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WINZ Of Change

FIU football's radio coverage is moving down on the dial for the coming season. You can hear all the Radio English language coverage of the Golden Panthers football games in 2008 on WINZ 940 AM. The first broadcast is Aug. 30 when FIU opens at Kansas.

FIU football was on WMCU 1080 last season, but has now moved to a station with better reception. Got several e-mails last year and people telling me that the 1080 signal wasn't always the best. With 940, FIU football games on the radio should have a stronger reception.

Kj As far as the FIU football Spanish broadcasts those can still be heard on 1550 AM with the "Cuban Keith Jackson" (left) - Jerry Del Castillo: "Oye, Nellie!" and Pepe "Chamby" Campos.

Another former FIU pitcher is in the major leagues. Right-hander Mark Worrell Mw_2 (right) made his big league debut last night for the St. Louis Cardinals. MW pitched one scoreless inning of relief in the Cards win over the Washington Nationals. That currently makes  3 Golden Panthers in the bigs: MW, Josh Banks and of course, Mike Lowell.

The Major League Baseball Draft is tommorrow (Thursday) and FIU's prospects include 2B Ryan Mollica and 3B Jorge Castillo. Let's see what happens.


Keep sending in your ideas for features you want to see at the new FIU Stadium. I've been told the FIU athletic department are big fans of the GPP and read this blog daily with their coffee in the afternoon. They are reading your ideas and I'm relaying them as well. We got an updated poll question on the features below that you can vote on.

Clawing Cancer: That is a great idea to have a Beach section at FIU Stadium even though the majority Beach of the home games will be at 7 p.m. Still we got beach weather year round and FIU has a plethora of lovely ladies to fill the sand with. Yes, it would be must see TV. And for the record your ideas are not obscured as you can see I'm pumping them up as I write this.

Met with TT yesterday and former pitching coach Felipe Suarez went back to BCC, because of financial reasons and he's getting married. Congrats to him.

FIU Fan: Definitely got to have Miami themes at the new stadium. Like your cousin, FIUFan's ideas of palm and orange trees lining a section of the concourse. After all, 200 years from now the answer in Trivial Pursuit to who won the last football game at the Orange Bowl will always be FIU. The stadium concourse will not be Orange covered, but it has to remain mostly clear for the walking area. Like the mini-airport Towe_2tower - that would also embrace some FIU history.

FIUBlueandGold: The UCF lineman you are referring to is Cliff McCray. CM, an engineering major, had a heart condition in high school, but was later cleared to play college ball. Speaking with a friend in Orlando, I was told CM may have played his last down of football. His mom told the Orlando Sentinel, that CM is concentrating on his studies even though he left UCF.

CJ: Parking for the new stadium will be located on the west and east sides of the stadium. And all parking is free. Club suites and club seats owners will have private parking on the south side of the stadium. The bathing suit idea for the stadium -- yes.

alt7787: I was at FIU last Thursday, but I was not on a golf cart. Next time stop and say hello. They tell me I'm a friendly person.

Section444: Yeah, I know the FIU Witches (right) haven't been around the GPP of late. They've been shopping for outfits they're going to wear to the Beach at FIU Stadium. Here are some they bought....Fiuwit

rblan008, FIUTerp, FIU_Fan_For_Life, Looking for 411, Eddie, FIU LOVE and Ms. Blog Administrator: WELCOME ALL TO THE GPP!

Boy, the Miami Herald tears down the comment wall and look at all the new GPP readers that come out of the woodwork. Folks, thanks for reading the GPP and don't be strangers when it comes to posting now that Ms. Blog Administrator has torn down that wall. Thanks again, Ms. BA.

rblan: I like the idea of the Protect the Panther piggy bank for charity.

FIUTerp: Put another shrimp on the barbie and make that 5 countries, 20 states and 1 territory that the GPP is read on.

Looking for 411: Sean Allen is still on TT's staff as the recruiting coordinator/assistant coach. SA missed a majority of the season, because he has been all over the globe recruiting for FIU. Mc_3

FIU LOVE: Your question of MC and his sideline fashion will be asked of the FIU head coach.

FYI, to all, this Sunday, June 8 will be your last chance to get your questions in for MC for his future Q & A with you folks on the GPP.

In the last stadium poll question, "Grand unique entrance by the Golden Panthers" is currently the most important feature you would like to see. Let's take that as a given, because I don't see FIU walking into the stadium like their having afternoon coffee at Cafe_2Starbucks or Versailles.

But here's another question for you now that we have kicked some ideas around to make FIU Stadium -- a one of a kind stadium.


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Good to hear (no pun intended) that FIU will switch to WINZ for our football games. That is a strong signal, well known local station. That is a good change! BTW, do you know if Phil Schoen and Randy are still going to be doing our games? What about hoops?

As for the many..and cool...suggestions to incorporate as traditions on our new stadium...wow...pretty difficult to pick just one of those ideas, as I like them all...good job guys.

Hopefully we can finally stick to a station, we need a long term partner, it seems like every year we have a new radio station. Also, I love a lot of these ideas and I really hope that some of them are incorporated. So far my favorites are the piggy bank and the palm trees.

As for a cool entrance, I used to love how the Heat used to turn off all the lights in the arena to announce the players. Maybe they can do something like that for night games where all the lights are turned down except for a few highlighting the tunnel as the players run out on the field.

