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The Defense Of Troy

Who_2 For a while during Tuesday's practice we almost had another Blue25 moment.

There was a new FIU linebacker wearing White8, but there was no Jerrell Lamb to be found anywhere on the new FIU Stadium field.

Or for that matter anyone listed as White8 on the FIU roster. Then of course, you guessed it, White8 intercepts two passes and returns them both for touchdowns.

Before the first interception, one of the FIU quarterbacks told White8 that he would never come close to his pass. Then sure enough White8 steps in front of an FIU receiver and goes Pick 6 (in Webster's Football Dictionary, Pick 6 is returning an interception for a touchdown).

When White8 sprinted into the end zone, one of the FIU coaches yelled "Way to go, Troy!"

Ah-Ha, White8 is freshman quarterback Troy Dannehower, who has moved to linebacker for the remainder of this Td season. MC said he's not sure yet if the move for TD, who at 6-1, 220 has a linebacker-build, is just for this season and then return to O next season or if he will stay at LB.

Not a bad idea to see what TD can do on the other side of the ball since he was going to redshirt anyway this season at QB.

**After practice Tuesday, MC said Cedric Mack would begin practice with the team on Wednesday. CM likely will not play against South Florida. As for the rest of the O-line, Brad Serini, who had a boot on after the Iowa game, practiced without any issues. As did Mario Caraballo, who missed the first 2 games with a foot problem.

**NEW UPDATE: The FIU Stadium story and layout will now run in THURSDAY's Miami Herald and NOT Friday. Apparently, there is more space available in THURSDAY's paper instead of Friday. New day, same low, low price of 35 cents, plus tax comes out to a total of 38 cents.    

**The Jumbotron will be completely up and tested on Thursday. Right now, the top part of the board, which contains the speakers and the FIU logo, is missing and should go up either Wednesday or Thursday. You can see three-fourths of the board up if you drive by the stadium.

**Spoke to ESPN today and the worldwide leader said they will shoot the game from 4 different angles. Camera There will be 2 cameras above the club suites at each 35-yard line. Another camera from the above the west end zone and a field level camera at the east end zone.


Been told the FIU Golden Dazzlers are invited to the largest, most exciting FIU tailgate party before Saturday's game at the tailgating tent featuring College Football's Tailgater Extraordinaire: Raul "La Ala De Pollo" Puga, an award-winning grill master that has won national Tailgating Awards and has been featured on ESPN Deportes as well as food Newdazz_2 channels. Puga also had a booth at the FIU South Beach Food and Wine Festival.

**Interesting and lively discussion about the FIU quarterbacks on the last post by GPP readers. But right now with the O's struggles, don't think it matters who is under center. If the QBs get some time to throw, the WRs hold on to the ball and the RBs are given room to run, then I think we have a valid question as to which QB gives FIU a better shot at winning. But right now, like someone mentioned on a previous blog, not even Brett Favre nor Dan Marino (like Clawing Cancer pointed out & great movie usher analogy), nor Peyton Manning or John Elway could lift FIU to a win with an out of sync O. One thing I do have to say to those already Qbs_2 calling for the hook on Paul McCall, give the guy a fair shot to see what he does against Sun Belt teams. FIU is not yet in the class of these first 3 opponents.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: Pete, can you find out what time they expect the players to do the ceremonial walk to the stadium? Pete - please tell me you survived this round of job cuts at the Herald.

GPP: When I go to FIU on Wednesday, I'll find out about the Panther Walk and have an answer for you on here. Regarding the MH, I'll know more about the latest cuts on either Wednesday or Thursday.

CJ: Hey what's the word on alphonso bryant. the transfer from USF.. is he playing.. we need some big wr's

GPP: AB is a transfer from UCF and he is a defensive back and that's where FIU has him at. He probably will redshirt this season since he came in late.

FIU Love: Did I give my score for this week?

GPP: No.

Since the theme of last post revolved around your thoughts on the QB position....


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I heard MC on the radio this morning with Sid and no wonder you guys lose all the time, MC is Mr. Cliche. Does MC really believe that his players buy into all the crap he spews? It was like he was a GPP blogger instead of the head football coach at a D-1 University. On top of that, I think he was reading from a script b/c Sid would ask him a specific question and his answer would be nowhere on point and wholly unresponsive. It kind of reminded me of the time PP asked him, and I am paraphrasing here, "OTHER THAN MIAMI, who would you like to play every year?" And MC's response was, "MIAMI." That's your head coach folks. All I am saying is, things are a little more clear this morning, and I feel bad for you FIU fans.

Coach Cristobal is just pointing out to you Miami fans how pathetic you are for being scared to play FIU. Makes much more sense playing Charleston Southern. You can run, but you can't hide, UM.

Taken from a very "objective" blogger...LOL....Good thing MC is showing up at different shows......

