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Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You

One last on-line sneak preview at your new FIU Stadium before you head on out to the crown jewel Cs_2 tommorrow for the open house.

Took a tour yesterday with some Miami Herald people and other media outlets that were there for "media tours" of the stadium. Let's walk on and let's thank FIU multi-media man John Angel for the following pics....

Before we enter the Stadium Club, here is the FIU Brick Plaza where all your bricks have been laid down. In the photo on the left you can see Jose Sotolongo (with glasses and white paper), a former National Spelling Bee Champion, spellchecking all the bricks to make sure yur naime iz Dsc03799 speled riite. For a better view, like we've done in all our tours, you can enlarge all of the following photos, even Sotolongo's if you wish.

Here on the right is what a typical FIU brick looks like.Dsc03826_2

Let's mosey on in to the Stadium Club to see how it has progressed since our last visit.

The following are 4 different photos of the inside of the Stadium Club. It hasn't Dsc03824 Dsc03794 been fully decorated yet, but it will be in 9 days.

Dsc03793_2 Dsc03792_2 Going on up to the club level here are a couple of shots on the right of a club suite with some furniture and a plasma on the wall.Dsc03809 Dsc03817

The visiting locker room has nowhere near the comforts of the FIU fieldhouse and locker room as you can tell by the following photo on the left.

Dsc03804 FIU's opponents will have a just a hook and a shelf per player for their stuff.

Before we head on out and take a look at the painted field turf and the jumbotron poles, here's a photo on the right of the wall of the FIU fieldhouse from below the southwest corner of the stadium -- which is the tunnel through which the Golden Panthers will enter the field from.Dsc03818

On to the field, here are some shots from the club level of the newly-numbered field. The white paint will be brighter come game day and here's another nugget for you: besides the new FIU logo with the Golden Panther at midfield, the end zones will be painted with "Panthers" and Dsc03810 not have the white diagonal stripes Dsc03814 that were originally planned.

And below here on the right is a shot of the poles that will hold the jumbotron video scoreboard. For FIUJM, was told yesterday that the jumbotron will go up next Wednesday, Sept. 17. ESPN will be at FIU Stadium Dsc03811 later this week and early next week surveying the stadium for the best camera angles. ESPN contacted yours truly to talk about how they will televise the FIU/USF game and I'll see if we can get one of the ESPN producers on the GPP next week along with some photos of where the Worldwide Leader will place their cameras and the angles they will use.

Let's jump on down to the field level to give you pics of how close the sidelines and end zones are to the stands now that the field has Dsc03822 been painted. Take a look here on the left and see how close the FIU sideline is in relation to the south stands.

On the right, you can see how close the back of the west end zone is in relation to the asphalt which is about 5 feet from the west stands.Dsc03823

My work is done. Now, you head out to FIU Stadium tommorrow and come on back here and tell FIU Nation what you think of your new home.


fiufan751: I believe it was TT who said "in order to be one of the best, you have to play the best." While I agree with this statement for baseball (and most sports that don't require physical contact), I believe MC's football schedule is going to be his undoing...Your thoughts?

GPP: MC is still playing the Strock/Mello schedule until 2010 when MC/PG take over the scheduling. I agree with you that playing 3 big boys right out of the gate is not good, but those are the cards the new coaching staff was dealt from the old. From what I'm hearing, FIU will still play the big boys in the future, but the games will be spaced out through the season so that they do not have a murderers row gauntlet to start a season like this year. In the last DS/RM sked next season, FIU opens the season at Alabama and then is home to Louisiana-Monroe. The game at USF is mid-to-late Sept. and the Gators game is in late November so at least there is some leeway there in schedule space. In 2010, when MC takes over the sked, the only OOC games set as of now are at Maryland in 2010 and a home-and-home with Akron in 2011 and 2012. FIU still needs to sked Top 25 teams for 2 reasons: $$$$ and those are the games the recruits want to play. With no disrespect to the Sun Belt, kids are not going to come to FIU to play Arkansas State or North Texas.Ab_3

Quijote: We almost sneaked a win last year at USF, so why is everyone making these blowout predictions? They hardly escaped UCF last weekend. I know, UCF is a better team than FIU, but still...Your thoughts?

