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Last Stadium Tour Before Kickoff: GPP Fans Seats, Club Suites, Earmuffs

Your Golden Panthers have been focused on Kansas all summer long, but before we turn our attention to the heartland's top team, let's finish the August edition of the FIU Stadium Tour. Please click to enlarge each photo for a better view.

Dsc03603 Follow Odebrecht King Rudy (white pants), Allison (only girl in the photo) and myself up the ramps and let's visit the concourse and club suites. On the right is a shot of the SE ramp from just outside the Panther Club. All the FIU Stadium ramps have an Orange Bowl feel to Dsc03587 them, without the urine and beer smell.

As we went up the ramp that day we got a good view of the four steel pillars that will hold up the new jumbotron video scoreboard. Here on the left, to the left of the white pickup you can see the Dsc03615 scoreboard pillars.

As we get onto the concourse, if you remember from one of our earlier tours, I gave you good people a view from the worst seat in the stadium, which is located on the SE side. Now take a look at the view of the field from the worst seat in the stadium and tell me if this is actually a bad seat. Here's the picture on the right.Dsc03608

This next 2 photos (below left) from the SE concourse is for CJ and where he will be sitting -- a shot of the FIU Student Section which will be located in the east end zone. The bleachers for the student section are right on top Dsc03609 of the visitors locker room. The 2nd photo is the view from the top of the student section.Dsc03614

Next up (below right) is a view from the east end zone of the outside of the club suites. Hold your horses, we're going to go in the suites.Dsc03618

OK, last photo before we go into the club suites, here below on the left is another photo to show you how close the south seats are to Dsc03612 the FIU sideline.

First up in the club suite level -- you may say "oh, not again" but you'll thank me when you need it. Here's on the right is one bathroom in the club level.Dsc03625

Let's walk on down the long hallway Dsc03628 into a suite.

Here is the suite setup of cabinets, sink and the hole in the middle is for the fridge.Dsc03629

And here (below, left) is what the suite looks like when you walk in. The entire club level and suites have been turned over from Odebrecht to FIU. So the university has some interior decorating to Dsc03632 get to.

Stepping outside the club suite, we can see the newly installed gray club seats, with movie soda cup holders.Dsc03636

Let us go up on the roof of the club suites and to where the camera perches are located. The following photo below left is taken from where ESPN would set up its camera IF the worldwide leader showed up on Sept. 20 to televise the stadium opener against USF. Or when they show up for any other Dsc03639 telecast.

Here's the rooftop camera perch I'm talking about in the photo on the right.Dsc03641

Heading on down to the south seats. We got a few more pics to show. The first photo on the left you can see our stadium tourists standing on the first row of seats in the south stands. You good people that have your seats Dsc03647 here will be able to hear most of what is said on the FIU bench. Earmuffs for the young ones.

Here are a couple of shots from Max's seat on the 8th row of section 114. The first shot on the right is yours truly sitting in row 8 and the second shot is the view from row 8 looking down at Allison and Rudy.Dsc03652 Dsc03651

As we finish our tour, here on the left is a pic of where the Golden Panthers will emerge from on 2009 game day once the fieldhouse is complete. The wall in the middle of the photo is the Dsc03653 exit from the FIU locker room.

This pic on the right shows the wall of the equipment room which is also the base of the suites/patio area embedded in the west end zone seats. The walls of the fieldhouse are going up quick.Dsc03538

And finally, here is a rough drawing of what the lobby of the fieldhouse is going to look like with the FIU Hall of Fame in there. Again, this is a sketch, so some things may change from Dsc03529 this drawing.

We'll move on to the season on the next post with a season outlook.


Check out the Miami Herald's FIU football preview tommorrow (Thursday) morning. Look for 35 cents in between the cushions of your couch and pick up a copy.Mh  Besides FIU, there are also previews on the Dolphins, the NFL, UF, FSU and high schools.

**Remember, just 2 1/2 more days to get your FIU/KU predictions on here in order to play our 2nd Annual Win A GPP Blog.

Predictions for Saturday's game must be in before 6:59 p.m. (GPP time) and you must pick FIU's score each week before that week's game in order to qualify for our 2 prizes.

For rules and regulations, in the U.S., Canada and worldwide, read the "Who's Getting On The Bus?" GPP post that is located 2 posts down from this one.

**Said I was going to give you a look at the mini-Panther eyes on the crown of the helmet and here they are modeled by Wayne Younger. The eyes are not that big to be a distraction, but it's somethingWyeyes_4   different. Enlarge the photo for a better look.

Gold & Miri: Can someone or Pete please post a picture of the new Roary?

GPP: Working on that. Asked FIU media relations yesterday and they don't have one, but we'll get one on here from the marketing dept. soon.

FIUfantastic: Is Pete going to Kansas? How high will the jumbotron be installed? Are they going to have it lower for this year and then raise it up when the upper deck is installed?