Anybody else heard the show...with a different perspective of what el loquito heard?

SouthPaw - what are you talkiong about? Did you even here the interview this morning - it had nothing to do with Miami - and as far as UM being, you cannot be serious bro. I guess thats UF polays the Citadel, and FSU plays Chattanooga, b/c they are all so scared of FIU - please, get real.

Hey, Crazy Cane,

Let's not get into a coach's speaking ability or style. If you really graduated from the University of Miami, you should be pissed. Every time your coach opens his mouth, your degree from UM depreciates in value by ten percent as your coach murders the English language day in day out.

I am one of those that believes MC is genuinely fired up about leading our program. The future is bright here. We will be fine. We don't need your approval to succeed.

Now go home and get your shine box!

I agree that coach shannon does kill the english language, but again, I am referring to what is being said, not how it is being said. But I wouldn't expect someone of your obvious lack of reading comprehension skills to understand that. I mean if that were the case, I could ask you how you expect MC to effectively communicate with the black athlete when he can't stop speaking about black beans and rice long enough to explain that his program is sponsered by La Carretta. As for the shine box comment, I guess I am out of the loop b/c I have no idea what that means, is it some sort of insult? Please explain.

Crazy Cane, go back to arguing with yourself. Guys, this guy has multiple names that he posts under and argues with himself, pay no attention.

CrazyCane, no, I didn't "here" the interview this morning. I was referring to YOUR post when you mentioned that Coach Cristobal answered the question of who he would like to play every year--MIAMI. And don't compare Florida or FSU to UM. UM is 11 miles away in the SAME CITY as FIU. Miami has made the conscious decision to AVOID playing FIU (with emphasis on conscious decision). So, yes, I'm very serious, 'bro.'

And why can't you capitalize your own head coach's name when you're able to capitalize both 'Crazy' and 'Cane' in your own well-chosen username? Your UM education is showing through with your lack of writing skills and the ignorant racial slants you bring with your posts.

is there a link to the show so i can replay the interview i would like to hear it.. and aparently we are all way to grammar concious around here lol w/ butchering the english language... i know i do my fair part in that so i wont correct crazy when he says here instead of hear. not my place hahaha. just messing w/ ya crazy

C'mon guys, don't get baited by CC, he's entitled to his opinion. Getting into some kind of race spat doesn't help the cause one iota. And giving CC the benefit of the doubt, he didn't go there until we did.

Let's keep the high ground, it's all we've got right now.

I still see no explanation for getting my shinebox or whatever. How come noone will explain its meaning?

"PLP Consulting" -

At least someone else said it straight. Randy "murders" the English language to the point that I have even googled or looked up words ??? Are we serious folks ?

I get passion, enthusiasm, diligence etc....but are these the qualifications we look for now in hiring football coaches and presidents ??

I do admit that Mario has a tendency to stick to a "canned pitch," however I do know him and have spent time around him. He's only that way with the media. Listen this is "FIU" and his job also requires that he "sells" this program, taking advantage of any PR opportunity that presents itself.

I met Randy Shannon once at a Touchdown Club banquet....I think he a great guy, happy he got the opportunity at MIAMI, but I just don't think a BCS program that was declining, should of promoted from within. Fortune Class companies go to the outside when shareholder value plummets !!!!

UM's success and value proposition diminished very fast during the Coker era. But what you don't hear is that no one was sprinting to speak with the "Executive Search Firm" that handled the Coker back-fill...

As for Mario Cristobal, there will always be critics win, lose or draw...His contract is for ONE recruiting cycle. Let's judge him after the 2010 season.

On the other hand, Randy does not have 3 seasons to turn his ship around... The haters will be asking for his head after the A&M game...

CJ and everyone interested,

Click on this link and select Mario Cristobal to hear interview.


Give MC his time. CrazyCane, just worry about Texas A&M and stop being a FIU-hater.


I think its a great move putting Troy in the game. He hasnt gotten a chance to play in a College game and I am sure he will be pumped up to play his first college game against the number 12 team in the nation.

GO FIU! Game time is almost here ....

Is everyone wearing blue? I would wear gold but USF colors are green and gold...

PLP Consulting

That was an excellent post.

"The problem be the are jersey names."
"The Gators squad is not team are fair not, kick rub respect none."

Randy Shannon.


Randy Shannon

I think Troy is on the defensive scout team.

Is that supposed to be RS crying tears of joy after getting the number one recruiting class in the country and beginning to rebuild this team to dominance, or is it MC crying b/c his team is horrible with no signs of improvment and he is about to open up a new stadium with a loss of possibly mythical proportions - can anyone say 100 to 0?

Are you blind CrazyCane, or are you just so damn stupid that you can't see RANDY SHANNON underneath?

Probably a little of both.

pete, with TD at LB who are the QB's now?

WY, PC, CA, DH, and walk ons?