GPP: The FIU/USF game was in 2006 (21-20, USF) when FIU was coming in to Tampa with the No. 1 defense in college football in tackles for loss led by El Monstruo (photo on the right is vs. USF in 2006). FIU does not have the second coming of EM just yet, but Kambriel Willis and Jonathan Jackson have a shot to become that. Right now, UCF beats FIU so don't be surprised by the blowout predictions going on for USF/FIU, regardless of what UCF did vs. USF last week.

FIUFan: There they go again: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/story/679840.html Another poke in the eye. PP, by now you must sense an agenda over there. Can you please explain it to us?

GPP: I spoke with the MH's on-line editor today and told him that FIU is going by FIU alone and not Florida International. Hopefully, they have already started circulating all the FIU football media guides that were delivered to MH earlier this week. Some folks at the MH are getting the message, others need Dk1_3 help. Sometimes I feel like FIU's Dark Knight over at the MH battling all the wrongs toward FIU. At least, I got help from Commisioner Maidique, I mean, Pres. Maidique, who called to complain about the coverage of the FIU/Iowa game.

UltimateFIUFan: Any word on ticket sales? Season-tickets? USF game sold out yet? Is the Athletic Department looking into possibly having the Joe Rose morning show do the show one morning from the sky-box of the new stadium. Possibly the Friday before USF?

GPP: Been told there are less than 900 tickets left for the USF game. Don't know JR's show schedule, although MC has been on JR's show. MC has also been on Sid Rosenberg's show as well as the Dos Amigos show and with Larry Milian (1 of the 2 amigos) an FIU grad and MC fan, I would have to believe Larry will be doing a show from FIU.

**The GPP rolls on reaching another one of the great states in our nation. Someone in Aberdeen, Mississippi logged on to the GPP and voted that QB Play is his biggest concern so far this season with the Golden Panthers. Kind of ironic, considering Brett Favre is from Mi -- double S -- i -- double S -- i -- double P -- i. So is Faith Hill (right).Fh_2

Get your scorecards out and let's update the GPP Worldwide Readership: The GPP is read in 33 STATES: ALA, ARI, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDAHO, IL, IND, IOWA, KAN, KY, LA, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, MISS, MO, NEB, NC, NJ, NY, OH, ORE, PA, RI, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER, WIS.

13 COUNTRIES: Australia, Brazil, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Whether you go to FIU Stadium tommorrow or whenever you get there, here's a stadium question:


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I am so excited! Thank you for this update, Pete. I am going to be dying to get out of class tomorrow night.

Joe Rose?? Really?? eww. I heard Mario on Sid's show a few weeks ago and on Jorge Sedano's show. I also hear commercials for our stadium on 790 so FIU is out there. Now we need to start winning so we can get on the front page of the HERALD. im tired of all the gators vs UM crap on the front page of the herald. the game was 5 days ago!!!! how much more analysis can there be, its simple UM SUCKS!!!!

By the way Pete i know this is kind of an irrelevant question, but do you still think the Marlins can make the playoffs? Im still keeping hope. Uggla, Jacobs and Cody Ross have gotten hot lately and Arthur Rhodes has really come through the last few games. what do you think? looking for a professional sportswriter's point of view. thanks.

Great stuff Pete, I can't wait to see the stadium for myself tomorrow.

Iam wondering what the turn out will be tomorrow. Hopefully the weather is good and we get to spend some quality time breaking in the new place.

I can't wait to get in there myself...Please report to us, out of towners, all that transpires there....Again, thanks for showing us the "New Cage", and all its amenities....

Thanks for the info!!! Stadium is looking really nice. Looking forward to seeing it tonight.

