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Blue 25, Blue 25....Who The Heck Is Blue 25?

Day 2 of Camp Cristobal brought about the first position switch of the new season. Well, it could have been on Monday since the rosters handed out were not completely accurate, matching the names and the numbers.

But there was no mistaking the acrobatic grabs of No. 25 in the offense's Blue practice jersey on Jorel Tuesday. Well, at first there was. Lamb

On the roster No. 25 Blue is listed as freshman running back Jerrell Lamb. Turns out there's no such player. In fact, there is no Golden Panther player with the first name Jerrell (or Jor-El, left) or the last name Lamb at camp for FIU. Is this another case of Sidd Finch? (Free plug on the next post to the first person that knows who is Sidd Finch, below left)

Finch So all through Tuesday's practice as we're seeing 25 Blue go long and haul in a 35-yard bomb from Paul McCall and then 25 Blue makes another highlight grab on a 25-yard pass from freshman QB Troy Dannehower....the thoughts on the media/spectators sideline is who the heck is this No. 25 Blue?

Turns out it's former safety-turned-wide receiver Alonzo Phillips (only Alonzo photo I got, below, right).

If you remember from a story I did on AP last season, he was the lightning quick walk-on safety/FIU Zo track runner, who had been playing intramural football at FIU and came out for the 2007 Golden Panthers and made the team.

Tuesday, AP looked like he had done this receiver-stuff before. Well, he has as a receiver at Vero Beach High. Already among the fastest Golden Panthers, AP just made the FIU receiving corps even faster along with freshmen speed demons T.Y. Hilton, Junior Mertile and senior tight end Travis Felder.

Others highlights of Tuesday's practice: DBs Devin Parrish, Robert Mitchell and Peter Riley had some nifty deflections in pass coverage. Riley had an INT return for a TD, but couldn't hold on. (Might as well, Riles keep the Heat theme going with Riley, left) Ash Parker did pick off Colt Anderson during team drills.

CA did redeem himself with a tight sideline pass to Marquis Rolle and a perfectly placed 15-yard pass to freshman WR James Watkins. WR Elliott Dix made a tough catch in traffic between two defenders.

No pads or hitting yet and just the 2nd day of camp, but for what it's worth, MC did say today that McCall does lead the starting QB derby.

Artis Warthen and Quentin Newman combined for a sack during 7-on-7's.

That was the good. The bad and the ugly consisted of too many bad snaps between the QB and centers. Also D-End Cody Pellicer is on crutches and wearing a leg brace trying to heal from a strained left quad that he sustained in summer workouts. MC hopes to have him back by next week.

Punter Chris Cook does not look like he'll be available this season. Still dealing with a sore back. MC hopes to make a decision 6-10 days before the Kansas game.

Senior JUCO transfer Carlos Munera has shown the strongest leg of the 3 kickers vying for the punting job. Dustin Rivest and freshman Eric Karcinski are battling for the placekicking job. MC said if he had to kick a 65-yard field goal to win a game, Munera would be in there. But for shorter FGs, DR and EK have better accuracy.


Like Max, yours truly thought it would be a given (QBs) would lead our last poll, but you good people have pointed out that the D & O Lines are the most pressing question of camp. Good point, football games are more often than not won in the trenches. Keep voting.

scUMsanitizer: Please clarify for us if alcohol (beer or spirits) will be served in the stadium?

GPP: On the improvised stadium tour with PG and others on Monday, the FIU AD said booze will only be served in the Panther Club. So, unfortunately, it's either become a club seat holder or down the liquid courage with nature on the Tamiami Park grass parking lot.Booze

Ultimate FIU Fan: What is the schedule for Saturday's practice?

GPP: Saturday is the first day the Golden Panthers put on the pads and hit each other and it is also the first day of 2-a-days. And it is also the last open practices of camp. FIU practices at 8 a.m. and again at 4 p.m. this Saturday.

Max: Has Mario given any idea when he will name a starter at QB?

GPP: MC's patent-pending response to the starting QB question is: "It could be decided day 1, 10 days out or a week out. . .The bottom line is when a guy distinguishes himself as the guy, He’s the guy."

FIUVoice: Pete, remember to set up the automatic brew for Tuesday's practice.

Coffee GPP: Passed by Starbucks and got a blueberry muffin and a bagel. Might hit La Carreta on Wednesday.

Gold: Pete, I've got a cold one with your name on it come game one!

GPP: Been told by some, I would write better with a cold one...Thanks!

CJ: Pete, you goin out there every day to the practices? I just started working out at morning hrs. I'm a try to swing by for a bit, catch a bit of practice. Are fans allowed to take pics?

GPP: Yes, I am out at practice every day. Stop by say hello. Fans ARE NOT allowed to take pictures. Taking photos would be a great way to get all practices closed to the public.

FIUBlueandGold: Why did they decide to close practices?

GPP: Practices are closed after this Saturday, August 9. You never know when USF scouts start showing up.Py_2

Clawing Cancer: Does anyone know who Paul Younger is?

GPP: Paul Unger used to be a Miami Herald editor and Paul Young is that 1980's singer. You sure CBS Sportsline didn't mean to write that FIU's QB is Paul Colt Darold Troy Wayne....the only Division I QB with 3 middle names and a distant cousin of John Jw_2 Wayne

FIUJM: Heard FIU is offering tour of stadium to FIU faculty, is there anything planned for season ticket holders?

GPP: FIU is planning stadium tours for season ticket holders. Heard it might be during the first 3 weeks of the season when FIU is at Kansas, at Iowa and during the bye week of Sept. 13.


