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FIU Stadium Tour (Part 2): Panther Club, Superman's Landing Site, Pete's Office

Oz_2 It's T-minus 5 days from the season opener in Dorothy's home state -- Kansas. The Golden Panthers were off today, but return to the practice field Tuesday. Still, no starting QB announcement. GPP's educated guess is No. 12 will be under center in Lawrence, Kansas at 7 p.m. Saturday. But No. 14 is going to play this season. Until we know for sure here's a story on FIU's top 2 QBs: FIU QBs

Let's proceed to the east side of the new FIU stadium and into the luxury area in the 2nd part of our 3-part August tour. Got the glitch fixed with the enlarging of the photos, so NOW YOU CAN ENLARGE all these photos and the ones on the previous blog.

Before we go to the Panther Club, let's walk into the visiting locker rooms and officials room. This building which is underneath the east stands (FIU student section - so that FIU students can stomp on the metal bleacher floors to make hearing a chore for the visiting teams). Here's a shot on the right of the Dsc03561_2 visiting team's training room. The visitors training room like the visitors locker room contains 2 separate rooms. That would be one each for when high school teams or soccer teams use the stadium. For FIU's opponents, the doors separating these rooms would be open so that the areas would be one big training room or locker room.

Now when you yell "Hey, ref you stink (or something more vulgar)" during an FIU game, the official will know you mean his officiating, because they got showers in the Dsc03569_2 officials locker room as the photo on the left shows.

The visitors' locker room is pretty boring and not too big -- it was built smaller on purpose to make the opponents as uncomfortable as possible. To give you a comparison with FIU's fieldhouse, the visiting locker room is 6,000 square feet. The FIU fieldhouse is 40,000 square feet -- nearly 7 times as big. Let's get out of the visitors locker room and keep moving. By the way, here on the right is what the outside of the visitors locker room looks like.Dsc03577

We'll go out of the visitors locker room through the northeast corner of the stadium and give you another shot of the field (photo, left) from the Dsc03578 NE view.

I know I probably have overused the Superman theme this month with references to his father, Jor-el and Alonzo Phillips, but when I first saw the holes in the ground for the new jumbotron video scoreboard, the first thing that came to mind was when Superman crash landed in that Smallville cornfield as a kid in the first movie. Here on the right are 2 of the 4 holes, that have been dug into the ground behind the east side bleachers for the new scoreboard.Dsc03580

The holes were covered by plywood, because when we took the photo it was raining.

Before we walk into the Panther Club, here's a shot on the left of Dsc03584 what everyone at the stadium will need at one point or another. Those are finished bathrooms on the left.

Let's walk on over to the Panther Club.

Here on the right is the walkway to the Panther Club and also a closer view of the entrance to the PC.Dsc03591 Dsc03586

Before we enter the Panther Club, take a look below on the left of a couple of pics of where the FIU Bricks are going to go. The first photo is of the square area where all the bricks will be laid before you enter the PC. The Dsc03590 second photo on the left is of a Dsc03589 GPP Brick that we laid down for the photo. (No, the GPP is NOT selling bricks for the website)

Let's roll out the red carpet for you good people and go on in to the Panther Club. Below on the right are 3 different views from inside the Panther Club. All that is left to do is for FIU to pick either tile or carpet for the floor, install the plasma TVs on the wall and stock the bar with booze.Dsc03594Dsc03593  Dsc03597

On the last tour was told by one of the FIU staffers, that the photo below on the left will be my office.

Don't know if he meant I was going to bartend on a part-time basis Dsc03596 or they would actually set up a desk with a PC for me at the bar?

Before we finish this part of the tour, here are some more photos of the Panther Club.

On the right here is a shot looking outside the PC windows into the south side parking lot.Dsc03599 And then below left is a pic of what the Panther Club looks like when you walk Dsc03600 in from the south side of the stadium.

Plenty to still show you in the final part of our August FIU Stadium tour. On the next blog, which should be up at some point Wednesday, we'll have: the view inside the club suites, the poles that will hold up the new jumbotron video scoreboard, photos of the field from the concourse, ESPN's view of the field and the view from Max's seat on the 8th row of section 114.