I don't know Quijote, but this is an FIU blog - you are allegedly an FIU fan- and the majority of your blogs pertain to UM, hmmm, very interesting. Why so much hate for the U - jealous?

Maybe you are just that FIU fan who can't come to terms with reality, reality being that FIU is brutul and they have no business in D-1, and they definetly hired the wrong coach.

So ask am I blind and/or stupid, maybe I am, but I'm not the one who had to go to Florida International because all the other good state schools wouldn't accept me and I was too poor to go out of state or a good in state private school. Maybe your parents are to blame - instead of spending all their money on pollo tropical and blow -they should have been putting money away for you for college.

Does Jamie Burke have any eligibilty remaining ?? Guy got like 2 medical red shirts I think......

He might have been the best QB recruit we've ever had.

The reason you don't know Quijote is because I probably don't visit this forum as often as you do. You know why? Because I have a job, and an ex$ellent one at that. One that my double BS and Masters earned at FIU helped me obtain. Are my parents to thank, absolutely! Thanks to their savings and guidance I would've probably ended up like you...a lowlife.

On the flipside, the majority of my UM friends either have jobs but drive the same clunkers from their college days and RENT because they have massive UM loans to repay or are out of a job.

And for whatever its worth, NYU, Chicago and USC all accepted me as well. But I chose FIU for the reasons I explained above. Instead of repaying loans (like your UM friends), I've been able to grow that money in a diversified investment portfolio that continues to grow even in this sinking market.

CrazyCane, with that I'll stop directly responding to your personal attacks. I am, and always will, be better than you.

CrazyCane, I bet at night when your lying in bed... wrapped in your ninja turtles blanket... you pray that you will one day have the courage to act like such a tough guy in real life.

We get it. You like the ****


Haha, thanks FAUowl!

So random.... GO OWLS!!!!!

This blog is a little off-track, but let's get one thing straight, UM isn't scared of FIU. As crazy as CrazyCane is (no pun intended) this blog does revolve around UM way more than it should, if it should at all. I get it that the schools are separated by roughly 10 miles, but only FIU views at is a possible rivalry. UM plays in a tougher conference, which even in its current weak state, it's still better than the Big East and arguably better than the Big 10. Playing FIU doesn't benefit UM in any way really, aside from a financial aspect and after their billion dollar fundraising campaign and a private tuition that isn't dependent on state funding, which they receive additionally anyway, they aren't struggling for money.

Randy seems like a great hire. Everyone around the country has said that and he has pulled two very impressive recruiting classes and the one he seems to have lined up for '10 has me worried with Gore and Lamb looking ready to head there. I'm still a little upset that he was able to take C.J. Holton, but what can you do.

Additionally, they were they were very impressive against UF and am excited about playing them on Oct.4th, but I hope my own team comes around a little and shows something this weekend.

Mario does seem to be a poor hire, he had one year as an O-line coach, the one spot he was supposed to be a master of, before he was hired at FIU. Pete might have been trying too hard to find a diamond in the rough when he had Chuck Amato calling him, but due to their personal issues he didn't hire him. Even former FIU players appear to be upset with Pete and the current athletic administration. Couple that with probation and it seems to be a tough pull.

I would like to see FIU turn it around, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon, if ever, under Mario's control. Best of luck this weekend FIU, congrats on the new stadium.

FIU 10
USF 34

Hey Underdog - I love how you question my toughness b/c I post strong on this blog, yet don't see what a hypocrit you are b/c you are doing the same thing, being a tough guy on the blog.

Truth of the matter is, I do not know you, you could be a little punk or Kimbo, but remember, I could be Kimbo too. But I will tell you the truth, I am not Kimbo - far from it. Let me tell you something Underdog, I think, based upon the nature of your post and its complete lack of originality and usable thoughts, you my friend a mental midget. You may be a big tough guy in real life, but as far this blog goes, you sir are nothing more than pencil pushing b**** with a computer and I am Thunder Lips. Let me know when you want to take a picture while I am calm.

Yes, I tried to break the ice with a random comment!
You have your own stadium in only 7 years. That's impressive!
Look at UM after 50, 60 years playing football with a very successful program and NO stadium!
Look at USF, they claim to have their own stadium, but they rent one. Top 25 program with more than 10 years.
Good luck on saturday!!
See you on November at DS!

I try not to get too worked up by what the UM guys say on here but I just had to chime in on this one. I can admit that there are way too many comments on this blog about UCG. They shouldn't be relevant here. We don't play them so we shouldn't even be mentioning them. On the other hand, the morons that start talking about UCG are usually fans of UCG that come on here, to an FIU blog, and start bashing FIU's devoted fans. Why? I don't get it. I've never been to a UCG blog to trash talk their team.

I like to trash talk UCG fans in person. Because they're so out of touch with reality that they would make the FIU fans that predicted wins over Iowa and Kansas look like the smartest fans in South Florida. Most of them never even stepped foot on UCG property much less attend a class or two.

