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New Uniforms

Here are the new threads unveiled today at FIU's Media Day. You folks take a good look at them and let's hear what you think.

The gold in the uniform is found on the shoulders and on the stripes down the sides of the pants. The Golden Panthers debuted just the blue tops and white pants today, but like I wrote in the previous blog they'll have 4 choices come game day: 1) blue top/white pants; 2) white top/white pants; 3)white top/blue pants; 4) blue top/blue pants.

On the left, you got WRs Jeremy Dickens and Marquis Rolle. Below on the right, is CBS Sportsline's FIU Jdrolle_2 quarterback Paul Younger. Nah, just kidding, you guys know who those 2 QBs are.

The word "Panthers" is just below the neck line on the front of the Qbs_2 uniform and if you can enlarge these photos then you can notice that "Panthers" is in the same font from last season, which gives it a jungle-look. It was the same font that they had "Golden Panthers" in the end zones of the old FIU Stadium. BTW, they laid out the new turf at the new FIU Stadium this morning.

Got to get back to hammering out these FIU football preview stories for the MH (deadline is Sunday). You can check out in tommorrow's MH a story on the FIU receivers.

Be back on here with a blog full of everything from today's practice and tommorrow (Saturday's) 2-a-day. First practice is at 8 a.m. tommorrow morning. Second practice at 4 p.m.


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Those are nice! i love the blueberry pants no matter what southpaw say. Those new uniforms looks like a the real deal!

The new uni's are real nice, I think its definitely a nice step up.

Is it just me or does Wayne Younger look like hes beefed up a whole lot? Whats he weighing in at now?

The new uni's are real nice, I think its definitely a nice step up.

Is it just me or does Wayne Younger look like hes beefed up a whole lot? Whats he weighing in at now?

Love the new unis.
They are unique - FIU is unique
They are modern - FIU is modern
They are flashy - The City of Miami is Flashy
They are new - FIU Football is entering a new era in the pursuit of excellence
"FIU" is on the back of the unis - good for branding
"Panthers" is simpler from a branding perspective - Golden Panthers would be too busy

Sprinkle some winning on these uniforms and they'll become the coolest since the hoola hoop.

I love these unis.

Faith, Family and FIU

im glad to see Younger does not look like Prince anymore. somewhat..... Poor guy had to beef up a little. He was skin and bones last season. I have to give him props on taking a beating all season long and being alive to talk about it.

The uniforms look ok. Definitely better than they used to be. There seems to be something missing, but oh well.

I'm going to give this uniform a positive spin: They are an improvement from last year. Now here is my negative comment...they are still lacking in gold and hence suck. Then again, I'm only one man, what does my opinion count for?

I love the new uniforms, they're so cool!

Uniforms look good. Wish there were more gold but it's doesn't matter anymore. Too late to do something about it. Just get W's.

Actually went to practice for a little bit and saw Marquis Rolle might have injured his hand. Any update on that would be appreciated. As for "BLUE 25", that kid is looking impressive.


One more thing i forgot to mention. FIU should not worry about punter position. We'll be fine at that position this year. Carlos Munera definitely has won the job, and it's not even close.


Thanks for the "reports" FIUJM...and keep 'em coming!!

LIke the uniforms and also VERRRY Happy to see them just using the name "Panthers" on the uniforms.

As Gpantera mentioned that is great branding and hopefully the first step toward eventually dropping the GOLDEN.

I'd like to have seen the away uniforms as well, but I have to say, these aren't as bad as I was imagining, and are certainly an improvment from last year's uniforms.

But again, blueberry pants are for Fruit-of-the Loom characters, not football players, so here's hoping those nasty blue pants only collect dust this season. And Pete, I'll take your word for it, but I don't see any gold trim down the sides of these uniforms.

It does look like we're officially dropping the "golden" from our name in looking at these uniforms. Pete, can you confirm that isn't true? If true, by my quick count, that would mean we'll join 33 other universities in the U.S. with the single nickname "panthers", compared to zero other universities with the nickname "golden panthers." So much for trying to be unique and distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

To paraphrase Shaq... I'm diggin' it.

I'm normally not a big fan of "modern" uniforms... I'm a traditionalist in that sense. I actually prefer the older FIU uniforms (feel free to jeer). But this is pretty sweet, I gotta admit.

I really like the top. The pants are good. FIU is nice and visible on them. I'm going to channel my inner SouthPaw and say that gold pants with that blue top would make a seriously sweet look.

I'm still not sold on the helmet... sorry... but this is certainly a good look for FIU.

I don't like them in these pictures. I prefer the previous unis although I'd like to see more pictures before a final judgment. I prefer more classic uniforms.

off topic comment:

i'm in Orlando. I visited UCF. Their campus is nice. Their stadium is outstanding. Their multi-use shopping/office village should serve as inspiration for FIU.

In short, FIU has a long way to go. Yes, we're on our way but we must remain hungry and aggressive in our efforts to enhance our greatness. The compitition is on the move and we cannot fall behind. Our greatest advantage in the intra-state competition is that we're in Miami, the most important city in the state in terms of population size, tax base and international significance among other considerations.

As always, go FIU!

I'm pretty sure the GOLDEN part isn't going away, at least for this season.

But its great if we can just start deemphasizing it and after a year or two get rid of it officially.

Pete...Are Cedric Mack and James Jones, two of FIU's best recruits, elegible for this season and/or enrolled at FIU?..I ask this because of your story in today's Herald mentioning the elegibility issues of Alphonso Bryant and Moses Hinton...Thank you...

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