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Saturday Doomsday Defense

The FIU football slogan this season touts a lot of newness: stadium, game and attitude. Add to it new uniforms for the Golden Dazzlers (left). The new unis for the FIU ladies resemble the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders outfits a little bit.

Dazz Kind of appropriate, because the Golden Dazzlers are the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders of the NCAA. And you could say the Cowboys cheerleaders are the Golden Dazzlers of the NFL.

In Saturday morning's scrimmage, your Golden Panthers defense resembled another Cowboys team, albeit going against the FIU offense, which it has seen everyday for the last 2 weeks.

Granted it was a scrimmage, but the FIU D manhandling the O looked like the famed Dallas "Doomsday Defense" (right) of the 1970's.Dd_2

As MC yelled at the offense during the middle of the scrimmage: "It's been an ass-kicking all day."

Yes, indeed it was.

Nine sacks, 3 INTs, a safety and the FIU O crossed mid-field just four times.

Once again, the Booker T. boys led the charge with Jonathan Jackson's 3 sacks, Kambriel Willis 1 sack and Franklin Brown 2 INTs.

Others who contributed on D were Daniel Chacreton with 2 sacks, Quentin Newman got a sack that resulted in a safety. Reggie Jones and Tyler Clawson also had sacks. Freshman LB Aaron Davis had a tackle for loss and so did Little Canada, who has made a habit of that. Anthony Gaitor (left) also had a pick.

Ag_2 Now, we've had several people post comments concerning the offensive woes. Yes, the O looked horrible Saturday with the dropped passes, no pass protection, passes thrown to the wrong spots and little room to run.

All that has to improve in the next 12 days or FIU will be clicking its heels like Dorothy when they play in Kansas on Aug. 30. You know: "No place like home, No place like home".

This is not to say the O is awful, far from it, if you followed the O with Guillermo Pierna's (Bill Legg, for our non-bilingual friends) new spread offense in the spring and in the first week of camp when they pretty much had their way with the D.

But let's give a lot of credit to the FIU D that seems to have regained the speed they had in 2005 when they were No. 1 in the NCAA in tackles for loss, the 28th-best total D and 4th-best pass D in the NCAA. You remember the Killer B's (El Monstruo, Bouie and Bostic).

A similar type of formula is brewing for this D: you got the speed and power on the D-line and LBs and aRice  secondary that is like white on rice.

If you're looking for positive signs from the O on Saturday: Julian Reams had a couple of nice runs to start the day. Paul McCall led the only drive that had a scoring threat (missed 47-yd FG by Dustin Rivest) and Wayne Younger (8 of 14, 74 yds) had a good day. WY also took off on the longest run of the day a 16-yarder that was the one time the FIU D was fooled Saturday.

When the scrimmage ended, the O had to run from Miami to Russia and back. The D was excused from Ak_2 any running after the clinic they put on. It was an ugly the day for the O, so here's something pretty that lives in Miami but is from Russia. (Gotta keep the Cowboy theme of this post alive)

There's another scrimmage scheduled this Thursday (closed to the public as of now), let's see if the O can pick itself up by then.


Had lunch Friday with Odebrecht VIPs to catch up on the latest of the new FIU Stadium. Thanks to King Rudy, Santiago and Miss Odebrecht - Renata. Was told the stadium is on schedule ready to open on Sept. 20. 

After Saturday's scrimmage, did an impromptu tour of the new FIU Stadium to get some updated photos for your viewing pleasure. A lot of progress to show you good people from the newly installed field turf that was getting fed sand and ground up tires. Yes, the turf needs to eat too. Also, got shots of where FIU will stand on the sideline, finished suites, bathrooms, visiting locker room, the holes in the ground for the new scoreboard and a Panther Club that is just about done. Will have it all on here early this week.

Before we get to the questions, here's a funny anecdote told to me by a local TV sports cameraman, who was waiting outside the Marlins clubhouse with me Friday before the Cubs game. (Got a Jorge Cantu Camera story this week in the MH)

Here's the story: The camera guy, who shoots UM regularly for his station, comes up to me and says: "The FIU coach has got UM changing their practice policies". I said "What do you mean?" Camera guy says the folks in Coral Gables decided in the middle of the day on Friday to open the first 15 plays of their Friday night scrimmage. I said "So what does that have to do with FIU?" Camera guy says: "Everytime we go to shoot UM footage or interview UM guys, there are so many restrictions and we told UM that Mario has had open practices and accomodates us with whatever video footage and interviews we need at FIU". Upon hearing this from the camera guy, a UM staffer says: "Well, Mario hasn't won anything and he won't win anything there. That's why it's open over there."

