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Stadium Tour (August, Part 1) UPDATED To Enlarge Photos

Pm The final scrimmage came and went and MC said the QB race for the starting jobWy  is down to 2: Paul McCall (left) and Wayne Younger. The FIU coach said "let Kansas prepare for both" and that PM and WY are "definitely ahead of the pack". For details on the rest of today's scrimmage check out tommorrow's (Friday's) Miami Herald or go on-line to the Herald website. There you'll find another great day for the defense and T.Y. Hilton and Anthony Gaitor both with big days on special teams. For now let's go back to the new on-campus stadium....

Here are the latest photos from your "Crown Jewel", FIU Stadium. A couple of numbers (7, 29) to keep in mind before we begin our latest tour -- which will likely take a few blogs to complete, because new GPP photographer and FIU media relations maven John Angel went nuts with the camera and took a good number of photos. Please enlarge all these photos with your PC so that you have a better view.

There are 7 days remaining before Odebrecht hands the stadium keys over to FIU. Here's proof: Dsc03527_4

Since there are just 7 days left, we will have several blogs in the next few days with stadium photos since I got about 45 pictures to show you good people.

Well, it was 8 days when the photo on the right was taken. That's the official electronic countdown to the second that hangs in Odebrecht's office trailer that sits west of the stadium.

Let's move on to the fieldhouse. Here's a shot of the where the FIU gym (left) will be and next to it is a rendering of the front of the FIU fieldhouse where the ticket offices, FIU memorabilia store and Hall of Fame will beDsc03537  located.Dsc03530

For this season until the fieldhouse is completed in July of next year, your Golden Panthers will dress in the newly built visitors clubhouse at the FIU baseball stadium and then take their "Panther Walk" to FIU Stadium.

Once they enter the stadium, FIU will come in by the northwest corner. Here are a couple of shots from the tunnel and you'll also notice the new plush green field turf installed. In the first photo on the right is the view that your Golden Panthers will have when they sprint out of the NW tunnel. The 2nd photo is the view of the NW tunnel.Dsc03540 Dsc03542

Let's stay on the new field. Must say the new field feels like walking on a brand new carpet in a new home you just bought. The field is being fed daily ground up tires and sand by some John Deeres. Down below on the left is the most exciting photo of ground up tires that you'll ever see. And then there's a shot of the new turf being fed.Dsc03546 Dsc03543  

  Here's a pretty interesting picture to show you the difference of how much closer FIU fans will be to the field than the visiting teams fans -- who will sit in the bleachers from the old FIU Stadium. After all, that is the visiting teams fans section as it is diagrammed in the FIU Stadium plans at fiusports.com. If you remember from our last tour, I explained that all the seats at the new stadium are on top of each other and not on a slope away from the field like the old stadium's bleachers. Take a look at this pic here below on the right of the old and new bleachers and notice the difference. Those bags in front of the old bleachers are filled with ground-up tires and sand for the new field.Dsc03544

We hadn't taken shots from the visiting team's bench before on our tours, so here on the left are the views of the stadium coming from the opponents bench from the north side of the stadium. The first photo on the left is looking at the west end zone from the visitors bench. The next pic is a look at the south side of the stadium from the north.Dsc03548

Dsc03547 The following picture below right is a view standing in the east end zone of the field and looking into the west end zone. For the Golden Panthers sake, hopefully these end zone views become a familiar thing this season.Dsc03551

Before we get to show you how close the seats are to the field at field level, here is a pic of one of the two soccer goals (white thing lying on the asphalt in the photo) that have been dropped off at the new stadium. Yes, there will be soccer played here at some point.Dsc03552

Back to the field, in the next three photos, focus on the blue dots on the field. These blue dots that have been painted into the turf are markings for the following: 1) the sideline out of bounds; 2) FIU's sideline; 3) Area for corner kicks in soccer. (FYI: You may have to enlarge these to see the blue marks).

The blue dot on the photo on the right is where the sideline out of bounds is on the FIU sideline bench.Dsc03553

The photo below left shows the blue mark where the FIU bench is in relation to the first rows of seats on the south side of the stadium.Dsc03554

And finally, our last photo (below, right) for this blog has our lovely GPP intern for the day, Allison, demonstrating where the soccer corner kick would be in relation to the first row of seats on the south side of the stadium.Dsc03557

Check back in the next few days, for the next installment of our latest FIU Stadium tour blog. We got 30 more photos to get to. Like the Jeffersons, "we'll be moving on up Jeff to the east side and getting our piece of the pie" in the finished club suites and we'll take a look at the Panther Club, which is just missing the plasma TVs.