Glad to hear that less than 900 tickets left. Hopefully we can sell those by next weekend to FIU faithfuls. If you can't sell, give them to students. We can't have much gold and green in stadium.


man this day cant finish fast enough... im making a B line from work strait to the student section... (i wanna see the best seat to view the game/interact w/ the players and mascots) then ill walk the concourse. then watch the practice

btw just wanted to tell you all about a dream i had that is relevant to todays open practice.. had a dream we were playing our first game and won on a last second running td... it wasnt against USF but .. it was a nice dream

I'm with you CJ. I can't wait to see how the stadium looks from the inside. Anyone have any idea how long they will practice for?

Thanks Dark Knight for fighting the good fight over at the MH. Today's on-line articles are riddled with FIU's; looks great.

Hopefully the rise of the Golden Panthers will help generate attention/revenue for the MH from the other half of the community which has been ignored for so long.

To alt', the Marlins are definately done this year. The season ended for all intent and purpose when they gave up that 2-0 lead in the top of the 9th with two outs and Beltran ended up hitting that Grand Slam. The bull pen just wasn't strong enough this year to win a pennant.

Good news though is that there is one less obstacle in building that retractable dome stadium. Hopefully it's situated correctly so that on nice brezzy nights we get to enjoy a ball game and beautiful views of DWNTWN and on rainy nights or steamy days we can close the dome and enjoy the game in climate-conltrolled comfort. What a dream that is.


This is off topic, but whatever....

I am really mixed about the Marlins stadium. I want them to have a new stadium, but at the same time I strongly agree with Braman and don't know why we are using public funds (Marlins pitching very little lets get real) to build a private company's operations. Imagine if we used tourism dollar taxes to build Burger King's new offices next to the airport! Sampson's same community improvement blabber applies (BK too would create new jobs...). Perhaps I'd think otherwise if the county wasn't bleeding so badly, but it is and there are so many other public problems that should be addressed first (like my cousin's science books at her public middle school being from 1994).

Also, I think putting the stadium where the OB played is disrespectful...not too the Canes but to FIU who sent her off in style by beating N. Texas lol! Seriously though, you'll get many more breezy nights if it were placed next next to AA with the bay than in the middle of the city...far from the bay and prone to hot sticky nights.

Ok sorry, had to blow some steam!

I can't wait to see the new stadium tonight and the scrimmage, I'm even leaving work early! jeje

I wish I was in Miami today!!! Enjoy, take pictures...and report here and in the other blog(s)....

Thanks in advance! Go FIU!!

Hey Pete, on the main FIU page for the herald (before clicking into GPP) can you make the Football schedule appear before the Basketball schedule?


Quijote, the tourism bed-tax which you refer must be spent on community development as I understand it. If that's true, then what other project could attract potentially two and half million residents a year? None that I can think of. These dollars, by law, can't be used for education, transportation, or other gov't projects.

Also, the Marlins are not like any other business, once the baseball season is over they can no longer raise much revenue; so for half the year their cash flow is basically zero.

I understand your concern about using tax dollars to fund private enterprise and once a deal is struck the Marlins should be responsible for any cost over-runs, but this might be our best chance to get the stadium done.

As for Bicentinneal Park, I agree, that would be the best location. However, there's been a huge stink about that site for a ballpark (presumably from the same people who built that white elephant across the street). So it's going to be some Museum park with a bunch of uninteresting museum's built for a bunch of snowbirds who will never attend. Oh well, I guess the OB site (which the city owns) is a pretty good second choice.

I am in class now and the professor said we are leaving at 6:30 because she has open house! Woohoo!

FIU will be renting out the stadium to MLS and high school football teams because there will be no more football at FIU in two years because FIU coaches SUCK!!! especially unqualified mario cristobal and his bff aka Pete Garcia..Have fun watching the scrimmage tonight because this is the only game FIU will win this year.

Get lost FIU Fan!!! the one that previously posted...go get yourself a life.

Went to stadium and it looks really nice. The suites are sweet!!! What i think is best of the stadium is you have a great view of game from wherever you sit. Only thing that's missing is the fans to fill it up. Not sure if I was allowed to check out visitors locker room, but I had to. It is very small. I think that will anger the visiting team.

