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Clubbing At The Stadium

Let's go clubbing. No, not to South Beach, it's too early in the afternoon for that.

Grab your virtual tour hard hats and join me back at FIU Stadium to see what's going on in the south side -- Club South --  where the club suites, club seats and Panther Club are all located. Again, enlarge the following pics for a better view.

Clubhall_2 Enter here in the club suites hallway (photo, left) and let's see what the suites look like nowadays.

The cabinets are in most of the suites and the counters arrived the last time I was there. All the electrical wiring is in as well.Clubcab_2

Now not everyone will be watching the game from the club suites. In fact if you've seen one of the latest Miller Hi-Life beer commercials on TV, they take a comical turn at watching a game from a club suite. But that's another story.

However, everyone will be using these (photo, left) when they go to a game at FIU Settoilet Stadium. Yes, folks, the plumbing is starting to take shape all around the stadium. The photo on the left is the ladies room in the southeast corner of the stadium.

Here's a fun fact you can entertain party guests with or win a bet at your Women_2 local watering saloon: FIU Stadium will have 60 bathroom stalls for women compared to only 40 for men. Been told the reason is women take longer in the restroom -- you don't say.

If you happen to make the biggest donation to the stadium or if you secure naming rights to FIU Stadium, then this photo on the right could be your view from the 50-yard-line club suite.50club_2

Before we go down to the Panther Club, let's go outside the club level and give you a few more looks at the stadium.

Here's a shot, below left, from atop the east end zone looking at the west stands with the open rectangular hole in the middle that will Eastendzoneview_2 eventually be meeting rooms and more club suites with patios. By the way, was told that the new turf on the field would start being installed earlier this week. I have not been to FIU since this tour, but will be there Monday for the first practice, so I'll take a look and see what's going on.

Over here on the right is where FIU Main Street will go when that gets underway.Fiumain

Remember, in the last stadium tour "All Quickening On The Western Front", I said there was a gift for FIU baseball at FIU Stadium. Well, here it is on the left. This is the old football turf that was taken out a few Smurfs months ago. This turf could be used to replace the Smurf-colored apron Turtleturf around home plate at University Park Stadium. The turf is just 6 years old and still has it's sharp green color. Come and get it, Turtle! BTW, Odebrecht tells me they have finished building the visiting team's clubhouse at University Park Stadium. Among other improvements to the baseball stadium. Boy, that Turtle moves fast.

Let's go see where your bricks will be laid.

As we walk toward the Panther Club, there is a big square area set aside for your FIU Bricks. Here it is on the right.Bricks Just to the right of that green Tonka toy in the photo is where all the bricks will be laid with your names and personal inscriptions on them.

Nothing to see there yet, so let's mosey on over to the Panther Club.

Pcentrance Here on the left is the entrance and then we'll step foot inside.

Again, there is still work being done on the inside so there's not much to look at now, but might as well get our monies worth while we're out here. The photo below on the right is the inside of the PC. Obviously, when Odebrecht hands the stadium's keys over to FIU,Pc  the University will decorate the interior of the PC. If you're scoring at home that's 6,500 square feet in that Panther Club.

In between, practices and working on the FIU Football Preview for the MH's special college football section this month, I'll make time to head back to the stadium at some point in August to get some more updated photos and information.


SouthPaw: Do you know what the plans are yet for RB Darriet Perry?

GPP: No plans are set in concrete regarding the Golden Panthers backs. DP will get a shot in camp this month to show what he's got. A'mod Ned, Julian Reams and Daunte Owens will have first crack at the bulk of the carries, but if they get off to slow starts and DP shows enough this month, don't be surprised to see Perry with the ball. MC showed last year that he's not afraid to play freshmen.

We'll have a look at the FIU offensive backfield in the next post on Saturday and the receivers and offensive line on Sunday before fall practice kicks off on Monday morning.

BTW, fall practices are open to the public until Aug. 9 (next Saturday), then they are closed from there on out. So you good people get 7 chances to see your Golden Panthers before they kick it off in Kansas on Aug. 30.

Here's the OPEN practice schedule: Aug. 4-7 at 7:00 a.m. Friday, Aug. 8 at 9:00 a.m. and the final open practices are Saturday, Aug. 9 which is the first day of 2-a-days. The Saturday practices are at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

So what do you think about the bricks?


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