A lot of early enthusiastic responses in our 2nd Annual Win A GPP Blog contest. Reminder, last day and time for predictions for the KU game is Saturday, Aug. 30 at 6:59 p.m. by the GPP clock. For official rules in the U.S. and abroad check the previous post.

** There was one reader who wrote: "You know what, I'm going to correct my prediction. We are FIU and we have talent, FIU 21, Kansas 14."

You didn't fill in your GPP screen name with your prediction, so I don't know which prediction to correct? Please reply to correct your prediction, Thank you.

FIU Fanatic: I couldn't help but notice you didn't mention Mannie Wellington among the linebackers expected to produce. He did play a lot last season....Is he still at FIU? Incoming freshman Kasey Smith, from Seabreeze HS....Is he at FIU as well?

GPP: Yes. MW is at FIU, but is currently out with a hernia. He is expected back at the end of September. KS is at FIU and he got a sack the other day during 11-on-11.

clm88: Hey Pete you seem to have something against kickers. What position did you play in college, and then the pros. I'm having a hard time remembering your name.

GPP: I didn't kick in either. I played center field and I pitched. And I'll be the first to admit I couldn't make a field goal beyond 25 yards. I have nothing against kickers. In fact, I would love to write a good story on an FIU kicker like I did about Adam Moss when he was a Golden Panther. But, the Miami Herald has me write this blog for two reasons: 1) To stay in touch with the FIU fans and detractors and generate on-line interest and we've successfully done that as the GPP is consistently among the top 10 blogs among the 40+ blogs at the MH. 2) To provide my insight and opinion on FIU and judging from spring practice and camp this month, FIU's kicking game is inconsistent. The kickers will make 2 field goals and then miss 2 field goals. Kickoffs are usually landing at the 10-yard line and not any deeper. Hopefully, this all changes, but right now if FIU was faced with a field goal of 35 or more yards, I think MC calls for a pooch punt or goes for it on 4th down. By the way, Welcome to the GPP and thanks for your readership.

SouthPaw: Can you give us an update on a few guys whose names have been conspicously missing over the Spring and Fall camps?: Jarvis Wilson, James Rucker, Elliott Dix, Justin West.

GPP: Like Little Canada, Jarvis Wilson has had a good camp and has been running with the second team D. JW has a motor and should figure prominently on D and special teams. The other 3 have done OK, but there have been other players at their respective positions that have excelled.

lgo: You forgot about peter riley, who is second team on the depth chart.

GPP: You are correct. PR has been deflecting passes and playing tight coverage in camp. PR just adds to an already deep and talented secondary. Former Golden Panther Alexander Bostic said last year when he was a grad assistant that PR was a player and he wasn't kidding.


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nice write up pete.. but for some reason.. NOW is when i cant enlarge the pictures.. which is odd cause normally from this computer i could always enlarge it.. any idea's? turf is looking good. see if you cant get any pics from the student section next time. i will either sit in the first row... or 4 5 rows up depending how early i get into the stadium

I would've liked to see some pictures of something we hadn't seen already... like the inside of the Panther Club. I guess we'll have to wait a couple of days.

Pete, how about a couple of pictures of the new helmet, with the panther eyes on the front? Are any pictures of the road uni's available?

Pete, I am confused on something: Will fans be allowed to sit in the west end zone during the season or will it be closed since it will be under construction through out the season.

The pics dont enlarge without losing resolution.

Pete, thanks for stadium update. Looking forward to more updates.

Hadn't had the chance to log in to blog, my prediction for first game.

Kansas 37
FIU 20

We'll hang with them in first half. Hopefully I'm wrong.



So our guys will be dressing at the baseball stadium.....What about half-time ? Are they walking back over there ?? Is that street not designated for tailgating and tents...etc. - I'm a little disappointed to hear this, but if they WIN, I could care less.

Hey Pete! Nice blog yet again... im counting down also. I have one question, don't know if you'll have an answer but here it goes. I'm signed up to PantherPass at fiusports.com so i can watch the away games. They don't have the Kansas or Iowa games on the list yet. Is there any way you can find out if they'll play them? If not is there any other way to view it, or will i be stuck to my radio all saturday?

ok so i am confused...... Soccer? has anything been even put on table other than PG offering free rent? I dont think so... looks like you are just trying to push a moot agenda. Just like the false report of PG getting interest from Pitt for their AD opening. Also, seems like MC thinks he can fool Kansas. He will obviously play both, not sure it will matter.

ridgepanther = CrazyCane

Ive heard from numerous sources that Miami FC, the USL soccer team, is in serious talks with FIU about playing there next season.

That being the case, it would seem to me that FIU is pretty desperate to find tenants.