As for the practice, sorry guys but didn't see much. Was too busy checking out the stadium. What I did see is dropped passes by Marquis Rolle. Just hope we can give USF a competitive game and find a way to win.


Marquis Rolle dropped two passes right in his hands and got an ear full on the sidelines. Don't know what is wrong with him, he is supposedly, talent-wise or best reciver and he keeps dropping passes.

Several hundred people went, scattered trought mostly the sideline section. The band was blasting, the dancers were dancing. Tours of the stadium where going on all around.

I've watched the stadium get built since it was just a stick in the ground and i must say it is very good. I liked the vibe. The closeness , the comfort, the breeze the view. All that was missing was the gameday feeling.

Tell me more on the new Cage! Would of loved to have gone, however us FIU fans w / kids that have their own football practice plus HW got to get them home early. Maybe this event could of been held on a Friday night (no game Saturday). Just a thought. Let the count down to kick-off begin.

On the USF game, I haven't been too impressed so far so I think the emotions of that night will allow us to hang close for the first half and then USF will pound us. Truly hope I am completely wrong and a miracle does happen but...

USF 17(half-time)
FIU 10

USF 38 (final)
FIU 17


FIUJM sorry you got your feelings hurt but reality hurts. I am a FIU fan but only a fan of the players I wish them the best in every way but the coaching staff and the athletic director are dirtbags and need to be fired. The team has plenty of talent but bad coaching. Another thing is have you ever heard of a school charging all of their students a $7.50 football fee in their tuition which is totally seperate from the athletic fee!! how ridiculous is that. Oh wait here's another brilliant plan lets make everyone who wants to come to the USF game buy season tickets or else they wont get a ticket..I mean not even UM,UF, or FSU does that and they have more National Titles then FIU will ever have. Again let me make this clear I love each and every one of the players cause god knows they leave their hearts on the field every game so I wish them all a lot of success but they are being done a injustice with that horrible coaching staff!!! With that being said GO FIU VOLLEYBALL they are off to a great start

FAn...My opinion is that you are a bit misguided. Actually, the season ticket thing, I believe, is a good business idea...using as much leverage as possible in order to achieve some desired results. It's obvious you have a beef with MC and PG, and it shows in clouding your thoughts a bit....your negativism is a bit extreme, perhaps influenced by your intense dislike of MC....

Here's hoping that FIU, somehow, puts up a decent fight on Sept. 20....

FIU Fan=CrazyCane with his multiple personalities.

Anyways, toured the stadium today, it is looking great! Can't wait for the 20th!

Stadium looked fantastic. The Stadium Club is looking good. I can't wait to see the walls decorated in FIU gear with the TVs going and the booze pouring.

As for the team... it looked bad out there. Dropped passes. Bad passes. Zero emotion. Not what I wanted to see. Here's hoping that they play with some heart next weekend...

HAS MC Lost the team?

I wouldn't say he lost the team. I don't expect them to go all out during an open practice but it just looked like they were going through the motions. I'm sure their closed practices are much more intense.

I was only able to make it out when they were about to turn off the lights. Is it just me or is the turf a bit squishy? Doesn't feel really natural honestly.

When are the videotrons going up? Will they be up in time for USF?

FIU Fanatic...making the very few fans you have buy season tickets just to see one game with no other alternative a good marketing strategy? hahaha funny because do you want to know where all the FIU fans have been getting their tickets from?? 1-800-GoBULLS.. yea great marketing strategy alright. I dont have hate in my heart for anyone I just call it what it is. Im sorry if you dont want to admit that your boy MC is not fit for a head coaching position and Pete Garcia is definitely not fit for an athletic director position. Again I am an FIU fan but only towards the players. Good Luck to them next week.

pikedanny - what booze are you referring to? As far as I know, alcohol will be banned from the stadium. Have you heard otherwise?