On with the Pawse....Great to meet FIUJM, esteban688 along with CJ out at Saturday's scrimmage.

blkpanther: Should we be worried about these long run backs on Special Teams? How is our punt coverage?

GPP: The long run backs on ST occurred toward the end of the ST scrimmage. The new speed FIU has Light_2 will be used on both return and coverage units. With these runbacks, let's also give credit to T.Y.  Hilton, who if he sees a little daylight, very few people are going to catch him. Julian Reams also has improved returning the ball. The punt coverage is better, but needs to be more consistent.

Max: Were there any times that the punt team made the spectacular plays?

GPP: For most of the ST scrimmage, there weren't any long returns. Still, like every other part of this team, there has to be more consistency. They can't be flashes in the pan.

CJ: This may be dumb but I'm not getting the Superman's father ref.?

GPP: Ok, no more Superman's father (Jor-el) references when talking about Alonzo Phillips. Remember, when he started making plays in camp, Blue25 was listed a Jerrell Lamb. Jerrell is just a play on words Dk_4 for Jor-el (Superman's father). Prefer Batman anyway.

FIU Fanatic: Is it true that A.J. Grant..one of last signing class most heralded recruit...while not enrolled at FIU right now, will actually enroll in January and join the team then?

GPP: Thanks for Booker T. story. Grant is recovering from a knee injury and is expected to be at FIU in January.

FIU Fan: Do you know if the team will actually get to practice IN the stadium prior to Sept 20? Doesn't seem like there's tailgating space [in north side], are they going to open up the space under the bleachers?

GPP: There has been talk about the team holding an open practice at the stadium during the bye week between the Iowa and USF games where all fans would be invited to give the stadium a test-run. When I know for sure about this open practice, I'll post it on here.

The north side will be used for FIU's tailgate party and activities. There will be plenty of tailgating space on the east side of the stadium in the open green field of the Youth Fair. West side is blocked off due to the ongoing fieldhouse construction.Tg

gpantera: Will the main facade of our new football catherderal, the face of the stadium be facing the Dade County Youth Fairgrounds? And the back of the stadium facing the campus? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

GPP: Like FIU Fanatic pointed out, the south side is the temporary facade until the north side of the stadium is built. The north side with the student services and welcome center will be the facade of the stadium.

Baltimorepanther: It seems that PM is separating from the rest as the leader of the offense. Is that correct?

GPP: PM definitely has the best grasp of the new spread offense. This new offense requires the QB to be a little more mobile than last year's O and PM has shown that he is not a statue back there. But must say that CA has made some big strides from his freshman season and at some point in his FIU career -- don't know when -- could end up as the starter.

Gold: Can someone enlighten me on how many of our fans are showing up at these practices? Is there a significant amount of high school students in attendance?

GPP: When the practices were open there have been a good number of fans there. Definitely, there are more and more high school players showing up, which is great for FIU.

Let's take the concerned pulse of FIU Nation:


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Great stuff as usual, Pete.

Interesting to read your take on the QB situation. Sounds like you think Wayne Younger is moving closer to the third team with Colt Anderson's development. I think Troy Dannehower will be a future starter as well down the line (I think he was a steal and really fits Coach Legg's offense). Has Wayne Younger gotten any looks at any other positions in camp? He's a good kid with alot of slippery talent, and I'm sure Coach Legg can find a spot on our offense for him. Maybe during the closed practices he's been worked at other positions.

On the subject of the Booker T. boys, what ever happened to Tarvis Pullins? I thought I read back in February that he signed with FIU, but I haven't seen his name anywhere. With the success those guys have shown so far in camp, I'd love to see another BTW guy on our roster.

I love the pompous attitude of the anonymous UM "staffer." I will be so delighted to watch Cane's fans pout about another dismal season this year and call for Randy Shannon's head.

It's kinda like the escalators in the mall; theres always one coming up and one going down. :)

Pete, Great stuff yet again. I think its funny how cocky that canes staffer is. I cant wait to hear what that staffer will say when they get eaten in "The Swamp" during week two...which if I'm not mistaken will be for the first time since '86?

From what you've seen so far, how do you think we will do against the rest of the Sun Belt?

Regarding the survey, Pete should have had the option "all of the above." We have to be sound in all three phases of the game in order to turn the corner and change FIU sports culture.

As for UCG, you'd never know the were sub 500 last years, have never one an ACC championship and hasn't been part of the national championship dicussion in recent memory...there's an army of little emperors roaming Coral Gables and they truly have no clothes.

The day FIU starts rolling (hopefully soon), they are going to run by their opposition as if they were standing still.

Go G-Panthers!

Put the "staffers" comments in its place, in the trash like the rest of their program.