Regardless.... anybody else who plays there are merely guests in our house. This stadium is all about Panther football baby!
Sept. 20 cant come soon enough.

Esteban, just to answer your question about Panther Pass. I've noticed that usually they will show Sun Belt games regularly but not out of conference games. I don't think we'll be able to see the Kansas game, however, the Iowa game is being shown on the Big Ten network, so hopefully that will mean they will be hosting a watch party for that game.

I think having someone use our facilities is merely good business move, regardless of whether it's MLS or USL. Besides rent (or not), there is concession monies, and the fact that premium seating, suites, improve their value....This in turn, could help spur sponsorships and donors....

Its not desperation at all.

Having Miami FC of the USL would be a great first step to show MLS that its a great soccer facility as well.

And even if MLS doesnt return to Miami right away it will help us land a a few major tournaments or US national team games.

Even a simple Haitian national team warm-up game can generate an extra $20,000 for our athletic budget that wasnt there before. I use them as an example since they regularly have their home games in Miami

He Pete,

Where can we find official FIU Football digital downloaded goodies such as wallpapers, fight song, pictures, etc?

I recall when FIU football began a few years ago, they had a website for fans of FIU to access digital downloads (http://www.football.fiu.edu/downloads.htm)

can't wait baby. GO FIU!!!!!


Is the KU game on TV anywhere or PantherPass ? Please advise. Thanks.

www.FIUsports.com has the new commercial on the opening page of the site.

Good stuff, love the Panther noises.

FIUBlueandGold, the game will be LIVE on fiusports.com

i think they where refering to the radio broadcast not the live video streaming... for all the FIU fans outside of radio signal distance

Kansas 35, FIU 7

Hope I'm wrong.

PP, great program in CG. They haven't started the season and their starting quarterback is suspended however according to their leader, RS, no matter how good their 2nd quarterback does he'll be benched in favor of the suspended one. The reasoning here is that Harris is really awful, or Marve besides being extremely better also receives preferential treatment. I'll love to see how the Northwestern fans react to this. As for Marve, he hasn't played on a football game and already has being involved in:

1. Car accident that almost killed his roomate.
2. Tried to rob a car in Coconut Grove.
3. Suspended from the season opening game.

Could we agree Marve is not a choir boy?.

Let me make something clear; I love FIU but I feel like I need to set something straight.

1. Car accident that almost killed his roomate. (Marve was actually asleep in the passanger seat, not his fault)
2. Tried to rob a car in Coconut Grove. (he simply punched the side mirror, there was no indication of attempted robbery)
3. Suspended from the season opening game. (shannon is setting a foundation for a disciplined team filled with freshman and sophmores)

Again, I love FIU more than UM but lets call a spade a spade

Lets not worry about the UM program, for me they are insignificant. We need to build our brand and worry about our business. They don't play us and they are in a different conference and what they do is their business. I am a little upset that they would put Southern on their schedule as opposed to us, I don't see what the point of that is.

UM is scared of FIU. That's the only reason they're playing Charleston Southern instead of FIU.

And just think, we're only a baby monster right now.

New Roary costume made it's debut today at Pantherpalooza outside of GC.
I like it, looks a little more cartoony than before, but he's pantless. He's rocking some sweet ass kicks too.


Thank you for that nice dose of common sense. A slight point in the respectable meter in my book goes to FIU for that post. Although I will say, the suspension was because of point number 2 you made. Greenlizard, I hope you were just kidding referring to someone's character and then mentioning a car accident he wasn't responsible for and that could have killed him as your rationale. Ah, ignorance.

As always, good luck to FIU this season.

Hey Pete,

Any way of finding out which FIU games will be on TV? I saw a couple of games listed on ESPN's team schedule. I also saw a couple of home games listed on panther pass. Anything on the opener?
Thanks much,


Haven't decided yet on what my score prediction's going to be, but I'll be a happy man if FIU can get more than 10 points and/or we hold Kansas to under 40. I think Iowa's probably a more realistic upset possibility. But sometimes these season openers can be surprising. (Hey, we can hope, right?)

Anyway... this is more of a "curious" question than anything else... but does anyone on here do fantasy football? Specifically, on Yahoo? I was thinking about setting up a free league for FIU fans. Say, around 8-12 teams. I'll let you join too if you want, Mr. Pelegrin. ;)

Seriously, though... if at least 8 people on here are down for the idea, I'll make a league and send out some invites. If you're interested, post it on here.



I'm fantasy football junkie. It'll be cool to join FIU fans league.


Kansas 41
FIU 12

FIU will only get stronger

Nice tour, Pete.....Ok, here's my score:

Kansas 44

FIU 10

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