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FIU Stadium: Do It Yourself

I'll be taking another tour of the new FIU Stadium some time next week and we'll have more info and the latest photos on the "crown jewel" here soon. For now you can check out fiusports.com for some recent stadium photos.

There has been talk lately on the GPP about establishing some traditions or creating some unique features to the new stadium.

So go to your favorite neighborhood do-it-yourself home improvement store, grab your tool boxes,Estad_2   drawing boards and post what you would like built or see that would be unique to FIU Stadium.

I think FIU got off on the right track when it began the "Brick Campaign". Right there is something unique to the new stadium -- to see a bunch of bricks with your names on them forever surrounding the concourse of the stadium. That will ensure that you're not just "another brick in the wall". Apologies to Pink Floyd.

Brick_4 We've heard from some readers about a Panther growling noise after 1st downs and touchdowns. A Golden Panther statue at the entrance or the team possibly entering the Cage to "Welcome to the Jungle".

You can vote in our latest GPP poll below on what is the most important bell or whistle you would like to see in the new stadium.

With the help of our friends at Sports Illustrated, I researched the other 118 Division I football programs and their stadium/program traditions (yeah, it is a slow time of year at the Miami Herald). Here are some of those traditions to possibly help give you some ideas.

South Carolina: The Gamecocks enter the stadium to the theme of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Their mascot "Cocky" appears from under a sheet in the end zone. There has to be a theme song that leads the Golden Panthers into the stadium. Don't know about Roary appearing from under a sheet.

Mississippi State: The Bulldogs fans used to ring their cowbells until the SEC banned it. But a lot of fans  still sneak in their cowbells to the games. More cowbell! Haze_2

East Carolina (right): The Pirates enter the stadium through purple smoke (team colors are purple/gold) with the sound of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" playing. Maybe a blue and gold smoke to lead FIU.

Louisville: The Cardinals take a lap around the field to high-5 fans after every home game -- win or lose. The Golden Panthers did this after the inaugural game against St. Peter's in 2002.

Arkansas State: After each touchdown, the Indians mascot throws a spear through a replica of the opponent's mascot.

Af_2 Air Force: Has flyovers before the game and after wins. The airport that used to be on FIU's campus is long gone. So let's skip this one.

North Texas and Texas: Apparently, they're big on lighting towers in Texas. Both these teams light up an on-campus tower after each win.

Washington and Tennessee: Both have some tailgaters arrive by boat, but we're a little too far from the water at FIU to do that. The Vols also have the famous UT checkerboard end zones, maybe FIU can do some unique design in their end zones.Ut

Ole Miss: The Rebels fans tailgate in "The Grove" (a shady area surrounded by oak trees) wearing their Sunday best. Men in coats and women in their southern belle dresses. While we do have our "Grove" not too far away, it might be too hot in Miami to do that at FIU.

Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets drive out their Ramblin' Wreck old jalopy.

Clemson: The Tigers touch Howard's Rock and then run down a hill in the east end zone of Death Valley.

Colorado: Ralphie the Buffalo always takes a run on the field. Don't know about live panthers. The Miami Herald had a little trouble with that during a photo shoot one year when Strock was photographed Buf with live panthers for the cover of our 2003 FIU football preview. Sorry, FIU Dad, but your dream of seeing live panthers run across the field likely won't happen.Panth

Florida State: Chief Osceola spikes his flaming spear at midfield before each home game.

Auburn: Many teams nowadays have their "(insert team nickname here) Walk" but it was Auburn that started this tradition. The "TIger Walk" has fans assemble along the street to the stadium and applaud the players as the team walks by on their way to the stadium.

Notre Dame: Hits the "Play Like a Champion" sign on their way to the field.

Those are some thoughts to get you going. Let's hear what you want to see.


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