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Let's Go Bowling, Here's Your Helmet

NEW ORLEANS -- Welcome to the Big Easy, GPP Nation. It's yours truly's 2nd rodeo in New Orleans and unlike last year no sight yet of the Scarlett Johanssen look-a-like bartender at the Sun Belt Hilton hotel No_2 here in downtown.

Anyways, let's get to the Sun Belt matters at hand today on a busy Monday and also got a photo of the new FIU football helmet.

First, although it won't be announced until Tuesday morning, which by both Eastern (Miami) and Central (New Orleans) time, it's already Tuesday morning as I write this, the Sun Belt will tell us in about 6 hours that 3 bowl games have lined up Sun Belt teams with winning records as alternates.

Pj What this means is in a perfect world, the Sun Belt could have 5 bowl teams this season and for the moment, in reality, the SBC could have 4 teams going bowling this winter.

Here's how that works: the Papa Johns Bowl (Birmingham, Ala.), St. Petersburg Bowl Ind and Independence Bowl (Shreveport, La.) have all agreed to take Sun Belt teams if the conference teams with tie-ins to those bowls do not have winning records. That plus the New Orleans Bowl (the Sun Belt Champ gets an automatic bid to that) makes 4 bowls that could have SBC teams this season.

In a perfect world, the way the SBC gets 5 teams bowling is if a SBC team pulls a Boise State or Hawaii  and goes undefeated and forces their way into a BCS bowl. Like I said that's in a perfect world, but it's happened before. Hey, didn't Billy Bob once marry Angelina and Billy Joel marry Christie Brinkley? Aj_2 Stranger things have happened.

Still, overall it was a good day for the Sun Belt here in the Crescent City on Monday. MC and Scott Bryant are here representing the Golden Panthers and you can catch an FIU football story in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

So what will Bryant and the rest of the Golden Panthers be wearing on their heads this season.....here are a couple of photos of the new FIU helmet, notice the Golden Panther has been lowered from the letter I to clearly spell out F-I-U:Helmet (you may need to enlarge to get a better view)

Helmets_3  Let's see what's in store for Day 2 of the Sun Belt Conference Football Media Days on Tuesday as Larry Coker is slated as the guest speaker after Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters.


Got all the new photos I took of the new stadium last Friday ready to go on my pictures file and will have those on here when I get back to Miami later this week.

FIU Fanatic: Do you know anything in terms of how many season tickets have been sold so far?..and compare it to last year?...club seats and suites sold?...What about the USF game tickets sold?

GPP: Trying to get those numbers for you. I do know the USF tickets are going like hot cakes. You know Cakes Miami (Bandwagon Capital) everyone wants to be at the new stadium opening.

Max: Got any info on the basketball schedule?

GPP: Although it's not confirmed yet. I've heard that FIU will play two traditional college basketball (NOT Purdue or Kentucky) powers this season in the non-conference schedule. When it's a done deal, I'll post on here. Like recruiting season, I'm a firm believer of when it's signed on the dotted line, then it's true.

Quijote: What's your take on the soccer corner kicks, proximity to the sideline in the new stadium?

GPP: There is plenty of room for corner kicks in the new stadium and same with the proximity to the sidelines. As you'll see when I post the end zone photos I took with the new out of bounds area installed in the stadium last week, you can see there are about 12 yards to the sidelines and 7 yards after the back of the end zone. No worries for the futbolistas and their jewels.

FIU Fan: What are they intending to do with the empty patio space that's there now (in west end zone)? Those suites wont be done by Sept. 20...or will they? Will they have additional seating? The band? FIU Beach_2 Beach? Closed off?

GPP: The empty patio space in the west end zone will be closed off for this season while they build the conference rooms/suites and patio area inside the west end zone stands. BTW, FIU Beach is gaining some steam from what I've heard from some good sources at FIU. Clawing Cancer's idea seems to be a hit with the people it needs to be a hit with at FIU.

FIU Florida Power & Light: Can we get an update as to how many tickets have been sold for the USF game?

GPP: Will try to get a number on that for you, but heard the tickets are going quick, especially with USF begging for more -- not that they're going to get more.

