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New Threads

Your Golden Panthers football team is expected to sport new uniforms this coming season and here are Puffff the colors and combinations the team may choose from and possibly one choice that would make SouthPaw's day. No, not a gold puffy shirt, but some gold might be involved.

FIU is still expected to have dark blue jerseys and white jerseys to choose from. As for the pants, the blue pants are still around, but are expected to be a darker blue -- to go with the darker blue in the new logo. Also, FIU is supposed to have white pants to wear this season. There is talk of the gold pants making a comeback, but unlike the white pants, which are a near certainty, the gold is still being bandied about.

The difference between the new and old blue tops and blue pants is supposed to be that the new blue tops and blue pants will have a gold slash running down the sides. The new white tops and white Blueblue_5 pants will have a blue slash running down the sides.

Don't yet have actual photos of these new unis, but here's an idea of what these new uniforms are supposed to look like. The new uniforms are expected to be somewhat like the Denver Broncos uniforms. EXCEPT, replace the orange slash down the side of Denver's blue uniforms (photo, left) with GOLD. WhThe white uniforms (right) the Broncos wear have the blue slash that FIU's white uniforms will have. Of course, FIU can also choose to go with the gold pants, but that's not supposed to happen just yet.

There are supposed to be alternate pants (without the slash) if the team wants to mix and match the blue and white jerseys with different color pants.

You be the FIU GQ Editor below the Pawse.



FIU Fan For Life: Yes, J.C. Otero tore his left ACL, but is expected to return by December according to SR.

Gold: Charlie Jones jumped to Memphis. FIU does have one mammoth transfer in Ulavale Matavao, a 6-3, 348-pound Samoan offensive lineman who is eligible to play this fall. Matavao came to FIU from San Antonio JC in California. Don't worry about updates on the new stadium, I should be touring it either next week or the following and I'll have plenty of information and photos on here soon after the tour.

quijote: FIU recently received $5 million from the State of Florida to renovate FIU Arena. So it's only a matter of time before they start improving the venue. They need to spruce up the place, because the university uses that building practically every day. Also, FIU is currently in negotiations with several South Florida corporations to sell the naming rights to the arena.

gpantera: I'm no artist or anything like that, but here is an idea of how the new FIU logo would look on the blue helmets. This image on the right is from doodling on the Paint Pad on my laptop. Notice the FIU block lettersHelm_2 are in white with gold outlines. The blue background I got on this is not as dark as the helmets. That was the darkest blue the Paint Pad would allow. Also, the logo is supposed to be a somewhat streamlined on the helmet so that it fits properly. By streamlining the logo, it will take the shape of a shield, somewhat. (The old logo fans have suddenly stood up and applauded). This is obviously not an exact replica, but hopefully it gives you an idea.

DG2327: Welcome to the GPP. I have heard the same thing regarding the baseball roster. I'm not so sure all the guys leaving would have helped much. Let's see what the No. 15 recruiting class in the nation has in store for FIU baseball next season. FIU did lose Stosh Wawrzasek, who signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. SW was the top pitcher on the Canadian junior national team that played FIU last fall. Also, there is nothing new on the search for the new pitching coach.

FIU Fanatic: Former UCF defensive back Alphonso Bryant is enrolled at FIU, but has not been cleared yet to play football. That is expected to happen later this summer.

CJ: Sorry, I couldn't post the first part of the MC interview to give you something to read during your Nashville wedding. I've been covering the Marlins the last couple of days, but Part 1 of MC's interview Wc will be on the GPP sometime this weekend.

Pantera Dorada: The new stadium will have a new turf installed soon. They have to go with turf, because of all the high school games and other events that will occur at the stadium. If they went with grass, by October FIU would be playing on a dirt field.

alt7787: The GPP talks other sports as well. If the Marlins are going to upgrade any part of their team before the July trading deadline, it will be the bullpen which is god awful. The Fish are counting on the returns of Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez to bolster the starting rotation. We're already starting to see moves being made in the 'pen with the demotion of Matt Lindstrom to the minors on Tuesday and with Doug Waechter being moved to a role later in the game. Still, they need to get a good closer and move Kevin Gregg to the 7th or 8th inning and get some better middle relievers. They won't catch the Phillies if they don't improve the bullpen.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Fresno State showed that NCAA baseball has the best playoff system in college sports. It gives every team equal chance to win a national title. Fresno State started the season 8-12, beat former No. 1 Arizona State in the Super Regionals, finished with 30 losses and still won the College World Series.

outofthecage88: I traded e-mails with a Jacksonville writer and he said QB Cedric McCloud is the real deal. He's athletic, has a strong arm and when he scrambles the kid breaks tackles like a running back. Nice pickup for FIU.Stl_2

**Let's welcome our 28th state of readership to the GPP: Missouri. The handy-dandy Google Map Tracker -- no, I don't get royalties by mentioning Google on the GPP -- shows that St. Louis, Missouri has chimed in our latest poll question.