Pete, I down loaded the FIU Football Media Guide from the fiusports.com web site and noticed that our win to FAU was not in the "Records" section of the guide. Why? Does it have to do with the violations we suffered a few months back?

i know its looking ahead and all but... USF fans love to chat it up... been jawing back and forth w/ one of them.. he's already talking undefeated and bcs... i would love for FIU to be the one to ruin that dream hahahaha

Pete, great job with Cowboy theme!!! I'm digging new uniforms for Golden Dazzlers.

That UM "staffer" will eat his words. He's just upset at what MC is doing at FIU. Just a matter of time before Cristobal's hard work pays off in W column.


OK boys and girls - with the college football season around the corner, I figured it is time for me to make my return to this blog.

I do not know why FIUers, who have won 1, yes 1, game in two years are still under the belief that there program is on the way up and that UM is on the way down. Am I mistaken, but was it UM or FIU who just had the number 1 or number 2 (depending on which poll you go by) recruiting class in the country? Is a recruiting class like that a sign of a program going down? I think not. Also FIU fan, please correct me if I am worng, but was it not FIU who was placed on probation this past year? Was Miami too and I just missed it? Oh that's right, no, Miami has not had any problems in recent memory. In fact, they keep upping their standards while schools like FIU keep lowering theirs, if FIU's standards could get any lower. I mean you could be a one legged half 'tard and be a three sport athlete and probably graduate with honors at the WMU (West Miami University)

Now I know that counter point, we have an on campus stadium. Bif F'ing deal. Does an on campus stadium help you win? No. Does it get you recruits? No, please refer to my above argument about last years recruiting war winner. Does an on campus stadium assure you'll be put in a real conference, obviously not. So what truly is so special abouot an on campus stadium? The no alcohol rule, the no excuse you'll have when the seats are empty (other than in the first game when you get waxed by USF), c'mon FIU fan, please advise.

Ive said it before and I will say it again. You all are delusional losers and your football team is just an extension of that.

The only loser is on this board is YOU Mr. CrazyCane !!!

When you start comparing APPLES to APPLES then feel free to filibuster away with your UM fixation...

FIU has graduated (1) football class since 2002 and Miami started football in what 1926 ??? The winningest program in the last 30 years....yada yada yada - yeah we know.

So until we meet again on the playing field or FIU shows they can consistently run with the BIG time programs - why don't you go to the UF Blog and run your HALITOSIS mouth off with the GATORS or NOLES ??

Why would i do that - I respect those programs.

Did he write anything coherent?...Blablablalbla.....

1 month until we inaugurate our state of the art ON CAMPUS stadium!!!

Why are you hating on me CrazyCane?

I bought UM season tickets. I'am born and raised in Miami, I love all Miami teams. I CHOSE to go to FIU over UM, but I like to root for both teams.

Do yourself a favor and buy some FIU season tickets. You are welcomed over at FIU while we build our EXTREMELY YOUNG football program.


... and a little over 3 months until your team celebrates another one win season with the only difference being that it will be in an almost empty new on campus stadium. And by almost empty, I mean it will include vendors, Pete, parents of some of the players (the ones who are in this country, legally or otherwise), the 14 year old latin girlfriend of your starting quarterback (whoever it is) who looks like she's 21, maybe a couple who thought the dade county youth fair was in town and last but not least the 37 fans that go to FIU who heard there was a football game, went and left in the first quarter because they thought it was going to be futbol (soccer).


CC its been a while since you been on must say i was acutally wondering where the hell you went to lol congrats on that #1 recruiting class, thye are goin to do wonders for your program... but.. prob not this year. but your right your class was rated higher than FIU's class.. but unlike FIU fans... UM fans expecpt results in a min. where FIU fans actually realize that these kids are still frosh. and take time to adjust. both classes have high expectation.

as to tools of recruiting, the fact is that an oncampus stadium does help sell the program it shows a commitment from the school to improving that program. where else will you see a school give a 1-11 team a new stadium.. thats a school that is dedicated to improving ALL aspects of their univiersity. o and FIU did win a few battles for prospects against bigger name schools. jonathan jackson imparticular was recruited by the U and FIU.. currently is attending FIU. T.Y. Hilton was recruited by WVU and is currently attending FIU.. for a few examples. its 1 month till our first game in that stadium and believe me it well be around that time that FIU gets its first win. as for UM i have more realistic goals i see them goin 7-5 regular season only to lose in a bowl game very similar to what happen to FSU last year

BTW CC didnt Coker land like a top 5 recruiting class, and they underperformed for you? winning recruiting wars is only half the battle

CJ - of course getting the plpayers is only half the battle. And I think you are a little misinformed about how much an on campus stadium helps recruiting, Miami has never had an on campus stadium and I believe their record and pipeline to the NFL speaks for itself, and correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe that USC has their own on campus stadium either - doesn't seem to be hurting their recruiting either.