Congratulations to Yarimar Rosa for being named the Sun Belt Conference's Preseason Yr_3 Volleyball Player of Year. YR is a two-time All-American at FIU and likely a 3-time if she plays like she has the last 2 years.

CJ: See if you can get any pics from the student section next time. I will either sit in the first row or 4, 5 rows up depending how early I get into the stadium.

GPP: Will have 2 different photos from the student section on the next blog.

SouthPaw: How about a couple of pictures of the new helmet, with the panther eyes on the front? Are any pictures of the road uni's available?

GPP: Will have the Panther eyes photo on here soon. Trying to get road unis on here as well.

Gold: Will fans be allowed to sit in the west end zone during the season or will it be closed since it will be under construction through out the season.

Dsc03548 GPP: Yes, the west end zone seats are open and fans will sit there this season. The patio/suites area (the holes in the middle of the stands) will be roped off so no one decides to take a dive down there.

FIUBlueandGold: So our guys will be dressing at the baseball stadium. What about halftime? Are they walking back over there? Is that street not designated for tailgating and tents?

GPP: That's the plan for FIU to use the new visitors clubhouse at the baseball stadium. They would be walking back over there at the half. The tailgating tents on the north side of the stadium will be parallel to the field. So there won't be any interference with the walk. Remember, there is no parking on the west side of the stadium, because of the fieldhouse construction.

esteban688 , FIUBlueandGold & FIUAce: I'm signed up to PantherPass at fiusports.com so I can watch the away games. They don't have the Kansas or Iowa games on the list yet. Is there any way you can find out if they'll play them? If not is there any other way to view it, or will I be stuck to my radio all Saturday? Any way of finding out which FIU games will be on TV?

GPP: Unless, you're traveling to KU, your Radio will be your best friend this Saturday. The only place you can see Saturday's game is on local Kansas TV where the game will be shown on a tape-delay basis. What will be live on Panther Pass is the radio broadcast of the KU game. There is no video for this Radio game, unless you live in Kansas. The Iowa game is on the Big Ten Network, which you can see at any bar with a satellite. FIU has 2 ESPN Regional TV games: vs. North Texas and Troy. All the other Sun Belt games can be seen (video) on FIU's Panther Pass at fiusports.com or on the opposing Sun Belt team's website. The USF and Toledo games are not scheduled to be on TV, but that could change.

gpantera: Where can we find official FIU Football digital downloaded goodies such as wallpapers, fight song, pictures, etc?

GPP: FIU is redesigning its official sports website (fiusports.com) and will have all your goodies on there in the next few months.


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Nice pic of the bathrooms Pete, you know those are very important LOL!!!! Have a safe flight to Kansas

Great stuff Pete, can't wait to see the view from my seats.

BTW, if anyone wants FIU wallpapers there are some on the fiualumni site at:


and click on the spirit downloads.

Also, Miri and myself like to mess around on photoshop, take a look here:




and here:


You may have to copy and paste those to get the links to work.

So I heard from a student that the new Roary outfit was unleashed today at some peperally at school. Any chance PG will let you sneek a peak and get us a photo. Thanks for all of your hard work once again!

Can someone or Pete please post a picture of the new Roary? Thanks! :)

pete thanks for the pics in the next blog finally found out the price for the tents w/ the FIU logo... 247$.... sorry but thats a bit of a rip. wish it would be cheeper i would def buy.. but FIU has taught me the meaning of a dollar... the hard way

Hey Pete keep up the great work, its getting exciting... football is back in town!

Hey GPP community has their been any news on sales of the new uniform? I checked in the bookstore and have been hunting online but no word yet on a release date.

I need one of those babies for opening day, hope they are ready by then.

Anyone know of a good bar to watch the Iowa game at? I used to go to Hooligans but ever since they closed it I have been without a good bar.

I was watching TAILGATE OVERTIME on Sunsports last night, and they think it is easier for the gators to win 10 games than FIU winning 2 games this season. I think they are wrong, We can do much better than that. Those guys dedicated almost half of the show to FAU!!
awrrrrgg!!!!! How can that be possible?



Since we're all family, let me give it to ya straight.

FAU are Sunbelt Conference Champs. They've earned their airtime. Let's not hate, but rather duplicate. Until we earn our time in the spotlight, we must be patient and aggressive.