Has anybody been watching what has been going on with Rutgers so far this year? Do you all remember when MC got hired he was supposed to turn FIU like GS turned Rutgers. Is that still the goal. Two weeks in a row now Rutgers has been smoked. First by Fresno State and last night by NC. I bet GS is really questioning himself now for turning down both Michigan and Miami - yeah, staying atRutgers doesnt seem so bright or noble now. It looks like GS and MC both fell out of the same moron tree. MC should have stayed at Miami or Rutgers and became a coordinator before accepting a Head job at a go nowhere school, and GS shoulda taken the Miami job where he had a chance to succeed.

ok finally getting on to share my view points... for what its worth lol ok the stadium... i was just happy to make it in there... first thing i did like i have said was make a b line for the student section.. not sure we were allowed there but i found my seat lol took a walk around the concourse and checked out that great view... then found a seat along the sidelines and parked it for the scrimmage..... that o Line need to get healthy in a hurry... im not sure if i they designed alot of screen plays or the D-line made it look like that cause.. that line was like swiss cheese... and seriously ... if rolle keeps dropping passes.. put ellingson in there.. at least you know he will catch the damn ball.. (did you all see that diving catch he made..) he needs to be part of the starters

That stadium is really nice. Had a chance to speak with stadium officials and learned some neat stuff !!!

Ok, let me clarify 2 very important things:

- Mario has not lost this team, last night was an OPEN HOUSE. They have a BYE week, to prep for USF, yesterday was an opportunity to see the boys and enjoy the soft opening of the stadium with the public. Several key guys were dressed and did not participate because there was a dinner to honor some of them at the Stadium Lounge immediately at the conclusion of what I would of called more a "dressed walk thru" for the players.

- Alcohol is only permitted in the Stadium Club Lounge is available ONLY to Box or Club Seat holders. That portion of the stadium is on county land, not FIU.

***Receivers stayed late and worked on routes and catching balls. I think I saw Cedric Mack in a different jersey number alone working on his footwork while the lights were dimming down, encouraging.

I've been on this Blog for nearly 1 year, must say it is very entertaining. For those quick to pass judgement on the lack of success of FIU in "general" you obviously have major "beef" with someone or some aspect of FIU.

I have posted before that I am very close to the football program, proud alumnus and small donor to the program. You haters need to stop, ENOUGH. This is a very young program that has gone through dramatic change. Those of you with children, don't expect a 5 yr old to run a 5 minute mile do you ?? Your teen to always make those perfect decisions ? Do you expect your freshman son or daughter to play at the same level as a high school senior ?? The answer is NO.

Everyone chill out !!! When this team has a balance of veteran leadership (Seniors/Jrs.) on the field playing against other 4th and 5th year seniors then we can start passing judgement. I cannot expect to see this team winning consistently until we have the bodies and experience required to play at a high level. Right now we don't have them yet. I never imagined 10 years ago that FIU would be playing football. However, now that it is a reality, I am excited to watch this sucker grow. But be patient, yes 10 more years might be required before this program stands out. However, for now - enjoy the "New Cage" get involved and support the players and coaches working their tails off !!!

Good luck against USF !!!

What a welcome for Cedrick Mack, having to go up against George Selvie. I'm just glad we expect him to play against USF.

As for MC, he hasn't lost the team. Give me a break, the guy is working hard recruiting and trying to improve this program. Don Strock lost the team that went 0-12!!!

One thing though about new stadium. Since it will be used for HS games, they need to make sure that they have enough security around stadium so none of the seats get damaged. Especially the club seating with cup holders, I would cover those up. Looking forward to seeing jumbotron on opening day.


Could not be said any better, FIUBlueandGold...

Again, "new" FIU Fan....hatred is bad for some guys and it clouds minds, indeed. BTW, I have no boy...It's obvious you have no business acumen whatsoever and marketing knowledge, just criticism and negativism...


Do your research. Students at FIU DO NOT get charged an extra football fee of $7.50. I just checked my payment account for this semester. So, your argument is B.S.

I agree that volleyball needs support, but you sound like a fairweather fan right now.

