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Holy Cow

Hc It's been a busy past few days for FIU baseball both past and present. The only thing missing from this week's success of Golden Panthers baseball is a postseason appearance, but that will come.

What's already here is two more former Golden Panthers acting like kings of the major league hill, two ex-FIUers got drafted and four future Golden Panthers also got Scoot a chance to take their games to professional baseball before having the chance to don an FIU baseball cap....as the late "Scooter" Phil Rizzuto (right) or Harry Caray would say: "Holy Cow!"

As we've mentioned in the last couple of blogs, former FIU pitchers Josh Banks and Mark Worrell have had terrific starts to their major league careers. JB, who was originally drafted by the Blue Jays, is 2-0 and has allowed 1 earned in 23 innings pitched thus far for the Padres. MW, who is coming out of the Cardinals bullpen, has pitched three scoreless innings and hit a 3-run HR against the Nationals on Thursday.

Jc Sox In the 2008 MLB Draft, FIU 3B/1B Jorge Castillo was drafted by the White Sox in the 26th round. Former FIU right-hander Elih Villanueva was selected by the Marlins in the 27th round.

As far as Turtle's 2009 recruits, four of them got drafted and we'll have to wait and see if they're coming to University Park Stadium or not. The four FIU recruits drafted were:

Right-hander Stosh Wawrzasek, who pitched for the Canadian junior national team, was picked by the Brewers in the 16th round. Infielder Kevin Fontanez, from Puerto Rico BB Academy, was taken by the Indians in the 24th round. (You can see video of KF playing baseball in P.R. on MLB.com). Left-hander Justin Leith of Naples Barron Collier High was drafted by the Cardinals in the 31st round, and catcher/infielder Doug Joyce from Washington was picked by the Royals in the 41st round.Chip_4  

It's a milestone week on the diamond. While we got this baseball post going, the GPP would like to congratulate one of its favorite players, Chipper Jones, a former TT recruit, on hitting his 400th career HR on Thursday against the Marlins. I'm writing this post from Dolphin Stadium during Saturday's Reds/Marlins game as the MH has me on the Ken Griffey Jr. 600 HR watch for the second consecutive night. Hopefully, Jr. hits number 600 tonight and I got something to write about. So far, he's 1 for 3 in the 7th inning.


Before we get to the GPPers comments, here's a thought on the new logo. FIU must have had the GPP in mind when they designed the new logo. Many of you have wondered about the Golden Panther's left leg (and for the record so did I when I first saw it). But when I took a second look at it, I realized that FIU was thinking of the Golden Panthers Prowl when they drew up the new logo: the reason the new Golden Panther's left leg is up in the air is because he is on the Prowl.

The latest GPP poll question's voters are indicating the new logo is "sharp, solid, FIU got it right". Nearly 50 percent of the GPP voters like the new logo. We got a new poll question at the end of this post.

Among those voters we welcome is our newest international reader from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (yeah, she's from Brazil - photo, right) and our Braz_2newest readers from the good old US of A: Schaumburg, Illinois and Montgomery, Alabama. If your scoring at home -- and I know you are -- that makes 22 states, 6 countries and 1 territory that the GPP is read in. Since we're talking baseball in the first part of this post, here's the linescore of readers' states: ALA, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDA, IL, KAN, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER. Countries: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom. Territory: Puerto Rico.

FIU Florida Power and Light; Rick M; Pantera Dorada; Current FIU Student: Welcome all to the GPP.

Now to the reader comments....

Rick M: From FIU Student Media posted on the FIU Stadium: Do It Yourself blog. FIUSM is going to work with FIU Athletics on the Golden Panthers entrance to the field at the new stadium. They are looking for suggestions to songs when FIU takes the field. Post your ideas on the GPP....You see I wasn't kidding when I wrote all of FIU are big fans of this blog and read it with their daily cup of coffee.

Pink Gold: Yes, Iowa, where FIU plays its the second game of this season, painted the visiting locker rooms hot pink. Don't think it would mess with opponents minds, but instead make those teams more pumped to play. I'm not a fan of the idea.

FIU Love: The "FIU Bricks" will be placed on the concourse level of the stadium so that everyone walking around the stadium concourse can see them.

CJ: The new design of the end zones and midfield have not been done yet. The new logo will most likely be at midfield and the end zones will likely have a different look than the ones in old FIU Stadium. Sure, let's open up a cafe and pastelitos stand at the new stadium. I'm always good for a shot of Cuban Pas_2 coffee.

alt7787: FIU Spanish broadcasters Jerry of the Castle and Pepe Fields were the originators of the "El Monstruo" nickname. I once asked Antwan Barnes about it and he loves it.

