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Mr. or Mrs. Blog Administrator Has Torn Down The Wall

KoolAlthough it does not nearly have the same effect as the Berlin Wall coming down, more like Kool-Aid breaking through, wanted to let you good people of the GPP know that the registration/sign-in process for posting comments on the GPP has been taken down.

Now you can just comment and click "post".

Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Miami Herald Blog Administrator for tearing down that wall.Gppaw_2

Now that's not to say the Golden Panther Paw won't come out if you don't keep your comments clean, but no more going through a DMV-like form in order to comment on the GPP. After all, we were NOT one of the blogs cited for trashy commenting.

The tearing down of the Blog Comment Wall is the first item to relay in this potpourri of a post.

Been going through the last few polls that have been posted on the GPP and here are some interesting tidbits.

In the "Which GPP posts do you like best?, the winners in a landslide were FIU news and interviews. So we'll try to keep that a major part of the GPP. WIth Fans Q & A's with FIU sports people finishing third.

Mc Speaking of which, since the Blog Comment Wall just came down this morning, we'll extend the time to get your questions in for the Q & A with MC until this Sunday night, June 8.

Another tidbit from that first poll and from the results we have so far from our latest poll on the features of FIU Stadium (you can still vote on the last post), is the various places around the world the GPP has been receiving votes from in the polls so far.

At last count we had 14 states, Puerto Rico and Spain as part of our readership. With the gadgets the MH has provided to build these polls is a Google World Map Tracker that shows where in the world people who vote on the GPP are voting from.

In the last couple of polls, we have had readers vote from Orangeburg and Blythewood, South Carolina; East Lansing, Michigan; London, UK; Rome, Italy; Moscow, Idaho (see there's more than one Gorbachev reference in this post and a place in Idaho with some Russian flavor); Groesbeck, Texas; Toledo, Ohio and Kansas. The city/town in Kansas was not available on the map tracker.

Borat_2 No Kazakhstan yet.

So that gives us now 20 states (FL, GA, NC, MD, CO, CA, NY, NJ, MIN, TN, VER, PA, MASS, VA, SC, MICH, IDA, TEX, KA, OH), Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy.....Not too shabby for a blog about a school that is basically starting over with its athletics program.

Congratulations to Ronald Forbes for reaching the NCAA Track and Field Championships. RF was a big part of our "FIU At The Movies 2" blog, garnering recognition in two films: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Meet The Spartans.

Congrats also are in order for former FIU right-hander Josh Banks (right), now with the San Diego Padres. JB threw his first career shutout this past Saturday when he blanked the San Francisco Giants. JB has not Banks allowed a run in 17 innings pitched thus far for San Diego. With that kind of start and the Padres starting rotation banged up, JB should be in SD for a while.

Speaking of current FIU baseball, pitching coach Felipe Suarez has gone back to Broward Community College. Called TT today and he says FS went back to BCC, because coaching Division I baseball takes a lot more time than coaching at the junior college level. FS is getting married.

TT is currently looking for a new pitching coach. When there's more news on this, you'll have it here. I'm meeting with TT tommorrow for an interview that will be posted on the GPP soon.


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Great information, Pete...I'm super happy that yet another Golden Panther is making it big in the Big Leagues. Congrats are in order to Josh Banks, for his performance.....

As for additional questions to MC.

1. After the success in recruiting of the 2008 class (if any new recruit/transfer Please mention...how is recruiting going so far for 2009, both in terms of general response and in terms of commitments, if any?

2. Any news in when will Phase II of the Stadium Construction start?

3. How happy...or not...are you with the physical development of not just the stadium, but the fieldhouse/offices with all the amenities?


Great to hear that Josh is doing well. I watched him at FIU and was always amazed at the sound his fastball made. I always seem to remember a 9 inning gem he threw against Rider university during his last year at FIU where he was pretty much untouchable.

Banks is a great pitcher. I always thought he'd make the majors sooner or later. Lots of people talked about DeCarlo when both were there, but I always thought Banks was the better of the two.... 17-game winning streaks nonwithstanding.

The most impressive thing for me about Banks was one stretch of games where he faced FAU, like, 3 times in a row. It was in a year where FIU and FAU played 4 straight Wednesdays in a row, and it just so happened that Banks was in line to start every single one of those games. He shut down the Owls the first 2 games, basically. They kind of got to him the third... but still... when you can bamboozle a good team in FAU two starts in a row, that's a sign of a guy who knows what he's doing on the mound. Good job, Mr. Banks.

Anyway... also a good job in tearing down that wall, Mr. Pelegrin. But it obscures (unintentionally) the very creative ideas mentioned in the last post by the fans... including my beach idea (self-promotion points deducted accordingly) and the "panther bank". That's the kind of creativity I hope to see with FIU athletics at some point.

As for Suarez... interesting bit of news there. Did that "more time" have anything to do with how bad the FIU arms did this season? I'm not saying it did... but boy, that's a fair question to ask considering how bad the arms were this season. In any case, doesn't matter now. Best of luck to him. Time to find someone who will get these arms into shape.

Been a silent observer for a while, however reading some great energy from this blog so, what the "heck".

Looking forward to an improved Grid Iron season (GO MC!), improved men's hoops (Serge, you've got the horses now!)and after all the hype and promo about Turtle, we hope to be competitive in baseball again, even against Div II schools!


