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The Defense Of Troy

Who_2 For a while during Tuesday's practice we almost had another Blue25 moment.

There was a new FIU linebacker wearing White8, but there was no Jerrell Lamb to be found anywhere on the new FIU Stadium field.

Or for that matter anyone listed as White8 on the FIU roster. Then of course, you guessed it, White8 intercepts two passes and returns them both for touchdowns.

Before the first interception, one of the FIU quarterbacks told White8 that he would never come close to his pass. Then sure enough White8 steps in front of an FIU receiver and goes Pick 6 (in Webster's Football Dictionary, Pick 6 is returning an interception for a touchdown).

When White8 sprinted into the end zone, one of the FIU coaches yelled "Way to go, Troy!"

Ah-Ha, White8 is freshman quarterback Troy Dannehower, who has moved to linebacker for the remainder of this Td season. MC said he's not sure yet if the move for TD, who at 6-1, 220 has a linebacker-build, is just for this season and then return to O next season or if he will stay at LB.

Not a bad idea to see what TD can do on the other side of the ball since he was going to redshirt anyway this season at QB.

**After practice Tuesday, MC said Cedric Mack would begin practice with the team on Wednesday. CM likely will not play against South Florida. As for the rest of the O-line, Brad Serini, who had a boot on after the Iowa game, practiced without any issues. As did Mario Caraballo, who missed the first 2 games with a foot problem.

**NEW UPDATE: The FIU Stadium story and layout will now run in THURSDAY's Miami Herald and NOT Friday. Apparently, there is more space available in THURSDAY's paper instead of Friday. New day, same low, low price of 35 cents, plus tax comes out to a total of 38 cents.    

**The Jumbotron will be completely up and tested on Thursday. Right now, the top part of the board, which contains the speakers and the FIU logo, is missing and should go up either Wednesday or Thursday. You can see three-fourths of the board up if you drive by the stadium.

**Spoke to ESPN today and the worldwide leader said they will shoot the game from 4 different angles. Camera There will be 2 cameras above the club suites at each 35-yard line. Another camera from the above the west end zone and a field level camera at the east end zone.


Been told the FIU Golden Dazzlers are invited to the largest, most exciting FIU tailgate party before Saturday's game at the tailgating tent featuring College Football's Tailgater Extraordinaire: Raul "La Ala De Pollo" Puga, an award-winning grill master that has won national Tailgating Awards and has been featured on ESPN Deportes as well as food Newdazz_2 channels. Puga also had a booth at the FIU South Beach Food and Wine Festival.

**Interesting and lively discussion about the FIU quarterbacks on the last post by GPP readers. But right now with the O's struggles, don't think it matters who is under center. If the QBs get some time to throw, the WRs hold on to the ball and the RBs are given room to run, then I think we have a valid question as to which QB gives FIU a better shot at winning. But right now, like someone mentioned on a previous blog, not even Brett Favre nor Dan Marino (like Clawing Cancer pointed out & great movie usher analogy), nor Peyton Manning or John Elway could lift FIU to a win with an out of sync O. One thing I do have to say to those already Qbs_2 calling for the hook on Paul McCall, give the guy a fair shot to see what he does against Sun Belt teams. FIU is not yet in the class of these first 3 opponents.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: Pete, can you find out what time they expect the players to do the ceremonial walk to the stadium? Pete - please tell me you survived this round of job cuts at the Herald.

GPP: When I go to FIU on Wednesday, I'll find out about the Panther Walk and have an answer for you on here. Regarding the MH, I'll know more about the latest cuts on either Wednesday or Thursday.

CJ: Hey what's the word on alphonso bryant. the transfer from USF.. is he playing.. we need some big wr's

GPP: AB is a transfer from UCF and he is a defensive back and that's where FIU has him at. He probably will redshirt this season since he came in late.

FIU Love: Did I give my score for this week?

GPP: No.

Since the theme of last post revolved around your thoughts on the QB position....


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