FIU_Fan_For_Life: Yes, FIU would need big wins and win consistently in order to get a radio deal with a sports station. That's the way it works in our city: Bandwagon, U.S.A.

FIU Fan & gpantera: The block letters in the new logo are for the entire university, not just FIU sports. The only difference is that FIU sports will have the new Golden Panther in the middle of the block letters. The other departments of the university will have the block letters logo and then their department name below it like: FIU (block letters on top) and then School of Medicine written below the block letters or School of Law written below the block letters. There is no more shield logo.

FIU Florida Power and Light: Yes, there will be new FIU license plates with the new logo, but there is no date yet on when they will be available.

quijote: We got a new logo, so we got to update the GPP's logo. You notice I got rid of the old paw graphic next to the Golden Panther Pawse.

Clawing Cancer: I saw the new FIU football helmet with the new logo on it. The block letters and the Golden Panther are both on the helmet. They fit fine and you can read the letters just as well.


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Wow I didn't know they were using it on the helmet. I want to see how it looks on there before passing judgment.

Guys, I was showing my kids the new logo and they loved it, however my youngest one told me something that is true. If you look at the logo at a normal distance it looks great, however from a distance the body of the panther blocks the bottom part of the "I" in FIU and makes the block lettering look like "FW" instead of "FIU". Check it out and let me know what you think.

This would be a problem on helmets because you're looking from a distance.


As previous comments have said, the designers should have dropped the body and just gone with the head.

The whole body is silly and to be honest, the panther looks very much like the previous panther. Neither of them are truly threatening.

This was a wasted opportunity and wasted money.

less is more. panther head alone works. Gators have a Gator Head, FSU has a Nole Head. UM, who cares? let's face it, logos has NEVER been FIU's strong suit.

Nevertheless, i agree with Pete that the more you look at the full panther, the left leg appears less wierd over time...i now see a kick arse panther on the prowl instead of a panther with a wierd left leg.

it's growing on me.

"Welcome to the Jungle" has to be the entrance song. No doubt about it.

Agree with my friend, gpantera....The more look at it, the less weird, and more "menacing" does that left leg looks. I like a lot more the panther face..with such an attitude...It's clear they didn't want to change a lot from the Panther, since as John noted, they are very similar, with just some extra 'accents', I suppose, to make it different and meaner than before. I would say, not much different than what recent "tweaking" with the Miami Dolphins' and the Miami Heat logo have happened.

That WHOLE logo is going to be on the helmet? Wow. I'm surprised by that. That does NOT seem like a helmet logo to me. Midfield, perfect. Midcourt, perfect. Helmet? No. I gotta be honest. I can't recall many (if any) helmets having that much logo on a helmet. It just gives a busy presentation... if you have to stare at it for more than 3 seconds to take it all in, it's not something that should be on a helmet. Usually, the simpler, the better. My $.02.

I still think having FIU or just the panther head makes sense... or (just a thought) maybe do it like LSU... y'know, the letters on top, the face below it, and the helmet in white or gold instead of yellow. Personally, though, I'd just do the face on a white helmet. That'd look great on TV. Or anywhere else, really.

Anyway... I wish I could say the same as gpantera and Fanatic and Pete, but that leg is looking weirder and weirder to me. I keep staring at it like it's a pimple on Jessica Simpson's face. It might be prowling, but it still looks weird to me. The more I see this logo, the more I'm convinced they should toss out the body. There's just no need for it. Face and letters is the main point, anyway. Anything that distracts from the face and letters isn't worth keeping, and that leg is definitely distracting.

I gotta side with UFF (as I always seem to) about the letters. I never noticed that until now, but it does look like "FW" instead of "FIU". If you get rid of the body and just move the panther head below the letters, that problem's solved. And there's definitely no reason people should be guessing the initials of the school.

It might be too late to change all this... actually, it's probably too late... but I do hope FIU considers what we're saying here. Do some of these changes and FIU's finally got a kick-ass logo to keep. ;)

Right paw has 4 claws, the left has 3...the logo wierdness continues.

Logo and panther head only please.

Justin Leith has decided to play for the Golden Panthers rather than go to the Cardinals at this time.