Finally, I want to address a little something I've heard over and over again in regards to the UCG vs. UF game. How on God's green earth can you say you had a good game against UF if you failed to score an offensive touchdown?! You guys got a field goal and UF covered the spread.

I don't care who you are or who you play. If you don't score an offensive touchdown you did not have a good game. YOU PLAY THE GAME TO SCORE TOUCHDOWNS!!! NOT TO SAY 'Hey, at least they didn't score 55 on us like Kansas did to FIU!' That doesn't make you a winner. That makes you the smartest kid in school with down syndrome.

Now I'm sure I'm going to get some creative responses from the boys over at MDC - I mean - UCG. I can't wait to read them. As for you FIU fans out there. God bless you all for having the courage and devotion to throw on that blue and gold and show your Panther Pride even at a time like this. We will prevail... even if it takes us 5... 10... 15 years. We will become a relevant football program and you will all have some serious bragging rights!!! My rant is done...


I wish FIU would win Saturday's game 7-3, and Fiu would get their 7 points by returning an interception for a touchdown, then I could come on this blog a tell all the FIU fans that I do not understand their excitment because "I don't care who you are or who you play. If you don't score an offensive touchdown you did not have a good game." Actually, if FIU wins that way, I will invire pikedanny to come on this blog and tell you all that himself, what a freaking moron this guy is.

Pikedanny, do us all a favor, go back to your lil church on 8th street and let the rest of us fans talk about sports.

In reference to the question FIUFloridaPower&Light asked about the players walk to the field...

they will have shuttles backa and forth each time they go from the baseball stadium locker rooms to the stadium. If they had to walk back and forth everytime they went to the locker rooms at the baseball stadium they would probably walk about a mile and a half.

I doubt that they would let them walk anyways since people will be tailgatiing in the streets and such.

USF 45
FIU 10


I see the fake crazycane is back - and I see PP is alil late with the claw. there fiu fans is the class of your fans.

Ok Southpaw, I agree, you cant compare Miami not playing FIU with FSU and UF not playing FIU. So lets make a fair comparison, FSU versus FAMU. They must play each other right? NOPE. No reason for FSU to play them, just like no reason for Miami to play FIU.

UM is scared of FIU, and if you don't believe that, you've got your head buried in the sand. At least UM's administrators are smart enough to be scared as they should, unlike you UM fans who post on this blog.

What's so funny to me is that when Coach Cristobal enjoys success at FIU in the not too distant future (and it won't take 5 years), guess who's going to be all over him trying to hire him? You guessed it, his alma mater, UM. A young up-and-coming coach who can recruit with the best in the country who built a program from the ground up into national prominence--UM will be beating down his door. How's it going to feel when MC turns down that offer?

I think the whole post by southpaw should be clawed out on the grounds of being completely stupid.

USF 38
FIU 10

This message is directed right at CrazyCane..I understand this is a board for football fans and you are entitled to your own opinion about FIU football or any other subject for that matter but for you to say those comments in regards to students attending FIU i mean you need to seriously watch what you say because you can offend a lot of people. Some people like me chose FIU because yea your right my parents didnt have enough money to pay for UM but I did get accepted and yes I did get accepted to FSU with a 40 percent baseball scholarship offer but dont try to put down people in regards to their families not saving up enough money for their kids to go to college because lord knows my mom works as hard as she can especially coming to this country with nothing so I would really appreciate it if you could reframe from saying stuff like that and if you have a problem with that then you can come see and ill chop your A** up and dump you in the mother******* Miami river. But other then that you bring up valid points all of the time. And im neither a FIU fan or UM fan.

Now...there's a lot of nonsense going on here...For someone to pretend that playing a IA team (BCS or whatever it's called now) against a I-AA team (FCS or whatever) is the same as two full fledged IA teams is plainly ridiculous.....There's no comparison, in terms of a lot of things between FAMU and FIU...and I'm not, in any way saying anything derogatory about such a historic institution. But the fact is FIU has far more resources, more research dollars, a higher classification, a much higher Athletics budget..a huge university....and a very high celing, compared to FAMU. So, please, at least try to be a little serious in your posts, because you are only fooling yourself with that type of comment.

Now, only 3 days to inaugurate our very own ON CAMPUS stadium.......Enjoy that folks...it is a big historic chapter in our history....

I'm sorry if it was hard for some to understand. I find it to be pretty simple. You would love to see your defense hold your opponent to only 3 points. And you would love to see them return a pick for a touchdown. But... and this seems obvious to most people. If you cannot score an offensive touchdown, you did not have a good game. Your defense might have played the game of its life, but your TEAM did not have a good game. Your offense has a job. If they don't do it, they didn't have a good game. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

So again, CC, I say to you: THE CANES DID NOT HAVE A GOOD GAME AGAINST UF. Your defense did not stop them nor could they even cover the spread. And your offense was terrible. Absolutely terrible. But hey, this town LOVES UM so they're going to be giving them credit even though it is not due.