GPP: Flight leaves Friday morning at 5:40 a.m. -- only early flight that was non-stop to Kansas City. I'm sure I'll be sleeping on the plane. The jumbo will be high enough for all to see. Don't have exact measurements, but you won't need glasses. The entire stadium has been built to expand -- when you see those free-standing mini-pillars on the concourse, those are the supports for the beginning of the second deck.

Ultimate FIU Fan: 1) How long does it take to install and prepare for operation, a Jumbotron scoreboard?
2) All the "touch-up" work like the Panther Club floor AND ceiling; the brick-campaign area; the "completed" bathroom still needed work; etc. None of that is done and we're playing in a little over 3 weeks! What is a reasonable timetable?
3) Finally, all outside aesthetic areas outside of the stadium (i.e. grass, walkways, etc.). How long does that take?

GPP: Ultimate, I know school recently started around South Florida, but you're already giving me Pencil homework. I don't have a No. 2 pencil, but let's see about your questions: 1) The Jumbotron is scheduled to go up on Sept. 12 and will be tested that day. The Golden Panthers already did their poses for their video profiles on the jumbotron earlier this month.

2) All the touch up will be done before Sept. 20 both Odebrecht and FIU have said so. In fact, there might be a dress rehearsal open practice during the bye week so that fans can test run the stadium. Nothing has been set yet, but if it does happen you'll know here.

3) The grass has been laid all around the stadium with the exception of the fieldhouse area, because that's still under construction. The areas under the seats will have pebble flooring like the Orange Bowl. All the club suites and the Panther Club has been painted, now it's just a matter of bringing in the toys and the booze.

**The KU bloggers asked the GPP to participate in one of their blogs, so here it is: KU/FIU Blog

**Haven't had a GPP Worldwide Readership Update of late until tonight when Belgrade, Serbia logged on and joined the Prowl. So our GPP readership scorecard is: 31 STATES the GPP is read in: ALA, ARI, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDAHO, IL, IND, IOWA, KAN, KY, LA, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, MO, NEB, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER, WIS.

11 COUNTRIES: Australia, Brazil, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Panama, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Before we get ready for kickoff, here's a stadium question:


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Fantastic stuff!! Sept. 20 can not come soon enough!

Thanks for the great tour of stadium!!! Great job in the KU blog, hopefully we can earn some respect playing a competitive game at Kansas. One question though, is there reason why visitors section is using High School benches? It would be nice if that section were complete for inuaguration. Regardless, looking forward to seeing Jumbotron scoreboard.

I also got my tickets, section 112 Row 5. Looking forward to witnessing history and a great season.


Great stuff Pete, thanks for taking that pic for me. I love the view from my seats. BTW, really cool of you to answer those questions for the KU guys. Here's hoping that we get outta Kansas injury free.

Great report Pete. Cant wait to visit the stadium in person.


Great tour Pete!!! Thanks for everything...also, nice job there in describing the state of affairs for FIU Football...

pete great job on the post of the final stadium tour as well as the KU blog
just a quesiton about the feild..is it just me or does it look a bit sandy and streaky?

just read everything that came out for the football previews for FIu as well as the articles great job pete. i cant wait for th season to begin

just read everything that came out for the football previews for FIu as well as the articles great job pete. i cant wait for th season to begin

Thought of something along the lines of those two inflatable sticks/balloons/whatever they are that are banged together to make noise at sporting events. How about FIU creates the FIU Kazoo. I know it sounds stupid but imagine everyone playing those Kazoos at the same time. It could get annoying for the opposing team. Something to think about. Even if FIU doesn't adopt it, maybe GPP nation can adopt it on our own.
Also, for the first home game, has anyone thought about brining a cowbell to demean the bulls? We could also Moo at them. I'm kinda bored so I've been thinking these up.

Any TV? Probably on a satellite somewhere.

Also, nice reporting on FIU in the Football section PP.

One thing; hasn't FIU requested to be called FIU and not Florida International University by media outlets? How's that going?

Kansas 38 - FIU 13


As always, great work on the stadium tour but I have two questions.

1) can you do a tour of the finalized project. There has to be pictures up of what each section of the stadium will look like when everything is complete.

2) Can you get a picture of the girl who is taking you on the tour. She looks cute. ;0)

As always, thanks for all your hard work

OK... finally thought about a score for the KU-FIU game. The optimist in me says FIU loses 35-21... the pessimist says 55-3... I'll strike down the middle (somewhat) and say 42-17, KU.

But boy, would I like to be proven wrong on that one. :)

Hey Pete have you been working out with the players lately? Your looking pretty juiced up in that picture. You better watch out, I dont know if you can have those guns out in public.

You can see a picture of the new Roary costume in the 8/27 issue of the Beacon. I'll see if we put it online as well.

got my season tickets. I am like a kid at on
Christmas eve!

KU 45 FIU 0 If you went to any of the open scrimmages you would know there is no chance to score. Can't throw, run, or kick.