Let's break out the scorecard and pencil: The 28 states the GPP is read in: ALA, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDAHO, IL, IND, IOWA, KAN, KY, LA, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER, WIS.

Bh Dartford, United Kingdom also participated in the last poll.....Cheerio!....Globally, the GPP is visited in these 8 Countries: Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Panama, Spain, United Kingdom, U.S.A. and also in 1 Territory: Puerto Rico.

Close call on the last poll question regarding your expectations for three of FIU's teams this coming season. At the latest count, 36.4% of you good people expect the most out of FIU hoops. FIU baseball and football are dead even at 31.8%.

Here's the new question and, yes, I know those are Denver Broncos in 3 of the photos. And yes, I know it's a slow time of year when we're asking about football fashion statements:


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Interesting news about the uniforms. Hopefully they will bring back the gold pants. To me that original combination is still my favorite, however, I will withhold judgment until I see the new uni's.


thanks for taking a shot at the logo.

Separetely, Fresno State in baseball and Boise State in football serve as our best evidence that yes, FIU can genuinely aspire to greater days ahead.

Hey, quick suggestion: could you briefly summarize the questions you're answering in the pawse section. It's easier than looking for the comment on the last blog, and gives a bit more context for the answer. Thanks.

(BTW you can add DC to the list, been reading the blog since it started)

This is by far one of the better blogs I keep up to date with. Again, thank you for your hard work!

Pete, do you have any news on whether the people from the FIU athletics department are taking into consideration any of this blogs suggestions for "tradition starters". I know you did a story on this not too long ago.

Again, thanks


Thanks for the updates !! MC did mention to me a potential JUCO transfer earlier in the year he was working on to complement the signing of MACK, both these guys should start right away !! On my count, the O-line is starting to shape up. We lacked true D1 size and depth last few years...

Andy Leavine - 300lbs+
Cedric Mack - 335lbs+ Transfer
Javon Hill - 325lbs+
Chris Cawthon - 320lbs+ REDSHIRTED
Joe Alajajian - 300lbs+
Brad Serini - 300lbs Rimington Watch List
Dustin Gibson - 300lbs
Ulavale Matavao - 340lbs+ Transfer

**These bodies should be able to create some space for runners and time for our QB ? If you look at the match ups last year on O-line, we were at a disadvantage in every game. Our TEs and RBs could not chip or pick up blitzes because the opposing teams had lineman in the backfield. If our O-line can at least stand up the opposing team and free up our (hybrid TE and a RB) the D will have to focus on our WRs in this modified SPREAD that Legg has brought here.

As you can tell, I am really excited that the Oline is getting the size we badly needed. You now have 3 O-line coaches in MC, Legg, GL to coach these kids up for what I think can be a chance to keep games closer and give us a chance at winning more games !!

Can't wait for the KANSAS game. I will be there !!!

Thanks for the blog Pete!

Thanks for the additional information on uniforms and about 'new' players joining our program. Matavao was a 1st Team All Mission Conference (National Division) for Mount San Antonio JC in California. It appears he, along with Mack, will bring size and experience to the OL this year...besides depth....good to see he is early in the summer learning the system...

Gold please.

Like the golden slash running down the side of the blue pants. I like how we're upgrading the logos and unis to look sharper.

Not such a fan of the gold pants but let's see what they look like once they unveil them.

Quijote you've got to be excited what with Spain in the Eurocup final. Good luck against the Germans.

Separately Pete, any update on what's going on with the soccer program and what should we expect for the next season?

Yeah. I went to high school with Mack, my brother and he are friends. He was massive back then i can't imagine now.

Pete, say it ain’t so! This must be a bad joke, right?

Modeling our uniforms after the Denver Broncos!?! Are you kidding?? Denver is responsible for ushering in one of the worst uniform changes in sports history. They were one of the first pro teams to wear monochrome dark on dark jerseys and pants and one of the first to sport the side panel slashes. In short, they’re a joke. Side slashes are typical “template uniforms” that the big apparel companies have shoved down the throats of universities across the country with no tradition for the past decade. They’re a sure way to never establish any tradition.

I know some will disagree, but simple, classic uniforms are the way to go—they are the mark of a solid program. They’re uniforms that stand the test of time and don’t have to be changed every five years. And you’ll never look back at old photos of them and laugh.

On top of the huge design mistake with the side slashes, instead of adding more GOLD to our uniforms, what are we doing? We’re making our blue DARKER and adding WHITE pants. Our blue was already very dark--what are we trying to do, make our helmets look black? And while the WHITE pants are a near certainty, we MIGHT wear gold pants occasionally? Why do the Golden Panthers have to beg for scraps of gold?