CC, you're full of it dude. And if you'd like, I'll give you my phone number and you can come find me and the rest of the FIU faithful at the new stadium on Saturday. I'll be more than happy to share a beer with you and discuss how you feel the Canes are going to be ACC Champs this year and how I think Wake Forrest is gonna wax that ass.

Pikedanny, don't worry about CC. Forget them. I must say that I had to giggle when I saw someone wearing a UM shirt at a Marlins game that said "Coral Gables" and the UM logo right under. :P

Anyway, I am hoping that FIU can pull off a nice victory for me on my birthday weekend. (My BDay is today. :P)

MIA/NY Josh,

Let's see, FAMU has 12,000 students and FSU has 31,000. UM has 11,000 and FIU has 33,000. One is a better school and the other wears orange and green. I think you're right, the FSU/FAMU comparison is more similar to FIU/UM than I first thought. Nice comparison.


Can the MH create a blog so the Fighting Ibis of UCG can have a place for them to express themselves? What?! They have one already? That's strange. They keep poppinng up on this FIU board to spew there venom about our G-Panthers and pound their chest about the UCG, even when they get beat down by UF. Could they be confused about who this board was designed to serve?

Back to our panthers, it will take all 3 components of football (O - D and Special Teams) to play out of their mind to pull this off. I can't wait to be there to witness it.

Did you know the original owner of Pollo Tropical concept is an FIU graduate? Live and learn....on the other hand...sun tan u....talk about blow...

That Jumbotron Scoreboard on our ON CAMPUS stadium sure is looking good, as seen by several pics......Can't wait for the inaugural game.....

Is this petty bickering the direction that this blog is destined to go? What had been an energetic forum for the exchange of reasonable ideas revolving around common athletic interests is rapidly deteriorating into something akin to a middle school spitball fight. For the love of God, grow up!!!

Is this petty bickering the direction that this blog is destined to go? What had been an energetic forum for the exchange of reasonable ideas revolving around common athletic interests is rapidly deteriorating into something akin to a middle school spitball fight. For the love of God, grow up!!!

Every single division 1 head football coach wakes up every morning saying to himself "I am going to win a national championship." You couldn't do the job if you didn't.

you know one thing i keep hearing from Cristobal and Pete Garcia is the comparisons of how we are just like Rutgers. Stop trying to be Rutgers or Miami because I see they keep doing things that Miami used to do (like certain posters they recently came out with) or that Rutgers did especially Cristobal. Rutgers is 0-2 so stop trying to be Rutgers and be FIU damn it! Thats why i truly feel that we are making great progress but we need someone else to take us that extra step.

Crazy Cane,

For your eyes only.

Gainesville. Tim Tebow & Urban Meyer.

Gables. Robert Marve (can't carry TT jock's strap). Randy Shannon (Can't coach, can't talk, CAN CRY).

FG at the end of the game - Excellent
Gator Flop at your own stadium - Magnificent

Keep crying, get mad and stay unemployed.


Great comment 23. It's time for PG and MC to stop living in the past and compare this program to Miami and Rutgers. Different time, different circumstances. Use them only as motivation, but stop talking about them. When president Maidique came to FIU he had been at Stanford and MIT and never compared them to FIU, instead he has tried to build the programs accordingly.


Right, cause the President is smart, he knew FIU had no business being compared to MIT or Stanford. Mario had proved himself to be a dope as a coach/speaker/motivator because he has no business comparing his program to Miami or Rutgers....

NY SLOSH - your daily and negligible commentary on this FIU blog serves only the purpose of proving you REALLY need to get a life. You serve no purpose here, as does CANDY CANE. You claim FIU is nothing to scUM, but why do you scUMheads CONTINUALLY visit this blog to check up on us? To see how the immaterial next door neighbor which will never be as scUMmy as you is doing? Right. How often do you see an FIU fan post on a scUMbucket blog? Why then do you exist here, why do these fine FIU people need to see you and your scUMswallowing friend's nauseating posts?

Get a G*d damn life and un-bookmark this blog. You are a waste of flesh and bandwidth.

scUM - though we all appreciate your pornographic play on words, FIU seems to be really enhancing your creativity, but what does it have to do with college football. Say what you want about the UM fans posting on this blog, it always relates to football in someway or another - unless specifically provoked to post off the subject of football by an FIU retard.

For once, I agree with a UM fan on this blog. Seriously scUM, I see no value in making comments such as "scUMswallowing" You, we as FIU fans, are better than that. You owe this entire blog community an apology.

Here comes the unethical attorneys, defending one another....LOL.....funny, only when "provoked"....lol...

