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From 1 Million To 1 Logo

OK, so FIU didn't really have 1 million logos until today, it only seemed that way.

The day is here for the new FIU logo that will be used by the entire university and all of the Golden Panthers athletic teams here it is:


I like the solid dark blue block letters and a fiercer looking Golden Panther. This logo will be on all FIU teams uniforms and also will be the helmet decal for the football team.

Not only is the new logo being unveiled today, but from now on -- and as a devout reader of the GPP you already knew this -- Florida International University will strictly be known in sports lingo as FIU, the way it should be. The FIU Golden Panthers sure sounds, looks and reads a lot better than the 5-word alternative that had been previously used.

Post your thoughts on the new logo and vote on it below.


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I like the look of the Panther a lot better, however, I always thought the shield look was really nice. I do however like the fact that we are sticking to one logo and that the colors have remained the same.

Hell yes. Very cool looking. Still allows for FIU to keep using its happier panther with the shield, but this logo for athletics is awesome.

I like that the panther looks angry but what is up with his left leg (the one to your right). It looks awkward.

In all honestly, the logo looks like it should be for a high school team. I think we went backward from the sheild logo.

I do, however, like that there is one logo for the entire school.

Logo looks good, glad they got rid of the grass.

I think logo is great!!! Got to buy that new gear now.

BTW, Josh Banks is starting pitcher tonight against the Mets. Hopefully he gets some run support. Go Padres!!!

Looks pretty solid to me. I'm kind of undecided if I like the shield one a bit more, precisely for the same reason Gold explained earlier in this thread (the left leg is kind of awkward). However, I like the "FIU" lettering a lot more, and the Panther a bit more aggresive I like a bit more as well. What the heck..I'll go with the brand new one....

Wow Pete...You brought me back to the beginning of the Golden Panther era at FIU, when President Maidique changed it early in his presidency. The only thing missing was the Sunblazer logo...LOL!! That was a weird animal, BTW....

I LOVE the fact the University is going to go branded just as "FIU"...I think that has a lot more potential and "ring to it" than the whole name of our University. So, in this respect I am totally, totally in agreement with the administrators....actually, I LOVE IT!!!

I like it but I defnitely agree that the left leg looks awkward. I've always really liked the old Sunblazer mascot, i thought it was very unique.

I love it! I like the letters and the panther. It's great!

Go Josh! Beat the Mets!

I really like that our helmets are gonna have more than just letters! And the panther now has an angrier-look

I wonder if we are gonna get new License plate designs?

It does a little class with the shield being deleted. But its a fair trade-off in order to get a meaner looking logo.

The last panther looked like was out to STARE you to death instead of chomping on your hambone.

The thing I dont like is that the I in FIU is a little covered. On a national stage we are still making a name for ourselves. FIU needs to be clearly visible.!!!!!

The logo is cool... I don't mind it at all. As far as I'm concerned, it's hard to screw up a panther logo. Especially with a blue and gold scheme. And I really like the new face. That looks positively devilish.

Something tells me this logo would look absolutely kick-ass if they just ditch the body and keep the letters and the face. Sort of like how the baseball team had their caps for this season. I think that would be schweet.

With that said, I can't help but feel that it's a close cousin to the old logo. They didn't do a whole lot different. And, frankly, I'm not sure I understand the rationale behind changing the logo if you're going to make it so close to the old logo. If you're going to change it, change it. All they really did here was change the face and letter font, get rid of all the background and add the weird-looking left leg. Which, granted, are all improvements (except for the leg), but I was expecting something really different.

Anyway, glad to see my beach suggestion is leading the poll so far. Guess it wasn't as ridiculous as I thought. :)

Oh... and since someone asked earlier... the FIU release says the English radio crew on WINZ will still be Phil Schoen, Randy Kassewitz and Mike Mandich.

BTW, great move to 940. Way better than "no one can her it" WMCU. Doesn't matter to me, though... thank God for the Internet! ;)

The left leg has gotta go...now!

The loss of the shield hurts.

Where else is this new logo news being reported? I don't see it on the official FIU sports website.

Will the logo alway include both FIU and the panther? Will we see them apart as well?

new logo look better on blue background (see small logo on top left, near Golden Panther Prowl banner.

any chance these people bit off our last logo?


The new logo is ok. It seems too plain, especially the FIU lettering. It still beats Pitt's logo. Any chance Pitt will drop the panther part of their name and simply adopt a Wanstache as their new mascot?

Hmmm I initially agreed with alt, I thought the FIU lettering was too "mickey mouse". However, the more I see it, the more I appreciate those blocks. It really is reminiscent of your typical university font. The background leg is a bit weird, like if the panther is farting or something. haha I do like it though, the panther looks bad ass, like its gonna lay a whopping on someone.

The only thing that's missing are some blood drops dripping from the foreground claw!!

ROAR baby!!!