Thank you FIUChris. :)

Pete, thank you for showing us our seats. Max and I can't wait. Also, I like to be surprised, but I can't wait to find out... have you heard about anything cool they would do for the team entrance at games? I loved participating in the Panther Trail at the spring game. I know that Mario wants to keep that tradition. But has anything else come up? Thanks.

Kansas 45 - FIU 10

Kansas 40 FIU 13
I think a five win year is in the realm of possibility but three is the more likely result. In either case the team will show marked improvement.

Here is a sneak peek at one of the Roary's:
Too bad you can't see his shoes- they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pete, thanks for the pictures. By the way, I enlarged the Younger photo, and still can't see the "panther eyes."

Southpaw they are on that white sticker thing that is right in front of the helmet... went to the trail of the torch last nite... it was fun... saw roary the cartoon version... is it just me or does he look like hes aon roids? you know mardi gras head and raisinettes haha. lol 62.. what you saw was the defense out classing the offense.. and trust me i went to enough scrimmages and open practices (did you make it out to those?) to see that FIU's offense has improved.. i stick to my prediction of 34-17. KU... but closer than the experts stick.

o ya i drove by the stadium when i go work out in the early morning.. and today they had the entire stadium lit up minus the track lights. it was so nice had to take a picture of that..

KU 55

Pete, great job on the KU blog! A couple of famous FIU alums you forgot:


I never predict scores, but what the heck I'll give it shot. KU is too strong (No Charleston Southern here!), however FIU will score with PM at the helm.

KU - 44
FIU - 24


Here's some follow-up on FIU's request not to be referred to in the media as anything other than FIU.


So anytime the "media" refers to us as anything other than FIU we know its a slap at us.

FIU will win this one:

FIU 24
Kansas 17.

You'll see =)

I have comment about the TV perches ??

- Would it not make sense to have them mounted on the north side atop the bleachers and film the game with the actual stadium in the background ? Not sure we are TV this year, if so.....c'mon and please correct this !!!

Some many FIU faithful are so proud of this stadium and we're gonna show off the incomplete phase and opposing team sideline for naysayers and the media to rip up !!

Filming from south to north, just makes ZERO sense...I know I'm crying over spilt milk somewhat, but we are FIU and the margin for error in the perception game is very small.

I also thought that blue and gold. However, remember that once the second phase of the stadium is done in two years, it will have the enclosed portion of the north bleachers PLUS the Student Support Complex Building overlooking the north bleacher area. I suppose they were thinking more long term than short term in this respect. If they are to air a game this season..or next season....I would try my best to make another perch over the other side, so that the South Bleachers are shown, I would agree with you there...

Blue and Gold and Fanatic, i know that this year it might not have the best angle of the stadium but after the second phase is built. not only will those south end camera's have a nice shot.. but im sure they will also have camera's on the north side of the stadium to see the south side of the stadium. either way i think it will be alright.. besides you might get the incomplete side of the stadium but you also will get a veiw of the campus as well which i think also factored into the stadium design

I am so happy that FIU has really stepped up their coverage on FIUsports.com. Its great to read a different story about our team almost every day!

Also, excellent idea with Cristobal's Corner and answering e-mails from the fans. The commerical and photos are also great.

Excellent job FIU Athletics! Keep it up!

Kansas 42 FIU 3

Thanks for the picture of Roary. :)

Kansas 31
FIU 24

Kansas 31
FIU 24

Back for football season:

Kansas: 48
Fiu: 10


Nice screen name !!! Typical NAPOLEAN complex...You must be hung like a field mouse sammy, no wait - more like an elevator button, LOL !!!

Only team losing 77 - 0 is scUM UCG !!!

man that new roary costume is AWFUL! Looks like a friggin' bear, not a panther. Bring back the old costume.

I don't know what to say about new look of Roary. Looks like a cartoon!!!

It's Gameday. Good luck to our boys and the rest of the team in Sun Belt Conference. I can't believe FAU is 24 pt. underdog against Texas.

Go FIU!!!

hey i know hes more cartoonish but then again... so are most mascots... i donno remember most of the things FIU has changed this offseason has taken time to get use to... its not terrible... it could be worse... we might have no mascot. interesting story this morning i was at starbucks and wearing my blue/gold game t shirt and the girl at the register asked me if i was goin and said she would be there to the first game.

Good to hear CJ...Wear it proudly.....

Good luck to FIU Football!!! and also to the rest of the Sun Belt!!


My prediction:

FIU 10
KU 47

Pete, I was watching ESPN today and I noted two things, they were still reffering to us as Florida International and they were still showing the old logo. Also, this is something I emntioned some time ago, but its worth mentioning again. On the herald link for FIU:

it also shows our old logo. Pete, could you look into this.


At least KU is intelligent enough to recognize stark improvement from the team we fielded last season. This is from the other FIU blog...video comments from one of their O-lineman.



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