Now, Pete, that was a very good article today in The Herald...Interesting numbers you put out there...6,000 season tickets, while very modest to big programs, is a huge step up from 1,500. 400% increase....Now, things have to move towards a noticeable improvement on the field...if not, nothing will happen.

Great to see also all the amenities our own ON CAMPUS stadium will have this year, and then when it's finally completed....I can't wait!!

FIU Fanatic - I too cannot wait to go to the new stadium ON CAMPUS at FIU - I am sure there is goping to be some really good soccer events played there, I heard some big time HS games are going to be played there so that the stadium is the venue for good football, maybe FIU will allow some concerts to be played there for the students and I am sure that during the offseason, it could be used for MC's scouting events, like student flag football tournaments. he should be able to find a decent DB and WR during those 4 on 4 games right?

Wow, 6,000 season tickets sold is impressive. We barely got 5,000 fans to go to the Naranja Bowl last year. And thats with FIU giving season ticket holders extra tickets for free.

This game has alot of buzz around it. Hopefully FIU can show up and put on a great game. It should be a really fun environment and actually feel like a college game.

If FIU gets this first game right, I can see alot of fans coming back and selling out the rest of the home games.

Hope to see everyone out there on Saturday, even the Canes fans. Tape the A&M game and come out and watch some great college football.

Speaking of the UM GPP blog legal team -

New poster named "23!!" -
Making death threats may not be the smartest thing to do on a public blog where your e-mail address is recorded to PP so g-d forbid anything happens to CrazyCane, you are suspect numero uno (in spanish so you would understand) - but then again, you go to FIU, so I wouldn't expect you to know any better..

i leave for half a day and everyones gone crazy agaisnt e/o lol pete great article and Israel did a great one too im excited and cant wait.. o 24/7 you forgot about actual college football its ok.. its a commonly overlooked in a college football stadium lol


Oh yeah scUMmy posts always relate to footall, just like this one from CANDY CANE..

"I'm not the one who had to go to Florida International because all the other good state schools wouldn't accept me and I was too poor to go out of state or a good in state private school. Maybe your parents are to blame - instead of spending all their money on pollo tropical and blow -they should have been putting money away for you for college."

Give me a break, have you been reading the same blog I have? None of you guys would have even 1/10th of the BALLS necessary to say that in person but on-line you're all tough guys. Internet tigers, but real life "kitty cats".

And FIUDad, butch up man.

scUM - you cannot be this dumb, can you? I went back and re-read that post by CC, the first part of it states,

"Maybe you are just that FIU fan who can't come to terms with reality, reality being that FIU is brutul and they have no business in D-1, and they definetly hired the wrong coach."

That is clearly about football.

Then, as I stated in my post,
"unless specifically provoked to post off the subject of football by an FIU retard"

It is convienant how, in your post, you forget to put the beginning of that comment about how CC was called blind and stupid, thus reacting to an FIU retard comments aside from football. I knew that FIU did not teach reading comprehension, but I thought you at least could have learned it in middle school or high school - assuming you got to those grades in school.

For future reference, please do not try and outsmart the Cane fans on this blog by trying to use our posts against us, we are smarter than you and have the ability to read the ENTIRE post, not just the parts the fit out arguments. You specifically trying to argue with a cane fan is like the FIU football team trying to beat a D-1 team, damn near impossible to win.

lets go panthers!!!

Wow....Our brand spanking new ON CAMPUS stadium is about to be inaugurated, a couple of nicely written articles appear in local newspapers, and fans from other team come rushing here, for some very odd reason, to voice their displeasures with our program, and make untimely and uncalled for racial comments. Pretty funny and pathetic things happening here. Jealousy should be contained, folks...

U24/7, who was the very first post on this blog talking crap about our head coach? Who then is doing the initial provoking? I know you people like to employ selective memory when it is most beneficial to your cause. It is, after all, difficult to be a pensive, coherent person while also being a scUM jock supporter.

But now that I think about it, your well thought out arguments have really made me see the light, you are right, all of you decrepit scUMbags are actually decent HOMOsapiens with balanced positions who are reasonable in visiting an FIU blog multiple times a day to post logical arguments on the state of FIU football. After all, it is well within your realm of expertise and passionate pursuits. What was I thinking.

Now, I'm done replying to you. Trying to reason with you, and those like you, is like being a scUM football player with no bail money, going nowhere.


I'am gonna go read Manny's blog. I like the dude that always sums up his comments in big capital letters.


I'm looking forward to playing the real "U" on Saturday night. That's right, USF is the new "U"-- they are CLEARLY the best football program with just a "U" on their helmets. UM no longer has the right to use that term, so TheU24/7, you are now officially TheUM24/7. Maybe UM can put that silly little bird on their helmets now, it represents their football program much better.