FIUJM: I wonder if there is going to be someone paying for naming rights at stadium?

GPP: FIU is currently in negotiations with several South Florida businesses for naming rights to the new stadium and also to FIU Arena.

FIUFan: By the way, has Odebrecht, Pete, Mitch or anyone come up with an idea on how to personalize THE CAGE?

GPP: Ideas are being tossed around like "FIU Beach", there will likely be something unique to the stadium.

gpantera: With our new FIU logo, can you get us an example of the "Panther" logo, that is how will FIU write the word "Panther" with the new logo brand guidelines?

GPP: Going through all the media stuff here at the Sun Belt event, there are no renditions of the font the "Golden Panthers" will be written in. In all the Sun Belt media stuff, Golden Panthers is written in block letters, but I don't think that's how it will appear in the end zones of the new stadium. When I get a hold of the new font, I'll post it on here.

Truck CJ: Does anyone know where we can watch/hear the Sun Belt media day?

GPP: Only if you have a live satellite truck is SBC Media Day available. Otherwise, you have to go on-line to sunbeltsports.org to read about the 2 days. If there's significant news like the 3 new bowl games and FIU's helmet, it will be on the GPP.

Clawing Cancer: Hasn't that framework been there for a while?

GPP: Yes, although that area looks like the sandpit, it is not after I asked MC about it today, but MC said that would be the area where the football training sandpit will go.

As Apollo Creed would say "Ring the bell, ding, ding". Phoenix, Arizona has joined the Prowl. Someone in the land of the cactus wants to see the suites/patio area up already in the west side of FIU Stadium.Wil

Here's the latest tally: The 31 states the GPP is read in: ALA, ARI, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDAHO, IL, IND, IOWA, KAN, KY, LA, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, MO, NEB, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER, WIS. 9 Countries: Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Panama, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A. 1 District: Washington, D.C. and 1 Territory: Puerto Rico.

So what's the verdict on the new FIU helmet?


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I don't like the new helmet.
FW, what does FW stand for?
BIG mistake. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a season ticket holder.

Thanks Pete. Great news about the Bowls!!

The helmet...they dropped it about half a milimeter...still looks like FW to me. But who CARES! Just win! Make it to one of those bowls!

The helmet color looks a lot darker too. I like it, but I also liked the simplicity of the block letters.

The helmet color looks a lot darker too. I like it, but I also liked the simplicity of the block letters.

i would def. like to see them in a bowl game. the helmet... i guess like the new logo its goin to take time to get use to.. i just want wins lol i hope the students wont be forgotten. i need to figure out how to get my but in that chair for that game

I am usually not too crtical of this current athletic deparment, however the helmet logo needs to be simple and clear. Either use FIU only or the new school logo. Just seems to be too busy and YES, from afar it does appear to say FW ???

It's probably a done deal, helmets have probably been ordered, so at this point all I want is to go bowling and give Kansas and Iowa a game.

Hey Guys,

Just had a random thought. How about making the entrance look like a giant cage? Then they can open by opening up the 'cage' and letting the players come out!

Does someone already do that?

If so, who cares. I think its a pretty neat idea. And the new stadium tunnel lends itself to that idea. Just had like a steel cage door and have Roary leading the pack out...instead of the usual inflatable football helmet.

What do you guys think?

Oh, also adding to my previous idea...maybe the sound effects can be like a Cage being rattled.

It would be cool if the whole stadium joined in since the steel floors make that noise.

I agree, the helmet is too busy. Should have just left the panther head, maybe in the middle of the "I". That would fix the reason it looks like "FW" which is not being able to see the bottom of the "I".

The cage tunnel idea is a good one, much better than a generic inflatable helmet. That would be unique. Add a live panther (with its trainer, relax) running out in front of the team to "Welcome to the Jungle" and you got magic.

Heck yea, Football season is upon us. Lets just focus on some W's and traditions will build itself!!!!!!!!!!