Miri it doesnt show up in your payment account for the semester thank you very much go look at tuition under the FIU website and you will see that there is a seperate 7.50 football fee. Please i dont bring BS to the table so do a little more research before you talk trash

It looks like we have the same issues as last year, no offense. They have not showed me anything. Don't want to say this since I am coming down for the game but...

USF 42

yes there is a 7.50 football fee ofcourse its not going to show up in your semester payment. do your research. i dont bring BS to the table buddy heres the link for all to see:

Have a great day!

FIN Fan (not the real one), that $7.50 surcharge was voted for by the students so don't pretend to come on here and speak for them since they have spoken for themselves and approved the surcharge. By the way, UCF did the same thing when they opened their new stadium with season ticket admission only to the Texas game, it makes good business sense. Also they can call USF all they want, USF only had an allotment of 3,500 tickets and they sold all those to their season ticket holders, so NO, FIU fans who want into the game can't just call 1-800-GoBULLS. You might not be brininging BS to the board (if you say so). Good luck trying to find another way to hate on the administration, I'm sorry they fired you when they came in. I would have fired most of the people with the loser attitude in the department too. If in a couple of years MC is not winning, he's going to be leaving too, but you don't turn around 0-12 in 1, 2 or even 3 years. It will take 4/5 years for this to even be respectable. Since you respect the players, then I assume you want them to win, you can't separate the players from their coach (who brought them/kept them here).

Oh really it was voting by the students? thats why ive been here for 3years and so have many of my other classmates and we were never asked to vote on anything regarding tuition fees. Do me a favor and call the FIU ticket office and say you want a single game ticket and they will tell you call USF.

That fee was voted on many years ago....

Why don't you get a petition going around campus and do something productive if you are so critical about it. If you work hard enough, maybe you can find 38K people to sign and repeal the approval of the fee.

You are obviously taking something personal, not sure what - my guess is you're an ex-player, staffer, grad assist., or part of the old FIU welfare community that worked at nothing but collected checks and finally got called out on it.

For an ex-UM player/coach - Mario just might have more passion than anyone I know associated with FIU.

You are typical of that Miami mentality Mr. FIU Fan, jump on the pile and criticize when things are bad !!! You also probably would never give credit to anyone when credit is due.

FIU fan check your facts and get back to the UM blog

Let me paint a picture for you FIU fan (not the real one) since my previous paragraph was a tad bit above your head:

1-800-GoBULLS: USF Athletics
FIU Caller: I would like to buy 1 ticket to the FIU game.
1-800-GoBULLS: Sorry, our allotment of 3,500 tickets is sold out.
FIU Caller: Damn. Guess I have to buy season tickets.

Do you NOW understand the meaning of the word sold-out? That means they don't have additional tickets to sell, so I will repeat, "FIU fans can call USF all they want, USF only had an allotment of 3,500 tickets and they sold all those to their season ticket holders, so NO, FIU fans who want into the game can't just call 1-800-GoBULLS." The FIU ticket office can tell you what they want, you will not get a ticket from USF (maybe you should call them and find out for yourself.)

How old are you again? You're acting like a child by calling me stupid and a "retard". Didn't anyone ever teach you not to resort to name calling? I don't know what your problem is, but you need to relax. Getting angry over the internet is not going to change anything for you.

By the way, it's still not 7.50. Haha. Oh well.

Coming over here, calling names and insulting a long time poster here because you think she is wrong, is plain ridiculous on your part. Geez...relax man....

I wonder which world you've been living on, since these per credit fees have been increased...and voted on by students...on several occassions since prior to the inception of football in 2002. So, relax a bit, learn, read, and now the history before coming here and attack anyone who does not agree with you. I have my serious doubts you actually root for FIU....

