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Mr. or Mrs. Blog Administrator Has Torn Down The Wall

KoolAlthough it does not nearly have the same effect as the Berlin Wall coming down, more like Kool-Aid breaking through, wanted to let you good people of the GPP know that the registration/sign-in process for posting comments on the GPP has been taken down.

Now you can just comment and click "post".

Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Miami Herald Blog Administrator for tearing down that wall.Gppaw_2

Now that's not to say the Golden Panther Paw won't come out if you don't keep your comments clean, but no more going through a DMV-like form in order to comment on the GPP. After all, we were NOT one of the blogs cited for trashy commenting.

The tearing down of the Blog Comment Wall is the first item to relay in this potpourri of a post.

Been going through the last few polls that have been posted on the GPP and here are some interesting tidbits.

In the "Which GPP posts do you like best?, the winners in a landslide were FIU news and interviews. So we'll try to keep that a major part of the GPP. WIth Fans Q & A's with FIU sports people finishing third.

Mc Speaking of which, since the Blog Comment Wall just came down this morning, we'll extend the time to get your questions in for the Q & A with MC until this Sunday night, June 8.

Another tidbit from that first poll and from the results we have so far from our latest poll on the features of FIU Stadium (you can still vote on the last post), is the various places around the world the GPP has been receiving votes from in the polls so far.

At last count we had 14 states, Puerto Rico and Spain as part of our readership. With the gadgets the MH has provided to build these polls is a Google World Map Tracker that shows where in the world people who vote on the GPP are voting from.

In the last couple of polls, we have had readers vote from Orangeburg and Blythewood, South Carolina; East Lansing, Michigan; London, UK; Rome, Italy; Moscow, Idaho (see there's more than one Gorbachev reference in this post and a place in Idaho with some Russian flavor); Groesbeck, Texas; Toledo, Ohio and Kansas. The city/town in Kansas was not available on the map tracker.

Borat_2 No Kazakhstan yet.

So that gives us now 20 states (FL, GA, NC, MD, CO, CA, NY, NJ, MIN, TN, VER, PA, MASS, VA, SC, MICH, IDA, TEX, KA, OH), Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy.....Not too shabby for a blog about a school that is basically starting over with its athletics program.

Congratulations to Ronald Forbes for reaching the NCAA Track and Field Championships. RF was a big part of our "FIU At The Movies 2" blog, garnering recognition in two films: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Meet The Spartans.

Congrats also are in order for former FIU right-hander Josh Banks (right), now with the San Diego Padres. JB threw his first career shutout this past Saturday when he blanked the San Francisco Giants. JB has not Banks allowed a run in 17 innings pitched thus far for San Diego. With that kind of start and the Padres starting rotation banged up, JB should be in SD for a while.

Speaking of current FIU baseball, pitching coach Felipe Suarez has gone back to Broward Community College. Called TT today and he says FS went back to BCC, because coaching Division I baseball takes a lot more time than coaching at the junior college level. FS is getting married.

TT is currently looking for a new pitching coach. When there's more news on this, you'll have it here. I'm meeting with TT tommorrow for an interview that will be posted on the GPP soon.


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