FIU Fan i Like the cage idea.. think its one that really should be looked into by the admin. ... scumsanitizer... not so much about the live panther but the welcome to the jungle works for me! lol i still havent heard anything about the goin to the game in bathing suits to go along w/ the FIU Beach idea! pete spread it around like wild fire! haha

I really like the Cage idea by FIU Fan as well. Besides being kind of cool, I believe it's as original an idea as any being tossed around here...plus doable and quite possibly a tradition-making idea.

I like the helmet..really...however, I also would've preferred just the block letters..perhaps just the head of the panther along with the letters...However, it's not bad either..I guess we will all get used to it...

Good to hear that there are already some businesses in negotiations with FIU for naming rights,for both the Football Stadium and the FIU Arena. I hope these negotiations are fairly formal and definite, as it would be the icing on the cake for the development of the program, and for the repayment of the debt issued to build the stadium, plus raising the possibilities of rasing enough cash to sustain an even bigger future bond for athletic facilities... good news all around...

Thanks for the info and the pics of what appears to be our new helmet, PP!!

An cage for an entrance is a GREAT IDEA!! Why did no one mention this earlier?

Maybe it should be an inflatable cage balloon that is all black except for the silver bars and it should have painted two huge red panther eyes looking menacingly through the cage.

Black smoke could come out through holes in the balloon. A little at first and increasing as the time comes for players to run out of the cage. (Of course players would also shake the cage from inside.)

HA, you guys are great.

Here's my vision:

Saturday night. USF comes out and we boo them until we're sore. The crowd quiet downs knowing the new FIU is about to run out in their brand new stadium. The opposing team can only see shadows behind the steel bars. The cage doors start to shake. The whole stadium starts pounding on the floors, chairs, everything. It's so freaking loud. Then we hear the opening notes to 'Welcome To The Jungle'. Doors open and everyone goes nuts as the team runs out. Then we beat the crap out of USF.

I also give props to FIU Fan's idea. I'm just not sure how it'd look. Just having the guys come through a steel cage door isn't terribly exciting in and of itself unless they actually go THROUGH the door... but something tells me that ain't gonna fly. :)

You'd have to add something to that mix. Not sure what... but I'd avoid doing smoke. Miami's known for that. And live panthers are hard to tame, so that's probably out too. Besides... I happen to like the current "panther head" that they use... maybe you could add a steel door to that or steel "teeth" or something to that effect.

The helmet... well, I won't pile on too much. I'll just agree with most everyone else here and move on.

That cage idea is fantastic, we need to get something like that going.

Pete, will they do a weekly radio show this year like they did with Strock? Also, are there any plans to broadcast basketball games this year (and I don't mean student broadcasts).

Nice job Pete: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/colleges/um/story/614460.html

You really got the UM fans pissed off, lol. They are going off on you in the UM blog comments.

They hate to recognize that MIAMI has TWO college football teams. Not just ONE.

I believe that UM's move to Dolphin Stadium is going to hurt them more than it helps them.

But more importantly; I think our move back to campus is going to give us as huge boost as far as the overall game day experience.

I believe that UM's move to Dolphin Stadium is going to hurt them more than it helps them.

But more importantly; I think our move back to campus is going to give us as huge boost as far as the overall game day experience.

The helmet rocks. Reminds me of LSU's, except FIU's new helmet is better. Don't think LSU fan's minded their logo when the won the national championship in '07.

As for the FIU looking like FW, are you guys squinting? I only see FIU, not FW. Maybe it's because it reads FIU, not FW.

Win, win and did i mention win?!

Winning cures all.

gpa is kinda right... i always wondered where everyone was getting the W... then i squinted my eyes and sure enough... there it was haha. the helmet will grow on everyone just you watch

Yeah, the helmet is nice. We need to just stick to it and keep it around for a long time and not change it.

Has anyone gotten NCAA Football 09? Younger is pretty fast. Sucks they didn't bother putting in the new stadium, would have been nice.

The new helmet is fine--although it should be gold. I like that the FIU logo is big and bold--people are going to know who hit them this year.

And if you see an "FW" when you look at our helmet, just remember that it stands for "Football Wins."

so pete whens that second stadium tour w/ your personal pics goin to be up/

Any word on who the hiring of the new basketball assistant? With all the problems with Jorge Decespedes is he still going to work in the athletic department?

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