The only way to make this worse is if you tell me we’ll have new slashes down our helmets similar to the Broncos and we’ll continue to wear blue jerseys with the ridiculous blue pants. If our uniforms continue to disrespect our school’s mascot, the curse of the blueberry will continue.

C’mon Mr. Maidique, Mr. Garcia and Coach Cristobal, let’s right this wrong while we still have a chance. We’ve got to start getting the little things right. Give us uniforms we can build tradition around and be proud of.


SO i have been to the stadium, and the fieldhouse has some pillars and sand foundation.... what is the real time frame for the part of the stadium to be completed, Can that really be completed in six months like PG says? also, NO PRESS BOX? where are you goin to work on game days?

I have to agree with SouthPaw. The Broncos uniform is ridiculous. We're better off having our old uniform than a slash running down our pants!!!

Pete, thanks for the update on Charlie Jones and Alphonso Bryant. If Bryant is cleared to play football, will he be able to play this upcoming season?

As for addition of Matavao, FIU has done a excellent job of recruiting our O-line the last two years. Staff realizes that line of scrimmage was a joke under Strock(sorry had to bring him up).


I gotta agree with Southpaw about the gold. I don't quite get why it's so under-represented at FIU. From the looks of the poll, looks like GP nation mostly agrees with us there. I'm not saying we need to be Goldmember, but I don't get the idea of "Golden Panthers" if FIU teams mostly stick with blue and white uniforms. From a simple marketing perspective, adding gold seems a no-brainer. About the only thing that gives me pause on the gold is that FSU, USF and UCF use some shade of gold pretty prominently on their uniforms. Just speculation here, but maybe that's why gold's not getting the focus. (Perhaps Pete can find that out.) But if that's the case, both FAU and UF use blue and white a lot, too, so I don't know if that's a lot better. Point is, there should be more gold in general.

Beyond that... I'm fine with the rest of the uniforms. White pants would look sweet, and I for one like the monochrome uniforms. I know the Denver look isn't for everyone, but it's way better than their old uni's. Those things were awful.

I admire your point on the classic look, Southpaw, and I tend to agree with it. But that's not flying in today's NCAA. FIU isn't a Notre Dame. We're not a USC. We don't have a classic uniform. We're not a classic program. I hate to break the news to you, but FIU is precisely the kind of school that uses uniform templates. When you sign a contract with an apparel maker, you have to live with what they design and what they want to push unless you're a Penn State. With the way the apparel game is going these days, even most of the big schools use those template uniforms all the time. I can't count how many times UM and UF have changed theirs.

Point is... the apparel companies have an interest in constantly changing the uniforms because that's how they generate new sales and more money. As long as that's the case, you're going to see most schools constantly changing their uniforms. That's just a fact. Hell, FIU's old uniforms were a template. Let's not get too bent out of shape on that. I just hope we don't turn into the University of Oregon with our uni's. :)

Pete, I am writing to you from Washington DC right now. MaXx and I decided to take a vacation.

Anyway, I wasn't sure about the white unis, but looking at the pictures you posted, I like them. I'd also like to see the gold pants back. Those were always my favorite.

I always thought FIU had it right from the start. Blue top with white and gold stripes, gold pants. Those are all the school colors and they should be in the uniforms. I like the way the logo looks. Lets see if it will hold up.

I can't believe we obsess this much about uniform stripes and color combos.
Sprinkle some winning on any uniform and it suddenly becomes cool...no unbiased party would deem CGU's orange and green or Oregon's yellow and green tough football colors...win and everything good follows, stripes or not.

Clawing Cancer,

I've heard the argument that a few other state schools having gold helmets made FIU shy away from the natural choice of gold helmets in order to “look different.” Remember that UCF changed to white helmets last year, and dropped "golden" from their name. So to me, that logic doesn't hold anymore, not that it ever should have. After all, we are the only Florida university with "Golden" in our nickname now. We have to be true to ourselves.

Just look at the real golden panther--it's a very simple, clean, classic, and intimidating looking animal. No stripes or strips or swooshes or slashes to be found. And certainly no BLUE! Over the span of time, classic sells and classic wins. And you never have to look back at old pictures of the uniforms and think, "why were we wearing those clown suits."

As a double alum, I'll route for FIU no matter what uniforms they wear, make no mistake. And winning (with class) is certainly all that matters. But wouldn’t you rather see our football team on the cover of Sport Illustrated wearing uniforms that we can be proud of?

My message to Mr. Maidique, Mr. Garcia, and Mr. Cristobal is "don't be afraid to go for the gold." If we don’t think we’re good enough for gold, we'll be lucky to wind up with a bronze.

fiu a punk school.


Don't get frustrated. You can apply to FIU again next year. At any rate, you can always use UM as a safety net if you don't get in.

can't wait till I'm back in Miami, just 15 days. Will be there for the new FIU stadium!

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