All I have heard from FIU is about this ON CAMPUS stadium, and I think you would also agree, having an on campus stadium is nice, but winning is even nicer. Think about this, would you rather build a multi million dollar stadium and lose year in and year out, or playing somewhere off campus and winning 6 national championships (yes I am counting the fiesta bowl following the 02 season), and having a tradition of winning and as a NFL breeding ground? I honestly believe the fans of FIU football would rather have a team that wins 1 or two games a year, but play in an ON CAMPUS stadium. If those are the ideals of the FIU fan, you can keep them.

Since I see that my UM friend CC is back on this blog, I will take this opportunity to post as well. We are just over a week away from the start of the college football season and I see that both UM fans and FIU fans are getting geared up. But I do not understand why FIU feels like this year is going to be so different from the past 2 years? Did I miss something? I mean, I could see why UM is excited, they had the number 1 recruiting class. Did FIU have a top 25 class? I dont think so? Is all this excitment over a new stadium? I think CC pointed it out best, what good is a new stadium, on campus, if you are just going to lose in it? Honestly, I think this town is big enough for two programs, but I just think that FIU wants to be recognized as something they're not and that is why there is so much animosity towrds them from the UM fans. Exhibit A, the brawl was a perfect example of FIU players and fans wanting a respect they had not earned and was not deserved and instead of taking their beating like men, they resorted to cheap shots and bush league playing thus causing the brawl and hurting both programs. I hope under MC the team and the fans grow up and become more educated; but with banter like I have read here about the new on campus stadium and UM being the elevator going down, I do not have much hope for that. I think MC is too good for you guys.

I really hope UM goes 11-1 or our boy CrazyCane might get a little irrational and do something, well, Crazy.

Dude, you obviously just like to make up excuses and hate on FIU fans because you need the attention.

See ya next Thursday.

From Fox Sports::

Who's closer to returning to the glory days, Florida State or Miami?
Once proud, both schools have been mired in mediocrity for the past few seasons with no immediate end in sight. Sure, they're loaded with former blue-chip high school talent, but that hasn't prevented either school from losing at least three games in each the last four seasons. The 'Canes have a little more to crow about, coming off a monster recruiting haul and not having to deal with an academic scandal or a lame duck head coach. Miami is actually getting close to turning the corner, depending on how quickly the kids mature. Florida State, on the other hand, is in a serious rut that isn't likely to change this fall.

Hmmm, not even the media, who is known to always hate THE U can say miami is on the down elevator.

Hey Pete,
Don't know who is in charge of this but...if you go to the FOX Sports website, they have the very first Golden Panther logo as the schools logo. Any chance you could pass this observation on to someone in athletics so that it can be changed?

Reasons why we believe FIU is on the way up:

1-New Head Coach
2-New Offensive Coordinator
3-Best recruiting class in FIU history
4-Improved training facilities
5-Improved playing facilities
6-More effort in improving our athletics from President of University
7-More support from students/alumni
8-More experience (6 year old football program)

Personally, I don't believe UM is on the way down.

What a waste of time this was reading these canes fans (who are probably nothing more than Miami-Dade College students) ramp about how much better UM is than FIU.

HELLO, of course we can not compare FIU athletics to UM. I don't think anyone at FIU has ever compared us to UM but here you have two Miami-Dade College cane fans coming on an FIU board and starting things with no foundation for an argument.

Lets look at schools with less tradition than UM and see where they would be if they thought the way you two are proposing FIU accept:

USF would not be in the top 25 right now
Boise State would not have beaten OK in the fiesta bowl
RU would not have been in the top 25 EVER!
Hawaii would not have gone 12-1 last season
etc., etc., etc.

The fact is that FIU is building tradition just like UM did in the 80's, with local talent and an on campus stadium that absolutely helps with recruiting.

I have always rooted for UM but seriously, somtimes I can't stand our own fans.


Oh Boy, just saw CC and his dual persona U24/7 post some garbage. There go our property values. Must sell before this neighborhood becomes "The Hood!”

After reading their worthless commentary, I actually found U24/7 comments about trying to equate "CLASS" with UM very comical! Even he must have chuckled over that! Thanks U24/7.

Back to FIU sports, I attended one of the scrimmages and also noticed several local high school high-caliber players from several local schools, including two big dudes wearing Northwestern t-shirts.

Pete, great info of the team, truly appreciate it. If you had to list the starting WRs, who would you start?

GPP, before we start this endless banter with this one guy (CC = U24/7), lets just focus on our FIU program. Just ignore their dribble and focus what on the development of our team. If you need an update on their program, visit their blog. I hate to see us lowering ourselves to that level. Just a thought.


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