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The Next 70-Something Days

Ku We're 99 days away from the season opener at Kansas on Aug. 30, but in the next 70-something days we'll have plenty of time to get to your requests.

That 70-something days period is how much time before FIU begins fall football practice, around the second week of August.

Before we get to what's on tap on the GPP this summer, wanted to share with you an observation from some of my summer duties at the MH.

This summer the MH started a high school/college sports recruiting section in the Herald's on-line sports section. Basically, several writers, yours truly included, go around Dade, Broward and Palm Beach checking up on some of the top college football prospects during spring practice.

I've been assigned Broward, but been keeping tabs on Dade and Palm Beach, I've noticed FIU has been around a bunch of high schools and here are some of the players that already have offers or interest from FIU for the 2009 season:

Everglades High linebackers Roderic Blunt (6-2, 210) and Devon Butler (5-11, 210). Miramar S/WR Quinton Byrd (6-0, 178). American Heritage LB Brent Singleton (5-10, 200). Norland WR Xavier Rhodes Griffin_2 (6-2, 190). Carol City DE Cory Henry (6-4, 245). Pace WR Sterling Griffin (left) (6-2, 177). Central WR Jerious Williams (6-5, 185) and center Derrick Jean (6-3, 260).

Of course, there are some Top 25 teams also after these players, but it's encouraging to see FIU going after some of this area's best players.

You can start sending in your questions for MC as he's ready to partake in another Mc question and answer session with you. That's one of the upcoming posts on the GPP this summer.

We'll start the summer off by bringing back one of the most popular posts on the GPP. Check it out next week.

We'll also take another tour of the new stadium soon. TT will drop by to talk about the 2008 season and see what's going on in 2009 for FIU baseball and we'll have much more.


Got another question for you. Wanted to know what type of GPP posts you like best. Vote below.

maxx: New stadium tour will be on the GPP soon. Waiting for the west end zone to take more shape so that we could shoot some photos from there, as well as photos from around the entire stadium. It would be a good idea for season ticket holders to get a tour, if not, I do think FIU has planned a select-a-seat day.

FIU Fan: On the next stadium tour, we'll be sure to get all the details on the skyboxes, party and meeting rooms. Thanks for bringing up the Sebastian sacrifice altar....I did not know that was part of the stadium.

The ads all over the MH site are a necessary evil, unfortunately. They clutter the GPP and every other Danica_4 blog, but they pay the bills. As long as they don't have me wearing a bunch of ads like auto racers do, I think it will be OK. Not that there's anything wrong with Danica.

FI-UM Fan: We'll try to get a PG interview on here talking about FIU sports since he took over and what lies ahead.


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Thanks for the update Pete. Do you know if they are planning to make some sort of Panther growling noise every time FIU scores? I think the Jacksonville Jaguars do something of the sort. That would be a nice touch.

Also, I was thinking we should rename The Cage to 'The Jungle' and play Guns and Roses 'Welcome to the Jungle' as the players come out. Or does someone already do that? The Bengals? I dont know...

Thanks for the update Pete. I'll try and think of some questions for Mario.

Hey guys just bought my brick for the new stadium. I think the program is great and helps in the build-up of tradition at FIU. Remember all these other universities with great traditions had to start with someone deciding to make a difference. It might has well be us!



I brought that up a LONG time ago and I was chastised for doing so.


Can you run a poll on what the real FIU fans want to see in the new stadium? Traditions, theme songs, chants, etc. Thanks =)

FIU Fan:

Funny you should mention the growl noise and that GNR song. I got a story about that.

When I started stadium announcing for FIU (this was in 2006), FIU wasn't doing anything like that. Or, at least, not much of it. When they gave me the job, the growl sound was one of the first things I asked about. I always wondered why it was never done more often.

I was told that it was because a lot of the coaches, players and staff thought it was corny and annoying. Also... and I never knew this beforehand... panthers don't actually growl. Other cat-like animals do. And, if you do use sound effects during games, you have to be careful that you don't affect the game itself by using it. It's an NCAA thing that can land you in hot water (though, to be honest, it's a rule that's highly subject to interpretation.) If you don't time it right, they can rule that it affects the players on the field, and you can get into trouble for that.