Justin Leith has decided to play for the Golden Panthers rather than go to the Cardinals at this time.

Some comments on the current news as well as something I would like to see.
The players should enter to Welcome to the Jungle or how bout One by Metallica?
The cage should be renamed something else. The panther should have just been the head: adding teeth didn't do anything for me.
The FIU block letters, I believe are perfect.
In the upcoming season, can gold jerseys be considered?
Hey Pete, I have a question here, can fans bring in musical instruments to the football games? Like a drum, horn or some kind of noise maker?
Lastly but most importantly, some wins please!

gpantera: good eye

"Logo and panther head only please"
I am in agreement!
Pete, panther head vs entire panther could be your next survey.

personally im gettin use to it... although it is a good calla bout the 3 to 4 digit panther ratio gpan brought up lol. gold jersey's would be very interesting.

OK boys and girls, I have been posting on this blog as long as anyone - and I have taken alot of crap for not giving props to FIU when they do something good - and honestly, I haven't - My bad. But those of you who have been posting here a long time will remember a while back, about mid way thru the football season - or right about the end of the football season - FIU posters were screaming on this blog that UM (as a whole) was a program on the way down and FIU's program (as a whole) was on the rise. Well since then - here is a litte capsule of what has transpired.

1. After finishing a sub-par football season (which included more wins than 1) Randy Shannon and company had the best recruiting class in the counrty according to various media outlets, including ESPN.

FIU, after completing a sub-par season (including only 1 win) had a recruiting class, which much like their school and student body, was made up of third and fouth tier talent.

2. UM had another NFL first round pick in the NFL draft making it (I think) 14 years in a row with a first round draft pick.

FIU did not have a first round draft pick, or a sexcond, third, fourth, fifth or sixth.

3. The UM basketball team, competing in the Nat'l basketball powerhouse ACC, went over .500, made the "Big Dance" won a first round game and gained National notariety.

FIU, competing in the SunBelt, NOT a national power in any sport, failed to even be competitive in their conference much less nationally, and like football before them, sucked.

4. Moving to baseball, UM has an amazing year, finshing the regular season ranked #1, won the ACC, a college baseball powerhouose conference (3 of 8 temas in the CWS are from the ACC) won their regional and won their super regional. They also had three first round picks in the mlb draft, including 2 in the top 15 and continued to be recognized nationally as a baseball powerhouse and continue to be a farm system to the pros, much like the football team.

FIU baseball, sucked. Enough said. No reason to rub it in.

5. FIU got sanctioned by the NCAA not once, but twice - first for sub-par academic performance - shocker - and second, for violating NCAA rules on player eligibility.

So, in conclusion, those of you who previously posted that UM was a program on the decline, and that FIU was on the incline - I guess that was just another wishful dream dashed by the facts. FIU fans, do not get discouraged, one day your football team will win a more than one game, and maybe, MAYBE, one of those wins will come against a team not from the sunbelt or another sub par conference; your basketball team will learn that the ball goes IN the net; your baseball team, especially the pitchers, will learn that they are trying to throw the ball bye the bat as opposed to trying to hit the bat; and finally, your student athletes will learn how to read and write so as to avoid further sanctions.

FIU fans - if you want credit when credit is due, you need to learn to GIVE credit when credit is due.

Of course Leith is going to go to school, you know what they give you for getting drafted in the 31st round? I think as a signing bonus you get a free hot dog and a coke and your salary is room and board on road games. Give me a break FIU baseball fan.

Guys, just drove by the new stadium. It looks impressive. College football is right around the corner!


Ultimate FIU fan, i get to drive by the stadium and im amazed every time. Crazycane. i am not goin to knock UM. ive always been a UM fan and root for them when they arnt goin against FIU. major props. on this year in sports. in general you guys have had a good year.. (great if the baseball teams wins the world series) but thought i might add to your list. we have a runner in the NCAA trouney for track. we had a womans tennis doubles team go pretty far into the Ncaa tourney + those regulations you mentioned were well on their way to being taken care of. you cant judge the current staff of the athletic department for faults of the past. so if anything you should state the possitive that this staff has done to clean up the Athletic dept. not to mention the over all increase in GPA student athletes in ALL sports.. so if you are goin to point out the bad be sure to point out the good

o BTW pete, i read that Nico Flores, the QB for NMB this year is holding an offer from FIU. (Um is considering him , however, the NMB coach isnt to thrilled at how UM and his former players) have co-existed. what are the chances that he will come to FIU, and what are the chances that FIU will strongly persue him considering they have recruited 3 qb's (4 if you include mann) in the past 2 years?

