American Heritage LB Brent Singleton (5-10, 200). Norland WR Xavier Rhodes Griffin_2 (6-2, 190). Carol City DE Cory Henry (6-4, 245). Pace WR Sterling Griffin (left) (6-2, 177). Central WR Jerious Williams (6-5, 185) and center Derrick Jean (6-3, 260).

Of course, there are some Top 25 teams also after these players, but it's encouraging to see FIU going after some of this area's best players.

You can start sending in your questions for MC as he's ready to partake in another Mc question and answer session with you. That's one of the upcoming posts on the GPP this summer.

We'll start the summer off by bringing back one of the most popular posts on the GPP. Check it out next week.

We'll also take another tour of the new stadium soon. TT will drop by to talk about the 2008 season and see what's going on in 2009 for FIU baseball and we'll have much more.


Got another question for you. Wanted to know what type of GPP posts you like best. Vote below.

maxx: New stadium tour will be on the GPP soon. Waiting for the west end zone to take more shape so that we could shoot some photos from there, as well as photos from around the entire stadium. It would be a good idea for season ticket holders to get a tour, if not, I do think FIU has planned a select-a-seat day.

FIU Fan: On the next stadium tour, we'll be sure to get all the details on the skyboxes, party and meeting rooms. Thanks for bringing up the Sebastian sacrifice altar....I did not know that was part of the stadium.

The ads all over the MH site are a necessary evil, unfortunately. They clutter the GPP and every other Danica_4 blog, but they pay the bills. As long as they don't have me wearing a bunch of ads like auto racers do, I think it will be OK. Not that there's anything wrong with Danica.

FI-UM Fan: We'll try to get a PG interview on here talking about FIU sports since he took over and what lies ahead.


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