No one owes FIU a darn thing. To think anyone will show us love based on potential is naive. I love FIU and can't wait for our day to shine. Until then, i recognize we haven't done squat YET and any lack of love we get is deserved (the proof is in the pudding).

Now let's focus on us. Help support our team as best we can and pray to the football Gods that our boys start to frequent the win column soon.

Yup, I agree with gpantera.

FAU did great last season and deserve to be in the spotlight; not only are they the returning champs, but probably the best team in the conference right now.

FIU will be there, we just need to be patient. This is really like year 1 for us.

Man, I hope FAU beats Texas. It would be great publicity for our conference which has never really gotten the respect it deserves.

Is Pete going to Kansas?

Well said gpantera.

Lets just win 4 games pleeeeaase Lawd, please!

I dont even think 3 wins will be enough to start turning the tide of media and public opinion.

Four wins. That has to be our goal.


Ditto. We have to earn our respect! Now lets start earning it with some wins!

We will win a few game this year, but not the opener.

Kansas 42
FIU 10

We may come outofthecage next week

Thats what I have been saying for a while now. 4 is the magic number this year. Please please please get 4 wins!

Gpantera and FIUFantastic I echo your sentiments. We haven't earned the right to get air. I also hope FAU beats Texas. The Sun Belt will be better for it.

On the stadium, Pete thanks for keeping us informed on the development of "our house". However, I am a little concerned over the appearance of much work left to prep the stadium for the opener in 24 DAYS from today!

Maybe someone in the GPP can calm my nerves on this. My question to Pete or any of my brethren in the GPP are the following:

1) How long does it take to install and prepare for operation, a Jumbotron scoreboard?
2) All the "touch-up" work like the Panther Club floor AND ceiling; the brick-campaign area; the "completed" bathroom still needed work; etc. None of that is done and we're playing in a little over 3 weeks! What is a reasonable timetable?
3) Finally, all outside aesthetic areas outside of the stadium (i.e. grass, walkways, etc.). How long does that take?

I'm counting the days to launch this season; however you can only have one grand opening! Lets do it right.


My predictions:

FIU will win one, maybe two games this season. But not the opener.

Kansas 44
FIU 13

I had a dream last night that I was on the FIU football team as tight end (I'm 6'4", 230)...we were in the new stadium, it was the first game in the stadium but not against USF rather some other team I can't remember. The turn out was DISMAL and Mario was no longer the coach...he was fired after his single one win season. The coach was Tony Sporano and he didn't put me in the game because I didn't catch a ball he casually threw at me. Mario was on the sidelining hanging out, giving water to resting players lol. That's all I remember...

Anyways, where is the official viewing for the Kansas game? Will it even be televised? I'm guessing Holli's like Penn State any thoughts?


I hope you were kidding.....very strange.

The game is not available on TV, read the blog.

Ultimate im not sure i can give you an exact time table.. but i do know the actual work to be done (ie, the touchups in the suites/bathrooms etc.) is minimal.. a bit of cleaning a coat of paint etc. lol the grass doesnt take long to lay. and the jumbo tron... well i really dont know how those get installed so cant really tell you bout it lol the problem in construction are the inpsections. but its looking like we will have our stadium by the 20th

just a quesiton is anyone goin to Trail of the Torch tom.? i think it starts at 7 at the housing quad...

The jumbo tron must be huge. I drove by and saw the 4 pillars being installed that hold it up and its freaking HUGE.

Pete, how high will the jumbo tron be installed? Are they going to have it lower for this year and then raise it up when the upper deck is installed?

I wouldn't worry about the upper-deck ? The funding for that phase will kick in once this team starts winning and a loyal fan base can be depended. I'll be happy once the lower bowl, support complex and fieldhouse are completed...

I am quite sure the steel pillars can be modifed to rise up and the jumbotron will sit nicely over the upper deck in about 5 years...

I predict a tougher D will hold Kansas to 38-16 victory (we will miss an extra point)

I got my season tickets today =)

I also got my season tickets today.

I also got my tickets today, great looking stuff.

Here is my prediction for Saturday, Yonger will start and we will be shot down the first half, then PM will come in the third quarter to the end and we will score twice in garbage time,
Kansas 52
FIU 13

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