Congrats go to Mark Worrell for his first MLB appearance. :)

Good luck to Ryan & Jorge tomorrow as well.

Roar baby!!!

That's it.

The beach idea is great! We would really stand out on National TV.

Pete, I would imagine that it would take years, a couple of bowl appearances, some Big Dance action, maybe one CWS run and a A TON more fan support before FIU Athletics can get their major sports on a 790 The Ticket station (since U. Miami has WQAM). What's you opinion?

FIU Florida Power & Light - National TV, are you kidding me? You can barely even get on a strong local radio station and you are worried about National TV. I think we have another FIU fan delusional sighting here at the GPP.

As for the "ideas," I think they all suck. Honestly, you can have a beach, a tower, lights on or off, a freaking statue and piggy bank, have a freakin laser light show before, DURING, and after games - it all does not matter if you cannot win. Why don't you all stop with all the BS about the stadium and worry more about the team playing in the stadium. For example - you think I care about the Orange Bowl not being around any more - NO - because the team is not good enough to worry about whats going on with the stadium. Team first, atmosphere second. When FIU fans learn that, maybe you all can even start thinking about being on a top notch local radio station or being shown on local television.

Hey FFFL, it will take everything you said plus a TON of cash. Only two sports can bring in a TON cash into FIU; football & men's basketball.

Hey, our day will come where having our games in those types of station will happen.

Guys don't forget to get your FIU Bricks for the stadium.


Hey Pete,

I forget what team did this (I think Iowa) but what about painting the visiting teams locker room a girly hot pink. This should really mess with the visiting team as they trying to get pumped up surrounded by pink. Thoughts?

FIU is currently promoting the buy a brick campaign, where will the bricks be located, as you enter the stadium???


You know what, who cares about the Wins. I mean, honestly, does it make a difference? The U has won the National Championship 5 times, and that's great, but you know what, all those people who were there have moved on.

What stays around is the MEMORIES from being at the games and having a great time with family and friends. The Wins just add to that experience.

But that's why you dont care about the Orange Bowl or the actual SCHOOL or the PLAYERS. You just care about being able to gloat about something you have ZERO connection with.

FIU fans on the other hand, went to school there, have great MEMORIES of the place, love the atmosphere, love the fact that they are building everything from scratch.

It's very easy to be a Hurricanes fan. And I love the games because they are fun and exciting. But honestly, you win the National Championship (and by YOU I mean the TEAM) and WHO CARES. You know what, next year, YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

So keep your negativity and your ego and take it somewhere else.

now slow down FIU fan im all for getting the experience at the game.. thats is why we go. but the best part of all those experience is having the team win. in that sense i agree w/ CC. i want my team to win.. i wanna watch my team in bowl games. i want to see my team bring home championships. so i agree w/ him there. however, theres no harm in trying to start something new..

Hey CrazyCane,

Of course we care about wins. But can you really blame us for being excited about our beautiful new stadium on campus? You sound a bit bitter.

its cause hes goin to have to pay for parking on top of the gas lol

Pete, heres a question.. i was lookin at the seating chart for the stadium... and there is a design on the feild (endzone & midfeild) is that the new design for the stadium?

I just thought of one more idea Pete. With consideration of where the stadium and FIU is located, what about a cuban window selling cafe and pastelitos somewhere in the stadium. That would be original. That could be really fun and funny. Perhaps that window could be in main street? Thoughts?

"You know what, who cares about the Wins. I mean, honestly, does it make a difference?" This is a quote from FIU Fan -and only CJ had enough sense to call this guy out on it. Where are the rest of the FIU fans to tell this guy to shut up? Who cares about wins - I am going to assume, MC cares about wins and could care less about bricks, blue and gold smoke, cuban lunch windows, etc, etc. I think that the president and the boosters care about winning too - More winning means more national exposure - oh and by the way Mr. who cares about winning, winning brings better players which leads to more winning. SO to answer your question YES, whether you win or lose makes a difference. Go ahead, please expl,ain to us all more about how winning doesnt make a difference.

On a personal note - do you know me? Do you know where I went to school? Do you know where I donate money too? Do you know how old I am and how long I have been a UM fan? The answer to all of those is no. SO before you go ahead and make assumptions about me as a UM fan, you should think about what you know and what you don;t know. And since you went, or are going to FIU, what you don't know is ALOT.

CrazyCane sounds like he needs a hug...

Wins do count and until UM gets some of their own, don't come onto other teams boards to tell us how important they are.

You're right CrazyCane. You are so smart. Thank you for your great comments. I hope you have a nice day.

Let's repeat this....We are going to start new traditions on our new ON CAMPUS state-of-the-art Stadium.....September 20 2008. What a beautiful thing!!!!

New Stadium, new logo, new uniforms, new team, new attitude....FIU....I'm IN!!

To be honest I never listened to FIU spanish broadcasts. Were these the guys that started the whole El Monstrou thing? If they think he was El Monstrou then they should see Antwan now.

I saw him at MIA a few weeks ago. He's put on like 15 lbs and he's much bigger. I wanted to go up to him and chat but he was on the phone and he looked like he was in a hurry. My guess is he had a mini camp or OTA in Baltimore.

i swear crazy cane gets on my nerves sometimes, i say we make it a tradition to stomp his annoying little pompous butt

Yes, alt...they were the ones that annointed his as "El Monstruo"...it was so funny and great, that I always used to refer as EM to a good FIU fan friend I have, and having a kick with it...

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