lol damn that could have been a good question for MC. i know its late pete but throw that one into the fire lol

Pete - where is the Panther Claw when fakes post using my name - and in doing so, show the complete lack of what it means to be a human being. This goes out to fake CrazyCane - you are a low life immigrant who should go back from which they came. You do not deserve to be in this country much less enjoy the right of free speech. If you are an FIU student, I would for someone to come on here and challange the mental capacity of FIU students after reading the fake CrazyCanes blog. The funny thing is, this is not just one bad egg, this is the FIU community as a whole. Instead of hiding behind me screen name - why don't you just post as immigrant 507 or something so that we can just know what we already assume, that you belong out picking fruit with your mom, and grandma, and great grandma so that I can have my fresh fruit in the morning breakfast cooked by your dad, served by your aunt (my waitress) and then your brother can clean up my dishes.

Fake crazycane, don't throw the first stone if you live in a card board box and use a raft to travel.

crazy cane, you are down right ignorant, no doubt that the Fake CC has no balls if he is hiding behind your name, but you have no class. as much as the fake CC's post dont belong on this blog neither do ingnorant comments like your previous one. im all up for debating you till your blue in the face saying "how much better Um is over FIU" but seriously your comment is down right wrong.

CJ - I agree with you, CrazyCane takes it too far sometimes - but why does the fake CC get to post whatever he wants and noone calls him out on it but you. What the fake CC wrote first was disgusting and uncalled for, and though CrazyCane's reply was just as wrong, the Fake CC did throw the first punch in this war of words.

You just can't fix STUPID !!! It is what it is i guess ???

Congrats to UCG on reaching Omaha, having the #1 recruiting class, 5 national titles in football, CWS titles in baseball, success on the hardwood this season, track, crew, diving, swimming and anything else I missed...

Frankly, I don't care what the University of Miami accomplishes. At least, it's not relevant on this FIU Blog.

I realize this is a very hard concept to embrace for many of us on this beloved BLOG, but there is NO NEED to engage the insurgency that persists everytime Pete writes something for us to either enjoy or discuss.

I am hopeful that FIUers do not treat Manny Navarro's BLOG the way some do to Pete Pelegrin. I RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THE FIU LOYAL TO SIMPLY DISMISS THE INGORANCE & HATRED written here and stick to the topics generated by Pete or other FIUers.

Again, congrats to the MIAMI baseball team on the berth to the CWS. But this is an FIU BLOG.

***Anyone know who Turtle is looking at for the OPEN pitching coach slot ?

CC seems to have had a bad day or something....I'm just waiting to go on a tour of the facilities of the new ON CAMPUS state of the art stadium in a couple of weeks....Sweet!!

As for the logo, I too would prefer instances with the block letters and just the face. As for the paws, I saw that difference (4 vs 3) as well earlier. However, I just can't think whoever designed...and then those who reviewed this, didn't know this as well. Perhaps, due to the positioning of the Panther and its body, the last paw is supposed to be hidden behind the panther, or behind the last 'visible' paw. If not, this would be a mistake of monumental proportion for this type of work.

Frankly, we don't give a crap about your UM sports.

Go talk about that in the UM blog along with the 300,000+ other kids that have never even taken a class at that school let alone step foot on that campus but somehow think they can talk about UM because they put a $2.00 "U" decal on their Honda Civic.

Let us ACTUAL FIU students, faculty, and alumni talk about OUR university in peace, without having to constantly ask you to get off of our nuts.

Thank you.

Amen Brother!

Most thats the part that bothers me... it becomes more of a pick-a-college for most that actual pride for THEIR school. Most of the poorer people that live in Miami root for the Canes but don't realize that that is the last school that would pay any attention to them, because of their price of education. FIU is tops in the nation in giving chances to minorities to get a college education.

I also agree. Who cares (within this blog) what UM is doing... of course sportswise we are not going to compare to a school of 75+ years of excellence. Compare FIU with UM's first years... Apples and apples, you know.

Also... kinda off topic but FIU's separate blog was changed to another website recently but for some reason i have been "banned" and i haven't even signed in. It happens on every computer i use. If someone can help me get back into my FIU community i would appreciate it!!


I am not sure if anyone has asked about this, but do you know when FIU will release new merchandise with the new logo?