USF has SURPASSED the Canes in just a few short years, and FIU will do the same very shortly. That's why CrazyCane, TheUM24/7, Fomenter, Ridgepanther, and all of the other UM lovers read and post on this board--they are scared to death of FIU, and the more they deny it, the more they are confirming its truth. That's why UM is refusing to play FIU now. Your administrators can run and hide, and you can post your garbage on this board day and night, but FIU will continue to grow and become the #1 football program in South Florida. It's inevitable. You can't stop it. Get out of the way, or get run over.

Just landed and am excited about Saturday!! Pete I read from your article that FIU has 6,000 season ticket holders, is that above or below expectations? I am sure the USF game will be pack (just like the first game ever versus St. Peters), the question is how many people will show up for the second game?

GO FIU!!!!

I'm really looking forward to Saturday's game and so are many other FIU alumni that are going with me. It's great to hear that the school was actually able to sell that many season tickets especially when the program is still so young.
I am hoping that FIU will show its best game possible whatever the final out come turns out to be, on that note i think the final score will be:
USF 42
FIU 13

Southpaw - did you go to the MC school of clichés? You make no sense. Let me ask you this, when you travel the country, assuming you have left west miami once in your life, when you say The U in referring to college football, who do you think is first thought of - that's right the Hurricanes. When guys who played at SoFl go on TV and announce their school with pride - do they say "The U" ----NO!!!! b/c they know that if they do that, it will sound like they went to UM.

You are claiming that the fact that the UMers write on this blog is evidence of something - truth is, we write on this blog to ruffle your feathers and from the posts lately, it seems to be working. What you, and people like scUM, 23!!, fanatic and the others don't get is that we do not care about you at all. You are the crap that gets stuck on the bottom of my shoes when I walk through a pile of you know what. We are so much better than you, it is fun for us to make comments and watch how you react. We could truly careless about what you say b/c you do not matter. Everytime someone from FIU responds to me, CC, NYJosh, Fomentor, you think we freak out and threaten to "chop people up" or whatever, no we laugh at how serious you take these posts and then continue to make fun of you. It is not our fault that you are too stupid to realize it. You know how many times it has been posted by FIU fans not to respond to the UM fans, only 5 seconds later the same bloggers begging others not to respond are responding - how dumb are you guys over there at FIU?

Let me ask you this buddy - why do you think FIU is on its way in the right direction? What evidence do you have to show us? So far this yr, it has been embarrassing how bad the losses have been. Your coach, a joke. Your offense is ranked 119 in the country per ESPN. Your D has been lit up 2 games in a row and commonsense says this week will be three in a row. Your fans, retarded. Yes, you have a new nice stadium, which will be empty by the third or fourth game in it b/c FIU is horrible. So please, provide me and the rest of this blog on the reasons why UM should be scared of FIU and what evidence you have of FIU moving in the direction of becoming the football powerhouse in South Florida.

Any news on ticket sales at the stadium??



It seems like a few people are jealous that their $34k+ a year gets them a mediocre education and a 45 minute drive to watch their "home" games.

Jealous of what? the combination of a spot in the unemployment line and an on campus stadium


Randy Shannon told the media yesterday -

"TexAnM goin B tuff fo arr yung kIds, hope dey not gonn pulla UrbMeyer an RUN UP da Sco."

He should of been fired for running his mouth about the FG at Gainesville. What a SISSY, he made your scUM university look soft with those comments. How quickly we forget the Glory days at Dah U. When he played back in the day, there was no mercy and running up the score was expected.

You know dem boyz at A&M looking fo payback !!!

You play to win the game.

Good Luck, the line just moved another 3 pts because Randy worried about a late FG.

Just checked the lines on this weekends game and it looks like FIU is a 28 point underdog. I can see the headlines now:

New On-Campus Stadium 40 Million dollars

Gate for game $200,000 dollars

Watching your team open the new stadium against a top 25 team, being a 28 point underdog at home and getting beat by 50+ points -


Butch up?

Why, b/c I think something you wrote on the blog was disgusting and uncalled for?

Why don't you smarten up? Everytime you post garbage like that it reflects poorly on the rest of us FIU fans and I am shocked and disappointed that no other FIU fans posted anything on your comment to criticize it.

I guess talking smack with UM people is pretty fun, but I can't believe that people get so worked up over it. Honestly its been alot of fun watching FIU progress year after year. UM is just another elitist school whose students have to live off past success to justify their higher tuition. I'd rather play a team like USF that's actually made some noise in the BCS recently.

Made noise in the BCS lately? Do you realize that USF did not even finish in the top 25 last year? So what noise did they make? You know what, DCPAbther, you have now joined the ranks of Fanatic, scUm, and allother FIU fans that make dumb, unfounded comments. Congrats.

Damn this board is getting ugly!!! Where's the claw!?!?

MarbleMouf that post was hilarious!!!

