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Backs Ready To Move Forward

Less than 36 hours from the start of camp for the Golden Panthers so let's switch sides of the ball and take a glance at the offense beginning with the quarterbacks and running backs.

Pm Yes, the one zillion dollar question is who will start at quarterback. Talking to MC yesterday, the FIU coach said Paul McCall (left) will start camp taking the first snaps with the first team and then Wayne Younger (right) will get his shot with the first team. WY is fully recovered from the broken collarbone sustained last season against Florida Atlantic and ready for camp.Wy_3

MC added PM and WY are ahead of Colt Anderson and Darold Hughes right now, but CA and DH along with incoming freshman Troy Dannehower can gain ground in the next 26 days.

From the looks of spring ball with new OC Bill Legg's offense, PM looked like he had been running that version of the spread since Pop Warner football.

Two cents and for what it's worth -- since the opinion here or anywhere else in cyberspace doesn't mean much inside the FIU locker room -- but WY would have to have a tremendous Tim Tebow-like fall camp to match PM's spring production or PM would have to fall flat in August for PM not to be the starter in Lawrence, Kansas on Aug. 30.

Even if PM takes the starting reins, still see WY involved in this offense, especially with his speed and Ned_2 athleticism. Plus, La Pierna's creativity coordinating an offense might have WY lining up wide or coming in to QB several plays. We'll find all that out in 28 days in the heartland.

The running back position could be a carry-by-committee if one of FIU's 4 tailbacks doesn't stand out. A'mod Ned, left, (shifty moves), Julian Reams, right, (power) and DaunteReams  Owens (speed) all have a shot to emerge as the No. 1 back. Put all 3 together and you have one damn good back. We shall call this back that we have created in our football lab: A'julidaunte Nedreamowens. The name rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?

Freshman running back Darriet Perry showed what he could do in Georgia preps ball, but now it's time for college. One back who emerged last season and coaches drop his name in the running game conversation all the time is fullback Trenard Turner (below, left).

TT showed he can catch the ball and outrun the defense last season with several long TD receptions against UM and North Texas. Been told he Tt_2 might get a significant amount of carries, because of his power and speed. John Ellis could also see time at fullback, but he adapted quite well to the h-back spot in the spring hauling in several passes over the middle.

We'll get to who will be grabbing most of the passes for the Golden Panthers on the next post as well as the heart of this offense and, any offense for that matter, the offensive line.


Gold: I heard a rumor that there will be a new Roary outfit this season. Can you scoop up any information or pics of that. I hope they bulked him him.

GPP: Got the same info. Word is Roary needed to get in the gym and build some muscles. Just look at the Golden Panther on the new logo compared to the old logo. Forgot which reader of GPP Nation said it, but the old Panther (below, left) looked like he wanted to beat you by staring you to death. This newAs  logo Panther is on the Prowl. The new Roary is expected to be bulked up, but not Ahh-nold-like bulked up. FIU needed to change the Disney-fied version of Roary and make Old him a PG-13 character.

Ultimate FIU Fan: From what I hear, Jim Mandich's media rights to FIU sports are over?

GPP: The FIU radio rights are over after this football season. No word yet, on what FIU's plans are for future radio coverage.

FIU Fan: I am confused..who will be using the Baseball stadium locker rooms, FIU or the visiting team?

GPP: There is now a visiting team locker room where there wasn't before. FIU has always had its own locker room. TT is trying to get several improvements done to University Park Stadium. The ultimate improvement will be when he can get the field level seats behind home plate done. That's one of the grand plans for the stadium.

How about a grand question on the FIU offense....


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