By the way, I don't like Larry "Chipper" Jones, so I wasn't very happy about his 400th. Why couldn't he have done it against the Phillies? Blech...

However, Ken Griffey Jr. is cool, therefore, he gets my support. He just hit his 600th!

TheU24/7, the reason we have not responded to Fake CC or CC for that matter is that it reminds me of someone releasing gas. When someone "lets one rip" and you are close by, all you know is that it smells terrible, you know it comes from a bad place and you usually walk away from it or just ignore it in hopes that it dies off. That why most of us ignore the putrid smell of those post.

CJ, I know you try to come off as the GPP's United Nations please, love & happiness blogger, however it smacks of "Kiss-Ass" to some of these clowns that post. Please stop appeasing them! Thanks.


Good point on CC stuff UFF. Just listen to his immigrant rant. Actually Fake CC ("The Immigrant", according to CC) writes much better than CC, however from following his post in the past it seems that reading & writing are not his strength. CC seems to be another negative product of in-breeding.

See FIU Fan For Life, that type of discourse just gets CC to lower the level of discussion even further (yes, I know going any lower is hard to believe). Just ignore his post and continue the blog discussion with all those on the GPP who support, follow or have legit issues to discuss about FIU.

If an issue arises (neg. or pos.) about FIU discuss it in earnest, but don't let yourself be dragged down to that sludge it puts out!


Congrats to Jorge Castillo on getting drafted by the White Sox. Best of luck to him!!!! Pete, even though Mollica wasn't drafted, do you know if he's going to get a shot to continue his baseball career?

I couldn't agree any more with UFF comments. Just ignore CC's comments; who really cares what he thinks? He probably gets rejected in the UM blog that he has to talk UM sports in FIU Blog.


Another good post Pete. Thanks 4 the info


You need to re-register. www.fiugoldenpanthers.com

Esteban, try to re-register at the board:


We really need all those members of the other board to come onto this one and get it going.

Congrats to Jorge being drafted, hopefully we have another Golden Panther in the majors soon.

Also, I totally agree with everything FIUBlueandGold had to say.

UFF really i think it sucks that you think im coming off as a kiss ass. that just shows ignorance from your part. i defend FIU in every point. i DEBATE everything that anyone says against FIU especially when its the U fans that come on here. but i also know whats right and wrong. you would be pissed if some1 posted as you.. as CC is about him. i went after him when he said that immagrant comment. and i give people credi where credit is due. i am being what a fan should be. now from day one everyone on this blog has been saying lets not be like punks and Scumbags that come on here and trash us. lets take the high road. now your saying thats being a kiss ass... that is hypocritical. so you slow your roll and dont call me out for doing what every FIU fan since the begining of this blog has SAID they would do.

PP - Have you asked why the mascot was changed in the first place? I mean, I like the block lettering and all but why does a university need such an aggressive looking panther for its 'school-wide' branding. Look at some of the more respected schools, Penn St. has a benign looking panther, USC has the side of a Trojan, Stanford has an S with a sequoia through the middle of it. All very classy.

I understand, to some degree the need for a more aggressive mascot for the Athletic program (and even then, I'm not really convinced it's necessary). Why do we have to try to keep up with that other university who has a bird that looks like it's about to step in a pile of crap.

In other words, I think FIU should have a much classier logo (for the school at large) than a panther on the prowl that looks like it's about to kill something.

CJ, my issue with you is not on everyone of your post. I usually enjoy your post. Additionally, I agree with you that no one should post as someone else. My problem is when you try appeasing some of the worst post put forth by some of the bloggers on the GPP, btw not always UM fans. When you appease these post then you're continuing this wasted topic.

When anyone (FIU friend or foe) lowers the dialogue to the scum level, just ignore it. You will see that a legit post will come up and once again we can continue the discussion. That's basically it.



You said you saw the new football helmets and have said in prior blogs that the new helmets would be a "darker, shinier blue." Just curious what color "FIU" is on the helmet? President Maidique was quoted in your Miami Herald article as saying that the solid dark blue block letters communicate strength. Obviously, blue letters on a blue helmet wouldn't look very good.