The stadium looks great, I was trying to watch as much of the practice that i could but the Dazzlers kept distracting me hahaha! As for the score, i think it will be USF 38-13 FIU
I hope i am very wrong and that FIU protects its new house!!

its funny how many of you posters actually think you know everything that goes on at FIU trying to tell me that this fees were voted on years ago..really? so they just got added to the tuition all of a sudden two semesters ago but they were voted on years ago? really so after asking several students who have been at FIU they also said they never voted on anything concerning a seperate football fee being added to their tuition..something doesnt add up there..sorry to let you know but maybe you didnt understand what i was trying to say so let me make it clear for you: Before when tickets were still available alumni and fans had no choice but to call 1-800-GoBulls to get single game tickets and sorry to bust your bubble but they did not give all of their tickets to their season ticket holders because i know about 100 fans that all bought their tickets from USF so step your game up pal!! and to the person defending Mario Cristobal as having passion about FIU.......HE'S THE HEAD COACH thats what he's supposed to do. Just because you go out there at scream and talk BS in front of reporters doesnt mean you know what your doing thats what every coach does obviously hes not going to put down his team and its not that hard to keep players from leaving when they have nowhere else to go seeing as if they do find a school they have to sit out a year so that settles that discussion. oh yea your boy MC models his game after your boy from Rutgers(0-2)....um yea enough said bout that. im going to laugh at all you posters on here when Pete Garcia resigns and Mario Cristobal gets fired and leaves FIU in shambles and see how many of you guys like him then. If you people say I just like to kick people when theyre down then why did I attend every football game for the last 3years when our is somewhere near the vacinity of 4-29...When somebody on this post actually has some affliation with FIU athletics holla at ya boy...till then MC & PG suck!!!!!!!!


Can we have two blogs? One for the adult Panther fan who come on this blog for solid FIU info and interesting FIU-related conversation and another for the children on this blog who use words like "stupid" and "retarded" to make their points?

You can name the latter "The Panther PlayPen" for all the kids on this blog.

awwww gpantera's mad cause he didnt get any action from the dazzlers last night..poor baby..youll be ok..you should try out for the football team then maybe you'll get some looks from the dazzlers!

FIU Fan (not the real one): "I know President Bush and he told me he bought his ticket from USF. You should all believe me because I go around acting like I know it all even though I've been owned throughout the entire thread. I'm also so popular I know 100 people who got their tickets from USF, I went around and polled them all." Wait, wait, you mean that whole lottery thing that they did at USF to sell their allotment didn't really happen, I should believe someone on the internet and not what's been reported by the Tampa paper? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM....No! FAIL!

wow... these posts have been getting heated. The USF deal was just a loop hole pointed out to show a way for FIU fan's to get single game tickets.... all that means is that the USF section will also have FIU fans as well... better for us. Less than 900 tickets in the rest of the stadium are left. I would say that buisness must be good. So there is no need for anyone to step their games up... i think everyone's game is fine the way it is.

FIU Fan geez you really a patriot... i wouldn't jump to much on gpantera... forget dazzlers right about now your the one sounding like you havn't been laid in years... a little PMS, huh?

Cutting out all your blubbering, name calling, over reactions, and agression i can respect your opinion. I think it is hard for anyone to judge Cristobal head coaching skills right now because first of all the program was in shambles when he arrived. Second, he a 2nd year coach... like young players he also needs to grow. One shouldn't discredit someone without giving time... good coaches are not born, they are created through trial and error.

So you may very well be right. Maybe he gets fired. Maybe not. Give him his time, it's only fair. For now he hasn't done wrong... maybe things havn't improved enough in your mind. At least recruiting was a boost.

With all due respect i just ask that you don't make FIU fan's look bad. I think this blog has been very respectable. No offese.. but you do sound like a little child arguing over a toy. I already know what response to expect.

Im not the one arguing im stating facts is certain on this board that cant take any criticism towards FIU. Im telling stuff that comes straight from the athletic department I just dont come on here and make stuff up or believe whatever I read in the papers.

oh yea its really not that difficult to know a hundred people when the student body consist of 33,000 people but u probably wouldnt know that

errr...38,000 students.... way to get facts and numbers straight...LOL!

Can't we all just get along?

Can't we all just get along?

Can't we all just get along?

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