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Holy Cow

Hc It's been a busy past few days for FIU baseball both past and present. The only thing missing from this week's success of Golden Panthers baseball is a postseason appearance, but that will come.

What's already here is two more former Golden Panthers acting like kings of the major league hill, two ex-FIUers got drafted and four future Golden Panthers also got Scoot a chance to take their games to professional baseball before having the chance to don an FIU baseball cap....as the late "Scooter" Phil Rizzuto (right) or Harry Caray would say: "Holy Cow!"

As we've mentioned in the last couple of blogs, former FIU pitchers Josh Banks and Mark Worrell have had terrific starts to their major league careers. JB, who was originally drafted by the Blue Jays, is 2-0 and has allowed 1 earned in 23 innings pitched thus far for the Padres. MW, who is coming out of the Cardinals bullpen, has pitched three scoreless innings and hit a 3-run HR against the Nationals on Thursday.

Jc Sox In the 2008 MLB Draft, FIU 3B/1B Jorge Castillo was drafted by the White Sox in the 26th round. Former FIU right-hander Elih Villanueva was selected by the Marlins in the 27th round.

As far as Turtle's 2009 recruits, four of them got drafted and we'll have to wait and see if they're coming to University Park Stadium or not. The four FIU recruits drafted were:

Right-hander Stosh Wawrzasek, who pitched for the Canadian junior national team, was picked by the Brewers in the 16th round. Infielder Kevin Fontanez, from Puerto Rico BB Academy, was taken by the Indians in the 24th round. (You can see video of KF playing baseball in P.R. on MLB.com). Left-hander Justin Leith of Naples Barron Collier High was drafted by the Cardinals in the 31st round, and catcher/infielder Doug Joyce from Washington was picked by the Royals in the 41st round.Chip_4  

It's a milestone week on the diamond. While we got this baseball post going, the GPP would like to congratulate one of its favorite players, Chipper Jones, a former TT recruit, on hitting his 400th career HR on Thursday against the Marlins. I'm writing this post from Dolphin Stadium during Saturday's Reds/Marlins game as the MH has me on the Ken Griffey Jr. 600 HR watch for the second consecutive night. Hopefully, Jr. hits number 600 tonight and I got something to write about. So far, he's 1 for 3 in the 7th inning.


Before we get to the GPPers comments, here's a thought on the new logo. FIU must have had the GPP in mind when they designed the new logo. Many of you have wondered about the Golden Panther's left leg (and for the record so did I when I first saw it). But when I took a second look at it, I realized that FIU was thinking of the Golden Panthers Prowl when they drew up the new logo: the reason the new Golden Panther's left leg is up in the air is because he is on the Prowl.

The latest GPP poll question's voters are indicating the new logo is "sharp, solid, FIU got it right". Nearly 50 percent of the GPP voters like the new logo. We got a new poll question at the end of this post.

Among those voters we welcome is our newest international reader from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (yeah, she's from Brazil - photo, right) and our Braz_2newest readers from the good old US of A: Schaumburg, Illinois and Montgomery, Alabama. If your scoring at home -- and I know you are -- that makes 22 states, 6 countries and 1 territory that the GPP is read in. Since we're talking baseball in the first part of this post, here's the linescore of readers' states: ALA, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDA, IL, KAN, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER. Countries: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom. Territory: Puerto Rico.

FIU Florida Power and Light; Rick M; Pantera Dorada; Current FIU Student: Welcome all to the GPP.

Now to the reader comments....

Rick M: From FIU Student Media posted on the FIU Stadium: Do It Yourself blog. FIUSM is going to work with FIU Athletics on the Golden Panthers entrance to the field at the new stadium. They are looking for suggestions to songs when FIU takes the field. Post your ideas on the GPP....You see I wasn't kidding when I wrote all of FIU are big fans of this blog and read it with their daily cup of coffee.

Pink Gold: Yes, Iowa, where FIU plays its the second game of this season, painted the visiting locker rooms hot pink. Don't think it would mess with opponents minds, but instead make those teams more pumped to play. I'm not a fan of the idea.

FIU Love: The "FIU Bricks" will be placed on the concourse level of the stadium so that everyone walking around the stadium concourse can see them.

CJ: The new design of the end zones and midfield have not been done yet. The new logo will most likely be at midfield and the end zones will likely have a different look than the ones in old FIU Stadium. Sure, let's open up a cafe and pastelitos stand at the new stadium. I'm always good for a shot of Cuban Pas_2 coffee.

alt7787: FIU Spanish broadcasters Jerry of the Castle and Pepe Fields were the originators of the "El Monstruo" nickname. I once asked Antwan Barnes about it and he loves it.

FIU_Fan_For_Life: Yes, FIU would need big wins and win consistently in order to get a radio deal with a sports station. That's the way it works in our city: Bandwagon, U.S.A.

FIU Fan & gpantera: The block letters in the new logo are for the entire university, not just FIU sports. The only difference is that FIU sports will have the new Golden Panther in the middle of the block letters. The other departments of the university will have the block letters logo and then their department name below it like: FIU (block letters on top) and then School of Medicine written below the block letters or School of Law written below the block letters. There is no more shield logo.

FIU Florida Power and Light: Yes, there will be new FIU license plates with the new logo, but there is no date yet on when they will be available.

quijote: We got a new logo, so we got to update the GPP's logo. You notice I got rid of the old paw graphic next to the Golden Panther Pawse.

Clawing Cancer: I saw the new FIU football helmet with the new logo on it. The block letters and the Golden Panther are both on the helmet. They fit fine and you can read the letters just as well.


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