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OK, I'll show my age a bit here. Sidd Finch was the fictitious Sport Illustrated created pitcher who came out of nowhere one Spring training who threw 100mph+ fastballs. I believe he was a NY Met and it was all an April fools joke.

Great story developing on blue 25, Pete. Hope his speed pays dividends this year. Love to hear Devin Parrish is showing some signs. Keep the reports coming!

SI.com re-ran a piece they did from, like, 20 years ago about "Mr. Buddhist monk who could throw 150 miles an hour" some months back. It's a great read, and probably still on their website someplace. Maybe Paul Younger's the new Sidd Finch? Just a thought.

Anyway... I also voted QB's, and I'm a bit surprised at the lines dominating the poll question. Maybe FIU fans are smarter than they're given credit for from some. They're definitely smarter than whoever wrote that SportsLine preview, that's for sure.

I wish I could start my mornings going to La Carreta in Winston Salem. But at least there's a Cuban restaurant here. Good enough, I guess. Enjoy the empanadas, Pete. Might want to grab some for the coaches and players, too. They need to wake up more than you do. :)

Pete, keep us up to date on those stadium tours. I am anxiously awaiting to see what the view looks like from my seats.

Great report Pete! Glad to hear about all the speed we are adding to the offense. Thats what Florida football players are known for and it should be our easiest advantage to build.

Hate the helmet and the FW logo, did Pete Garcia's kid draw that on the back of his notebook in class? Napolean Dynamite could do better.

I was all for making the panther meaner and if we where the Fort Wayne Panthers it would be perfect.

Much love for FW i mean FIU.

Its a shame about Chris Cook.... He could definitely help make an impact on special teams.

But I'm glad to see that McCall is leading the QB race, for whatever its worth at this point.

Its a shame about Chris Cook.... He could definitely help make an impact on special teams.

But I'm glad to see that McCall is leading the QB race, for whatever its worth at this point.

dont worry pete the camera will stay in the car ill swing by tom. say wats up. i would bring una colada but .. they gym doesnt serve lol glad to hear the walk-on is turning heads... just hope he doesnt turn our db's heads to many times lol i think it is very wise of FIU fans to see that line play is where the most improvement should come. it helps that most of the football teams in s. fla. are having the same issue and everyone is aware (fins come to mind) pete, any word on alphonso bryants status? is he enrolled? is cleaning house goin to let him play? etc.

Pete, it's great to read about the team everyday. It sure makes the mornings better. Any idea how the brick campaign is going?

I agree 100% with the guy who said he didn't like the helmet and the new logo. I know to some people it's not a big deal but it actually is. We're trying to market ourself and become nown, our logo should have fiu written perfecly clear. I love the panther though. I have a question Pete, is Alphonso Bryant status clear yet. Is he gonna play this year. He can really help at wide receiver. (can't believe such a young program is attractig 4 star caliver players)

I agree 100% with the guy who said he didn't like the helmet and the new logo. I know to some people it's not a big deal but it actually is. We're trying to market ourself and become nown, our logo should have fiu written perfecly clear. I love the panther though. I have a question Pete, is Alphonso Bryant status clear yet. Is he gonna play this year. He can really help at wide receiver. (can't believe such a young program is attractig 4 star caliver players)

Thanks for the updates Pete!!! Us FIU faithfuls that can't make it to practice truly appreciate it. Seems like Alonzo Phillips will be good addition to already deep receiving corps!!!

It's great to here that FIU may offer stadium tours prior to football game Sept.20. Man, am I pumped up to get football season rolling.


Sidd Finch was SI's ficticious phenom on April Fools a few years back. To bad he's not real, TT could of used him to maybe beat some Div II schools FIU lost to last year (just having fun Pete!).


I really hope Cristobal awards the starting QB job to McCall. He played extremely well last year and got us our first win in almost 2 years. Younger had 10 games to get it done and he didnt. All this competition is good and should lead to an improved McCall, but there is no question that he should be the starter against on day 1. I dont think the coaching staff would do something as stupid as awarding Younger the starting job. but then again they kept him as the starting QB for most of the year.....

by the way pete I forgot to give you props on getting FIU smack dab on on the front page of the sports page. plus it was also interesting to see Armando Salguero writing about FIU.

Peter, field goal kicking is in my opinion one of the most important positions of the game. Had FIU had great kickers in the past, we would have one a ton more games. We miss extra points regularly. Please tell they got a good kicker during the off-season recruting. This is essential. We need a consistant kicker, not a walk on who used to or plays soccer for the school. FIU needs a stud kicker, even before a stud in any other position. KICKING is essential. FIU has never ever had a good field goal kicker.

i gotta disagree w/ you ther FIU Love.. although i think that the kicking game is very important and vital to the sucess of this program. i have to believe that the O-line and D-line are the most important aspects of the game.. i think FIU had another walk on come in this year... so no kicking recruit.. but that will come soon. well today i made it out to my first fall practice... besides a few plays here and there that brought back bad memories everything is lookin on the up side. pete didnt lie when he said those guys have gotten bigger. the * of the day for me has to be greg Ellison (not 100% on the spelling) wow this kid can be on my team any day... hands of glue and will fight for more balls im sure pete will have that in great detail. BTW Pete good to finally meet ya man

Pete, its been said that FIU has only sold 2500 season tickets, which is not much. We all have read from many sources the "the USF game is sold out" as you can see none of this adds up. Can you find out about the ticket sales situation??

...and while at it, how many Club Seats have been sold?..Is there any major advertising campaign on the works in order to substantially increase these season ticket sales?

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