Pete nice work on getting the image header changed to include the new logo.


this isn't the first school or organization I see using our old logo...so much so that I'm starting to wonder if FIU grabbed that logo from getty images or some other royalty free database.

the new logo is goin to take time to get use to. i kinda did like the old shield logo. the fact that the new panther is more aggressive is a plus. but its just awkward at the moment. maybe in the afternoon it will be nicer

I have seen the shield logo in other places as well, including the Nease Panthers high school team:


By the way, congratulations to Mark Worrell who hit a three run home run last night in his first major league at bat. Not too shabby for a pitcher huh?

Oh, also want to mention that Josh Banks pitched another great game yesterday. He has 2 wins so far with a 0.39 ERA as a rookie. Great job by Josh!

does anyone knows if any of the kids that committed to FIU baseball were drafted?

New Logo (which has a much cooler looking panther, but weird leg and lettering behind it); New way to print the school name (only FIU - good choice ala UCLA; New Attitude (okay, I'll buy that); Same inexperienced head coaches who need time to prove themselves with their own recruiting classes (okay, I'll let that go too); New On-Campus staudium (cool, state school perk over Miami); HOWEVER - same crappy players that cant win a game, even in their own conference much less on a national level against bigger schools; same crappy campus in west miami; same crappy student body walking around without a clue as to how the rest of the state views them (maybe it is the language barrier); same crappy fans who think logos and pregame traditions are more important than winning.

Just my view on the current situation.

Can't say I love this one, but all the others grew on me after a while....

Thanks Crazycane. You've once again proven why your losing season last year is superior to our losing season.

And do not get me started on "how the rest of the state views them" cause UM doesn't have the best reputation following them.

Thanks, great points, come again.

Anyone check out the new Athlon Football magazine for 2008? They rank all of last season's first-year head coaches. Cristobal ranked 16th on the list :-). UM's Shannon came in at No. 19. Go Golden Panthers!

My only concern with this logo is that placed upon a dark navy blue helmet, the lettering might be obscured some, unless the gold border is much thicker than what has been displayed. This one seems to busy on the side of a helment

All I care about is wins and could of settled for a gold panther paw print (like clemson) on a navy helmet.

EHH...is what I think.... my prediction, change will come again.... give it 5 years

I've got a hard time believing they're going to put that entire logo on the helmet. Maybe it's just me (and Lord knows I'm no fashion maven), but that logo wouldn't look right on a helmet. It'd look great on the 50-yard line or midcourt, but not on a football helmet. For that, I'd do either the "FIU" or the panther face (maybe both) with a white helmet. It'd look less busy and the white makes the logo just pop out.

But maybe we ought to ask Senor Pelegrin and put that Herald salary to good use. Is that ENTIRE logo what'll be on the helmet, Pete, or just the letters or the panther face or what?

As for you, CrazyCane... I hope you're enjoying riding that keyboard. On another note, it sort of figures that a Canes fan would think "traditions" and such doesn't matter... even when you guys have your own to cherish (C-A-N-E-S Canes... the smoke... the Orange Bowl when it was there.)

You Canes peeps need to realize that Miami is NOT like every other college. With the Canes, winning is the ONLY reason why people go to the games. You can credit a fan base that never went to the school and, for the most part, treat the Canes like they're a pro team.

With the vast majority of other schools, the fan base is built up very differently because most of the base actually WENT to that school and have memories and loyalties and other such things that anchor them deeper.

I'm glad that FIU is going that way instead of the "Miami" route. There's no point in FIU trying to be UM. There's already a school with a huge bandwagon following in Miami. I'd rather see FIU have more of a traditional college fanbase that is always there at the games, win or lose. It's better from a financial standpoint for the athletics program. And there isn't all that hellacious pressure to "win", at least not in the forseeable future.

That's probably not completely possible in a place like South Florida, and if FIU starts winning more I don't doubt that bandwagoners will be at the games, too. But I do think that wins cannot and should not be the only measure of a program's success. There's other factors, too, and providing a game atmosphere that keeps people coming back, win or lose, is vitally important to a program's success.

Wins are important - and obviously the most important thing - but that's kind of like saying having a strong foundation for a house is all you need in order to have a house. At some point, having a roof and walls helps.

Great post, Clawing..great post. I actually agree with everything you said here. I would like to know if the "whole" logo will be displayed on the helmet, as I would think it would be too much...

Your thoughts about winning, traditions, and loyalties based on experience rather than just winning is right on the money. Of course, we need wins, and wins brings in people, which in turn, help develop traditions and a healthy, loyal, fan base.

Ok here's my suggestion for the pre-game tradition. Instead of touching a golden panther statue, or smacking a "play like champions" sign...how about as they exit the field and enter the tunnel, they grab a quick "Cafecito" shot! They can have a table setup outside of the tunnel, have a classic "Versailles" type of expresso machine, and have the shots lined up. It would create a create adrenaline and energy rush, and what would better symbolize our community? We can even sell advertising space, and have PILON sponsor the table, complete with their logos on the table and the cups.