But despite all that, I wanted to do it anyway... y'know, to try to liven things up... and fortunately, I was given the OK starting with football. I actually had to find a growl sound, though, but once I did, it was all good. :)

I originally wanted to use the growl in a couple of ways. One of those ways (and I SWEAR that I'm not making this up) was to have the team come in with a chorus of growls and "Welcome to the Jungle" in the background. I think I still have that sound file I made somewhere. I had a whole routine set up and everthing. I never got to use it, though, for two reasons.

One... intro's at most of the games (especially football) are on a tight time sked. "X" has to be done at "Y" time, and that's usually planned out before the season starts. Normally, the announcers are part of that process, but I wasn't because I was hired like 3 days before the home opener against Bowling Green. I couldn't get it into the sked.

Just as well, though... because (and this is #2) I found out later that "Welcome to the Jungle" happens to be a song that the 'Canes football team uses during pre-game warm-ups. I didn't think, at the time, that it was a good idea to use a song that they do. I tried to find a good song with "Cage" in it, but I never did find anything suitable. In retrospect, though... lots of places use that GNR song, so maybe it's not that big a deal.

Anyway... we ended up just using the growl for FIU 1st downs and scores. As far as I know, Roman still does that. But I don't know for sure, since I'm not around anymore.


Your thoughts on FAU hiring Mike Jarvis?



Interesting. Thanks. I just think that traditions should start from day one. We need the new stadium to build something special right from the start. Regardless of the sound bites, intros, etc. the FIU Football team should have the football stadium basics. The UM running through the smoke, or Virginia Tech running through the tunnel with Enter The Sandman are all great and all add to the memories of a stadium.

FIU Fan you also forgot maryland has a turtle statue and touch it when they walk out. the ND hitting that sign. would be great to see somthing along those lines. o you also have gt i think at home coming, have some student ride out on a model T they rebuilt. ill ask my friend later. just a thought for MC and Pete, and anyone. Does the Shula bowl actually have a trophy? if not i was thinking one side you have a panther clawing and the other side you have an owl swooping down w/ claws out. that would be a nice trophy

o Pete here a good question for MC, does he know if the athletic dept. is goin to hold a watch party, like they did for the Penn State game, for all the away games? if not why are they not doing that?


The Shula Bowl does have a trophy. I beleive its in FAU's Trophy Room right now. I hope the marketing department for FIU athletics is hard at work coming up with all these things in preparation for the new stadium. It would be great to have something exciting to pump up the players...especially when playing against USF.

i still like my idea haha.

Jarvis is an interesting hire. Personally, I think FAU made out pretty well there. Nothing against Walters, but I never thought he was particularly good. I don't know why he was such a hot commodity to begin with.
Jarvis had all kinds of issues at St. John's, but his teams were winners. And they got a lot of guys coming back this year... that's notable because, when Jarvis took over his 1st year at SJU, I think that was the year they had a deep NCAA tourney run. Not sure about that, but I think that's the case. I'm not saying FAU is going to do that, but stranger things have happened in March Madness.

FIU Fan: There's a panther statue that they touch before they go onto the field, which is sort of like other schools. But if you're referring to something visible... and something that fans can get into... and something that sets the tone... then yeah, something needs to be made. That was part of the reason I was doing that whole grown/GNR thing I told you about. Like I said, I never got a shot to try it.. but I do think it's important that a certain mood be set before games. That mood helps hook fans. Considering a lot of the guys at FIU now were at Miami, they know that better than I do. I'm sure something's being cooked up.

CJ: There's a trophy for the Shula Bowl. How could you have missed that? It's just a piece of wood with the FIU and FAU helmets on it. But I'm with you... they should re-do the trophy. It's so blah. There's nothing special about it at all. But I kind of doubt it will be changed at this point.

Clawing cancer (messod) i agree they prob. wont do anything about it but at least we both see eye to eye about the fact that that trophy isnt anything to write home about. thats why i say why not pose the question to MC. see what he thinks of the current trophy and see if he would like to see a ... more creative one there

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