Thanks for the news, kind of surprised about Suarez, hmmm back to Juco.....quick question, any idea where Allen was twords the end of the year, I know he spent much of the year recruiting but I don't remember seeing him for the last couple of weeks.....any news on whether he will be back???

Add Sydney, Australia to the list! Go FIU!


The Beach idea is a pretty good idea. UM's Bank United Center has something very similar for their basketball games. They have a section called 'the beach', in the student section naturally, and they have some beach lounge chairs and some kids tossing a beach ball around.

Perhaps FIU can take the idea one step further and do something really exciting with it.

I was thinking since we have the huge concourse level up top we can do something creative with that space. But I think that space eventually gets covered and not visible...right Pete?


Wondering if you know anything about a lineman from UCF that got a release from his scholarship by O'Leary. He was the roommate of the kid that passed away this spring. Last I heard, he moved back home to Miami and was looking for a fresh start. Can't remember his name, but he was slated to be a starter on the OL for the Knights this year.

I'd like to know if our lack of depth on the roster at many positions will prompt coach to get as many of the 2008 frosh class on the field this year or can we expect many of them to be red-shirted. I think the lack of athletic football ready kids hurt our ability last season to stay competitive for 60 min. ??

Pete i got a question... do you or MC know about the parking that they are goin to have for the football game? are they goin to use the fair ground parking? or are they gion to use the garages...
if they use the garages are they goin to taxi people over?

lol how bout for the first game every year, since its still pretty close to summer time everyone comes in a bathing suit?

Great to see the Herald is being progressive with this stuff. I am a lurker and decided to post just for that reason.

FIU Fan,

The concourse will end up being visible, I believe. It'll just have the upper decks above it, if that happens at all.

I knew about the UM beach thing, which is partially why I hesitated to mention my idea at first. With that said, they don't do any sort of sand there, so it's not exactly copy-catting.

Also, I didn't think of this at first, but now that you sort of mentioned it... making the beach section the student section does seem like a natural. Imagine the sorts of memories you could build there watching a football game as a student. Talk about a student section worth being at, day or night.

As to where it should be... this one ought to be obvious: right behind the opposing team's bench. That's the section where no building's being done right now and won't be for another year, so it could be added to the plan. That's where a lot of student sections tend to be at anyway. And imagine being an opposing player who has to look up and see a bunch of people in a beach-like atmosphere partying and screaming at you. That's got to be a weird sight, at the very least. And distracting, too.

CJ: That's the spirit, my man! Nothing says Miami like bathing suits to a football game. There's people who do that already with Dolphins and Canes games. :)

see i figured some1 would like that idea... plus... im still a student imagine goin to the FIU student section w/ all the lil hotties in their bikini's :-D good times.. as my friend once put it, walking through gc at 12pm is like a fan, looking left, then right, then back left, then back right haha

Here's a crazy thought....As a tradition, I think we should move the black cube found next to the DM building and move it at the entrance of the stadium. So everyone can take a turn spinning it before entering the games.

I knew Josh Banks sounded familiar!! He's pitching well in the majors, albeit against the SF Giants. It sucks that in baseball there is not a huge emphasis on where one played collegiately as there is in football. So people wont be hearing much about FIU during Padres' broadcasts.

By the way Pete Im pretty sure I saw you rolling around FIU stadium in a golf cart on Thursday. just a random observation....

My questions for MC is fashion, is he going to continue to wear the tie or will he begin to style a more unformal look? I liked the idea if the tie for the first year but I think he should relax a little more this upcoming year. Plus, when he would sweat the shirt became see through. If he's going to wear a white formal shirt, make sure he wears an undershirt for persperation reasons. Looks better for TV

FIU Fan,

Here's my idea that I put on the previous post for personalizing our stadium:

I really like your ideas on creating something original for our new stadium PP. How bout palm trees lining the Panther walk/concourse that circles the field. You can intersperse the real palms with man-made Orange trees in homage to the Orange Bowl (which might even be a reminder that we were the last D-IA school to win in that facility).

I like the idea of the palm trees. It would be pretty unique if the team came out through the tunnel and palm trees lined each side. Not huge palm trees...but small tiny palm trees...yeah, I dont know.

Maybe since FIU was an old airport, we can have Roary come out of the tunnel in a small plane.

Or perhaps make a fake airport tower somewhere in the stadium and have the players touch it as they go out on the field.

Run with the airport idea...

good to see there are so many readers from abroad.... after all, we are Florida INTERNATIONAL University :)

You're welcome on the props, Pete. And that's Ms. Blog Administrator ... :)

Ah, GC. The hotties were endless. That's one of the greatest thing about FIU. I definitely did my fair share of fan movements while I was eating at the Pollo Tropical as a student. And what causes those necks to crick ought to be something that gets put to good use during football season. Say, on a beach. :)

OMG... the Cube! Someone mentioned the Cube! By far, the coolest sculpture on the campus. And your idea would SO rock, FIU Fan, but it would wreck that piece in no time. That thing's been around for years... hell, my oldest brothers know that piece, and they were at FIU during the early 90's. I don't think thousands spinning it would keep it around much longer. Keep it where it's at. Maybe FIU can get some artist to do a monster spinning panther head instead. :)

The palm trees is a cool idea, too.

Hey, Pete... I hope you're planning to ask Mario about some of our ideas. See what he thinks. Seriously. And, MC, don't lose the suit. It's classy. ;)

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