OK PETE, here is my score

USF 38 FIU 14

So how many of these new names that we've never seen before are CrazyCane arguing with himself?

A good amount those names are CrazyCane...especially FIUDad.

Pete, how's it going with naming rights to FIU Stadium? Do you know if any corporation is close to deal with FIU? Thanks in advance.


oy gevalt.....

USF 42

FIU 10


Hey MarbleMouf - I just heard MC's latest press conf., it went something like this:

We are preparing for this weekend and we will give 110%. The game will not be over until it is over and we will play until the fat lady sings. You know we will leave our blood sweat and tears out there on the field. As for the atmosphere for this weekend, it is going to be so special, this is our home and we will protect this house. I just give my best, always put my best foot forward and do my best. Look, at the end of the day it is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game, and my boys will be ready to play come hell or high water.

everyone needs to calm it down a bit.. i know everyone is excited.. what, being w/ the new stadium opening up... UM playing Texas A&M everyone just wants to be back in football after the bye week.im pumped ready for the game. (both games) its goin to be a great day for football

TheU24/7- Stop swinging off UM's nut sack.i give credit where credit is due and yes UM is a big-time program but I could care less about anything you say in regards to FIU football or UM football its just the fact that you try to look down upon students who attend FIU like if UM was this great educational institution. Everyone chose a certain university for their own personal reason. You obviously get upset rather then laugh like you say cause you keep writting back in regards to everyone's post. I thought you UM kids were smarter paying all that money for an education and you dont notice that i can threaten you all I want because you can type in any email address and name and it will still post your comment and no im not an internet tough guy cause you can come see me at 22nd ave NW 7st Apt.212 yea right by your beloved Orange Bowl is where ill stomp on you..oops sorry another threat i guess im the prime suspet in this case you better call the producers of 48hrs and get the camera's rolling. You love to make fun of people on this board but im sure your that fat kid at the UM games who's too drunk to realize your making an ass out of yourself. I have love for UM but i know plenty of students who have attended UM and say the school sucks many of them athletes and many others aspiring doctors and lawyers so I mean all you UM bloggers on here like I said I have respect for you guys like I do any other school but you shouldnt try to carry a swagger that you dont have because for one your not kellen winslow,sean taylor R.I.P,ed reed,frank gore,andre johnson,or devin hester and two your not an athlete and last time i checked the only ones who carry that we dont give f*** attitude are the athletes but you wouldnt know anything about that cause your just a lame old student who tries to hide behind that U which again was started by athletes so go hit the books before you graduate and realize you didnt learn anything. Good Day!

I dont know why a lot of UM bloggers on here say Mario Cristobal is a joke. I guess you guys forgot he came from the U! So now you guys bash your own blood. Figures!


Randy Shannon and Mario Cristobal have won the same number of conf. titles and national championships - ZERO.

Don't worry you guys will get all media attention even after USF beats FIU because A&M is going to wax that Azzzz.

"University Miami gon do things right no matta what it takes to get University Miami back onnn track to winning National Championships, deez boyz know that University Miami iz all about winning championships, so amma show 'dem how we gotta get this done."

Randy Shannon
Circa - 09/08

PP, is Raul "Ala de Pollo" Puga the same guy that has been featured on ESPN as the #1 tailgater in the world ?. He's tailgated during the World Cup, Super Bowls, Boxing events in Vegas and was interviewed last month in Beijing by NBC. Where is his tailgate party ?. Are we invited?

Hey Herald writer what is it with this Sotolongo guy selling bricks. Isn't he working for your paper. Kind of silly to promote your own guys. Besides when he worked at FIU he hired Donnie Marsh as basketball coach and we all know what happened then

Ohhh here we go again, someone else with a beef regarding FIU staff !!!

Six Beers too many, you are obviously the epitomy of ZERO home training and classless.

Get a life loser !!!

Pete, I was reading the UM blog (yes, sorry, I read all the blogs) and was wondering why Manny Navarro is covering the FIU game this weekend? Are we getting more coverage now from the paper? Is he going to stop covering Miami? Just wanted some Miami Herald insight. Thanks

GPP nation, I don't know if you heard the Joe Rose rant on WQAM this morning about having to buy season tickets to the USF games to attend. Pete Garcia did an excellent job of explaining the reason. Quite simple; 8K-10K tickets have been taken by students, 6K for season-ticket holders (that’s me!) and 3K allotted to USF.

Every other HOME game will have individual game day tickets. The explanation quieted down the Big Dog! Good job PG!


P.S. Once again I reiterate, ignore the NOISE from those Dregs across town. Enjoy Saturday’s game win or lose because it will be yet another milestone for FIU.

T-minus 5 1/2 hours and I can't wait! No matter if we win or lose, I am going to enjoy the game in a stadium that I, like all alumni, students, and faculty, help build and support. That is awesome and no one can take that away!


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