I'm serious guys, what do you think? This is a super original idea, and is a perfect salute to South Florida.

Crap, I meant exit the tunnel and enter the field haha...pete can you edit it please.

Guys, I've gone through all the permeations of these logos in the survey and I can give you some history.

Starting with the Sunblazer: When FIU had been approved as what they called back then a 2+2 university (meaning MDCC first two years then your last two @ FIU), the first administrators were asked to come up with a mascot / logo. Since the word "hurricane", not UM's logo but the ACTUAL word "hurricane" was viewed as a negative force they agreed to follow with something weather related but using something more positive "the Sun". Some brainstorming from those initial administrators resulted in the original "SunBlazers".

Mitch came in 1986 (my junior yr.) and quickly went to the Panthers. Believe it or not FIT (Florida Institute of Technology) was already the Panthers, so we were forced to add "Golden".

The initial "boxed in growling cat head" is actually a picture of a pissed off house cat. The second "Thunder Panther" was design by one of the top NY advertising firms. Initially that logo and all its different looks was REAL SWEET until we were forced to take away OUR "Golden" color (FIU was here before the hockey team!) to that comic book yellow by our very own Florida Panther hockey team (thanks Wayne you're a jerk!).

Then you got the more recent "Shield Panther" and now this new look. I personally have liked all logos (except the growling cat head!). I like the new logo, but LETS STICK WITH THIS FOREVER. This will be our third LOGO announcement since '96! Enough! Hope this give you guys some perspective.


Wow! Ultimate FIU Fan thanks for the logo history lesson. Why did the Panther hockey team stick noses in our business?

FIU Fan For Life, there were two reasons. First, the hockey Panthers were trying to establish a South Florida presence and confusing logos would not help their cause. Secondly, Wayne H. dislikes Mitch tremendously. Finds him arrogant! Story as it that at a function attended by both men, Mitch mentioned that he would FORCE the hockey panthers to change their name. That got back to Wayne, so he played HARDBALL! Hope that answers your question.


I think this is a much better logo for the sports team. Face it, as much as I like the Shield logo, a docile panther in grass is not very intimidating on the field.

I do kind of wish the University at large would keep the shield logo, though. Having two logos would show that we can be fierce on the field and intellectual and respectful of our environment on the rest of campus. Also, that we care about working on our sports teams and making them recognizable nationally, but also do not put it above acacemics (by changing the entire U's logo for what is clearly an atheletic reason)

It is pretty good, though.

I also wonder if we will get new license plates.

I think i'm the only person who despises the new logo. I'm currently enrolled at FIU, and almost, by default, consider myself the most involved student fan of the sports (Which i'm sure Senor Pelegrin can attest to) and I think this logo is terrible. I liked the shield, thought i thought it could be improved upon, but this logo looks like its trying too hard to be mean, and it just doesn't get the job done. My vote will always be to go back to the SunBlazers because its so unique, and almost anything that looks remotely cool or menacing, with a sun behind it could qualify. Imagine something like that badass trojan-looking guy the Golden State Warriors have, with a ball of flames behind it. I happen to think that would look very sharp on a ball cap or t-shirt. I also wonder why there was no notifying the students about the process. I'm sure the administration could have completed this process before finals in the spring and had some student imput in GC.....but I digress, a great logo does not a great team make (See Binghamton University) http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=6819 I'll never stop cheering for the GP, and i suppose i'm excited for my new hats, I just wish the logo could have been a bit better.....

P.S. for those of you that looked at Binghamton's logo, why couldn't we have something that awesome?

I like the new athletic mark. I believe there will be new variations on merchandise soon but I like the aggressive look. GO FIU.

I guess we need some time to get use to the new logo. The truth is that it's a much better logo for our athletic department. I love the new aggressive panther. Even though there're small changes to the logo, these changes make a huge difference (take Mona Lisa's unique expression and you'll end up with just another painting. So i totally disagree with the guy who said that we should of changed the logo completely. Another thing, I don't see anything wrong with the left leg everyone keeps talking about. The panther is walking towards you and it looks exactly how it should. It looks like is stalking a prey.

I liked the old shield Panther logo! The only thing I would've changed is the meaner looking face. That way the shield's uniquesness could have coupled with the meaner Golden Panther for the sake of the athletics teams. Changing it every couple of years never allows the school or teams to gain an identity. I agree with AxlRoseLovesWRGP and say return to the old Panther coming out of the grass with a meaner face. Tsk, tsk, tsk...This new one is too plain!!

Bring back the sunblazer!
How cliche ... tiger, panther, lion, bear ...blah blah blah...
The sunblazer was unique and funky.

I like return man 2.
return man 2 http://returnman2.blogspot.com/

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