UFF i by no means try to please anyone w/ my comments. however, i believe no matter how ignorant the comment from anyone may be certain things might not need be ignored. take for instance. CC's orignial comment about his "comparison" of FIU and UM.. i do agree w/ him and made mention UM should get their props. im also a UM fan and you and everyone else knows this. so im goin to give them credit. it has nothing to do w/ trying to please 1 or more people. however, i did also state corrections to his argument. and other things he conviniently missed and / or left out to make his arguement stronger. that is the purpose about Blogs / debates on blog. if some1 says something to be completely not tru. or so "ignorant" and worthless to read. thats you but i on the other hand will not goin to ignore them and say "thats rubbish" im goin to actually tell them its rubbish and explain to them why... and if they make a good point or too. ill let them know just like i let any FIU fan i agree w/. all we have here UFF is a difference in opinion of online protocals. nothing more

Hey guys thanks for the help in getting into the new FIU blog... but thats exactly the problem! For some reason every time i click on that link this message appears...

Critical Information
You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.

I have not even signed in and I have been banned? It happens on both computers that i use... and it won't let me click on anything else... I have no way of contacting the webmaster! So what do i do? This is weird. When we first moved forums i was able to see everything but one day that message came up... no idea!

Esteban, send me an e-mail at admin@fiugoldenpanthers.com with your IP address, there were a lot of spam users during the first few days and I was banning IP addresses left and right, yours were probably caught up with some of the ones I banned.

Sorry, I have been out of the country. What is this new blog? Is it a competing blog to Pete's? Complementary to Pete's? How do I sign up. Please advise.

Out of the Cage

Why would this douche CANDYCANE leach time from his boss' (who is probably a GP'er) morning workday to write an FIU v UM update that NOBODY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT?!?! Get a life, get a woman, get laid, get an inferiority/superiority (depending on whom he is rebutting to) complex check, and then GET THE F OUTTA HERE!

outofthecage88 there has been a separte unnoficial FIU blog for some yeaers now. It in no way is a competing blog to this one... it would be great if more people get involved. Thay blog gives not only sports updated but also school updates. Some of the people who post here also post over there... what happened is that a couple of weeks ago we had to move our blog to a ...new... page due to a blackout. We took advantage of that to make a newer cleaner, more professional looking blog... I've been a member since Oct 2007... but i wouldn't in anyway stop reading this blog. Pete does a great job in bringing us news, and analysis while being objective. Unlike Greg Cote. Who stinks.

Oh scum - you are so smart. Nice to see you are using your old screen name again. Why don't you stop being such a hater and realize that for the rest of your life you'll be a nobody, an afterthought, the guy I call when my car has a flat tire, or when my cable goes out. Dude, of all the people who post on this blog, you are by far the most uneducated and moronic. Get a life and learn to deal with the fact that the UM bloggers here are not going to go anywhere, no matter how many names you call us. If you weren't an FIU guy, you would have learned that a long time ago and moved on.

That other FIU message board was once quite popular but it appears that FIUPantherFan has 'managed' to kill it off once and for all.

Thank goodness for the GPP, if not we'd have to go and rev' up a Rival's board or something.

Just a quick baseball note: FIU be proud... Coach Thomas put together the 15th best recruiting class in the country coming in this Fall. Four of the kids coming in were drafted last week. This was the highest rated recruiting class in Florida! Go Panthers!


What are your predictions for the UM/Charleston Southern game?

I think we would all agree that UM has to look really good because the week after they have to face the Gators.

I would be really nervous if they dont put at least 40 points on Charleston Southern.

Well, since you asked - I agree, UM needs to,and should dominate, but I do not see the relation between beating Charleston and playing the Gators. Obviously the Gators will be a much tougher game, especially in G'ville. I do not think it matters how many points UM beat Charleston by - the UF game is going to be super tough either way.


Right. I just want to make sure the offense is clicking since its extremely tough to play the Gators, away, and it only being your 2nd game of the season. Either way, I'll be there.

FIU's offense will also need to be clicking when they play Kansas. Kansas is coming off a GREAT season, and even better win at the OrangeBowl.

Hello My dearest FIU fans. Congrats on your new stadium, which; we will packing up with FAU fans on november. Good job on the new logo, but I believe just the face would have more impact on the helmet. Forget about those UM fans that never attended the school, but think they are part of it. Be proud for having a stadium on campus after only 7 years. UM has been playing for 60 + years and still do not have a stadium on campus.
FAU sunbelt champs 07 / New Orleans Bowl Champs 07

Welcome, FAU fan...Good thoughts and comments....however, your team won't be able to play at our new on campus stadium until 2009, since we play the Shula Bowl this year at Dolphin Stadium....

FIU Fanatic: You are right. I got all excited and forgot about the schedule. See you at Dolphin stadium.

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